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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 223-224


Chapter 223-224

Chapter 223 - Popular Starstreak

Inside a hotel in White River City.Along with God's Domain's evolution, players understood the importance of rest. If they grinded monsters without rest, not only would their Stamina decrease, but their Concentration would also fall. Hence, after a day of battle, players would now rest at the hotel, having a drink and chatting with each other.

Players discovered that places like restaurants, hotels, and bars allowed them to recover Stamina and Concentration more quickly. After relaxing for two or three hours, they would feel refreshed and filled with energy."Did you hear? The Starstreak Trading Firm seems to be undergoing renovations. I heard that they are going to release new products for sale."

"Who doesn't know about this? After I made some inquiries, I found out that the Starstreak Trading Firm has also recruited tons of Potionmakers and Forgers. The trading firm is even hiring Lifestyle players right now. However, no players have dared apply for a position yet, thinking that it wouldn't be a reliable job. I wonder what sort of new items they are going to sell?""Aside from the common usage items, what else could an NPC-owned store sell? They can't possibly offer Bronze Equipment or rare potions, right?"

"That sounds about right."

While the players in the hotel conversed, a male player suddenly pushed open the saloon doors, panting.

"Big news…! Starstreak Trading Firm has finished its renovations and has officially opened for business!" the panting Ranger exclaimed to his companions loudly."Why are you making a fuss? Aren't they just reopening their business? We don't lack Basic Potions or Common Equipment right now, so we don't need to replenish our stock." As the leader of the party, the Shield Warrior rolled his eyes as he watched this embarrassing companion of his. Others would make fun of them for the Ranger's unsightly appearance.

Indeed, just like the Shield Warrior had feared, the other players in the hotel sent belittling glances, mocking smiles on their faces."Leader… listen… to me…" That Ranger excitedly said, "I saw Whetstones inside the shop! There are also Intermediate Recovery Potions and Intermediate Mana Regeneration Potions! Moreover, the Basic Potions are cheaper than anywhere else!""What did you say? There are Whetstones?" The Shield Warrior froze, stunned.

The entire hotel fell silent.

"Let's go. Take us there immediately! We have to buy all of them, now!" The Shield Warrior abruptly stood up, casting Charge and arriving at the Ranger's side. Grabbing the Ranger by the arm, he immediately rushed out of the hotel, running towards the Starstreak Trading Firm.

The other players inside the hotel were dumbfounded by this scene.

What?"Crap, they're going to buy out the Whetstones! We need to hurry as well!"

After entering White River City, players' need for Whetstones had not decreased in the slightest. On the contrary, their need had grown. It was especially true when they faced high-level monsters, as the durability of their weapons reduced at a much faster rate.As a result, the popularity of Whetstones had exploded. The available supply was far from meeting the demand.

By the time everyone had arrived at the Starstreak Trading Firm, a sea of people had already obliterated the shop's doors.

Aside from Whetstones, the players present also fought to purchase the Intermediate Recovery and Mana Regeneration Potions like madmen.


Meanwhile, this information had quickly spread to the ears of the various Guilds.

"Guild Leader, I've already collected a large sum from all our members, and we've managed to purchase 30 stacks of Hard Stones. This amount should be enough to last us a long time," Stabbing Heart spoke through the system communicator."Good. The moment the money-making team sends over the latest batch of Gold Coins, immediately return all the money we borrowed from our members," Cruel Sword excitedly said.


Aside from the Assassin's Alliance, other Guilds also frantically gathered funds.

"Snow, just what is happening at that Starstreak Trading Firm? Why would they suddenly start selling these items?" Zhao Yueru wrinkled her crescent brows when she looked at the latest news that she had just received. She then said helplessly, "We've already spent a lot of money to purchase our previous stock of Hard Stones. We don't have any money to purchase any more right now."

