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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 221-222


Chapter 221-222

Chapter 221 - Astonishing Decision

"It's not even going to give me a choice?" Shi Feng laughed bitterly as he looked at the system notification.

Shi Feng did not even have the right to reject an Epic Quest.

Shi Feng was truly confused as to how Fantasy Extinguisher had actually managed to complete this Epic Quest. In theory, he shouldn't be able to complete the quest even if he sacrificed the entire Fantasy Shrine.When converted to Credits, 30,000 Gold Coins was the equivalent of 300 million Credits. One could even buy a large company with that kind of money.

Moreover, compared to the difficulty of earning 300 million Credits, in reality, it was much harder to earn 30,000 Gold in God's Domain.

Naturally, it was impossible for Shi Feng to earn 300 million Credits in reality right now. To speak frankly, if he were capable of such a thing, he would have long since done so. Why bother playing God's Domain at all?However, it would still be better for him to develop himself in God's Domain, as God's Domain had more prospects. Earning Credits in God's Domain would be much faster than earning Credits in reality."Your Excellency Ye Feng, from now on, the entire Starstreak Trading Firm will be under your command. We will carry out any orders you give. Also, I would like to introduce you to someone. If Your Excellency needs anything, simply let her know," Henry said, clapping his hands once.

At this moment, the large doors of the office suddenly opened, and a beautiful girl with golden-blonde hair stepped into the office. The girl with blue eyes wore a beautiful purple dress;the edges of her dress brushed against the red-carpeted floor. The girl had a fair and pretty face, and her long wavy hair, which reached her buttocks, fluttered in the wind as she moved. Her bangs covered her sea-blue left eye, while her uncovered right eye looked just like a shiny, blue gemstone. As she walked closer to Shi Feng and President Henry, her thin red lips formed a tranquil, yet attractive, smile.

"Anna, from today onwards, His Excellency Ye Feng will be the acting president of Starstreak Trading Firm, while you will be His Excellency's assistant. You must properly assist His Excellency, understood?" Henry asked.

"Yes, President. I will not disappoint His Excellency Ye Feng."

Following which, Henry sent a beaming smile at Shi Feng as he said, "Your Excellency Ye Feng, from today onwards, the Starstreak Trading Firm's fate will be in your hands. Anna is very familiar with the Starstreak Trading Firm, and she is also very intelligent and capable. If you have any commands, please don't hesitate to let her carry them out."

System: Player has activated the NPC Administration System. Please call out the NPC Administration Interface to manage your subordinated NPCs.

Seeing Henry's smile, in addition to Anna's attractive appearance, Shi Feng was slightly stunned. He could almost feel cold sweat dripping down his forehead.Henry obviously worried that Shi Feng would not give it his all in helping them. Thus, Henry had given Shi Feng this "benefit."

"Fine. Leave the matter of Starstreak Trading Firm to me, then." Shi Feng laughed bitterly. He never imagined that he could obtain a beautiful assistant in God's Domain. Not even a Guild Leader would enjoy such treatment.

Also, Shi Feng felt relieved at the fact that he was not required to give 30,000 Gold to Starstreak Trading Firm. Instead, he only needed to help the trading firm make 30,000 Gold. Without a doubt, the difficulty of the quest had greatly reduced.Immediately, Shi Feng called out the system interface, investigating the NPC administration interface.


Affiliation: Ye Feng's assistant

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Loyalty: 50

Charm: 86

Body physique: 60

Wisdom: 91

Level: 50

HP: 10,000

Her Wisdom is so high! Shi Feng was shocked when he saw the information displayed.

In God's Domain, Wisdom determined an NPC's potential.Normally, NPCs would not have Wisdom exceeding 50 points. If an NPC's Wisdom reached 60 points, they would possess extraordinary statuses in God's Domain. Meanwhile, those with 70 points in Wisdom were usually Tier 2 mages. As for NPCs who had 90 points in Wisdom, they were usually characters such as Sharlyn, a Tier 3 divine Official. However, Anna was far more amazing than Sharlyn. Sharlyn had a Tier 3 Class, so her Attributes would have been increased, resulting in her Wisdom reaching 90 points. However, Anna did not possess any class right now.If Anna obtained a Tier 3 class, her Wisdom would exceed 100 points.

