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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 197-204


Chapter 197-204

Chapter 197 - Crazy Stone

Although Unstable Devastation was not considerably well-known, he was still one of the upper echelons of Martial Union. He was also arch-enemies with Shi Feng, and he had recently revealed one of Shi Feng's big secrets. So, there were quite a number of people who knew about him.

Nobody would have thought that Unstable Devastation would publicly apologize to Shi Feng.

Many people were stunned when they read Unstable Devastation's message.

Martial Union was obviously a large Guild, yet, they had actually submitted to a lone independent player. Although such incidents had occurred before in past virtual reality games, the total occurrences could definitely be counted on one hand. Above all, God's Domain was a game that had just recently released.

At this stage of the game, the difference in strength between players would mainly display itself in terms of techniques, and this difference could easily be overcome using the advantage in numbers. Yet, Unstable Devastation had succumbed to Shi Feng. It was simply unbelievable.

"Can someone tell me just what is going on here?""Wah! Is this going to be the uprising of independent players?"

"As expected of my idol, Ye Feng! What's so great about Guilds? Haven't they succumbed to strength all the same?"

Chaos ensued in the official forums of the White River City region. Unstable Devastation's message was like a small pebble thrown into a tranquil pond, generating ripples that spread out in all directions. As a result, players on the forum posted their own opinions, especially the independent players.

No matter which virtual reality game they were in, Guild players and independent players would frequently conflict with each other. However, this could not be helped. After all, to surpass others, one must obtain more resources. Naturally, Guilds would occupy these resources. Meanwhile, the independent players who lacked strength could only retreat in the face of these Guilds. Thus, it created conflicts.

Now that an independent player like Shi Feng had made a large Guild submit to him, this incident received an unquestionably huge response from many independent players.

However, to the alliance of Guilds that planned a crusade against Shi Feng, this matter was just like a bomb filled with peril.

Unstable Devastation, the leader who started this alliance and planned this crusade, had actually chosen to withdraw from the alliance. Moreover, he did not even speak a word about this incident. Just what sort of power could cause Unstable Devastation to react in such a way? This incident struck panic into the other Guilds of this small alliance.

"Brother Zhang, what should we do?" Flaming Tiger quietly asked.Due to Unstable Devastation's shocking actions, the various Guilds in the small alliance started feeling insecure.

Zhang Luowei fell deep into thought for some time before saying, "Let's not involve ourselves just yet. We'll wait until we are all in White River City before we deal with this matter. However, for him to force a person like Unstable Devastation to submit, I have truly underestimated this Ye Feng. Tell Ling Feilong to get in touch with Ye Feng;see if he can get Ye Feng to join Shadow. Although Shadow has only recently started its development, our resources are plenty. Tell Ling Feilong this;as long as Ye Feng agrees, I can give Ye Feng an elder position, an annual salary of a million Credits, and 10% of the Workshop's shares."

Flaming Tiger was stunned. He admitted that he was not Shi Feng's opponent and that Shi Feng's skills were a level higher than his, but wasn't this promise a little too great?Not only could an elder of the Guild live leisurely, but the authority they wielded was also great. Aside from Brother Lan and Zhang Luowei, Shi Feng would have the highest authority in Shadow, not to mention an annual salary of a million Credits and 10% of the Workshop's shares. Even Flaming Tiger only had a minimum monthly salary of 20,000 Credits.

Flaming Tiger simply could not understand why they had to pay such a huge price to recruit Shi Feng.

However, he did not have a say in this matter, so he could only do as he was told.


White River City, Trade Area.

After returning to White River City, Shi Feng first headed towards the Bank. He retrieved 500 stacks of Hard Stones, intending to sell only a portion of his stock for now.Due to the great increase in the Hard Stones' demand, the price had already reached Shi Feng's estimation of 10 Silver Coins per stack. Although this price would still rise later, it was already close to the limit players could handle.

These 500 stacks of Hard Stones were only a small portion of the Hard Stones Shi Feng owned. Just based on the amount of Hard Stones that Shi Feng had constantly purchased before, his stock exceeded 10,000 stacks. This was also one of the reasons why the various large Guilds in White River City could not purchase any Hard Stones. Shi Feng had purchased all of these Hard Stones when the prices were at their lowest, and he only paid around 30 Gold Coins for them. However, their current value far exceeded their initial cost.After selling these 500 stacks, it should be about time to bring Blackie and the others to raid the Level 10 Team Dungeon, the Goblin Factory. Shi Feng inwardly planned.Although Blackie and Lonely Snow's levels were high, the overall equipment they had was subpar at best. The same went for Shi Feng's equipment. However, at least his was the best Swordsman Set Equipment for players Level 10 and below. His teammates' equipment, on the other hand, could only be described as miserable.

As of this moment, there were already more than 500 players who had reached Level 10 and had their names etched on the Ranking List of the White River City region. Which was to say, there were already more than 500 players who had entered White River City. A majority of these players were members of well-known Guilds. Aside from doing some quests in White River City right now, these players' main objective remained Dungeon raiding, as Dungeons were the best source for good equipment. Only with good equipment would these players level up with greater efficiency.

Hence, plenty of Guilds had already started diving into Dungeons.White River City was different from towns. God's Domain only truly began after players reached Level 10 and the city. As for the town-life players experienced at the start of the game, it was merely an introduction to life in God's Domain.There were plenty of Level 10 Dungeons throughout the White River City region. The number of Level 10 to Level 12 Party Dungeons exceeded 20, and their raiding difficulty varied greatly. Meanwhile, 10-man Level 10 Team Dungeons numbered slightly lower, but there were still 12 such Dungeons available. As for Level 10 large-scale Dungeons, there were 3 within the White River City region.