"I've heard that the Starstreak Trading Firm is also selling limited edition Advanced Whetstones right now. Rumor has it the Advanced Whetstone's effects are at least double that of normal Whetstones. In addition, it also provides a 3% Damage Buff! Although it is slightly more expensive, costing 7 Silver Coins per piece, we would have a much easier time raiding the Dungeon Bosses with them!"Gentle Snow shook her head, a helpless expression appearing on her beautiful face as she said, "Under normal circumstances, NPCs would never sell these items. However, there is something strange going on. A player has created a connection with the Starstreak Trading Firm. I'm just wondering who could possibly achieve such a feat. Also, who would possess enough funding to supply so many Whetstones and Intermediate Potions. This is simply unbelievable. Send someone to investigate this matter immediately."Recently, she had managed to raise 20 Gold Coins and had purchased Hard Stones with that money. Yet, the Starstreak Trading Firm now sold Whetstones. She had not received any information before this incident, causing her to suffer disaster.Currently, the issue of weapon durability had caused a roadblock in their Dungeon raiding progress. Everything would be too late by the time their Guild's forgers managed to turn those Hard Stones into Whetstones. Other Guilds would have long since surpassed them.

They needed to obtain the Whetstones right this instant, especially the Advanced Whetstones.


Meanwhile, inside an Intermediate Forging room in the Forging Association, Shi Feng currently crafted Advanced Whetstones. He did so to increase his Forging Proficiency and earn money.

The present market was not the same as before. With the Starstreak Trading Firm around, he could now sell the Advanced Whetstones he made in eight cities. Although the Advanced Whetstones were somewhat expensive, players from the eight cities would still buy them. Even if Shi Feng forged Advanced Whetstones 24 hours a day, he still wouldn't meet the demand of the eight cities.Currently, Gold Coins poured into the Starstreak Trading Firm's accounts with every passing moment. Shi Feng did not even dare open the money system notification. Only one short hour had passed since Starstreak Trading Firm reopened, yet, already, it had earned over 300 Gold Coins. However, this was only the beginning. Things would become more exciting later on.

Aside from making money, Shi Feng's goal in making Advanced Whetstones was to upgrade himself to an Advanced Forging Apprentice.If he became an Advanced Forging Apprentice, he could learn the Advanced Book of Magic he had obtained from Stonehammer Town.Previously, he only had White River City as the sole market for his wares. Now, however, he had eight markets. He also did not need to foot any of the high processing fees, so he could not waste this chance. Shi Feng intended to gain an impressive reputation and prestige among the eight cities. However, the Advanced Whetstones alone were not enough to achieve this result. Moreover, Advanced Whetstones could not increase his reputation, as these things did not carry his personal mark. Only the Starstreak Trading Firm would gain reputation from these Advanced Whetstones.Most importantly, after everyone had a taste of the benefits of the Advanced Whetstones, they would fervently investigate how they could obtain the recipe. After all, the recipe for the Advanced Whetstone was not unique;players could obtain them from multiple Team Dungeons.By the time Shi Feng opened his own shop, he would no longer possess the advantage he had right now.

Thus, he needed to become an Advanced Forging Apprentice and learn the Advanced Book of Magic, creating the one and only Mana Armor Kit. Once he thoroughly spread the Black Flame Forger's reputation with the Mana Armor Kits that only he could create, tons of players would search him out.

Chapter 224 - Runic Gold

In the quiet and steamy Forging Room, a deep blue flame burned brilliantly as it refined one Hard Stone after the next.

Originally, forging Advanced Whetstones had a low success rate. Yet, when Shi Feng made them, the process was as smooth as flowing water. Whether regarding production speed or quality, both were equally amazing, and one couldn't help but give praise when witnessing this scene.

Although the repetitive task was slightly cumbersome, when Shi Feng's thoughts wandered to the fact that each Advanced Whetstone could sell for 7 Silver Coins, endless motivation flowed into him.After three hours had passed since Shi Feng started this laborious work, he had made 180 Advanced Whetstones. His speed could practically rival the efficiency of three or four Forgers combined.Also, without noticing it, Shi Feng had also recovered his previously lost level, returning from Level 14 to Level 15. His current leveling speed was far more efficient than grinding normal monsters.Having decided to take a short rest, Shi Feng examined his current Forging Proficiency. It was already at 1,253 points right now.

