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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 211-212


Chapter 211-212

Chapter 211 - Brilliant Effect

Although Shi Feng's tone was soft, power filled his voice. It caused the female healers nearby to tremble, nearly failing to cast their heals on the two MTs.

The two MTs tanking the four Elite monsters were similarly shocked stiff, receiving a direct hit from the giant steel axes of the Beastman Warriors. Damages of over -400 points appeared above both MTs, and the two retreated close to half a dozen steps before they managed to stabilize themselves.

The other damage-dealing team members also froze. They all stared at Shi Feng with dumbfounded gazes, thinking that their ears had played a trick on them.Replace the MTs?

What kind of joke was this? The two players tanking the Elite monsters belonged to the top three MTs of the Guild. Yet, Shi Feng wanted to replace them with someone else? Wasn't he just looking for trouble?

Shi Feng's decision would be understandable if the two MTs had made an error while luring the monsters, or lost the monsters' aggro. However, neither of the MTs made such mistakes. So, why should they be replaced?

"Did they do something wrong?" Cruel Sword asked.MTs were the core of a team. A powerful MT could greatly reduce the raiding difficulty of a Dungeon;a team should never rashly replace their MTs."Nothing." Shi Feng shook his head. Indeed, the two MTs did not make any mistakes up until this point. However, not making any mistakes did not necessarily mean that everything was fine.Capable of holding aggro and taking blows, if this were a normal virtual reality game, there would be no problems if the MTs of a team could perform these two tasks.

However, God's Domain was different. Just carrying out these tasks was still not enough to secure a victory for the team.

"Since there are no problems, why should we need to replace the MTs?" Cruel Sword wrinkled his eyebrows.The two MTs in question were furious right now, clearly displaying their displeasure. Shi Feng was just someone they had invited, yet, he dared criticize such powerful MTs like themselves? Wasn't he being too arrogant?

"Their ability to evade attacks is just too poor. To put it bluntly, they are taking too much damage. When they face a Boss, even four healers will not be sufficient to keep them alive. Moreover, their damage output is too low. In a Boss battle, even 1% of HP could decide victory or defeat."

"I'm guessing that, when you guys faced the first Boss of this Dungeon, aside from having insufficient damage, your healers' mana ran dry as well. In the end, the result was a complete team-wipe," Shi Feng said with a smile.Listening to Shi Feng's words, the two MTs immediately fell speechless...

Cruel Sword was also awestruck. Clearly, he had not mentioned the matter of their team-wiped to Shi Feng before. Yet, Shi Feng correctly guessed each detail of their previous encounter.Everything Shi Feng had just said was clear and logical, and Cruel Sword agreed that he needed to make some changes.

"I wonder if Brother Ye Feng has any suggestions on how we can improve? What kind of MT do we need?" Cruel Sword earnestly sought Shi Feng's guidance.

The other members of the Assassin's Alliance were no fools, either. They had discerned the meaning behind Shi Feng's words. As a result, the dissatisfaction they felt towards Shi Feng in their hearts lessened greatly, while respect slightly grew. Each of them perked up, focusing Shi Feng's wise opinion.

"It's very simple. Look for two Guardian Knights who have allocated their Free Attribute Points in the ratio of 2 Strength: 1 Agility: 2 Endurance. It would be best if they have learned both Guardian Aura and Power Aura," Shi Feng unhurriedly spoke.

Unknowingly, Shi Feng had suddenly become the heart of the team.

Within moments, Cruel Sword had found two Guardian Knights from his Guild that fit Shi Feng's requirements. However, these Guardian Knights' techniques were not anything impressive, and their equipment was sub-par at best.

One of them was White Feather, and he only possessed slightly over 1,700 HP. The other Guardian Knight was called Water Lake, and his HP was just over 1,800 points. Furthermore, the two's Defense was lower than the previous MTs by more than 200 points;they were on completely different levels.

However, Shi Feng saw nothing amiss after examining the two's equipment. The remaining problem would be their techniques. Shi Feng then continued by explaining to the two Guardian Knights how they should battle the Elite monsters and how they should dodge attacks. As for how much of his explanation they actually understood, that would depend on their own comprehensive abilities.Following which, Shi Feng instructed one of the Guardian Knights to activate Guardian Aura, increasing the Defense of the entire team by 20 points. He then instructed the other Guardian Knight to activate Power Aura, increasing the Strength of the entire team by 5 points. Shi Feng also switched his title to Might of a Thousand, greatly increasing the Attributes of the entire team. As a result, the HP of the two Guardian Knights almost reached the 2,000 HP threshold.

The team's jaws dropped when they witnessed the brilliant effect brought about by Shi Feng's Might of a Thousand title.

Increasing all Attributes by 10%? This was an outstanding weapon for Dungeon raiding. Such an increase was the equivalent of raising every team member's equipment by an entire rank.With such a brilliant effect, they had far more confidence in dealing with the Bosses of the Dungeon.Hence, everyone started clearing the Elite monsters with great excitement.

When they first started out, everyone still felt skeptical about Shi Feng's decision to replace the two MTs. It was simply illogical to replace their previously powerful MTs with weaker ones. However, shortly after the two Guardian Knights began tanking the Elite monsters, they immediately discovered that there was a massive difference.

Although the Beastman Warriors dealt around -450 damage to the two Guardian Knights with each hit, these Beastman Warriors only managed to land one out of every three attacks. In comparison, the previous two MTs would receive two out of every three attacks, taking an additional -150 damage every three attacks. With such a glaring difference in damage, the burden on the healers greatly lessened. Moreover, as they faced more battles, the two new MTs gradually evaded with better efficiency, taking fewer hits as a result. This had allowed the healers to expend less of their mana, thereby increasing their endurance.

By the time they arrived before the first Boss of the Dungeon, Karur, the healers no longer felt any pressure in healing the two Guardian Knights. They even had time to attend to the other team members.

Karur was a large and ferocious Beastman. He was twice as large as a normal Beastman, and his body was fully covered in steel-like, scarlet muscles. On his back, Karur carried a mammoth magical saber that was as long as he was tall. Meanwhile, Karur himself was a Level 12 High Chieftain ranked Boss with a whopping 450,000 HP.

"Brother Ye Feng, I wonder if you have any ideas of how to best raid this Boss?" When facing with Karur once again, Cruel Sword's thoughts started growing heavy. After all, Karur had already team-wiped them multiple times.

"MTs should hold aggro properly, while everyone else should evade Karur's skills. That should be it, I guess," Shi Feng casually spoke after giving the question some thought.

Everyone in the team immediately sent contemptful glares at Shi Feng.

Wasn't this just a bunch of nonsense!? Wasn't that obvious?!"Alright, MTs, take action. You two should take turns tanking the Boss. Whoever's HP falls to a critical state should immediately back off and let the other tank. As for everyone else, try to use your attacks to assist the two MTs," Shi Feng instructed.Shortly after, the two Guardian Knights charged at Karur.According to Shi Feng's knowledge, the Hard Mode Karur only had two moves.One was the Blade Storm. It was a skill that turned Karur into a tornado, causing -600 damage per second to all enemies within a 12-yard distance. The skill had a duration of 20 seconds.

The other skill was Avatar Slash. When Karur used this skill, he would immediately vanish from everyone's sight. He would then randomly reappear behind three to five players, attacking them and causing -500 static damage. Simultaneously, he would inflict players with a Damage Amplification effect, causing them to take 10% more damage for 2 minutes. To make things worse, this effect stacked.

With these two skills at Karur's disposal, the Boss prevented players from turning this raid into a prolonged battle. Otherwise, once the Damage Amplification effect stacked so many times, Karur's Avatar Slash could instant-kill any player. At that time, there would be no way for the battle to continue. Hence, there was only one requirement when facing Karur: resolve the battle in the shortest time possible. The longer the battle dragged on, the more difficult it would become.

Taking the lead, the Guardian Knight, Water Lake, brandished his sword, sending a Punishment at Karur's head. The attack only caused -126 damage. Compared to the Elite monsters from before, Karur's Defense was clearly a notch higher. Moreover, such a small amount of damage was practically negligible in the face of Karur's massive 450,000 HP.By contrast, as Water Lake failed to dodge Karur's counter-attack;the Boss's saber sent him flying. A frightening damage of -1,134 points appeared above Water Lake's head, instantly devouring over half of his total HP. Following which, White Feather promptly dashed forward and activated Righteous Fury. He then used Shield of Vengeance to attract Karur's aggro.

The four healers on the team did not dare make any mistakes. They immediately cast their heals on Water Lake.

+234, +215, +221, +225

A Cleric then released an instant-cast skill, Recover, on Water Lake. Every three seconds for 15 seconds, the target would recover 70 HP. Simultaneously, a Druid also used Life Bloom on Water Lake, recovering 43 HP every two seconds for 12 seconds.

Immediately, Water Lake's HP recovered to 90%. He then returned to his position on the frontlines, coordinating with White Feather to tank the Boss.

Chapter 212 - Raiding Karur

By taking turns attacking Karur, the two Guardian Knights quickly established a strong hold on Karur's aggro. However, compared to when they battled Elite monsters, the pressure on the healers had visibly increased.