As long as one successfully raided one of these three large Dungeons, they could activate the Card Set exchange system. The value of Card Sets would also be at their highest when that time came.Meanwhile, after entering White River City, the normal raiding procedure for players began with the Party Dungeons to upgrade their equipment. They would then proceed to small-scale Team Dungeons and finally, the Level 10 large-scale Dungeons. Right now, many Guilds had already started raiding small Dungeons and were continuously upgrading their equipment. Eventually, all the Guilds in White River City would have only one goal: obtaining the First Clear of one of the three large-scale Team Dungeons.

A team could only obtain the First Clear by clearing the Hell Mode of the Dungeon. Moreover, the First Clear of large-scale Team Dungeons was slightly different from that of small-scale Team Dungeons. The achievement would not only be announced throughout the White River City region, but it would also be announced throughout the entire Star-Moon Kingdom. It was one of the best ways to increase one's fame throughout the Star-Moon Kingdom, and it was also a display of a Guild's strength.

Hence, large-scale Dungeons were considered the true battlegrounds for the various large Guilds.

Meanwhile, for these Guilds who frequently battled inside Dungeons, Whetstones would become one of their strategic supplies. This situation would further increase these Guilds' need for Hard Stones, causing the price of Hard Stones to soar once again.

Thus, Shi Feng chose to sell his stock of Hard Stones at this time.

Right now, Shi Feng was not focused on conquering the large-scale Team Dungeons. He knew his own limits, and he would not try to compete with those well-known Guilds. His goal right now was only to conquer the Level 15 small-scale Team Dungeon, the Demon's Castle. However, regarding strength or numbers, his team was still far from capable of raiding the Demon's Castle. They needed some upgrades before they could rise to that challenge.

Arriving at the Auction House of White River City, Shi Feng casually took a seat in the corner and opened the Auction House's system interface. He then selected to sell his wares within the White River City region. That way, he would not need to foot such a large fee. Similar to selling at a town's Auction House, only players within the White River City region could see the items he placed on auction.

As for selling the Hard Stones to the other cities, Shi Feng had never intended to do so. Just the expensive handling fee alone would greatly reduce his profits. Not to mention, the other cities were not as much in need of Hard Stones as White River City, so the prices the stones would sell for much less.Shi Feng first placed ten stacks of Hard Stones on auction with a minimum price of 10 Silver Coins per stack and a buyout price of 12 Silver Coins. He did so to take a look at the results. If he placed all 500 stacks up for auction at once, it could drastically affect the market;Hard Stones' prices would plummet. Hence, he would slowly sell off his stock, carrying out hunger marketing.

As expected, before even a minute had passed, all ten stacks of Hard Stones sold. Moreover, they had been purchased at the buyout price of 12 Silvers. There wasn't even a competition to speak of.

"It can't be, right?" Shi Feng was stunned when he received the notification from the Auction House.

Such a great demand had far exceeded his expectations. Although he knew that there was a shortage of Hard Stones right now, he never thought that someone would pay 12 Silvers without hesitation. This was simply insane!

Did these people not know that one Silver Coin could be exchanged for 107 Credits right now?

Spending an additional 2 Silver coins would be the equivalent of spending 214 Credits. To a fresh university graduate, that would be a tenth of their monthly salary.

Chapter 198 - Trial of God

Shi Feng had only sold 10 stacks of Hard Stones. When compared to the demand of the entire White River City region, it was a drop in the ocean.

Seeing such burning demand, Shi Feng placed another 10 stacks of Hard Stones up for auction.

This time, he changed the minimum price to 12 Silver Coins and the buyout price at 15 Silver Coins. By doing so, he tried to find out the highest price Hard Stones could currently sell for and the bottom line of these desperate players.

As expected, nobody paid the buyout price immediately this time. Instead, they bid over the Hard Stones. However, the numbers rose very slowly, and there was only a small increase of several Coppers with each consecutive bid.

One minute later...The price of the 10 stacks of Hard Stones finally displayed a significant increase. The bidding had gone from 12 Silver Coins to 13 Silver Coins, and it continued to rise to 13 Silver, 30 Coppers before finally stopping. Obviously, this was the final price these desperate players were willing to fork out.

"Their bottom line should be around 13 Silver Coins, huh? Still, this has surpassed my expectations. In the future, I can simply sit tight and wait for the money to roll in," Shi Feng also felt that 13 Silver Coins was the limit for Hard Stones. If the prices further increased, then aside from Guilds, average players could not endure such an expense.Moreover, Shi Feng had only paid around 30 Coppers for each stack of Hard Stones when he purchased them in bulk. Now, he sold them for 13 Silver Coins per stack;their value had increased over 30 folds. One could not be too greedy. Shi Feng was currently satisfied with the results.

Shi Feng then continued removing Hard Stones from his bag, setting them up for auction;he sold 20 stacks per batch, and each batch would be available every ten minutes or so. Considering the consumption rate and finances of the players in the White River City region, 1,600 to 1,700 stacks should sell each day.If Shi Feng sold a thousand stacks per day, not only could the entire White River City region fully deplete his stock, it also would not cause any adverse effects on the price of Hard Stones.If Shi Feng could sell 1,000 stacks each day, he could earn over 100 Gold every day by selling the Hard Stones at 13 Silvers per stack. Moreover, these were genuine Gold Coins and not Credits. Such a daily income was more than ten times higher than the daily income of first-rate Guilds. With such funds in his hands, Shi Feng would not have to worry about financial issues when he developed his Guild in the future.With the sales system all set and done, Shi Feng's finger tapped and slid, calling out the half-transparent communication interface. His finger then moved and tapped on his good friend Blackie's call button.