He needed 3,000 Proficiency Points to be promoted from an Intermediate Forging Apprentice to an Advanced Forging Apprentice. As long as he continued to work hard for two or three more days, he could become an Advanced Forging Apprentice.

If other players knew of Shi Feng's promotion speed, they might become stupefied. After all, throughout the entire White River City region, aside from Shi Feng, there was not a single Intermediate Forging Apprentice to be found.Shi Feng's forging promotion speed was monstrously fast.Based on this speed, if I focus solely on forging, I can become an Advanced Forging Apprentice in two days, just in time for the next transaction with Aqua Rose. I can rake in another large sum of money from Aqua Rose. Shi Feng made a rough estimation, growing excited.

He greatly profited every time he met with Aqua Rose. If he could make another large sum this time, he would have mostly dealt with the matter of setting up his Workshop. Later on, he only needed to think of a way to recruit a large number of players that could serve as the backbone of the Guild in the future.

If he wished to establish a Guild with tens of thousands of members, he needed at least several hundred players to serve as the backbone of the Guild. Otherwise, he could not manage so many players properly. Hence, Shi Feng had decisively bought the office building to establish his Workshop. It would save him the trouble of having to move to a new Workshop in the future, limiting such issues related to the Guild's development.

Di… Di… Di…

"Hm? Gentle Snow?" When Shi Feng heard the ringtone for his communicator, he discovered the caller was Gentle Snow. However, she was not looking for Ye Feng, but Black Flame instead. It just so happened that Shi Feng had reasons to look for Gentle Snow as well.

Previously, he had intended to use the ID of Black Flame to establish the Lifestyle Guild, the Horizon Alliance. However, he never found the chance to do so.Now, a chance had arrived.

Currently, he was temporarily in charge of the Starstreak Trading Firm, which possessed shops in eight different cities. Moreover, these shops were all located in the heart of each city. Regarding materials, workplace, or a place to sell items, Shi Feng now had everything a Lifestyle player would need in his possession. If he factored in Gentle Snow's advertising, establishing the Horizon Alliance was practically a done deal.

If Horizon Alliance successfully developed, it would be worth a gold mine. He could obtain both funding and materials through this Lifestyle Guild.

At that time, Shi Feng would not have to worry about Zero Wing's development.

"Black Flame, are you interested in making a deal?" Gentle Snow immediately asked without any greeting.

"A deal? I wonder what sort of deal Miss Snow wishes to make?" Shi Feng asked, curious.

"I know that you are related to the matter of the Starstreak Trading Firm, so I wish to purchase some Whetstones from you, especially the Advanced Whetstones. I'll pay Credits, and I'll buy as many as you have right now," Gentle Snow said.

"So, you desire the Whetstones. This should be simple. However, I need Gold Coins far more than Credits right now. If Miss Snow has a lot of them, I can definitely sell you my entire stock." Shi Feng did not refute Gentle Snow's claim. After all, it was not strange that she had discovered his relation to the Starstreak Trading Firm.

Previously, he had used the appearance of Black Flame to stroll through the trading firm with Anna openly. Moreover, many players had recorded a video of that scene. Since Gentle Snow had seen Black Flame before, she could easily figure out the relationship between him and the Starstreak Trading Firm as long as she saw one of those videos.

"I'll pay you three times of the market price via Credits." Gentle Snow did not want the other Guilds to catch up to them. Hence, she did not mind spending some extra Credits.

"Miss Snow, there is no need to continue. You and I both know how important Gold Coins are right now. If you do not have the sincerity to conduct this trade, let us just forget it altogether."

"I am sincere about this deal. However, I've recently purchased a large batch of Hard Stones, so I don't have any excess Gold Coins at the moment. How about five times the market price?"

Gentle Snow felt helpless right now. Black Flame certainly had a powerful backer supporting him, so he might not value Credits as much as Gold Coins. However, she truly had nothing she could use to trade. She only had Credits.