Moreover, both Water Lake and White Feather were clearly unfamiliar with the Boss's attack patterns;their movements were somewhat stiff when dodging attacks. Right now, they could only dodge every other sent at them. Even so, compared to the last time the Assassin's Alliance had raided Karur, the healers were having a slightly easier time keeping these MTs alive. The healers' mana consumption made this obvious.Originally, Cruel Sword still worried that the two Guardian Knights could not manage. However, based on the results before him, it was clearly an unnecessary thought. The healers managed themselves with perfect order right now, unlike the several raids before where they had to cast their heals desperately, without caring about any proper order. The four healers couldn't even catch their breaths unless they wanted the previous two MTs to die instantly.In reality, such failures were very common. In God's Domain, Level 10 players had a large threshold to overcome. The levels before Level 10 were merely an adaptation period. Once players reached Level 10, they would no longer receive any preferential treatment. Hence, entering a Level 10, 20-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon at Level 10 was the equivalent of entering a Level 5, 20-man Hell Mode Team Dungeon at Level 5. How could it possibly be easy?

In addition, Bosses would have much higher intelligence. It would take a certain degree of skill to hold the aggro of a Boss and prevent it from attacking the ranged classes and healers. MTs especially needed to know how to pin down and restrain the Boss monsters, as just having aggro did not mean that the Boss would only hit the MT. After all, even with aggro, Boss monsters would still find an opportune moment to massacre the healers, the weakest players on the team. When this occurred, MTs had the task of restraining the Boss, preventing it from attacking the healers. Hence, the requirements for an MT's techniques were very high.

If the previous MTs were currently tanking the Boss, they would fare much better than Water Lake and White Feather regarding techniques. They had simply made a mistake during the allocation of their Free Attribute Points. However, there was no way to reset one's Attribute Points in God's Domain, so these two players could only be replaced. Moreover, for a long time, these two players would have to allocate all the Free Attribute Points they obtained from leveling up into both Strength and Agility. Otherwise, they would cripple their characters.

"Everyone, start attacking now. Berserkers and Swordsmen, assist the MTs in blocking some attacks. Focus your attacks on the Boss's weapons or arms, and aim your attacks where they can interrupt the Boss's attack. As for ranged classes, focus on dealing as much damage as you can," Shi Feng commanded.

Immediately, a group of players charged forward to give Karur a beating, while the ranged players launched their bombardment at Karur.

-124, -137, -108, -189, -175...One damage after another appeared above Karur's head. However, the damage was not particularly high. Among these, the highest damage dealt belonged to the Berserker, Cruel Sword. His normal attacks could deal around -266 damage with each hit, while a Violent Strike could deal up to -448 damage. Right behind Cruel Sword was Stabbing Heart. As Stabbing Heart was an Assassin, his normal attacks could only deal around -120 damage with each hit. However, his attack rate was much faster than Cruel Sword's. Meanwhile, a 5-star Eviscerate decimated 587 HP from Karur.Ranking in third was the team's cute and lovable little sister, the Elementalist, Mu Qing. She was the captain of the Assassin's Alliance's Elementalist team, and her techniques were first-rate. She was also one of the famous female Elementalists in Star-Moon Kingdom;she could rank within the top 100 Elementalists within Star-Moon Kingdom. Every one of her attacks could deal around -300 to -400 damage, but due to her spells requiring a long time to cast, her overall damage was slightly less than the two aforementioned players.

Originally, Cruel Sword had intended to say to Shi Feng, "Look! Isn't our team's damage output powerful? Why don't you join our Guild? The position of First Vice Leader will be yours if you do!"

However, when Cruel Sword saw Shi Feng charging at Karur, subsequently slashing his sword at Karur, Cruel Sword was immediately dumbfounded. His words shrunk back into a secluded location in his mind.Shi Feng's two casual slashes dealt damages of -395 and -376 to Karur. Immediately after, Shi Feng followed up with a Level 10 Chop. The skill achieved a critical hit, instantly causing -2,137 damage to Karur. He then continued by using Thundering Flash, dealing damages of -643, -832, and -1,102 to Karur, as well as inflicting a damage amplification effect.

Shi Feng then abruptly jumped up into the air. As he descended, he smashed the Abyssal Blade covered in the power of thunder and fire down onto Karur's head. Suddenly, Karur let out a soul-piercing scream of pain.

Thunder Flame Explosion instantly caused -3,312 damage, and everyone on the team, aside from Shi Feng, became slack-jawed when they witnessed this scene.

If Water Lake had not reacted quickly by using Mock, followed by Righteous Punishment, Shi Feng might have snagged most, if not all, of Karur's aggro.

"Stabbing Heart, just where did you find a Swordsman expert as amazing as him?" Mu Qing's exquisite lips parted as she gaped and involuntarily questioned Stabbing Heart.

As Mu Qing had not started out in Red Leaf Town, she was not particularly knowledgeable about Shi Feng. Since the launch of God's Domain, she had always focused on leveling up and raiding Dungeons. Even after she entered White River City, she had not met many players who could surpass her.

Hence, Mu Qing naturally considered herself as a top-tier expert. However, Shi Feng had utterly shattered that belief. The highest damage she could deal was only around -700 points, and that was when she achieved a critical hit. Meanwhile, Shi Feng could casually deal over -700 damage with a single hit. Right now, he had even dealt over -3,000 damage to a High Chieftain ranked Boss. Mu Qing felt extremely embarrassed to think that she actually thought of herself as a top-tier expert. What a joke!"Hehe, isn't this big brother amazing? Shortly after I started playing God's Domain, I discovered Brother Ye Feng's prowess! With such a massive damage output, the First Clear of this Hard Mode Dungeon will definitely be ours this time!" Stabbing Heart gleefully said. After all, he was the one who had invited Shi Feng to this raid. Now that Shi Feng performed so valiantly, shocking everyone on the team, Stabbing Heart felt extremely proud.

"Scram! You're not Ye Feng;what's there to be proud of?! If you have the ability, then show me that you can deal over 1,000 damage!" Mu Qing glared at Stabbing Heart.

"Little Sister Mu Qing, you think too highly of me! How can I compare to Brother Ye Feng? He is the publicly acknowledged god-ranked expert of White River City! His damage alone can trump over a dozen players! I would be satisfied if I had even a third of his damage." Stabbing Heart smiled bitterly.

Shi Feng was a great expert just like Gentle Snow. He and Shi Feng were on entirely different levels, so how could he compare to Shi Feng?Previously, the players who still had some complaints about Shi Feng now had none.Shi Feng was simply too amazing. Not only were his attacks incredibly powerful, but the timing and techniques he applied to interrupt the Boss's rhythm continuously were also praiseworthy. Every time one of Shi Feng's swords attacked Karur, his other sword would simultaneously strike at Karur's saber, shifting the Boss's attack slightly. This situation allowed the two MTs to dodge Karur's attacks with far more ease, greatly reducing the burden on the healers.

At this moment, everyone finally understood what a true Swordsman was. Aside from having fierce attacks, Shi Feng could also nimbly assist the MT. With such a Swordsman on the team, raiding the Dungeon became much easier than before. By making a rough estimate, their chances of victory had risen by at least twofold.At this moment, Cruel Sword suddenly sent a private message to Mu Qing, "Mu Qing, you're one of the great beauties in our Guild. You can see how amazing Ye Feng is;it would be a shame not to recruit him into our Guild. It wouldn't be too good for a brute like me to invite him directly. Can you use your charms to persuade him to join us? If you manage to pull Ye Feng into our Guild, I can guarantee that your current treatment will increase by threefold, and you will also be promoted to an elder of the Guild."Cruel Sword also tried to think of a few other methods to recruit Shi Feng into the Assassin's Alliance. However, he immediately discovered that the Assassin's Alliance did not have any great benefits to Shi Feng. With Shi Feng's techniques, even first-rate Guilds would willingly wage a bloody battle with each other to recruit him. As for the price tag the Assassin's Alliance could offer, any first-rate Guilds could easily double or triple the amount. Hence, the only option Cruel Sword had remaining was to play the relationship card.

Looking at Shi Feng's age, he should only be in his early twenties. He was at the age where he should be both vigorous and passionate. Meanwhile, a great beauty like Mu Qing was perfect for this situation.

Although Cruel Sword hated resorting to such methods, the competition in God's Domain was just too intense. There were plenty of Guilds using similar tactics. If he continued being conservative, he might regret it in the future.

"Guild Leader, are you for real?" Mu Qing excitedly asked.

"Of course," Cruel Sword earnestly replied.

"Guild Leader, leave it to me! With this young lady's charm, I will definitely recruit Ye Feng into our Guild!" Mu Qing laughed coquettishly, her large eyes shifting towards Shi Feng.

Cruel Sword had similarly notified Stabbing Heart of his plan. However, Stabbing Heart simply shook his head and smiled bitterly after he heard it.

Stabbing Heart really wished to say, "If even a saint like Gentle Snow and a demoness like Zhao Yueru failed to capture Ye Feng's heart, I'm afraid Mu Qing will not have any chances at all."