Although it was only a difference of 10 points, Wisdom increased slower as it reached higher numbers. Similarly, the difference between a single point in Wisdom would also become greater. An NPC with 100 points in Wisdom was the equivalent to Magistrate Weissman of White River City, an apex Tier 4 Wizard.

With such a powerful subordinate, Shi Feng's mood improved greatly.Although 30,000 Gold was a huge sum of money, if Shi Feng earned it through the Starstreak Trading Firm, he would still have a thread of hope of succeeding.Since he was already capable of earning 100 Gold per day by himself, if he utilized Starstreak Trading Firm's influence, he had a very high possibility of earning the 30,000 Gold Coins.After all, Starstreak Trading Firm had shops based in eight cities, and every one of them was in the heart of the Trade Areas of each respective city. Meanwhile, the total population of these eight cities exceeded five million players. With such a large player base, it would be very easy for Shi Feng to make money.

Thinking up to this point, a flash of inspiration struck Shi Feng.

All this time, he thought of opening a shop in White River City. Only, he did not possess the sufficient reputation or money to do so. After all, not to mention purchasing a shop located within the Trade Area, even the cheapest shop in White River City required players to have 500 White River City Reputation Points in addition to 1,000 to 5,000 Gold Coins. Although the price looked high, in reality, it was not as expensive as one would imagine. After all, the hardest part of purchasing a shop was the required 500 reputation points. By the time players obtained 500 White River City Reputation Points, a lot of time would have passed, and they would have long since collected the necessary Coins to purchase a shop. Moreover, the Coins at that time would not be as valuable as right now. At that time, 1 Gold Coin would at most be worth around 200 Credits, unlike the current situation where 1 Silver Coin could sell for more than 100 Credits.

By becoming the acting president of the Starstreak Trading Company, Shi Feng had essentially obtained the most valuable shops in eight different cities.

What did this situation hint at?

Nobody had a better understanding of this situation than Shi Feng.

Shortly after, under Anna's lead, Shi Feng left the President's Office to tour the Starstreak Trading Firm.

In truth, however, even without exploring the place, Shi Feng already had a thorough understanding of the Starstreak Trading Firm.

NPCs were different from players in that they could only sell common goods. Even the equipment they sold was Common rank and very rarely would there be a Bronze ranked item for sale. However, it would be a different story altogether if the store were run by a player.On top of everything else, Shi Feng was also the officially acknowledged Chief Forger of Star-Moon Kingdom.

Just as Anna guided Shi Feng around the Starstreak Trading Firm, a few players who came to purchase some necessities such as food, water, scrolls, and potions were immediately dumbstruck when they noticed the duo.

"That NPC is beautiful!""Just who is that player? Isn't he too good at getting the ladies? He has even managed to land an NPC sister. This won't do;I need to convince him to teach me!"

The scene of Shi Feng and Anna walking together immediately attracted the attention of plenty of players. In reality, such attention wasn't just due to Anna's beauty. It was also due to the fact that Shi Feng had managed to get together with a female NPC. Such a feat was far more stunning than just getting together with a beautiful female player. Countless male players glowered at Shi Feng in envy. Meanwhile, this information spread throughout the forums like a storm, especially the footage of Shi Feng and Anna strolling through the sales area.

This footage became a sensation among players, and it allowed them to gain a new perspective on God's Domain.

Fortunately, Shi Feng had not used his true appearance at that time. Instead, he wore the identity of Black Flame.

"This should be enough," Shi Feng looked at the surrounding onlookers as he revealed a faint smile. The reason he had asked Anna to come out for a stroll was precisely to attract attention. He then spoke to Anna, "I've decided to change the Starstreak Trading Firm's business model. I wonder if that would be alright?"Anna's eyes suddenly widened in surprise. She looked at Shi Feng with a confused expression as she thought, He has just taken the position as the acting president, yet, he is already taking such a bold and decisive action? Is this person really a business prodigy?However, Shi Feng was her boss. Moreover, President Henry had already instructed her to listen to Shi Feng. Hence, she nodded her head, saying, "If Your Excellency wishes to change the business models, I wonder what Your Excellency needs me to do?"

"Very simple. I wish to hire adventurers to craft items for me, then sell the items they have crafted. So, I need you to get someone to refurbish the eight shops we own. The first and second floors of the building will be used to sell our wares, while the fourth to sixth floors will be rebuilt as a workspace. Also, get the news out that we are hiring Lifestyle players. Whether they are just normal people or adventurers, as long as they reach our standards, we will offer them 30% more than what others are offering."