"Blackie, are you guys done with the Reputation Quests? If you are, then gather in front of the teleportation gate. We'll go Dungeon diving together," Shi Feng asked.

"We're already done with our quests. However, it seems that we've been trapped inside a sealed map. We need to go through a trial if we wish to leave," Blackie grew excited when he heard about Dungeon diving, and he wished he could immediately go to display his prowess. Ever since he obtained Mavis' Guard, he had started browsing the internet and watching videos of experts displaying their skills. He had also frequently sparred with his team members, and his techniques had greatly improved. He would definitely shock Shi Feng with his new techniques. Unfortunate, he couldn't do any of that right now."A sealed map?"

Shi Feng's eyebrows wrinkled, his mind entering a deep thought. He did not know how Blackie and the others managed to enter a sealed map. Logically, the quests he sent them on had no such locations.However, after recalling Blackie's description of the place, he suddenly understood the situation Blackie and the others were in.

He could not help but admit that their luck was truly impressive.

There were various miraculous opportunities available in God's Domain, and players most frequently discovered the Trial of God. Players also called it the Trial of Heroes, and it was a test given by Gods for mortals to become heroes. As long as it was a Level 10 map or above, there was a chance for this trial to appear. Players would occasionally encounter this trial out in the fields, questing or grinding. However, less than one out of ten thousand players would have a chance of meeting this trial.Blackie and the others were definitely lucky for encountering this trial.Every Trial of Heroes was a heaven-sent opportunity. As long as players could clear it, they would receive a bountiful reward. In this trial, equipment and EXP were considered the lowest form of reward. If players could perform exceedingly well in the Trial of Heroes, they could receive permanent Attribute increases, super-rare or improved skills, an abundant amount of Weapon Mastery, and many more super-rare rewards.Weapons and equipment could only be used for a period of time;they were like foreign objects. They were not truly part of one's strength. However, it would be a different story if players could receive things like permanent Attribute increases and super-rare skills. The value of such things far surpassed that of weapons and equipment, and they would be of immense help towards one's future development."How many colors were on the trial door that you guys entered?" Shi Feng asked.Shi Feng's question confused Blackie. However, since Shi Feng had asked, Blackie tried to recall the number of different colors on the large double doors they had entered. He then said unconfidently, "I think there were four colors."

"Four?! Are you guys trying to get yourselves killed?!" Shi Feng immediately wanted to scold Blackie.

The Trial of God did not only possess rewards, but it would also mete out punishments. The punishments and rewards given were also equal.

In God's Domain, with opportunity came danger. There was no such thing as a free lunch in God's Domain, and even if there were, it might very well poison you to death.

The Trial of Heroes was normally categorized into seven tiers. If there were only one color on the teleportation gate, then the trial would be Tier 1;it was also the easiest trial to clear. Along with the increase in number of colors, the difficulty would increase exponentially.

If there were four colors on the Door of Trials, then it would be a Tier 4 trial. Its difficulty would be around eight times or above that of a Tier 1 trial. If Blackie and the others could clear it, the minimum rewards they could obtain would be Fine-Gold rank or above weapons and equipment. Normally, it would be a Dark-Gold ranked item. If they could finish the trial with a sufficiently high completion rate, there was a possibility they could receive permanent Attribute increases or have one of their skills upgraded to a stronger version.


The punishment for a Tier 4 trial was no joking matter. If Blackie and the others failed to complete the trial, the lightest punishment they might receive was a massive loss in EXP;they could very well lose several levels. Blackie and the others might even lose a portion of their Attributes or skill mastery permanently, possibly entering a weakened state for a long period of time.

Such severe punishments were also one of the reasons why most players would avoid entering the Door of Trials after finding one. They would instead choose to sell the information to a large Guild, making a huge profit.

"Brother Feng, are we in a very dangerous situation?" hearing Shi Feng's panic, Blackie could not help but swallow nervously, his heartbeat increasing in pace.

Meanwhile, Fire Dance and the others who stood beside Blackie also became extraordinarily serious after hearing Shi Feng's words. They no longer dared belittle this trial.

"I can only give you guys advice. Act within your capabilities. Do not attempt meritorious deeds;only try to leave in one piece. Don't forget to pass on my advice to everyone in the team. However, Blackie, since you have Mavis' Guard, logically, you guys should have a very high possibility of clearing the trial. However, remember not to rush things. Even if you have to waste a lot of time, you must never hurry. The rest will depend on your battle techniques, intelligence, and wisdom," Shi Feng then continued to pass on all his knowledge about the trials onto Blackie. As for whether or not they could clear the trial, it would depend solely on Blackie and the others.

The tests of the Trial of Heroes had never repeated, so there were no known strategies to conquering one.However, in Shi Feng's previous life, after collecting the knowledge and wisdom of many predecessors, he managed to form a strategy that was not an actual strategy, which was to act within one's own capabilities and plan before taking action. One must not rush when carrying out the Trial of Heroes. Other than that, there was no true strategy for conquering the Trial of Heroes.With Fire Dance, Cola, and Blackie's Mavi's Guard, they should be able to clear a four-colored trial. However, they should not be able to leave the trial in a short time… Shi Feng felt a headache building. He originally intended to upgrade their equipment by raiding a Dungeon. However, that plan had gone down the drain now. He did not even know if Blackie and the others could manage to leave the trial within a week. The Trial of Heroes was never simple, and it was an extremely time-consuming trial. In Shi Feng's previous life, it wasn't unusual if players spent more than a month clearing a trial.

In the past, a top-tier expert had once made a fair evaluation of the trials. A five-colored trial had the difficulty rivaling an Epic Quest. A six-colored trial had the difficulty rivaling a Legendary Quest. As for a seven-colored trial, it had the difficulty rivaling a top-tier Legendary Quest.