Although Mu Qing was indeed a beauty as pretty as a flower, when Stabbing Heart gazed at Mu Qing's flat chest and recalled Gentle Snow's and Zhao Yueru's outstanding lethal weapons… They were on entirely different levels...

However, Stabbing Heart did not try to ruin Mu Qing's beautiful fantasy.At this moment, Karur's HP had decreased to 50%. Suddenly, Karur let out an angry bellow."Everyone, get away from the Boss!" Shi Feng knew that Karur was about to use Blade Storm.

With Shi Feng's reminder, the elites of the Assassin's Alliance quickly distanced themselves more than 20 yards from Karur. Shortly after, Karur started spinning, transforming into a tornado that engulfed everything around it.

Even after Karur's Blade Storm ended, nobody from the team had died. At worst, there were some players who had their HP damaged to a critical point. However, they were healed back to full HP by the healers very quickly.Following which, the team proceeded to decrease Karur's HP to 40%. Karur then started using his Avatar Slash. Although Karur only used Avatar Slash once every 20 seconds, there were bound to be some players who were extremely unlucky, chosen as targets for seven or eight consecutive times. For these unlucky players, surviving would be difficult regardless of how they held on.

As one team member after another fell, Karur's HP also decreased to 10%. Karur went berserk. His speed and Attack Power soared by 30%, and he now had a critical hit effect.White Feather, unfortunately, received a critical hit. Even with Protection Blessing activated, he instantly lost over 1,400 HP. Moreover, when White Feather received this hit, he only had around 60% of his total HP remaining. Hence, he instantly died.White Feather's death greatly increased the pressure on Water Lake. To make things worse, there were only 12 players left alive in the team, while Karur still had 4% of his HP remaining, almost 20,000 HP.Helpless, Shi Feng could only choose to use one of his trump cards, the Flame Burst.

During the short two-second cast time, Karur had used Avatar Slash once more, instant-killing three more players. One of the three players killed was even a healer. This was truly a desperate situation.

Meanwhile, Karur still had 3% of his HP, which meant that he had around 13,000 HP remaining.

At this moment, the Abyssal Blade in Shi Feng's hand started glowing a dazzling white. The white glow surrounding the Abyssal Blade shone like a miniature sun;its presence alone raised the surrounding temperature by several folds.

Shi Feng activated Wind Blade and arrived behind Karur. Lightly jumping up, Shi Feng brandished the Abyssal Blade at Karur's back, instantly forming six sword images. The six sword images resembling the sun instantly devoured Karur, causing frightening damages of -2,153, -2,203, -2,178, -4,356, -2,206, -4,422 to appear above Karur's head.

Under this tremendous might, Karur's four-meter-tall body shot like a cannonball towards a steel wall.Boom!

An indentation in the shape of Karur immediately formed on the steel wall. Meanwhile, Karur was thoroughly charred black, as void of life as a stone.

Chapter 205 - Queen's Rage

Just when Shi Feng contemplated raiding the delicate and weak-looking Scorching Lamia, the entire White River City region flew into an uproar.The cause was no other than the White River City region's Ranking List.

A Level 13 player actually held the first place.

"What is this? I've only managed to reach Level 10 and enter White River City after much difficulty, yet, there is already a Level 13 player? What did this bastard eat growing up?"

"I know, right? That Lone Tyrant fellow previously ranked in the tens, but he had suddenly shot up to first place, surpassing even the Snow Goddess!""Lone Tyrant is from a Guild called Dark Star. Isn't that a third-rate Guild? How could they be so strong as to surpass the Snow Goddess?"

The official forums were already in a fiery uproar over this matter, and the previous issue relating to Shi Feng had become forgotten history.


Inside the Level 10, 10-man Team Dungeon, the Dark Crow Cave.

A Black-feathered Crow with a six-meter tall body lay motionless on the ground, a pile of items sitting by its side. Among these items, there were pieces of Level 10 Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment. There were even two Secret-Silver ranked items and a large number of rare materials.

Meanwhile, standing beside this Black-feathered Crow was a fairy. This fairy possessed skin as white as snow and an appearance that could charm any mortal man. Her body was the very definition of absolute perfection. However, this fairy's eyes possessed a penetrating gaze with a boundless and intimidating chill.This woman who seemed to transcend mortal men was none other than Gentle Snow.

System: Ouroboros has cleared the Hard Mode of Black Crow Cave. Rewarding 300 Guild Reputation.

"Snow, someone's reached Level 13 already. They're a lot faster than we are. Why don't we stop Dungeon-diving and resume leveling up?" possessing a similarly devilish body, Zhao Yueru pouted as she spoke, displeased.

After going to a Level 12 monster area while they were only Level 9, they quickly discovered that they could constantly improve their battle prowess. Although it was extremely difficult to kill those monsters, in the beginning, they rose swiftly after experiencing many near-death situations and long periods of research and self-reflection. With their battle techniques having greatly improved, they felt that killing monsters three levels higher was no longer just a pipe dream. They also felt that they could achieve the feats Shi Feng had displayed in the past, similarly obtaining an effortless victory over a great number of players.After arriving at White River City, they immediately picked up the Daily Reputation Quests. They then looked for an extremely good leveling spot, grinding there for a period. However, due to their equipment being slightly outdated, they decided to raid a Dungeon to upgrade their equipment, making preparations to obtain the First Clear of one of the Level 10 large-scale Team Dungeons. Otherwise, a player from a measly third-rate Guild wouldn't have surpassed them."Ignore him. Compared to Levels, the First Clear of a large-scale Team Dungeon is far more important. Moreover, after exceeding Level 15, it won't matter, even if we manage to clear the Hell Mode of a Level 10 large-scale Team Dungeon. Our equipment should be close to ready now, so let's start with obtaining the First Clear of a Level 10 Party Dungeon." When Gentle Snow noticed Lone Tyrant's name occupying the first position on the Ranking List, a calm smile appeared on her pure and untainted complexion.Gentle Snow's team members revealed excited smiles when faced with Gentle Snow's decision.

They could finally display their prowess for all to see.

After all, they had all been experts in the past virtual reality games. Throughout this period, they had constantly strived and battled against high-level monsters. During their breaks, they would research the videos of experts, especially Shi Feng's battle footage. Although the video was short, it held great significance. The more they studied Shi Feng's battle, the more shocked they became. Unknowingly, their own battle techniques also began to improve madly.

To put it another way, they had started to familiarize themselves with the realistic battle methods of God's Domain. Simultaneously, they had also grasped ahold of their body's true strength.

The Hard Mode of a Team Dungeon could not fully sate their thirst for growth. It was especially true after they familiarized themselves with their Extraordinary Condition. Right now, only Hell Mode could truly excite them.Just like when they were in the Hell Mode of Dark Moon Graveyard, they wished to experience the feeling of having every single cell within their bodies tremble. In the past, they believed that their trembling represented fear. In reality, however, that trembling resulted from the excitement that grew in their hearts.

Meanwhile, the other large Guilds were similarly shocked by the sudden appearance of Lone Tyrant but quickly dismissed this matter from their minds.The average players, however, were astonished. This incident had allowed the apex third-rate Guild, Dark Star, to firmly established a foothold in White River City. Even the second-rate Guild, the Assassin's Alliance, was a step behind them. None of the top ten players on the Ranking List belonged to the Assassin's Alliance. Contrary to expectations, the Assassin's Alliance had three members ranked within the top 30. One of them was the Guild Leader, ranking 18th. The second person was Stabbing Heart, who ranked 26th. Finally, the Assassin's Alliance's top Elementalist ranked at 29th.Yet, to the majority of the players within the White River City region, having such a rank was no different than having no rank at all. The fame of having such a rank was worlds apart from that of being in first place.


Flame God's Cave.At this moment, Shi Feng had lured the Level 25 High Lord ranked Scorching Lamia to a corner absent of any lava.

Half of the Cela's amazing prowess relied on the presence of lava. Hence, by luring her away from the lava, the raid difficulty of the Scorching Lamia instantly reduced by half. However, even with such a reduction, Cela was still a High Lord ranked Boss. She was not something average players could afford to provoke."Kneel before me and receive your punishment of flames!" the Scorching Lamia's finger trembled, and suddenly, a whip of flames appeared from her finger. She then abruptly cracked her whip towards Shi Feng's skull. The flame whip transformed into a streak of flowing light as it swung towards Shi Feng's cranium.

Queen's Whip!This was the melee skill that the Scorching Lamia often used. If an MT of the same level did not possess the Flaming Sun's Blessing, this single whip could instantly kill him. In addition, this skill was a wide-range AOE skill, and it had a maximum attack range of 25 yards. If players wished to use the advantage of numbers to deal with the Scorching Lamia, they would quickly find themselves cremated by her whip. After all, even an MT could not block this attack, let alone the other fragile classes.

Faced with the incoming flame whip, Shi Feng sprung himself into the air and threw himself to the ground. Although he easily avoided the flame whip, the whip's flaming trail still singed Shi Feng, dealing slightly over -70 damage.

However, Shi Feng took this chance to pull quite a distance away from the Cela. He then jumped and twisted his body in the air, throwing the Blazing Meteor at the Scorching Lamia.