"Let's just forget about the Credits. Don't you have a lot of Hard Stones right now?" Shi Feng revealed a faint, bitter smile. If he were not required to earn 30,000 Gold Coins within 20 days, he would have definitely agreed to five times the market price. However, Gold Coins were much more important to him right now. This matter affected his own future development, so he could not compromise. Hence, he suggested, "Let's exchange using Hard Stones, then.""Exchange?" Gentle Snow's beautiful face froze. Stunned, she asked, "What will the ratio of exchange be?""That will depend on you. For the normal Whetstones, it will be a 1-to-4 ratio. As for the Advanced Whetstones, I require a 1-to-9 ratio," Shi Feng stated calmly."Fine. However, I want only Advanced Whetstones. Moreover, I want to conduct the trade immediately." After giving the matter some thought, Gentle Snow felt that this exchange seemed reasonable. However, Gentle Snow inwardly cursed at Shi Feng for being too hateful. It is as expected of the Chief Forger of Star-Moon Kingdom.If she allowed the forgers in her Guild to make Whetstones right now, they could produce one Whetstone with every four or five Hard Stones. Meanwhile, Shi Feng had accurately suggested trading one Whetstone for four Hard Stones. The result of this exchange was just slightly better than the result the forgers in her Guild could produce. So, Gentle Snow agreed to trade the majority of their stock of Hard Stones for Advanced Whetstones, leaving the remainder for the forgers in her Guild to increase their Forging Proficiency.

"Alright, then. Look for an NPC named Anna once you arrive at the Starstreak Trading Firm. She will conduct the exchange immediately," Shi Feng instructed, chuckling. Soon after, Shi Feng disconnected the call, resuming his production of Advanced Whetstones.

Shi Feng's trade with Gentle Snow was only a small interlude. After Gentle Snow had exchanged four stacks of Advanced Whetstones with Anna, under Shi Feng's instructions, Anna made the exchange mechanism open to the public. The exchange ratio was the same as he previously mentioned to Gentle Snow. As a result, many players who lacked the money to purchase Whetstones started frantically exchanging their Hard Stones. They no longer needed Forging Apprentices to rip them off.

With this, not only could the Starstreak Trading Firm deal with its material supply issue, but it could also make a profit from this exchange. This scene caused many Lifestyle players to have second thoughts about applying to work at the trading firm.


Two days later…

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to be promoted to an Advanced Forging Apprentice! Obtained 200,000 EXP. Rewarding 5 Runic Gold.

"Finally! Still, the system is really generous this time, to think it would even give me a rare item like Runic Gold." Shi Feng involuntarily smiled when he saw the system rewards.

Runic Gold could increase the forging success rate of an item by 10%. Simultaneously, it would have a chance to upgrade the rank of the forged item by one. Unlike Runic Steel, which could only upgrade an item's quality to a maximum of Fine-Gold rank, Runic Gold could increase an item's quality up to Dark-Gold rank.

However, Shi Feng's joy focused on the promotion to an Advanced Forging Apprentice.

Ever since his Forging Proficiency had reached 2,000 points, the Advance Whetstones no longer rewarded 1 Proficiency Point 100% of the time. They only had a 70% chance to reward a Proficiency Point. Meanwhile, after he reached 2,500 points, there was only a 40% chance of obtaining 1 Proficiency Point, while at 2,800 points, that chance further decreased to 20%. After spending two days forging away, he finally managed to earn the promotion to an Advanced Forging Apprentice.

After becoming an Advanced Forging Apprentice, Shi Feng immediately retrieved the Advanced Book of Magic from his bag, choosing to learn it without hesitation. Suddenly, a golden glow surrounded Shi Feng's body, and within Shi Feng's mind, the knowledge of producing the Magic Armor Kit appeared.

During these two days, aside from continuously producing Advanced Whetstones and raising his Forging Proficiency, Shi Feng had also made sure to train his body during the day. Incidentally, he also bought that office building in the city center for his Workshop.

Shi Feng had to pay a total of 60 million Credits in installments. He first paid 20 million Credits, while he would pay the remaining 40 million in full within 3 months.

Shi Feng had also earned over 10 million Credits from selling the White River City Guidebooks. He used 5 million or so to purchase various gaming facilities and other items to complete his Workshop. That way, when it was time to attend the university's Fellowship Party, he would have 5 million Credits and a luxurious Workshop to back him up. He was no weaker than Shadow right now.

