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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 209-210


Chapter 209-210

Chapter 209 - Lone Tyrant

Hearing that someone approached, Stabbing Heart thought that it was Shi Feng. Hence, he turned his gaze towards the entrance.

However, the person walking over was not Shi Feng at all. Moreover, it was not just a single player, but a group of players.

This was a 20-man team. The members of this team all wore impressive equipment;practically all of them wore a mix of Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Equipment, with the majority being Mysterious-Iron Equipment. There were also a few players among them wearing Level 10 Class-specific Set Equipment that only dropped from Level 10 Team Dungeons. Although they were only individual pieces, at this stage of the game, they were definitely considered top-tier equipment to Guilds.

The leader of this team was a Guardian Knight. Judging by appearances, the man looked to be around 25 years of age. There was a nasty smile on the man's face. The man wore a mix of red and white-colored heavy-armor and carried a blood-red cross-shield and longsword. ’’It can't be, right? That Shield Warrior has the complete Bloody Brilliance Set Equipment! That's a Level 10 Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment!’’’’The glow from his shield and longsword show that they are both of Secret-Silver rank. How come I have never seen such equipment before?’’The members of Assassin's Alliance started a quiet discussion when they saw the leading Guardian Knight.

The Bloody Brilliance Set Equipment could only be obtained from Level 10 Hard Mode Team Dungeons. The fact that this group of newcomers had gathered a full set displayed just how powerful their team was.

’’They seem to be players from Dark Star.’’ Making a careful observation, Stabbing Heart suddenly discovered that the Guild Emblem these players donned belong to that of the Guild, Dark Star. He then observed the leading Guardian Knight, suddenly exclaiming in shock, ’’He's Dark Star's Lone Tyrant!’’

Cruel Sword's complexion immediately turned grim at these words.

Lone Tyrant of Dark Star was currently number one on the Ranking List. In addition, Dark Star had also managed to obtain the First Clear of two Hard Mode Dungeons. Due to the contribution of these two factors, Dark Star was already like the sun at high noon, and they were currently in their heyday. Cruel Sword did not think that Dark Star would make their move so soon;they were already attempting to raid a 20-man Team Dungeon. If they really obtained the First Clear of a 20-man Team Dungeon, the Assassin's Alliance would truly be in an embarrassing position in White River City.

After all, due to obtaining the luxury guidebook of White River City in advance, the Assassin's Alliance had made ample preparations before entering the city itself. As a result, they enjoyed a flourishing period after they entered White River City. Many players even thought that the Assassin's Alliance had the possibility to surpass the first-rate Guilds.

Hence, now that Dark Star was on the rise, players would naturally compare the Assassin's Alliance and Dark Star, resulting in the Assassin's Alliance's status in White River City becoming very awkward.’’Oh? Isn't this the Guild Leader of the Assassin's Alliance? What a coincidence!’’ Lone Tyrant laughed as he spoke to Cruel Sword, ’’Unfortunately, you guys have simply wasted your time by coming here, as the First Clear of the Hard Mode Beastman Munition Factory already belongs to Dark Star.’’The other members of Dark Star similarly revealed disdainful smiles as they looked at the members of the Assassin's Alliance.

Currently, throughout the White River City region, Dark Star's influence surpassed that of the Assassin's Alliance. Moreover, Dark Star had a much shorter history than the Assassin's Alliance. The Assassin's Alliance current success lay in the fact that they had a long-established history, so the benefits they provided to their Guild members were slightly better. However, Dark Star would definitely surpass the Assassin's Alliance in the future.

’’We'll see about that.’’ Cruel Sword ignored Lone Tyrant's provocation, only coldly replying with a single sentence.

Only by personally experiencing it would one understand the difficulty of a 20-man Hard Mode Dungeon. It would be meaningless to argue with a little bastard over who would obtain the First Clear of a Hard Mode Dungeon.When Lone Tyrant saw that his provocation had failed, he quickly lost interest and turned to leave.

At this moment, a deep and low voice resounded by everyone's ears.

’’Sorry, I'm late.’’ The person speaking was precisely Shi Feng.