A red glow shot forth, accurately piercing the left arm that the Scorching Lamia was about to lift. The attack activated the rarely seen Burning Flames effect, immediately causing -754 damage and inflicting a negative status effect that caused -400 flame damage per second for 10 seconds. Simultaneously, the attack also interrupted the rhythm of the Scorching Lamia's next attack.

"Despicable human! I will capture you and make you my pet!" Rage surfaced on the Cela's beautiful face. Immediately, she swung her tail with all her might. Her speed abruptly soared, instantly shortening the distance between Shi Feng and herself."Almost…" Shi Feng took a look at the surrounding environment, abruptly halting his steps. He then turned to face the Scorching Lamia, throwing a Basic Frost Grenade at her.Hard, iron-like rocks surrounded their current location;not a single drop of lava was visible. This terrain would greatly limit the Scorching Lamia's most powerful skill, Queen's Rage.

This skill allowed her to command the surrounding lava, transforming it into a wave that engulfed everything in its path. Even if Shi Feng had 123 points of Fire Resistance, he still couldn't endure this fierce move. The Queen's Rage was the Scorching Lamia's ultimate team-wipe skill.

Aside from the Queen's Rage, Shi Feng also needed to be careful of the arrows from the Scorching Snake Lady's bow, as this attack caused a combination of physical and flame damage. The Flaming Sun's Blessing did not provide any physical damage reduction. Hence, Shi Feng could, at most, take two hits from her arrows before saying goodbye to his life. Hence, he needed to treat them with care.

Chapter 206 - High Lord Ranked Battle

Due to the Frost Grenade's effects, a layer of snow covered the black, charred land.

Meanwhile, the Scorching Lamia's tail had frozen to the ground;her motions halted as a result. A hint of fury surfaced on her beautiful countenance. She raised her right hand, pointing a finger at Shi Feng.Immediately, a large gathering of violent fire-type mana collected at her tender, jade-like finger.This was one of Cela's skills, Flame Burst. Flame Burst had a 2-second cast time, and it was a continuous-attack skill that caused extremely high fire-type damage to the target. It could practically instant-kill a top-tier MT with full HP, and even if that MT possessed the Flaming Sun's Blessing, he would still receive a ton of damage.Watching the flames gathering at the Scorching Lamia's fingertip grow more violent, Shi Feng immediately activated Defensive Blade. His eyes focused on the ferocious flames, and the instant she launched her attack, Shi Feng simultaneously attacked with the Blazing Meteor. He intended to interrupt, or at least delay, the Scorching Lamia's assault.

In God's Domain, players could dodge spell attacks. However, they needed an accurate grasp on the timing of the attack. Otherwise, whether dodging a second too late or too early, the attack might land on its target. As casting spells would provide the caster with a lagging advantage, the caster could gain a clear grasp of their target's movements before launching their attacks. If players dodged before the spell released, they would become an easier target. Hence, the best time to dodge a spell was the moment the spell was released.However, once a spell discharged, it would travel to its target with blinding speed, making it extremely challenging to dodge.

Of course, if players had very fast Movement Speeds, they could utilize that speed to their advantage, preventing the enemy caster from getting a firm lock on them. When faced with the High Lord ranked Scorching Lamia, however, it was beneficial to have such thoughts.Shi Feng sent attack after attack with the Blazing Meteor, causing a series of damages of -743, -1,502, -751, and -749. Although the damages looked awesome at first glance, to Cela's 500,000 HP, they were just a drop in the bucket. The Scorching Lamia also had a frightening battle recovery, so in reality, Shi Feng did not cause any significant damage to her at all. However, as he had triggered the Knockback effect of the Blazing Meteor, Shi Feng managed to interrupt the casting time of the Scorching Lamia's Flame Burst.

"I will burn your soul with the flames of god!" The Scorching Lamia's smile was imposing. At this moment, the tip of her jade-like finger suddenly shone with a dazzling light, illuminating the entire cave. The temperature within the cave also increased by several folds. The light on Cela's finger was like a miniature sun.

Suddenly, streak after streak of searing, white flames shot out from the Scorching Lamia's fingertip.One streak after another, the flames bombarded Shi Feng like a heavy machine gun.

The instant Cela launched her flames, Shi Feng used his evasive maneuvers. However, he was still a step too late. In the blink of an eye, one of the flames struck him, robbing the Defensive Blade of one of its limited charges.

Although the first streak hit its target, Shi Feng dodged both the second and third. The flames scraped past Shi Feng's clothes, striking the rock wall behind him.

Boom! Boom!The wall, which was normally as hard as steel, was as soft as water when struck by the white flames. Not to mention easily piercing through the rock wall, the flames even formed a one-meter-wide and ten-meter-deep tunnel into the rock wall. What was even more shocking was that the tunnel seemed polished. The walls of the tunnel were smooth and sparkling, giving it a metallic sheen.

This was the result of those molten white flames.

If Shi Feng had not used the Defensive Blade to block that attack, he would have evaporated out of existence.Although this was not the first time Shi Feng had encountered this attack, he would still feel his heart skip a beat each time he witnessed this frightening power.This was the strength of a High Lord.A battle with a High Lord ranked Boss was no ordinary battle. Instead, it was a superhuman battle that could cause the destruction and reformation of the surrounding terrain.When the bombardment ended, Shi Feng had exhausted the remaining charges on the Defensive Blade. However, the Scorching Lamia had halted her steps for quite a while now. Due to Shi Feng constantly throwing Frost Grenades at her, Cela could only take out her bow and attacked with her fire arrows.Compared to the Flame Burst, these fire arrows were much easier to dodge.Shi Feng managed to attack with the Blazing Meteor while simultaneously dodging the fire arrows, steadily depleting the Scorching Lamia's HP. However, Cela was no fool. She, too, knew how to dodge. Only, due to her frozen body, very rarely did she manage to dodge or block against an attack.98%...95%...



Over an hour had passed, and Shi Feng didn't even know how many times he had thrown the Blazing Meteor. In the meantime, the Scorching Lamia's HP gradually decreased, finally reaching 80%. During this time, the Scorching Lamia had cast up to nine Flame Bursts and Queen's Whips, but Shi Feng defended against all of them with either Defensive Blade or Parry. At one point, a Flame Burst nearly killed Shi Feng. Fortunately, he quickly used an Intermediate Recovery Potion, replenishing much of his missing HP.Although constantly attacking and dodging made the battle seem tedious, it would still be extremely worthwhile if such a tedious task allowed Shi Feng to kill a High Lord ranked Boss.

A High Lord ranked Boss's drops were normally bountiful, and at the very minimum, it would drop a Fine-Gold ranked item. There was even the possibility of dropping several Dark-Gold ranked items.

Fine-Gold rank or Dark-Gold rank, players at this stage of the game could only dream of possessing either. Not to mention, before Shi Feng had even reached Level 25, he already had a reliable source for Level 25 equipment.After landing attack after attack on the Scorching Lamia, the Burning Flames effect had stacked up to five times, causing Cela to lose 2,000 HP per second. The damage was just right to combat the Scorching Lamia's battle recovery.Suddenly, the Scorching Lamia's HP started rapidly decreasing.

After another two hours, the Scorching Lamia's HP fell to 23%. If Shi Feng continued with this pace, the battle would conclude in, at most, one hour.At that thought, Shi Feng's hands moved faster as he further increased his attack rate.

At this moment, Shi Feng's system communication suddenly rang;the caller was Stabbing Heart of the Assassin's Alliance.

By now, Shi Feng had already gotten used to dodging Cela's attacks after repeating the process so many times. Since he had nothing better to do, he accepted the call.

"Brother Ye Feng, I wonder if I can request your help on a matter?" Stabbing Heart spoke without adding any unnecessary flattery, getting right to the point. However, he immediately felt surprised by his own actions in suddenly seeking Shi Feng's help. After all, an expert's time was extremely valuable. Not to mention, the competition in White River City right now was far more intense than the competition in Red Leaf City in the past.

After all, when all was said and done, Red Leaf Town only had a player base 20,000 to 30,000 in the past. Meanwhile, White River City had over a million players right now. Adding to the fact that plenty of experts had gathered at White River City, the intensity of the competition there had increased by several times.

"Help? I wonder what Brother Stabbing Heart needs me to do?" Shi Feng asked.

"It's like this. I wish to invite you to raid a Team Dungeon with us. If we have the help of an expert like Brother Ye Feng, we will have a very high possibility of clearing the Dungeon." Stabbing Heart was clearly embarrassed for asking.

"Which Team Dungeon is it? Don't tell me that you're looking at one of the three Level 10 large-scale Dungeons?" Shi Feng was slightly astonished. He did not think that Stabbing Heart would look to him for help with a Dungeon.

Regarding the three large-scale Dungeons, Shi Feng had no intentions of involving himself with them.

After all, it would have a huge impact on the course of history.

His First Clear of Dark Moon Graveyard had already affected the progression of history. If he helped the Assassin's Alliance obtain the First Clear of a large-scale Team Dungeon, god knew if something out of his control would happen in the future.

Large-scale Team Dungeons were worlds apart from normal Team Dungeons. Their difficulty was directly increased by two to three levels.