Comparing Workshop facilities and environments, Shi Feng's Workshop utterly destroyed Shadow's.

Chapter 220 - Tier 4 Magic Scroll

First-floor reception hall of Starstreak Trading Firm.

The Starstreak Trading Firm's store was different from normal stores. As it specialized in big businesses across cities, it had its own specialized reception room set up in the building. At the same time, there was also a sales area located on the first floor of the building. The sales area sold various merchandise such as clothing, weapons, equipment, potions, alchemy products, magic scrolls, and much more. This place was just like a supermarket in reality.

A trading firm was different from the Auction House. As the Auction House charged players exorbitant processing fees, the items sold there were far more expensive than the items sold in normal stores. Earning money in God's Domain was no simple task. Hence, rather selling their wares at the Auction Houses, losing 15% of their profits in the process, a large majority of the players in God's Domain would prefer to spend more time, selling their wares at trading companies or stores."Esteemed Sir, how may I assist you?" The beautiful and dignified young lady at the receptionist counter smiled at Shi Feng."I wish to meet President Henry. Please tell President Henry that Lady Sharlyn sent me to speak with him," Shi Feng said."Please wait for a moment. I will notify the president immediately."

The receptionist immediately took out a Multicolored Communication Crystal, transferring Shi Feng's information through the crystal. After several minutes…

"Mister Ye Feng, the President is waiting for you in the President's Office on the third floor.""Thank you."

Immediately, Shi Feng walked towards the spiral staircase in the distance.

When he arrived before the President's Office on the third floor, he met two Level 150 guards who stood by the office's door. Average players were absolutely not allowed to enter the President's Office.In the past, countless Guild executives had queued up in front of this office. They had wished to meet with President Henry to discuss matters of renting out the first floor of Starstreak Trading Firm's store for business. Unfortunately, they did not manage to catch even the shadow of President Henry.

However, when Shi Feng walked up to the office, the two ferocious-looking guards immediately parted the sturdy, mahogany doors for him.

Inside the luxurious and spacious office, a man in his fifties sat on a sofa in the middle of the room. The man had an elegant and dignified appearance. This person was indeed President Henry of Starstreak Trading Firm, and he was a well-known financial magnate in White River City.

"Your Excellency, Ye Feng, please, sit," President Henry said when his eyes met Shi Feng's, his finger pointing to the beastskin sofa before him.

"President Henry, this is the contract that Miss Sharlyn wanted me to bring to you." Shi Feng sat down. He retrieved the contract from his bag, handing it over for Henry's inspection."No need. Before you arrived, Her Highness Sharlyn had already notified me of your coming here. I've also learned some information about you from Her Highness Sharlyn. The young truly are promising," Henry praised. He then said, "Since you are here now, I feel reassured.""Reassured? What are you reassured about?" Shi Feng had a bewildered look on his face. Just what was President Henry saying?

Also, just what did Sharlyn tell Henry?

"Oh? Did Her Highness Sharlyn not tell Your Excellency about it?" Confused, Henry said, "This contract was set between me and Her Highness Sharlyn. As long as Her Highness can save the Starstreak Trading Firm from its current predicament, she will obtain 20% of Starstreak Trading Firm's shares and the Tier 4 Magic Scroll that was obtained from the ancient ruins."

"You say 20% of the company's shares and a Tier 4 Magic Scroll?" Shi Feng's expression froze.Sharlyn was simply ruthless. Sharlyn had sent him to deal with the predicament, yet, she would receive a Tier 4 Magic Scroll in addition to 20% of the company's shares?

"That's right. I've already mentioned this to Her Highness. As long as Your Excellency can save us from this predicament, that Tier 4 Magic Scroll will belong to Your Excellency," Henry said, nodding his head."May I know what kind of magic scroll it is?" Shi Feng was incredibly curious about the Tier 4 Magic Scroll.

In the past, the most powerful magic scroll Shi Feng had seen was only a Tier 4. If he sold the scroll, the minimum price for it would be 500 Gold Coins. If it were an amazing Tier 4 Magic Scroll, he could even sell it for over 1,000 Gold Coins. However, players who obtained a Tier 4 Magic Scroll were not usually willing to sell it.