As he had to repair his equipment, store his items in the Bank, and register more Hard Stones on the Auction House, he had wasted quite a lot of time before coming here.’’Brother Ye Feng, you're finally here!’’ Stabbing Heart, who was originally enraged due to Lone Tyrant's provocation, immediately cheered up when he noticed Shi Feng's arrival. He hurriedly went up and welcomed Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, this was the first time Cruel Sword had personally met Shi Feng. He discovered that Shi Feng still used a complete Bronze Set Equipment. Shi Feng's level and the quality of his other equipment were also indiscernible. Moreover, looking at Shi Feng's age and appearance, he was obviously just an immature youth;he did not possess the sharp temperament of a top-tier expert at all. However, he had obtained the First Clear of the Hell Mode Dark Moon Graveyard with Gentle Snow. Coupling that with the widespread battle footage from before and the fact that Shi Feng was the first player to enter White River City, Shi Feng should possess some real skills.However, they were not here to fight other players in the Dungeon. Although Shi Feng had impressive combat capabilities, one could not clear a Dungeon by depending on combat capabilities alone. Hence, Cruel Sword did not look favorably upon Shi Feng.

’’Hahahaha! What a joke! So even the famous Assassin's Alliance has to invite someone to raid a Team Dungeon! Moreover, you've even invited an independent player! It seems that the Assassin's Alliance only amounts to this much. To think that I've always thought of the Assassin's Alliance as an actual opponent, I was truly blind!’’ Lone Tyrant looked at Shi Feng, then turned to look at Cruel Sword again before involuntarily laughing.

’’You!’’ Stabbing Heart wanted to flare up in rage;however, he had no counter to Lone Tyrant's words.

After all, what he said was true.The other Assassin's Alliance members had also lowered their heads in shame. At this moment, their hearts harbored dissatisfaction towards Stabbing Heart. They were already disappointed with Stabbing Heart's previous decision of inviting Shi Feng, so the humiliating situation now only made it worse. Yet, although they wished they could immediately chase Shi Feng away, they dared not voice their opinions.

After making fun of the Assassin's Alliance, Lone Tyrant's gaze shifted towards Shi Feng. Pretending to be surprised, he sneered and said, ’’And here I thought the Assassin's Alliance had invited some amazing person. Isn't this Ye Feng, the first player to enter White River City and the previous first place on the Ranking List?’’’’I am truly sorry about this. I never imagined that you would be so easy to surpass, so I accidentally snatched away your first position. Oh? That's not right? Why can't I find your name within the top 100 of the Ranking List? It seems that there is a limit to a person's good luck. Without any real strength, one would quickly be surpassed by others. Isn't that right, Little Brother Ye Feng?’’Although Lone Tyrant could not see Shi Feng's current level, he did not think that Shi Feng was anything amazing. Otherwise, why would he choose not to display his level? There was only one possibility for such an action, and it was because he was too shameful to show his level. Shi Feng was clearly the first player to enter White River City, yet, a majority of players surpassed him in levels. So it was very logical that he would choose to hide his level in shame.

’’Brother Ye Feng, let's just ignore him and enter the Dungeon.’’ Afraid that Shi Feng would grow angry and leave, Stabbing Heart hurriedly dragged Shi Feng away from the players of Dark Star.

’’The players within the White River City region have constantly used the Assassin's Alliance as a comparison to Dark Star. Previously, I had felt proud of this matter, but now, I can only feel embarrassment. Please don't associate Dark Star with you all anymore in the future. We really can't bear this sort of shame.’’ Lone Tyrant did not care much about an expert who was already past his prime. He shifted his gaze once more to Cruel Sword, mocking him.

’’An apex second-rate Guild? Pah! They aren't even comparable to a third-rate Guild!’’

’’The Assassin's Alliance has truly declined. If I were them, I would have long since killed myself to avoid the embarrassment. They have actually allowed a lucky noob to join their team. Did they think that, by doing so, they could obtain the First Clear of the Hard Mode Beastman Munition Factory? Who are they trying to kid?’’’’How could you say such a thing? This is known as birds of a feather flocking together! A trash of a Guild would naturally seek out a trash player to aid them! If this situation happened in our Guild, we would have long since expelled such noobs from the Guild! Allowing such trash to join our team would definitely lower our intelligence and strength!’’’’Hey, you've got that wrong! In reality, the Assassin's Alliance is so powerful that they are not afraid of having a noob as a team member! They could still clear the Hard Mode Beastman Munition Factory with no problems, even with such a member on their team! This is definitely something Dark Star can't dream of comparing with!’’

The relationship between Dark Star and the Assassin's Alliance had long since been similar to that of fire and water. Now that there was such a good opportunity, the members of Dark Star took this chance to ridicule the Assassin's Alliance.Immediately, the atmosphere on the Assassin's Alliance's side became abnormally depressing. The players from the Assassin's Alliance all resentfully glared at Stabbing Heart.

Contrary to expectations, however, Stabbing Heart did not feel any heartache due to these hateful gazes. Instead, he felt apologetic to Shi Feng. Originally, Dark Star merely directed its ridicule at the Assassin's Alliance. Now, even Shi Feng had been dragged into this matter.