Even if Shi Feng gave his help, with the current state of the Assassin's Alliance, they could not even clear the Normal Mode of the Dungeon.

Chapter 207 - Killing the Queen

Shi Feng did not want this timeline to develop out of his control. If Stabbing Heart really wanted to raid one of the three great Dungeons

He could only sternly refuse.

Stabbing Heart shook his head, faintly exclaiming, "It isn't one of the three great Dungeons. It is just one of the 20-man Team Dungeons, the Beastman Munition Factory. That is a Level 10 to Level 13 Team Dungeon, and the equipment dropped there would be of great help to us when we raid the three large-scale Dungeons. Although we've already cleared the Normal Mode of that Dungeon, the Hard Mode is simply too difficult. We have been stuck at the first Boss all this time, so we wished to seek your aid."

Shi Feng's heart was slightly moved when he heard of the words "Beastman Munition Factory." That Dungeon did indeed possess a lot of valuable items, especially the Basic Fire Resistance Potion Recipe and the Level 10 Swordsman Set Equipment, Wind Extinguisher.

It would not be a bad idea to make a trip there for these items.

"Fine, but I have a demand," Shi Feng said."Brother Ye Feng, there is no need to hold back!" Stabbing Heart released a sigh of relief after hearing Shi Feng's agreement. He was deeply afraid that Shi Feng would refuse."I want all the Recipes and Forging Designs we obtain from the Dungeon. In addition, I want priority over all Swordsman equipment. If you can agree to these conditions, I will have no problem offering my assistance," Shi Feng listed his demands.

Stabbing Heart carefully considered Shi Feng's words. If he were the one leading the team this time, he wouldn't hesitate to agree to Shi Feng's demands. However, the leader of the team this time was the Guild Leader of the Assassin's Alliance, Cruel Sword. So, Stabbing Heart had no authority to make this decision.

"Brother Ye Feng, I have to consult with the Guild Leader about this matter. Can I give you a reply sometime later?" Stabbing Heart said with less confidence."Sure." In any case, Shi Feng was not in a hurry. There was still some time before he could kill the Scorching Lamia.


After Stabbing Heart disconnected the call, he immediately went up to the Guild Leader, Cruel Sword. Cruel Sword was currently a short distance away, clearing the monsters in the Dungeon.

Based on appearance alone, Cruel Sword looked very young, and his tall and robust body seemed full of energy. In actuality, he was already 39 years old. Normally, he wore a stern expression, and he would always look at others with an intimidating and penetrating gaze. His ferocious appearance was just like that of a warrior about to enter a battlefield.In fact, Cruel Sword was a mercenary in reality. However, he had long since retired from his squad. After his retirement, he joined the then-weak Assassin's Alliance, and after enduring over ten years of hardships, he finally managed to turn the Assassin's Alliance into an apex second-rate Guild, gaining plenty of support and sponsors from large corporations.

"How did your negotiations with him go?" Cruel Sword turned his head and glanced at Stabbing Heart, asking sternly.Previously, the Assassin's Alliance had been stuck at the first Boss of the Hard Mode Beastman Munition Factory. Hence, Stabbing Heart suggested recruiting a god-ranked expert to help them. However, Cruel Sword felt that it was beneath him to do such a thing. What god-ranked expert? Everyone's just blindly overestimating him.If it weren't for the fact that Stabbing Heart had performed extremely well in recent days and been promoted to an elder of the Guild, Cruel Sword would not have let Stabbing Heart contact Shi Feng at all."He agrees to come, but he has a demand. He wants all of the Swordsman equipment and the Forging Designs and Recipes that drop." Stabbing Heart carefully said, "However, I feel that Ye Feng is worth this price. After all, even the Snow Goddess greatly valued his performance."

After listening to these words, Cruel Sword's coarse eyebrows furrowed. He clearly felt dissatisfied about Shi Feng's demands.

"Boss Cruel Sword, Ye Feng is truly powerful. Without Shi Feng, the Snow Goddess, Gentle Snow, might not have even obtained the First Clear of the Dark Moon Graveyard," Stabbing Heart hurriedly said.

"Gentle Snow, is it?" Cruel Sword's resolve slightly wavered after hearing this name.

Just half an hour ago, Gentle Snow had shocked all players throughout the entire White River City region, Cruel Blade included.

Gentle Snow had taken down the First Clear of four Level 10 Party Dungeons and two Level 10 small-scale Team Dungeons. Moreover, it wasn't the First Clear of Hard Mode, but the First Clear of Hell Mode.

Simultaneously, her achievements signified the gap between her and the other Guilds growing even larger.

Moreover, Cruel Sword received information that Gentle Snow had already begun raiding the Hell Mode of a 20-man Team Dungeon. If Gentle Snow really succeeded...

She would no longer occupy the same playing field as the other Guilds within the White River City region."It seems that Ye Feng indeed has some capabilities. Since that is the case, agree to his demands." Cruel Sword was very curious about Shi Feng now. He wondered if Shi Feng was truly as strong as Stabbing Heart described him.

In truth, Cruel Sword did not want any outsiders participating in the Guild's expedition. However, the Assassin's Alliance's position in White River City was becoming more insignificant as time passed.Ignoring the first-rate Guild, Ouroboros, even the third-rate Guild, Dark Star, would soon surpass them. The severity of this matter further increased due to the sudden appearance of that Lone Tyrant, who occupied the first position on the Ranking List. Dark Star then continued to successfully raid the Hard Mode of two small-scale Team Dungeons, greatly increasing their fame and surpassing the other Guilds.

On the other hand, aside from obtaining the First Clear of several Normal Mode Dungeons, the Assassin's Alliance had yet to even obtain the First Clear of a single Hard Mode Dungeon. Hence, Cruel Sword had personally organized an elite team to raid the Beastman Munition Factory. He intended to take this chance to obtain the First Clear of a Hard Mode Dungeon, increasing the Guild's influence in White River City and ending the gossip of Assassin's Alliance's inferiority to Dark Star.Hearing Cruel Sword's command, Stabbing Heart immediately contacted Shi Feng, excited."Brother Ye Feng, our Guild Leader has agreed to your demands. I wonder if you can come here immediately?" Stabbing Heart asked.At this moment, Shi Feng still battled the Scorching Lamia, so how could he possibly leave now? Making a rough estimate, he said, "I still have some matters to attend to right now. I'll need around two hours before I can hurry over."

"Alright, then let's meet up at the entrance of the Beastman Munition Factory in two hours." Although Stabbing Heart wanted Shi Feng to arrive as soon as possible, Stabbing Heart did not dare insist on the matter since Shi Feng had his own matters to attend. After all, it was already stunning that Shi Feng would willingly help them out.

"Alright. I'll be there in two hours." Shi Feng disconnected the call, resuming his barrage of attacks on Cela. Just after the Scorching Lamia's HP fell below 20%, a change suddenly overcame her previously beautiful appearance. Crimson-red sacred runes suddenly appeared on her jade-white skin, releasing a frightening magic power. Moreover, her red gemstone-like eyes released a brilliant white light.

Immediately, the Flame God's Cave trembled. Cracks appeared on the ground, and very quickly, these cracks widened into large fissures that spewed molten magma. The lava formed a river as it moved and spread throughout the ground.

This was the Scorching Lamia's strongest skill.

Queen's Rage!Fortunately, Shi Feng had long since lured Cela to this location. Otherwise, the lava that spewed from the ground would not be limited to a single river;it would form a great ocean that could instantly turn tens of thousands of players into ashes, becoming fertilizer for this great piece of land.

Immediately, Shi Feng activated Gravity Liberation. He jumped up into the air, and like a cannonball, he shot forth towards a rock wall some ten meters away, successfully avoiding the incoming surge of lava.

Approximately half a minute passed before the lava fully receded. However, the land was still dyed a crimson-red, releasing piping-hot steam into the air and the surrounding environment. If an average player set foot on this land, they would lose at least 500 HP every second in the best case scenario.

However, Shi Feng was different. He had 123 points in Fire Resistance, so he could completely ignore the ground's high temperature. After he landed, he immediately resumed his attacks on the Scorching Lamia.It was extremely exhausting for Cela to cast Queen's Rage. So, after using the skill, she would enter a period of weakness. During this period, she would not have any Attack Power remaining, and it was the best time for Shi Feng to kill her.

If Shi Feng waited for the land to recover its normal state, the Scorching Lamia would have also recovered from her weakened state. In addition, her HP would also recover to 30% or above.The Scorching Lamia in a weakened state stood no chance against Shi Feng.The Blazing Meteor caused over -1,500 damage to Cela with every strike, with the occasional critical hit causing over -3,000 damage.18%... 16%... 14%... 12%...

By the time the Scorching Lamia had broken away from her weakened state, she only had 10% of her HP remaining.

In the end, the Scorching Lamia entered a berserk state, and her damage increased by several folds. However, with Shi Feng's Frost Grenades controlling her movements from beginning to end, Cela could not display her frightening might in melee combat at all.After another ten minutes or so, the Scorching Lamia released a blood-curdling scream as her body fell to the ground.Instantly, Shi Feng's level increased by one, reaching 17% of Level 16. The bountiful EXP even shocked Shi Feng.