"It is a Tier 4 Position Teleportation Scroll. With it, one can teleport to anywhere they wished within an instant. However, this scroll was made using the technology of an ancient civilization. In our current era, we have no way of replicating such technology. Hence, this scroll is the only one that currently exists in Star-Moon Kingdom. It is priceless," Henry said pridefully. This scroll was his most precious treasure;he had always been reluctant to part with it. If it were not for the trading firm facing a great predicament, he would never willingly offer this Tier 4 Magic Scroll as a remuneration.

Hearing Henry saying so, Shi Feng came to a realization.

If he had the Tier 4 Position Teleportation Scroll, he could teleport directly to the Dark Den. He would not even have to waste time searching for its exact location. It was no wonder Sharlyn was so confident in her information."President Henry, I wonder what sort of predicament your trading firm wishes me to solve?" Shi Feng asked.

"To be honest, bandits have snatched one of our shipments carrying precious merchandise, costing the trading firm massively. To make up for the loss, our trading firm had to pay a large sum of money as compensation, which in turn, resulted in our trading firm facing its current crisis. So, I hope that Your Excellency can help us resolve this predicament. Otherwise, if this problem drags on for another month, our trading firm will have to declare bankruptcy," Henry unhurriedly explained."Then, President Henry, are you telling me to get rid of those bandits and retrieve your stolen merchandise?"

"It would be best if that is possible."

"Then, which band of bandits stole your merchandise?"

"The Black Scorpion Corps of Black Cloud Ridge, led by Black Scorpion himself. He is a Level 180 Tier 3 Shadow Warrior. If you can get rid of him and retrieve our merchandise, I would greatly appreciate it."

Hearing the words "Tier 3 Shadow Warrior," Shi Feng nearly fell off of his seat.Was President Henry telling him to deal with a Tier 3 NPC? Only players who did not know how to write the word "death" would accept this request! Not to mention a month, Shi Feng would still fail this task even if he had two years to complete it!This had to be a joke!

Shi Feng had originally thought that the Epic Quest's difficulty had been reduced. Rather, wasn't this the exact opposite?!

Noticing Shi Feng's troubled expression, Henry once more unhurriedly said, "If Your Excellency feels that this request is too difficult, there is a second option. It is also for this reason that Her Highness Sharlyn sent Your Excellency here."

Shi Feng slightly recovered from his shock as he heard that there was a second option."In reality, our trading firm also feels that it is impossible to retrieve the merchandise. The only possibility for Starstreak Trading Firm to get through this predicament is for us to collect 30,000 Gold Coins within a month.

"Her Highness Sharlyn has always praised Your Excellency as a business prodigy. If Your Excellency manages our Starstreak Trading Firm, I believe that we can achieve that goal."Seeing Henry's anticipating gaze, Shi Feng only wanted to curse.Just because he managed to earn a few Coins, he was suddenly a business prodigy...What kind of sick joke was this?Earning 30,000 Gold in a month! Moreover, he didn't actually have 30 days at all! Considering the time when the great demon would appear, Shi Feng would, at most, have 20 days to earn 30,000 Gold Coins. Even if he currently earned 100 Gold or so per day, ten days would only net him 1,000 Gold, while 30 days would only net him at 3,000 Gold. That was only one-tenth of the required amount!Players were still stuck in the initial stages of God's Domain right now, so it was impossible for anyone to make that much money.

If one added a week's earnings of every player in the White River City region together, it might equal 30,000 Gold. How was he supposed to earn that sort of money?

He might as well become a bandit and snatch the money from someone else.

No, that's not right! Even if he tried to steal it, there was no way he could get that much money!

Before Shi Feng could reject the quest, a system notification popped up before him.

System: Epic Quest Phase 2 'Gospel Project' accepted.

Quest content: You have become the manager of Starstreak Trading Firm! Earn 30,000 Gold Coins within a month and resolve Starstreak Trading Firm's predicament! Rewards Unknown.


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