In Shi Feng's previous life, even after God's Domain had been in operation for over a decade, there had yet to be a player that could clear a seven-colored trial. Of course, part of the reason was that no true apex expert had encountered a seven-colored trial.

In the past, the highest tiered trial cleared was a six-colored trial. Meanwhile, one of the conquerors of a six-colored trial was the Cleric God, Violet Cloud, one of the publicly acknowledged top ten Cleric Gods in God's Domain.Thinking that Violet Cloud was currently with Blackie and the others, Shi Feng hesitantly released a sigh of relief. Although Violet Cloud had yet to grow into her prime, her potential could not be ignored. For a four-colored trial, Blackie and the others should... might... possibly... be able to clear it."Forget it. No point worrying about it too much. It seems that I can only upgrade my own equipment for now," Shi Feng sighed. Habitually, he opened up the Auction House interface, searching for items under the Miscellaneous section.The Miscellaneous section of the Auction House was just like TaoBao[1]. Oftentimes, players would auction some good things without realizing their actual value or things that they felt were not valuable at all. Hence, Shi Feng often browsed through this section, hoping to find a lucky catch.Just as Shi Feng casually flipped through the pages...

"Flaming Sun Scripture."Shi Feng incidentally discovered a flame-red book displayed on the item interface of the Auction House. Shi Feng's expression trembled at the sight of this book, and he could not help but wish he could immediately snatch this book into his hands.

Someone dared to sell even this item? This is simply ludicrous.

Shi Feng's sight then shifted towards the price tag displayed on the upper-left corner the ancient book.

TL Notes:

[1] TaoBao: Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website similar to eBay, Amazon and Rakuten, which is operated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang by Alibaba Group.

Chapter 199 - Flaming Sun Scripture

Displayed on the half-transparent pale-blue screen, the price of the Flaming Sun Scripture was similarly striking.

"Crap! This seller must have been dropped on his head as a child!" Shi Feng loudly cursed the moment he saw the price.In actuality, Shi Feng wasn't the only person who loudly cursed when they saw the price for this Flaming Sun Scripture;some players would even couple their curses with a few finger motions.A thousand Gold Coins. This person was simply insane.Shi Feng then took a look at the seller's name.

"Sinfully Handsome."

Shi Feng could only look at this person with respect when seeing this exotic name. Just how much of a narcissist was this person?Looking at this name, Shi Feng could also vaguely guess the reason why the price of this Flaming Sun Scripture was so high.However, since he had seen the Flaming Sun Scripture, he could not easily give it up. Hence, he sent out a communication request to this person called Sinfully Handsome. However, Shi Feng hid his name when he made the call, preventing this Sinfully Handsome from discovering his identity. After waiting for ten seconds or so, Sinfully Handsome picked up the call.

"Who are you? What business do you have with me? You can't be asking me to power-level you, right? If you're a pretty girl, this brother can carry you to victory with me," narcissism filled Sinfully Handsome's voice when he spoke, and he gave others the hint of being a hooligan.Shi Feng was instantly dumbfounded when he heard Sinfully Handsome's words.Girl?

Carry you to victory?

Just who was this person?

Even a person like this could obtain the Flaming Sun Scripture? Was this world already in such a mess?

"Hey, speak a few words, why don't you? Are you dead? Don't tell me you're a tranny, right? This brother doesn't have that kind of taste," Sinfully Handsome suddenly started panicking."Hello, I'm interested in buying the Flaming Sun Scripture that you've placed on the Auction House. I wonder if you can sell it to me at a lower price?" Shi Feng asked."Oh! So you want to buy that item? Of course, I can!" Sinfully Handsome smiled in realization, "I'll slightly reduce the price for you then! How does 900 Gold sound? This is a very justifiable price!"

Shi Feng faintly smiled at Sinfully Handsome's asking price. He then calmly stated his own price, "20 Silver Coins."Shi Feng did not believe Sinfully Handsome knew the Flaming Sun Scripture's true value.

Only fire-type humanoids Level 10 or higher would drop the Flaming Sun Scripture. However, its drop rate was somewhat low, so its selling price was very high;the average person usually couldn't afford it. Even so, it was still not worth an insane 1,000 Gold. With that kind of money, players could even purchase an Epic ranked item. Why would they bother buying an item like the Flaming Sun Scripture if they had that kind of money?"Hey, fellow brother, you're not being sincere here. You are the one who took the initiative to contact me, yet, you're offering such a price? Do you know which Guild I belong to?" Sinfully Handsome beamed a smile, proudly saying, "Have you heard of Dark Star before? It's an apex third-rate Guild in White River City! With this name alone, shouldn't you at least offer 100 Gold?"

Dark Star, it was indeed a powerful Guild in White River City.

However, what did that have to do with Shi Feng?"One Gold Coin. If you don't wish to sell, then forget it," Shi Feng understood that Sinfully Handsome took him for a fool. However, he was also in quite a need for the Flaming Sun Scripture, so he decided to offer such a high price. Unfortunately, Sinfully Handsome misunderstood Shi Feng's intentions."You have to think through this clearly. In the entire White River City, only I possess this Flaming Sun Scripture! Seeing that you're an honest person, I'll make a large sacrifice and sell it to you for 10 Gold with an additional 100,000 Credits. If you still don't want it, I can only look for another buyer," Sinfully Handsome confidently said.

"Goodbye!" Shi Feng immediately disconnected the call.