Shi Feng then heard the sound of an explosion, and a large amount of Flame Crystals, equipment, and items appeared in place of the Scorching Lamia's body.

Chapter 208 - Beastman Munition Factory

"It really is great to have the Shadow's Blessing." Shi Feng's eyes slightly twitched as he looked at the shining loot scattered across the ground. It was the first time he truly felt fortunate about the 3 points of Luck. "It seems that I should get more equipment that increases the Luck Attribute in the future. I can use it specifically when killing Bosses."

If he obtained jackpots similar to the Scorching Lamia's as well, accumulating wealth would be a very simple task.

In God's Domain, the term 'jackpot' only applied to Boss monsters, since Bosses would give out more loot than usual. Normally, the number of items dropped was double or triple the usual amount, and players looked forward to such situations the most.

Unfortunately, aside from obtaining the First Clear of a Dungeon, the chances of a Boss dropping a jackpot were abysmally low.

Depending on a player's Luck Attribute, the chances of obtaining a jackpot would also increase. However, Shi Feng did not know the exact value each point of Luck provided. He only knew that the higher the Luck, the greater were the chances of obtaining a jackpot.

If Shi Feng's Luck increased to 10 points, he might obtain another jackpot if he killed a High Lord ranked Boss in the future. To players, nothing was more exciting than obtaining even more high-level equipment and items.As this was the Flame God's Cave, the Scorching Lamia's jackpot was extremely valuable. It was much more beneficial than killing two to three High Lord ranked Bosses.

"This is ridiculous! Just a single Scorching Lamia dropped close to half of my previous harvest of Flame Crystals!" Shi Feng was immediately shocked after he collected and arranged all the loot.

Previously, he had only obtained a total of 223 Flame Crystals from killing many Level 25 Common, Elite, and Special Elite monsters. Yet, the Scorching Lamia gave him 102 Crystals. If converted to Gold Coins, that amount would be worth 15 Gold, 30 Silvers. Moreover, this was only the price of the Flame Crystals.Compared to the Flame Crystals, the equipment and Forging Designs dropped were much more valuable.

"Aren't these the Flame Boots?" Shi Feng noticed a flame-red colored, delicate pair of boots. There were three gorgeous Flame Crystals embedded into each side, giving the boots a dazzling appearance.

[Flame Boots] (Plate Boots, Dark-Gold Rank)

Level 25

Defense +175

Strength +21, Agility +30, Endurance +15

Movement Speed +8

Fire Resistance +5

Additional Skill-

Flame Rush: Increases Movement Speed by 100% for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 2 minutes

Just the value of this piece of equipment exceeded 20 Gold. In addition, Cela also dropped a Dark-Gold ranked shield.

[Light of Day] (Shield, Dark-Gold Rank)

Level 25

Equipment Requirement: Strength 130

Defense +665

Block Rate: 41%

Defend skill level +2

Strength +34, Agility +10, Endurance +32

Maximum HP +15%

Additional Passive Skill-

Guardian Heart: Reduces incoming damage from the front by 20%. In addition, all damage received reduced by 10%.

Not to mention a shield, equipment meant for MTs was usually abnormally expensive. Moreover, the Attributes of this shield were extremely beneficial. If sold, its minimum price would be at least 40 Gold.

Aside from those two Dark-Gold ranked items, there were seven Secret-Silver ranked items. Three of them were Level 25 mage equipment, two were Level 25 healer equipment, one was Level 25 leather armor, and the last was a Level 25 two-handed axe. Every piece could sell for at least 3 Gold Coins.

Meanwhile, the most precious of them all was the Raging Flames Armor Forging Design.

This was also Shi Feng's first time seeing this item.

Shi Feng was immediately stunned when he read the introduction of this Forging Design.The Raging Flames Armor was a Level 25 Secret-Silver ranked plate armor. Although its base Attributes were ordinary, it was a very valuable item. It specifically catered to MTs when dealing with fire-type monsters. One could say that the Raging Flames Armor was the best Level 25 Secret-Silver ranked breastplate.

If utilized properly, the value of this Forging Design could exceed a hundred Gold. However, Flame Crystals were necessary to craft the Raging Flames Armor. In addition, it also needed a rare Secret-Silver ranked ore, resulting in a high manufacturing cost. However, it would be greatly desired once forged. In particular, when it was used in the Level 25 large-scale Team Dungeon, Flame's Nest, it would be frighteningly effective.

The Raging Flames breastplate gave eight points of Fire Resistance and reduced the user's flame damage received by 20%. No other Secret-Silver equipment could compare to this effect.

Aside from the equipment, there was also a flame-red-colored skill book. The words 'Flame Burst' decorated the cover. This was the same skill the Scorching Lamia had used on Shi Feng.Shi Feng had personally witnessed this attack and knew full well the frightening might of that skill. Yet, such a skill was unexpectedly a Universal Skill that any class could learn.Without hesitation, Shi Feng chose to learn the skill. He then called out the skill interface.

[Flame Burst]

Level 1 (Requires 100,000 EXP to raise upgrade to Level 2)

Channeling time: 2 seconds

Gathers the power of flames to a single point and causes 300% damage to the target.

Attack Count: 4 times

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Compared to other skills that required Skill Proficiency to level up, Flame Burst belonged to the Special Skills category. Instead of Skill Proficiency, it required EXP to level up.

Shi Feng greatly admired Cela's Flame Burst. If he could possess a similar might to the Scorching Lamia when he used the Flame Burst, he needed only a single move to instant-kill a player of the same level. Just the thought of achieving such a feat invigorated him.

However, the skill level was too low right now. It could not achieve such an effect an all.Since his level was relatively high right now and his leveling speed was also very fast, Shi Feng did not feel much heartache towards such a small amount of EXP. Hence, he immediately supplied 100,000 EXP to the skill, upgrading it up to Level 2.

The Flame Burst's damage increased to 350%, while the Attack Count remained unchanged. There was also no change to its Cooldown. This time, 300,000 EXP was needed to upgrade the skill to Level 3. However, Shi Feng chose to upgrade it without hesitation. He needed several million EXP just to level up now, so 300,000 was not a significant amount.

Instantly, Shi Feng fell back down to Level 15. The damage of the Level 3 Flame Burst increased to 380%, while its Attack Count increased to 5 times, and Cooldown decreased to 4 minutes 30 seconds. This was a more noticeable improvement. Meanwhile, it now required 800,000 EXP to upgrade to Level 4. Yet, Shi Feng still chose to upgrade it. The damage of the skill increased to 400%, Attack Count remained at 5 times, and Cooldown decreased to 4 minutes. The skill needed 2,000,000 EXP to upgrade to Level 5 this time.

Shi Feng similarly upgraded it to Level 5 without hesitation. The damage of Flame Burst increased to 420%, Attack Count increased to 6 times, and Cooldown decreased to 3 minutes 30 seconds. As a result of such a huge increase, however, Shi Feng had fallen to Level 14. If he wanted to upgrade the skill to Level 6, he needed to supply 4,000,000 EXP. Even if he dropped back down to Level 0, he could not raise Flame Burst to Level 6.

It seems that I can only wait until after Level 20 before upgrading the Flame Burst again. Shi Feng felt it was unfortunate. However, a Level 5 Flame Burst was sufficiently amazing already. It was certainly a very useful trump card.

Shi Feng had spent quite a sum of money on his trip to the Flame God's Cave this time. Not to mention using more than two stacks of Basic Frost Grenades, he also used the Flaming Sun Scripture. However, with such an astonishing harvest, the losses he incurred were negligible.There's still some time left. I'll get some rest before heading to the Beastman Munition Factory. Shi Feng called out the system clock, discovering that he still had some time before the appointed time. Seizing this chance, he could get some repairs done to his equipment and store his loot into the Bank. He would return to the Flame God's Cave again in the future when he had the time.The Boss of the Flame God's Cave had a respawn time of two days. In other words, Shi Feng would return to the Flame God's Cave to kill its Boss once every two days. Not only could he level up quickly by doing so, but he could also obtain plenty of high-level equipment. This place was sacred ground for players. It was no wonder the Ranger, who was the first person to discover this place, made a huge earning.


Outside of the Beastman Munition Factory, Cruel Blade and the others had already gathered at the Dungeon's entrance. They currently discussed their strategy to raid the Dungeon.

During the time they spent waiting for Shi Feng, they challenged the Dungeon twice more. However, the end result was still the same. Obtaining the First Clear of a Hard Mode Team Dungeon was much more difficult than they had imagined.

Although they had managed to clear the Hard Mode of a 10-man Team Dungeon, some other Guild was already a step ahead of them by the time they cleared it. Right now, only the First Clears of 20-man Hard Mode Team Dungeons were available. However, the Hard Mode of a 20-man Team Dungeon was obviously more difficult compared to a 10-man Team Dungeon.

No matter how much thought they put into it, they could not come up with any methods to clear the Dungeon. They could only wait for Shi Feng's arrival at the Dungeon's entrance. This was also a good chance for the team to get some rest.Although Stabbing Heart had continuously recommended Shi Feng, Cruel Blade did not place much hope in him.