Listening up to this point, Anna grew shocked.

This wasn't just a change in the business models;this was practically a change of occupation...

Chapter 222 - Trump Card

Immediately after Shi Feng gave his command, Anna started making the necessary preparations.

Compared to a normal NPC, Anna was simply too smart. In just a short amount of time, she had already finished carrying out Shi Feng's request.

During the time Shi Feng brainstormed on how he was going to utilize the Starstreak Trading Firm to earn 30,000 Gold, the entire Starstreak Trading Firm had also started its renovation. Following Shi Feng's request, the first and second floors were outfitted with sales counters. The first floor sold only the commonly used items, while the second floor would sell exquisite and precious items. Meanwhile, the fourth to sixth floors were refurbished into workshops for Lifestyle players.Out of those three floors, the fourth floor consisted of solely Forging Rooms, while the fifth floor consisted of Potionmaking Rooms. The sixth floor consisted of workshops for the remaining classes and a warehouse meant for the use of both NPCs and players.

Meanwhile, the Starstreak Trading Firm's renovation had attracted the attention of many players.

Due to the footage of Shi Feng and Anna from before, plenty of players had arrived the trading firm to take a look out of curiosity. Yet, by the time they arrived, they discovered that the Starstreak Trading Firm was actually undergoing renovations.

This situation made all the players grow even more curious. Just what was going on here?

"Your Excellency Ye Feng, the matter you requested has been completed. Does Your Excellency have any other instructions?" Anna spoke gently as she walked up to Shi Feng, a tranquil smile on her face.

"Good. How many people did you manage to recruit?" Shi Feng asked.

"From the eight cities, we've recruited 245 Potionmakers. Among them, 209 are Basic Potionmakers, 29 are Intermediate Potionmakers, and 7 are Advanced Potionmakers. In addition, we also recruited 228 Forgers. Among them, 188 are Basic Forgers, 31 are Intermediate Forgers, and 9 are Advanced Forgers."Anna took out a name list and place it on the table.

"That's quite a lot," Shi Feng was very satisfied as he looked at the number of NPCs on the list.

If a first-rate Guild's upper management saw such numbers, they would surely be shocked beyond recovery.

After all, these were all genuine Potionmakers and Forgers;they were not apprentices. With such a frightening force, one could instantly turn a third-rate Guild into a Super Guild.

This was the amazing aspect the Starstreak Trading Firm. If it were a player-established store, they could not recruit nearly this many high-level NPCs. The best NPCs they could recruit would only be apprentices. On the other hand, the Starstreak Trading Firm had easily recruited this many Potionmakers and Forgers.

These NPCs were far more capable than player apprentices. The only downside was their slightly lower efficiency, slow improvements, and much lower growth potential."Your Excellency, I feel that it isn't very appropriate to offer such a high salary. Since we are hiring so many people, we will also have to provide an equally large number of materials. We will take a huge loss through this transaction. If we continue down such a path, not to mention a month, the Starstreak Trading Firm will go bankrupt within ten days," Anna said worriedly.

In order to hire all these people, the Starstreak Trading Firm had offered 30% more than the market price. The trading firm also had to bear the failures of these crafters. This was simply madness.Moreover, whether it was potions or equipment, neither could earn them a lot of money. The sales of these items were similarly average.

Only those Master-level characters would earn a lot of money from their craft. Right now, they were simply taking a loss by recruiting so many people.

Anna truly could not understand why Shi Feng would invite all these people to work here. Wouldn't it be better to purchase the finished products from these crafters? That way, their trading firm would not have to suffer any losses.

Unfortunately, Anna had no idea just how important these Potionmakers and Forgers were to the current players of God's Domain.

"You don't need to bother with this. The remaining thing we need is to convince the Basic Potionmakers to continuously make the Basic Recovery Potions and Basic Mana Regeneration Potions that they are adept at making. As for the Intermediate and Advanced Potionmakers, get them to make Intermediate Recovery Potions and Intermediate Mana Regeneration Potions. For the Forgers, get all of them to make only Whetstones," Shi Feng said with a smile.

There were plenty of NPC Potionmakers and Forgers in God's Domain. Meanwhile, only players with their own shops had the right to hire these NPCs. Otherwise, even when players provided the materials, these NPCs would refuse to make anything for these players.