Sinfully Handsome suddenly panicked when Shi Feng disconnected the call. He did not think that Shi Feng would be so decisive. At least try to bargain! Watching his 1 Gold Coin fly out of his grasp, Sinfully Handsome's heart bled with regret. However, he was too embarrassed to contact Shi Feng again.

"Humph! I don't believe that you can so easily give up on this Flaming Sun Scripture!" Sinfully Handsome snorted.

Although he did not know the use of the Flaming Sun Scripture, based on its powerful and tyrannical name, it was not an ordinary item. Sinfully Handsome was very sure that Shi Feng knew this item's value. However, he did not wish to pay too high a price, so he retreated for the sake of advancing. With this thought, Sinfully Handsome was further assured of the Flaming Sun Scripture's value;it was definitely worth more than 1,000 Gold Coins.

Hence, Sinfully Handsome ran towards the Auction House, changing the price of the Flaming Sun Scripture from 1,000 Gold Coins to 10,000 Gold Coins. He wanted to see if Shi Feng was willing to beg him for this item.

However, when Sinfully Handsome arrived at the Auction House, he discovered that there was not only a single Flaming Sun Scripture on auction anymore;there were five of these books now. Aside from his copy, priced at 10,000 Gold Coins, the other four books were all priced at 15 Silver Coins.

The most inconceivable thing was that the number of Flaming Sun Scriptures up for auction continued to increase. In the blink of an eye, there were already 10 copies of the book up for sale.

"Just what sort of situation is this?" Sinfully Handsome's eyes widened;he thought he was dreaming right now. How could there be so many Flaming Sun Scriptures??

While the quantity of these Flaming Sun Scriptures increased, someone else bought them, one after another.

There were a total of 32 copies of the Flaming Sun Scripture offered in the Auction House. Among them, Shi Feng had bought 30 of them. Only Sinfully Handsome's copy and another copy sold by Nobody Cares for 20 Silver Coins remained.

Sinfully Handsome suddenly thought of something. He then hurriedly opened the trade section under White River City's official forums.

As expected, there was an anonymous post stating: Buying Flaming Sun Scriptures at 14 Silver Coins per book! Willing to purchase it at 15 Silver Coins if placed in the Auction House.One could often find such purchasing methods in virtual reality games. After all, players had plenty of items that they kept on hand without placing them on the Auction House. There were only a scarce amount of players like Sinfully Handsome who would place items of unknown value on the Auction House.

Shi Feng also remembered this fact, and he thought that, by now, there should be quite a few players who have gotten their hands on a Flaming Sun Scripture.

"Ah! My 1 Gold Coin!" Sinfully Handsome wanted to cry. Originally, he thought that the Flaming Sun Scripture's value could rival that of an Epic ranked item. However, after seeing so many other players possessing this item, Sinfully Handsome immediately realized his mistake. If he had sold his copy for 1 Gold Coin, he would have made a huge profit.

Elsewhere, Shi Feng felt great satisfaction after purchasing 30 copies of the Flaming Sun Scripture. He would have completely forgotten about this item's existence if he had not discovered the Flaming Sun Scripture on the Auction House in the first place.

"Thirty books should be enough for my purposes." Shi Feng looked at the 30 Flaming Sun Scriptures laying in his bag, utterly pleased.Although he had spent 4 Gold, 50 Silvers, shrinking his assets slightly, the Gold Coins he possessed would only depreciate as time passed. It was much better if he used those Gold Coins to profit further.

Thus, Shi Feng had spent so much money to purchase the Flaming Sun Scriptures.

In Shi Feng's previous life, plenty of players had obtained the Flaming Sun Scripture. Unfortunately, none of them knew its purpose. Hence, they sold it at bargain prices. However, there was a Ranger who had desperately bought these Flaming Sun Scriptures. Even after the prices of the Flaming Sun Scriptures rose to 1 Gold Coin per book, that player still bought them without hesitation, earning the suspicion of many.

So, many players started to investigate the Flaming Sun Scripture.On one occasion, a party of players met with a Ranger who grinded solo at the Level 25 map, Flame God's Cave. Moreover, that Ranger displayed a shocking scene of killing the Boss and Elite monsters there by himself. Later on, however, the players discovered that the reason the Ranger could grind at the Flame God's Cave alone was all thanks to the Flaming Sun Scripture. From then on, the secret of the Flaming Sun Scripture was revealed, causing its price to skyrocket. In the end, even when the Flaming Sun Scripture sold for 3 Gold Coins per book, there were still players willing to buy it.Right now, Shi Feng had only spent 15 Silver Coins to purchase each book. He had made a huge profit from this trade.

In any case, Blackie and the others still needed a long time before they could return to White River City. Since Shi Feng had nothing better to do, he might as well grind the Boss at the Flame God's Cave. After all, his current strength was too weak right now. He could complete neither the Epic Quest, Darkness Descends, nor the Unique Quest, Demon's Heart. Moreover, there were plenty of important quests in White River City that required a team to carry out. This was the tragedy that befell all solo players. Hence, grinding Bosses was the best option available for Shi Feng at the moment.

Most importantly, the Flame God's Cave was a valuable location specialized in dropping forging designs. These forging designs had made that Ranger into a rich man, and he had earned over 600 Gold Coins from all the forging designs he sold, becoming the envy of countless players.

Soon after, Shi Feng hurried towards the teleportation gate. He paid a fee of 24 Silver Coins and teleported to Red Flame Fortress, the nearest teleportation point to the Flame God's Cave.

Chapter 200 - Flame God's Cave

Red Flame Fortress was located in the middle of the Scorching Hot Canyon;a large volcano loomed behind it. The terrain around this region was extremely hot all year round, and the air was similarly parched and blistering. A gust of wind here was like a wave of heat, and one wouldn't feel a hint of relief from it.