After all, the Assassin's Alliance was an apex second-rate Guild. Experts were a dime a dozen within the Guild. Meanwhile, they had gathered 20 experts to raid the Beastman Munition Factory, but they still died under the first Boss' feet. What difference would an additional, independent player with good techniques make?

"Guild Leader, someone's coming," one of the Guild's scouting Assassins suddenly spoke in the team chat.

Chapter 209 - Lone Tyrant

Hearing that someone approached, Stabbing Heart thought that it was Shi Feng. Hence, he turned his gaze towards the entrance.

However, the person walking over was not Shi Feng at all. Moreover, it was not just a single player, but a group of players.

This was a 20-man team. The members of this team all wore impressive equipment;practically all of them wore a mix of Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Equipment, with the majority being Mysterious-Iron Equipment. There were also a few players among them wearing Level 10 Class-specific Set Equipment that only dropped from Level 10 Team Dungeons. Although they were only individual pieces, at this stage of the game, they were definitely considered top-tier equipment to Guilds.

The leader of this team was a Guardian Knight. Judging by appearances, the man looked to be around 25 years of age. There was a nasty smile on the man's face. The man wore a mix of red and white-colored heavy-armor and carried a blood-red cross-shield and longsword. "It can't be, right? That Shield Warrior has the complete Bloody Brilliance Set Equipment! That's a Level 10 Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment!""The glow from his shield and longsword show that they are both of Secret-Silver rank. How come I have never seen such equipment before?"The members of Assassin's Alliance started a quiet discussion when they saw the leading Guardian Knight.

The Bloody Brilliance Set Equipment could only be obtained from Level 10 Hard Mode Team Dungeons. The fact that this group of newcomers had gathered a full set displayed just how powerful their team was.

"They seem to be players from Dark Star." Making a careful observation, Stabbing Heart suddenly discovered that the Guild Emblem these players donned belong to that of the Guild, Dark Star. He then observed the leading Guardian Knight, suddenly exclaiming in shock, "He's Dark Star's Lone Tyrant!"

Cruel Sword's complexion immediately turned grim at these words.

Lone Tyrant of Dark Star was currently number one on the Ranking List. In addition, Dark Star had also managed to obtain the First Clear of two Hard Mode Dungeons. Due to the contribution of these two factors, Dark Star was already like the sun at high noon, and they were currently in their heyday. Cruel Sword did not think that Dark Star would make their move so soon;they were already attempting to raid a 20-man Team Dungeon. If they really obtained the First Clear of a 20-man Team Dungeon, the Assassin's Alliance would truly be in an embarrassing position in White River City.

After all, due to obtaining the luxury guidebook of White River City in advance, the Assassin's Alliance had made ample preparations before entering the city itself. As a result, they enjoyed a flourishing period after they entered White River City. Many players even thought that the Assassin's Alliance had the possibility to surpass the first-rate Guilds.

Hence, now that Dark Star was on the rise, players would naturally compare the Assassin's Alliance and Dark Star, resulting in the Assassin's Alliance's status in White River City becoming very awkward."Oh? Isn't this the Guild Leader of the Assassin's Alliance? What a coincidence!" Lone Tyrant laughed as he spoke to Cruel Sword, "Unfortunately, you guys have simply wasted your time by coming here, as the First Clear of the Hard Mode Beastman Munition Factory already belongs to Dark Star."The other members of Dark Star similarly revealed disdainful smiles as they looked at the members of the Assassin's Alliance.

Currently, throughout the White River City region, Dark Star's influence surpassed that of the Assassin's Alliance. Moreover, Dark Star had a much shorter history than the Assassin's Alliance. The Assassin's Alliance current success lay in the fact that they had a long-established history, so the benefits they provided to their Guild members were slightly better. However, Dark Star would definitely surpass the Assassin's Alliance in the future.

"We'll see about that." Cruel Sword ignored Lone Tyrant's provocation, only coldly replying with a single sentence.

Only by personally experiencing it would one understand the difficulty of a 20-man Hard Mode Dungeon. It would be meaningless to argue with a little bastard over who would obtain the First Clear of a Hard Mode Dungeon.When Lone Tyrant saw that his provocation had failed, he quickly lost interest and turned to leave.

At this moment, a deep and low voice resounded by everyone's ears.

"Sorry, I'm late." The person speaking was precisely Shi Feng.

As he had to repair his equipment, store his items in the Bank, and register more Hard Stones on the Auction House, he had wasted quite a lot of time before coming here."Brother Ye Feng, you're finally here!" Stabbing Heart, who was originally enraged due to Lone Tyrant's provocation, immediately cheered up when he noticed Shi Feng's arrival. He hurriedly went up and welcomed Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, this was the first time Cruel Sword had personally met Shi Feng. He discovered that Shi Feng still used a complete Bronze Set Equipment. Shi Feng's level and the quality of his other equipment were also indiscernible. Moreover, looking at Shi Feng's age and appearance, he was obviously just an immature youth;he did not possess the sharp temperament of a top-tier expert at all. However, he had obtained the First Clear of the Hell Mode Dark Moon Graveyard with Gentle Snow. Coupling that with the widespread battle footage from before and the fact that Shi Feng was the first player to enter White River City, Shi Feng should possess some real skills.However, they were not here to fight other players in the Dungeon. Although Shi Feng had impressive combat capabilities, one could not clear a Dungeon by depending on combat capabilities alone. Hence, Cruel Sword did not look favorably upon Shi Feng.

"Hahahaha! What a joke! So even the famous Assassin's Alliance has to invite someone to raid a Team Dungeon! Moreover, you've even invited an independent player! It seems that the Assassin's Alliance only amounts to this much. To think that I've always thought of the Assassin's Alliance as an actual opponent, I was truly blind!" Lone Tyrant looked at Shi Feng, then turned to look at Cruel Sword again before involuntarily laughing.

"You!" Stabbing Heart wanted to flare up in rage;however, he had no counter to Lone Tyrant's words.

After all, what he said was true.The other Assassin's Alliance members had also lowered their heads in shame. At this moment, their hearts harbored dissatisfaction towards Stabbing Heart. They were already disappointed with Stabbing Heart's previous decision of inviting Shi Feng, so the humiliating situation now only made it worse. Yet, although they wished they could immediately chase Shi Feng away, they dared not voice their opinions.

After making fun of the Assassin's Alliance, Lone Tyrant's gaze shifted towards Shi Feng. Pretending to be surprised, he sneered and said, "And here I thought the Assassin's Alliance had invited some amazing person. Isn't this Ye Feng, the first player to enter White River City and the previous first place on the Ranking List?""I am truly sorry about this. I never imagined that you would be so easy to surpass, so I accidentally snatched away your first position. Oh? That's not right? Why can't I find your name within the top 100 of the Ranking List? It seems that there is a limit to a person's good luck. Without any real strength, one would quickly be surpassed by others. Isn't that right, Little Brother Ye Feng?"Although Lone Tyrant could not see Shi Feng's current level, he did not think that Shi Feng was anything amazing. Otherwise, why would he choose not to display his level? There was only one possibility for such an action, and it was because he was too shameful to show his level. Shi Feng was clearly the first player to enter White River City, yet, a majority of players surpassed him in levels. So it was very logical that he would choose to hide his level in shame.

"Brother Ye Feng, let's just ignore him and enter the Dungeon." Afraid that Shi Feng would grow angry and leave, Stabbing Heart hurriedly dragged Shi Feng away from the players of Dark Star.

"The players within the White River City region have constantly used the Assassin's Alliance as a comparison to Dark Star. Previously, I had felt proud of this matter, but now, I can only feel embarrassment. Please don't associate Dark Star with you all anymore in the future. We really can't bear this sort of shame." Lone Tyrant did not care much about an expert who was already past his prime. He shifted his gaze once more to Cruel Sword, mocking him.

"An apex second-rate Guild? Pah! They aren't even comparable to a third-rate Guild!"

"The Assassin's Alliance has truly declined. If I were them, I would have long since killed myself to avoid the embarrassment. They have actually allowed a lucky noob to join their team. Did they think that, by doing so, they could obtain the First Clear of the Hard Mode Beastman Munition Factory? Who are they trying to kid?""How could you say such a thing? This is known as birds of a feather flocking together! A trash of a Guild would naturally seek out a trash player to aid them! If this situation happened in our Guild, we would have long since expelled such noobs from the Guild! Allowing such trash to join our team would definitely lower our intelligence and strength!""Hey, you've got that wrong! In reality, the Assassin's Alliance is so powerful that they are not afraid of having a noob as a team member! They could still clear the Hard Mode Beastman Munition Factory with no problems, even with such a member on their team! This is definitely something Dark Star can't dream of comparing with!"

The relationship between Dark Star and the Assassin's Alliance had long since been similar to that of fire and water. Now that there was such a good opportunity, the members of Dark Star took this chance to ridicule the Assassin's Alliance.Immediately, the atmosphere on the Assassin's Alliance's side became abnormally depressing. The players from the Assassin's Alliance all resentfully glared at Stabbing Heart.