However, there was a downside to getting these NPCs to make items. Simply put, they were slow. The number of items they could craft within a day was fixed. As for the advantage, NPCs had a much higher success rate, so they did not waste as many materials as players did.

Meanwhile, during the later stages of God's Domain, as player-made items grew in abundance, the usefulness of these NPCs would similarly start to wane. Right now, however, these Forgers and Potionmakers were of great use to Shi Feng.

It was especially true for the Intermediate Recovery Potion and Intermediate Mana Regeneration Potion. These two items were very useful to players, as they could save their lives during a crucial moment.Although these two items were common products, and their respective recipes were also available for sale at the Potionmaking Association, the players at this stage of the game were simply incapable of crafting them. Meanwhile, these two potions were only available for purchase from hidden NPCs, and only a limited amount was sold each day. They were items that a majority of the players in God's Domain had no chance of enjoying.If these NPC Potionmakers crafted these two potions, their success rate would be more than 70%. The materials needed to make an Intermediate Potion were only around 30 to 40 Copper, yet, each completed bottle could sell for 5 to 6 Silver Coins. If Shi Feng deducted the cost of hiring, he would still make a profit of 4 to 5 Silver Coins. So, why wouldn't he carry out this transaction?

Players needed these items the most right now. If the Starstreak Trading Firm sold these items, they would make a killing.

There were also the Whetstones. This was an item that all players lacked. Currently, each stack of Hard Stones sold for 13 Silver Coins, while a stack of Whetstones sold for 40 Silver Coins. When comparing the success rate of Forging Apprentices and an official Forger, how could the former even hope to win over the latter?

The only problem was materials. As the Starstreak Trading Firm had previously only purchased finished products from Forgers and Potionmakers, they did not have any materials of their own stored up. Now, they needed to provide the materials for these crafters.

Although the trading firm could purchase the more common materials at low prices, Shi Feng needed to be the one to gather the materials required to make Intermediate Recovery Potions, Intermediate Mana Regeneration Potions, and Whetstones.

However, Shi Feng was not afraid of this. The herbs needed to make the Intermediate Recovery Potion and Intermediate Mana Regeneration Potion were not very expensive.

After all, these herbs were utterly useless to players right now.

The players in God's Domain at the moment were still Apprentice Potionmakers. Crafting Basic Recovery Potions was already impressive. Why would they bother wasting materials to make unrewarding potions? As a result, the herbs required to craft Intermediate Recovery Potions and Intermediate Mana Regeneration Potions were very cheap.

As for Hard Stones, Shi Feng wasn't worried. After all, he still had a humongous stock in his warehouse. He had enough for these NPC Forgers for a long time. Moreover, he could also continue purchasing them from Aqua Rose. He would not lack Hard Stones at all.

He would also sell these items in eight different cities. With all of these advantages, it would be challenging not to make a profit. Moreover, Shi Feng also revealed one of his trump cards.Advanced Whetstones!Advanced Whetstones were much stronger than a normal Whetstones. Not only did they recover twice the amount of a weapon's durability, but they could also increase the weapon's damage.

Shi Feng had already intended to sell each for 7 Silver Coins, and one stack would sell for 1 Gold, 40 Silvers. As long as he placed the Advanced Whetstones on the second floor, a majority of the players would fight over it, especially the large Guilds.

Oftentimes, just a 1% difference in damage could decide the victory or defeat of a Boss raid. Meanwhile, the Advanced Whetstone provided a 3% increase to a weapon's damage. So, how could the various Guilds, who were currently in a rush to raid Dungeons, miss out on this item? They would definitely be in a mad rush to purchase them.

Previously, Shi Feng had kept all the Advanced Whetstones for his personal use. Later on, he passed some of them to his teammates, leaving him with 800 or so for himself. With this amount, the Starstreak Trading Firm should be able to last a relatively long time.

However, Shi Feng's plans were not limited to this.

Now that he had such a large market available to him, he should fully utilize it as he would not have a similar chance like this in the future.Hence, Shi Feng thought up this plan. He intended to fully manipulate the Starstreak Trading Firm to help him set up his own shop in the future.

Afterwards, Shi Feng left the follow-up work to Anna, while he departed the Starstreak Trading Firm alone.


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