Meanwhile, the surrounding environment of the canyon consisted of only scorched, barren earth and mountains. All around, web-like cracks decorated the ground.

Just this sight would cause one to lose their appetite.

As this was a virtual environment, players could fully experience the scorching heat.

Being parched and drenched in sweat were only minor inconveniences, but one's vision blurring? That was a bigger problem. Moreover, battling in such an environment was extremely taxing to a player's stamina.Due to such a brutal environment, many players did not like grinding or questing here.

Moreover, the Scorching Hot Canyon wasn't the only Level 20 to Level 25 map. There were more than 20 such maps within the White River City region. The millions of players within the White River City region could simply choose any one of these other locations to grind and do quests. For example, the Cooling Lakeside, the Shady Forest, and such were all good locations. There was no need for them to torture themselves by coming to the Scorching Hot Canyon.For Shi Feng, however, such a brutal environment did not affect him much.In addition to having activated the Hidden Passive Skill, Basic Body Strengthening, Shi Feng also had 20 points of Fire Resistance. As a result, the high temperature of the Scorching Hot Canyon did not have any effect on Shi Feng. Shi Feng would not greatly exhaust his stamina by fighting in this hot environment either. Moreover, the majority of the monsters in the Scorching Hot Canyon dealt fire-type damage, so this place was suitable for players like Shi Feng, who had high Fire Resistance, to level. Shi Feng's leveling efficiency would increase by at least 20% compared to leveling up at other maps.In God's Domain, nature's power was very strong. If players wanted to level up quickly, they needed to overcome many of such natural environments. As players progressed down their paths in God's Domain, the importance of resistances would also increase.This was why Shi Feng grew excited when he learned that the Ice-Blue Devil Flame increased both his Fire Resistance and Ice Resistance.After arriving at the Flame Red Fortress, Shi Feng opened the system map. Confirming the location of the Flame God's Cave, Shi Feng advanced towards it along a red dirt road.Although there were plenty of Level 20 and higher monsters, such as the Fire Raging Bull and Violet Flame Wolf, along the way to the Flame God's Cave, Shi Feng walked on the official road. There were normally high-level NPCs patrolling the official roads, and these NPCs were usually 15 Levels higher than the map they occupied. Moreover, they patrolled in small parties rather than individually.

If there were any foolish monsters that dared come close to the official road, these Level 40 NPC's would immediately dispatch the offending beast. The moment they came within a 40-yard distance to the official road, the patrolling NPCs would discover these monsters and turn them into soup. Hence, all the surrounding monsters did not dare come within 40 yards of the official road at all, allowing players to travel safely through it.


Around half an hour later, Shi Feng finally arrived at the Flame God's Cave.The Flame God's Cave was situated close to a volcano at the outer edges of the Scorching Hot Canyon. Plenty of Elite monsters and Chieftain ranked Bosses resided within the cave. However, even when players discovered this location, they would normally choose to turn around and leave as the monsters here were simply too strong. If monsters had not chased that party, they would not have run to the Flame God's Cave, incidentally discovering the Ranger's secret of grinding Bosses and Elite monsters.

However, only Shi Feng knew of this secret right now.

The monsters in the Flame God's Cave were all Level 25, and generally, only players who had reached Level 20 would grind here. However, Shi Feng's equipment had the Ignore Levels Attribute, so he could barely grind here as well, though with much lower efficiency.

Regardless, he would still be grinding Level 25 monsters. Even if his speed were slower than a Level 20 player, his gains would still be much greater compared to grinding Level 14 monsters.

As for why the monsters in the Flame God's Cave were so amazing, it was mainly because of the extraordinarily high damage of their fire-type attacks. Even if it were only a Level 25 Common monster, it could still kill an MT of the same level with just two or three moves. Not to mention, the monsters in the Flame God's Cave all lived in groups, and one would usually meet five or six monsters at the same time. Even an MT with top-tier equipment could not handle so many monsters at once. There was also a large amount of Elite and Special Elite monsters here;they could practically one-shot an MT of the same level. Hence, even when players knew about the Flame God's Cave, there was still nobody daring enough to grind at this place.However, it was a different story when one had the Flaming Sun Scripture.

The Flaming Sun Scripture could grant players a Flaming Sun's Blessing effect. The effect was closely related to the surrounding environment;the denser the fire-type mana present in a location, the greater were its effects. The effect lasted for two hours.However, the introduction of the Flaming Sun Scripture did not reveal such an effect, so players in the past couldn't discover its exact purpose.

The Flame God's Cave could be considered as one of the locations within Scorching Hot Canyon that had the densest fire-type mana. As a result, the fire-type damage of the monsters inside was extraordinarily high. However, precisely because of this same reason, the Flame God's Cave was also a perfect place for one to use the Flaming Sun Scripture.However, even with the Flaming Sun Scripture, Shi Feng needed to be extremely careful while he was here. After all, the Flame God's Cave was a nest for Level 25 monsters. With the level gap of 11 Levels, these monsters could easily extinguish Shi Feng's life with just two moves, and Shi Feng would not even have the chance to resist before dying. Moreover, Shi Feng's level was just too low;these monsters could detect him easily. Hence, he needed to act with extreme caution.

The moment Shi Feng carefully set foot in the cave, a wave of hot air swept past him from within the cave. Just when Shi Feng's five senses heightened to their maximum limit, his system communication suddenly rang out.

"Crap! That nearly gave me a heart attack!" Shi Feng jumped, taken by surprise. He glanced at the system notification.