Contrary to expectations, however, Stabbing Heart did not feel any heartache due to these hateful gazes. Instead, he felt apologetic to Shi Feng. Originally, Dark Star merely directed its ridicule at the Assassin's Alliance. Now, even Shi Feng had been dragged into this matter.

At this moment, Shi Feng could no longer stomach this situation. If this situation continued, they would have no chances of raiding the Dungeon, and he did not wish to lose the opportunity. After all, he planned to obtain the Wind Extinguisher Set Equipment and Basic Fire Resistance Potion Recipe from this trip. He did not wish to see Dark Star spoil this opportunity.

Having no better choice, Shi Feng stood out from the crowd. With pupils as deep as black holes, he gazed at Lone Tyrant. He then calmly said with a smile, "I'm very curious about something. If the nobodies that you've looked down on suddenly obtain the First Clear of the Hard Mode Beast Munition Factory a step ahead of you, then what would you all amount to?"

Chapter 210 - Eye-opener

Shi Feng's words struck Lone Tyrant and the others.

Immediately, the atmosphere became incomparably tense. Neither side spoke a single word, and both sides stood on the cusp of lashing out right now.

However, nobody intended to make the first move.After all, everyone present understood that, if they took action right now, it would lead to an all-out war between the two Guilds. Regardless of who won and who lost in this confrontation, both sides would take heavy losses. Hence, be it Cruel Sword or Lone Tyrant, neither wished for such a situation to occur.As both sides could no longer endure the stifling atmosphere...

"Getting the Hard Mode's First Clear ahead of us? With trash like you?" Lone Tyrant's complexion abruptly turned cold. With a ridiculing smile, he spoke with contempt, "Good, very good! Let everyone see the truth, then! I really want to see if your strength is as good as that mouth of yours!"

After he finished speaking, Lone Tyrant led his team into the Beastman Munition Factory. Moreover, they chose to immediately start with the Dungeon's Hard Mode without warm-up or preparation. They clearly wished to prove to Shi Feng and the Assassin's Alliance just how wide the difference between them was.

"Why are they trying to act so bold? They will suffer defeat when the time comes." Stabbing Heart curled his lips, revealing a cold smile.

Without personally experiencing the 20-man Hard Mode Beastman Munition Factory, one could not truly gauge the difficulty of the Dungeon. Otherwise, they would not have sought Shi Feng's help.

They had only chosen this method as a last resort. After all, the Assassin's Alliance was in a precarious position right now, and they were in dire need of a breakthrough. Hence, they had to obtain the First Clear of a Hard Mode Dungeon."That's right! Dark Star is nothing! They'll cry with regret once they enter the Dungeon!"

"Guild Leader, let's hurry and enter! We must teach those bastards from Dark Star the strength of the Assassin's Alliance!"

"That's right! Guild Leader, we must get the First Clear this time!"

The players from the Assassin's Alliance wiped away their depression from before. They all cracked their knuckles as their thirst for battle grew.

Shi Feng remained silent as he listened to everyone's enthusiasm with a faint smile on his face.However, due to Shi Feng's actions, the Guild Leader of the Assassin's Alliance, Cruel Blade, viewed Shi Feng in a new light.

Cruel Blade considered that Shi Feng might not just be all talk.Due to Shi Feng's provocation, the team's originally downcast mood received underwent a complete change. Right now, everyone was indignant over the injustice they had received rather than depressed, and they immediately wanted to charge into the Dungeon and slaughter the Boss within. They wanted to obtain the First Clear of the Hard Mode Dungeon, letting the players from Dark Star witness their might.However, Shi Feng did not give much thought to Cruel Sword's renewed opinion of him.After all, he had been a Guild Leader in his previous life as well. If one wanted to increase the unity of a team, they only needed one thing.They needed an enemy.

In fact, Lone Tyrant was already an enemy of the Assassin's Alliance. Shi Feng merely poured some oil on the already-burning fire, further raising their fighting spirits.Naturally, high fighting spirits were only a mental boost, and it would not help the Assassin's Alliance to clear the Dungeon.If the Assassin's Alliance wanted to clear the Hard Mode Team Dungeon, they still needed some other key elements.

However, Shi Feng did not reveal this fact. He merely quietly joined the Assassin's Alliance's team, entering the Beast Munition Factory with Cruel Sword and the others.The Beast Munition Factory was a dilapidated weapon manufacturing factory. Hence, the terrain inside the Dungeon was not particularly complicated. Players only needed to walk down a single path to reach the Boss.There were a total of three Bosses throughout the Dungeon. Although the number was low, each Boss was extremely powerful. In 20-man Hard Mode Team Dungeons, the Bosses were all High Chieftain rank. Every one of them had powerful skills, and it was a normal occurrence for these Bosses to instant-kill an MT. If a team were not familiar with these Bosses' skills, failing to grasp the timing of their attacks fully, it would not be strange for a team to team-wipe over ten times. In comparison to these Bosses, however, players would have a much easier time clearing the Elite monsters within the Dungeon.

"I think that everyone should know what to do by now. However, since this is Brother Ye Feng's first time entering this Dungeon, I'll give you a short explanation on what you should expect later on. Your task is to go all-out, dealing damage, while simultaneously evading the skills of the Elite monsters. On another note, the monsters here have very high Attack Power, and they deal a ton of damage, even to the MTs. Moreover, these monsters are immune to crowd control skills. Hence, healers will be under a lot of pressure. They will have no time to heal anyone other than the MT, so you need to be careful not to pull aggro," Cruel Sword explained patiently."Alright, that's it for my explanation. Let's first use the four Elite monsters guarding at the entrance as practice for our coordination."Finished speaking, Cruel Sword directed two of the team's MT to charge at the four axe-wielding Level 10 Elite Beastman Warriors.

[Beastman Warrior] (Elite Rank)

Level 10

HP 50,000/50,000

As this was a Dungeon, the monsters in here had both their HP and Attack Power greatly increased. They were much stronger compared to the Level 10 Elite monsters out in the fields.

One of the two MTs was a Shield Warrior, while the other was a Guardian Knight. Each of them held the two monsters' agro. However, when Shi Feng saw the damage these two MTs dealt to the monsters, he was immediately stunned.

A normal attack from the Shield Warrior only dealt -32 damage to the Beastman Warriors. When the Shield Warrior used Heroic Strike, he only dealt -66 damage. Meanwhile, the Guardian Knight fared even worse than the Shield Warrior. The Guardian Knight's normal attack only dealt -24 damage, while his divine Strike only dealt -51 damage.

Both of these MTs were Level 10 players, and both of them wielded Mysterious-Iron Weapons. Even if it were a one-handed weapon, when faced with an Elite monster of the same level, it should not deal such little damage. Thus, Shi Feng was shocked by this sight he witnessed.

Although the two MTs took care to evade the attacks of the monsters, they were very clumsy. As a result, the number of attacks they received exceeded the number of times they dodged. Moreover, each time they received an attack, they needed to retreat a few steps before they could stabilize themselves. The only fortunate thing was that the damage they received was not high;they received around -300 damage from each attack. Meanwhile, each MT possessed around 2,400 HP. With two monsters attacking each MT simultaneously, each MT received a rough total of -600 damage;a quarter of their total HP. This situation resulted in the healers suffering.However, Shi Feng was similarly shocked when he discovered that both MTs possessed around 2,400 HP.What the heck?!Isn't their HP a little too high?

They both couldn't have only added their Free Attribute Points into Endurance, completely ignoring Strength and Agility, right?

However, this was the only explanation that made sense. It explained why, even though both MTs were clearly gaming experts, they required so much effort just to dodge an attack and why their damages were so pitiful. In contrast, a Level 10 Assassin, who similarly used a one-handed weapon, could deal over -100 damage to an Elite monster like the Beastman Warrior. They could even deal over -200 damage if they used a skill. The MTs' Strength was just abysmal. Their Agility was similarly too low, preventing them from dodging attacks that they could have clearly evaded.

It was obvious that the players of the Assassin's Alliance have yet to adapt to the battle methods of God's Domain. They clearly possessed plenty of expert players, yet, they were unable to exhibit their full potential. It was no wonder the Assassin's Alliance became an obscure existence during the early stages of the game. Only after half a year had passed since God's Domain's launch did they gain some achievements. If the Assassin's Alliance battled the Boss of the Beastman Munition Factory like so, Shi Feng would be surprised if they didn't team-wipe. It was truly a wonder as to how they managed to clear a 10-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon.

"I wish to say something;is that alright?" Shi Feng looked at Cruel Sword, asking softly.

Although the Assassin's Alliance now possessed Lone Tyrant as a great enemy, the members of the team still had negative opinions of Shi Feng. They only kept their mouths shut due to his relationship with Stabbing Heart. However, if Shi Feng dared push his luck, they would not sit idle."Speak your mind. As long as it benefits the Dungeon raid, we will not reject it," Cruel Sword had managed to discern Shi Feng's capabilities somewhat. He could somewhat understand why Gentle Snow would take a fancy to Shi Feng. After all, Shi Feng indeed possessed strength.

"Can we replace the two MTs?" Shi Feng asked, holding nothing back.


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