At this moment, Shi Feng could no longer stomach this situation. If this situation continued, they would have no chances of raiding the Dungeon, and he did not wish to lose the opportunity. After all, he planned to obtain the Wind Extinguisher Set Equipment and Basic Fire Resistance Potion Recipe from this trip. He did not wish to see Dark Star spoil this opportunity.

Having no better choice, Shi Feng stood out from the crowd. With pupils as deep as black holes, he gazed at Lone Tyrant. He then calmly said with a smile, ’’I'm very curious about something. If the nobodies that you've looked down on suddenly obtain the First Clear of the Hard Mode Beast Munition Factory a step ahead of you, then what would you all amount to?’’


Chapter 210 - Eye-opener

Shi Feng's words struck Lone Tyrant and the others.

Immediately, the atmosphere became incomparably tense. Neither side spoke a single word, and both sides stood on the cusp of lashing out right now.

However, nobody intended to make the first move.After all, everyone present understood that, if they took action right now, it would lead to an all-out war between the two Guilds. Regardless of who won and who lost in this confrontation, both sides would take heavy losses. Hence, be it Cruel Sword or Lone Tyrant, neither wished for such a situation to occur.As both sides could no longer endure the stifling atmosphere...

’’Getting the Hard Mode's First Clear ahead of us? With trash like you?’’ Lone Tyrant's complexion abruptly turned cold. With a ridiculing smile, he spoke with contempt, ’’Good, very good! Let everyone see the truth, then! I really want to see if your strength is as good as that mouth of yours!’’

After he finished speaking, Lone Tyrant led his team into the Beastman Munition Factory. Moreover, they chose to immediately start with the Dungeon's Hard Mode without warm-up or preparation. They clearly wished to prove to Shi Feng and the Assassin's Alliance just how wide the difference between them was.

’’Why are they trying to act so bold? They will suffer defeat when the time comes.’’ Stabbing Heart curled his lips, revealing a cold smile.

Without personally experiencing the 20-man Hard Mode Beastman Munition Factory, one could not truly gauge the difficulty of the Dungeon. Otherwise, they would not have sought Shi Feng's help.

They had only chosen this method as a last resort. After all, the Assassin's Alliance was in a precarious position right now, and they were in dire need of a breakthrough. Hence, they had to obtain the First Clear of a Hard Mode Dungeon.’’That's right! Dark Star is nothing! They'll cry with regret once they enter the Dungeon!’’

’’Guild Leader, let's hurry and enter! We must teach those bastards from Dark Star the strength of the Assassin's Alliance!’’

’’That's right! Guild Leader, we must get the First Clear this time!’’

The players from the Assassin's Alliance wiped away their depression from before. They all cracked their knuckles as their thirst for battle grew.

Shi Feng remained silent as he listened to everyone's enthusiasm with a faint smile on his face.However, due to Shi Feng's actions, the Guild Leader of the Assassin's Alliance, Cruel Blade, viewed Shi Feng in a new light.

Cruel Blade considered that Shi Feng might not just be all talk.Due to Shi Feng's provocation, the team's originally downcast mood received underwent a complete change. Right now, everyone was indignant over the injustice they had received rather than depressed, and they immediately wanted to charge into the Dungeon and slaughter the Boss within. They wanted to obtain the First Clear of the Hard Mode Dungeon, letting the players from Dark Star witness their might.However, Shi Feng did not give much thought to Cruel Sword's renewed opinion of him.After all, he had been a Guild Leader in his previous life as well. If one wanted to increase the unity of a team, they only needed one thing.They needed an enemy.

In fact, Lone Tyrant was already an enemy of the Assassin's Alliance. Shi Feng merely poured some oil on the already-burning fire, further raising their fighting spirits.Naturally, high fighting spirits were only a mental boost, and it would not help the Assassin's Alliance to clear the Dungeon.If the Assassin's Alliance wanted to clear the Hard Mode Team Dungeon, they still needed some other key elements.

However, Shi Feng did not reveal this fact. He merely quietly joined the Assassin's Alliance's team, entering the Beast Munition Factory with Cruel Sword and the others.The Beast Munition Factory was a dilapidated weapon manufacturing factory. Hence, the terrain inside the Dungeon was not particularly complicated. Players only needed to walk down a single path to reach the Boss.There were a total of three Bosses throughout the Dungeon. Although the number was low, each Boss was extremely powerful. In 20-man Hard Mode Team Dungeons, the Bosses were all High Chieftain rank. Every one of them had powerful skills, and it was a normal occurrence for these Bosses to instant-kill an MT. If a team were not familiar with these Bosses' skills, failing to grasp the timing of their attacks fully, it would not be strange for a team to team-wipe over ten times. In comparison to these Bosses, however, players would have a much easier time clearing the Elite monsters within the Dungeon.