Fortunately, monsters could not hear the system notifications. In the same way team chat worked, only specified players could hear them, while outsiders would remain unaffected."Flying Dragon? Why is he playing God's Domain as well?" Shi Feng wrinkled his eyebrows at the sight of the caller ID blinking before him.This Flying Dragon was none other than Shi Feng's classmate and the ninth-ranked in Jin Hai University's fighting competition, Ling Feilong. However, in Shi Feng's previous life, Ling Feilong only joined God's Domain long after the game's release. At that time, Shi Feng had already become the Guild Leader of Shadow. For Ling Feilong to join God's Domain in advance, could this be the result of the butterfly effect? Shi Feng lowered his head in thought. However, he soon revealed a smirk. In this life, he had not revealed his character's ID to anyone else. As for Blackie, Shi Feng had long since told him not to reveal anything. Hence, no one in Jin Hai University knew Shi Feng was Ye Feng. Similarly, nobody else knew that Blackie was Black Cloud in God's Domain. Blackie's friends only knew that he was getting by fairly well in the game.

"Who are you? What business do you have with me?" Shi Feng answered the call with a cold and imposing tone as if he were a god looking down on an ant.

Ling Feilong immediately felt chills all down his body when he heard Shi Feng's voice, followed by immense pressure. He felt like he had just walked out of a cold pool of water. His heartbeat instantly soared to 180 beats per minute.This is Ye Feng, the god-ranked expert that caused even Martial Union to submit? His voice alone is already so imposing and threatening… The pressure he gives off is even stronger than Brother Zhang's! It's as expected of a god-ranked expert. No wonder Brother Zhang wanted me to recruit him. Ling Feilong was inwardly shocked, and he grew even more respectful towards Shi Feng.

Originally, Zhou Yuhu should have been the one to contact the god-ranked expert. However, Zhou Yuhu previously had a falling out with the god-ranked expert, so the responsibility had been pushed onto him, Ling Feilong, instead. Ling Feilong felt that his chance to shine had arrived.

As long as he could deal with this matter appropriately and gain the favor of such a god-ranked expert, his position in Shadow would rise quickly in the future;he would surely surpass Zhou Yuhu. After all, Zhou Yuhu had once found conflict with this god-ranked expert. In the future, Zhou Yuhu would certainly have difficulty getting by in Shadow.Before Ling Feilong had personally felt Ye Feng's imposing aura, he always thought that nobody could be as strong as Brother Zhang. However, Ling Feilong was now completely certain that, if this god-ranked expert joined Shadow, even Zhang Luowei would have to submit to his strength. Meanwhile, Shadow would similarly fall under the control of this expert.

"How are you, expert? I am Shadow's representative, Flying Dragon. We sincerely want to recruit a god-ranked expert like yourself into Shadow. As for the treatment you will receive, please rest assured. We at Shadow will certainly not mistreat you," Ling Feilong's tone was both soft and respectful when he spoke. After all, the god-ranked expert before his eyes right now someone he needed to fawn over desperately in the future. He was truly afraid that this god-ranked expert would immediately disconnect his call.

Chapter 201 - Scripture's Might

Hearing Ling Feilong attempt to fawn over him and his respectful attitude while doing so, Shi Feng couldn't help but sigh.

The shoe was on the other foot now!

Fate truly knew how to toy with people.Judging from Ling Feilong's tone, Shi Feng could discern that Ling Feilong intended to ride on his coattails.

"If you wish to recruit me, tell me what sort of benefits you plan to offer first," Shi Feng calmly asked.

"Brother expert, I guarantee that you'll be satisfied. As long as you join Shadow, you'll immediately become an elder of the Guild. Moreover, our Guild has a large backing behind us, and we have plenty of funding, so we can temporarily set your annual salary at one million Credits. In addition, we'll give you 10% of Shadow's shares. I think you should know the value of Guild shares, right? As long as Shadow rises to glory in the future, this 10% will far exceed tens of millions of Credits. No other Guild can offer you this kind of treatment," Ling Feilong explained, very satisfied with himself. His words even moved his own heart.That was 10% of the Guild's shares!Right now, all of the Guilds out there only offered high annual salaries when recruiting an expert;none of them would willingly hand over a portion of the Guild's shares. Along with a Guild's growth, the value of its shares would continuously rise. In addition to God's Domain's growth potential, if Shadow properly developed as time went on, this 10% could represent billions of Credits or more. Hence, all the large Guilds would not simply offer their shares, and instead, choose the wise decision of offering a static salary."Who's making this promise?" Shi Feng was slightly bewildered. He did not think that Shadow would be so decisive in their actions.

In Shi Feng's previous life, although he was the Guild Leader of Shadow, he did not possess any shares of the Guild. However, Shi Feng had only recently become the Guild Leader at that time, so he did put too much thought into the matter. In the end, the Guild kicked him out. One could say that the shares of a Guild were the true proof of one's authority. If Shi Feng had 10% of the Guild's shares at that time, Lan Hailong would not have dared to casually expel him from the Guild and sever all connections with him."Our Guild Leader made this promise. Of course, with your strength, the position of Guild Leader will doubtlessly be yours in the future," Ling Feilong unwaveringly started flattering Shi Feng."Oh? Very well," Shi Feng calmly laughed. He then, with a tone as cold as ice, arrogantly said, "Return and tell your Guild Leader this;if you want me to join Shadow, then I want 60% of the Guild's shares and the position of Guild Leader. Otherwise, there's no deal."Finished speaking, Shi Feng disconnected the call.Of course, he only said those words as a joke to toy with Ling Feilong. Even if Shadow were willing to hand over 100% of its shares, Shi Feng would still reject the offer without hesitation. He swore that would never again wear the hateful name of Shadow.