’’I think that everyone should know what to do by now. However, since this is Brother Ye Feng's first time entering this Dungeon, I'll give you a short explanation on what you should expect later on. Your task is to go all-out, dealing damage, while simultaneously evading the skills of the Elite monsters. On another note, the monsters here have very high Attack Power, and they deal a ton of damage, even to the MTs. Moreover, these monsters are immune to crowd control skills. Hence, healers will be under a lot of pressure. They will have no time to heal anyone other than the MT, so you need to be careful not to pull aggro,’’ Cruel Sword explained patiently.’’Alright, that's it for my explanation. Let's first use the four Elite monsters guarding at the entrance as practice for our coordination.’’Finished speaking, Cruel Sword directed two of the team's MT to charge at the four axe-wielding Level 10 Elite Beastman Warriors.

[Beastman Warrior] (Elite Rank)

Level 10

HP 50,000/50,000

As this was a Dungeon, the monsters in here had both their HP and Attack Power greatly increased. They were much stronger compared to the Level 10 Elite monsters out in the fields.

One of the two MTs was a Shield Warrior, while the other was a Guardian Knight. Each of them held the two monsters' agro. However, when Shi Feng saw the damage these two MTs dealt to the monsters, he was immediately stunned.

A normal attack from the Shield Warrior only dealt -32 damage to the Beastman Warriors. When the Shield Warrior used Heroic Strike, he only dealt -66 damage. Meanwhile, the Guardian Knight fared even worse than the Shield Warrior. The Guardian Knight's normal attack only dealt -24 damage, while his divine Strike only dealt -51 damage.

Both of these MTs were Level 10 players, and both of them wielded Mysterious-Iron Weapons. Even if it were a one-handed weapon, when faced with an Elite monster of the same level, it should not deal such little damage. Thus, Shi Feng was shocked by this sight he witnessed.

Although the two MTs took care to evade the attacks of the monsters, they were very clumsy. As a result, the number of attacks they received exceeded the number of times they dodged. Moreover, each time they received an attack, they needed to retreat a few steps before they could stabilize themselves. The only fortunate thing was that the damage they received was not high;they received around -300 damage from each attack. Meanwhile, each MT possessed around 2,400 HP. With two monsters attacking each MT simultaneously, each MT received a rough total of -600 damage;a quarter of their total HP. This situation resulted in the healers suffering.However, Shi Feng was similarly shocked when he discovered that both MTs possessed around 2,400 HP.What the heck?!Isn't their HP a little too high?

They both couldn't have only added their Free Attribute Points into Endurance, completely ignoring Strength and Agility, right?

However, this was the only explanation that made sense. It explained why, even though both MTs were clearly gaming experts, they required so much effort just to dodge an attack and why their damages were so pitiful. In contrast, a Level 10 Assassin, who similarly used a one-handed weapon, could deal over -100 damage to an Elite monster like the Beastman Warrior. They could even deal over -200 damage if they used a skill. The MTs' Strength was just abysmal. Their Agility was similarly too low, preventing them from dodging attacks that they could have clearly evaded.

It was obvious that the players of the Assassin's Alliance have yet to adapt to the battle methods of God's Domain. They clearly possessed plenty of expert players, yet, they were unable to exhibit their full potential. It was no wonder the Assassin's Alliance became an obscure existence during the early stages of the game. Only after half a year had passed since God's Domain's launch did they gain some achievements. If the Assassin's Alliance battled the Boss of the Beastman Munition Factory like so, Shi Feng would be surprised if they didn't team-wipe. It was truly a wonder as to how they managed to clear a 10-man Hard Mode Team Dungeon.

’’I wish to say something;is that alright?’’ Shi Feng looked at Cruel Sword, asking softly.

Although the Assassin's Alliance now possessed Lone Tyrant as a great enemy, the members of the team still had negative opinions of Shi Feng. They only kept their mouths shut due to his relationship with Stabbing Heart. However, if Shi Feng dared push his luck, they would not sit idle.’’Speak your mind. As long as it benefits the Dungeon raid, we will not reject it,’’ Cruel Sword had managed to discern Shi Feng's capabilities somewhat. He could somewhat understand why Gentle Snow would take a fancy to Shi Feng. After all, Shi Feng indeed possessed strength.

’’Can we replace the two MTs?’’ Shi Feng asked, holding nothing back.


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