He simply said those words because he knew that Ling Feilong, Zhang Luowei, and Lan Hailong could never truly agree to such a request. After all, with 60% of the Guild's shares, Shi Feng would become the head honcho of Shadow;his word would be final. Whether it was Zhang Luowei or Lan Hailong, neither could endure being a subordinate of someone else.

"Such a domineering tone! No wonder he could force Martial Union, who is even stronger than Shadow, to take a huge loss. Unfortunately, he isn't a broad-minded person. If he had accepted the offer, based on the strength he possessed, he could have easily become the Shadow's true boss in the future if he wanted to." Although Ling Feilong admired Shi Feng, he sneered disdainfully as he determined Shi Feng to be a boorish fellow. Yet, without a backer to rely on, it was impossible for Ling Feilong to climb further up the ranks of Shadow. Zhang Luowei trusted Zhou Yuhu much more than Ling Feilong. Ling Feilong was simply an elite member of the Guild in Zhang Luowei's eyes. So, it was imperative that Ling Feilong looked for a reliable backer. Meanwhile, a boor like Shi Feng couldn't be a better backer. Although 60% of the total shares seemed a little high, if Ling Feilong expended a lot of effort, it was not an impossible number to accomplish. "It seems that I'll have to rearrange his words before reporting back to Brother Zhang and Brother Lan."

At this moment, Shi Feng would have never imagined that his casual remark meant to anger Lan Hailong and Zhang Luowei would become Ling Feilong's new goal.


Inside the Flame God's Cave, Shi Feng took out one of the Flaming Sun Scriptures from his bag. He then opened the book, reading the incantations inside.

All of a sudden, the Flaming Sun Scripture ignited, emitting dazzling golden flames. As if the fire-type mana within the Flame God's Cave had transformed into soldiers, it all charged towards the golden flame, submitting to it. The golden flame was like an emperor among flames.

In reality, it wasn't just the fire-type mana that was affected. Even Shi Feng's Ice-Blue Devil Flame felt restless, giving off the notion of submission.Just what kind of flame is it? Shi Feng looked at the bundle of golden flame; his heart filled with curiosity. To cause even the Tier 2 Ice-Blue Devil Flame to submit, if this flame had a rank, I wonder what tier it belonged to? It should be at least Tier 3, possibly Tier 4. If Shi Feng could absorb this bundle of golden flame, his strength might rise to a whole new level.Unfortunately, this flame was not a Mysterious Flame, so Shi Feng had no way of absorbing it.After a minute passed, the golden flame sank into Shi Feng's body after it absorbed a sufficient amount of fire-type mana. Instantly, a new status effect appeared on Shi Feng's status bar.

[Flaming Sun's Blessing]

Increases Fire Resistance by 100 points and reduces damage from fire-type attacks by 90%. All fire-type damage received has a 20% chance to recover an equivalent amount of HP. Damage dealt towards fire-type monsters increased by 100%. Duration of two hours.

Effective only within the Flame God's Cave.

In reality, the Flaming Sun Scripture's original purpose was simply for the convenience of players when grinding in a hot environment. However, when used inside the Flame God's Cave, where the density of fire-type mana was extremely high, its effects increased by manyfold. Hence why the Ranger in Shi Feng's previous life was able to solo the Elite monsters and Chieftain ranked Bosses here.To begin with, Shi Feng already had 20 points of Fire Resistance. Now that he gained an additional 100 points, normal fire attacks would only be an itch to him. Not to mention, there was also the 90% damage reduction to fire-type attacks. This increase was just too awesome.With the Flaming Sun's Blessing, Shi Feng boldly advanced deeper into the Flame God's Cave.

There were multiple pathways in the Flame God's Cave, and it was extremely spacious. Players could easily get lost in the cave. This, however, was not a problem for Shi Feng. The Flame God's Cave was like his own backyard, and very quickly, he located a lone Level 25 Lava Hound lying on solidified, blackened lava.

[Lava Hound] (Common Monster)

Level 25

HP 5,400/5,400

The Lava Hound was several sizes larger compared to a normal lion. Its entire body emitted red flames; its skin was a dark yellow, and it had a pair of large, crimson eyes. Detecting Shi Feng's presence, the Lava Hound abruptly stood; its blood-red eyes glared at Shi Feng as it let out a low, angry growl. The Lava Hound's sharp claws easily shattered a chunk of charred rock.

Just as Shi Feng unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and Silver Lake, the Lava Hound spat a mouthful of flames at Shi Feng.

Without holding anything back, Shi Feng activated the Ice-Blue Devil Flame, covering his entire body with a deep-blue flame. He then charged at the ball of flames head-on.The Lava Hound's attack could originally devour close to half of the HP of an MT of the same level. However, when struck Shi Feng, the attack merely caused around -10 points of damage. The damage the Lava Hound's attack dealt was even less than the attacks of a Level 10 Common monster.

As expected, with 120 points of Fire Resistance, my resistance has reached extraordinary levels. Finished experimenting with his durability, Shi Feng arrived in front of the Lava Hound and sent a Chop slashing at its nape, drawing a pool of piping-hot blood. A damage of -345 points appeared above the Lava Hound's head. The damage was barely within Shi Feng's acceptable range.

Moreover, due to the Lava Hound being 11 Levels higher than himself, Shi Feng's Skill Proficiency also soared with lightning speed. Every usage netted him 3 Proficiency points.Although the Lava Hound was powerful, Shi Feng only needed to take note of its AOE skills like the Flame Breath and Flame Explosion. Without the threat of these powerful skills, Shi Feng only needed to deal with the Lava Hound's sharp claws. With Shi Feng's extraordinary evasive techniques, in addition to his very high Agility, he could easily dodge the attacks from the Lava Hound's sharp claws.

Before even a minute had passed, Shi Feng had killed the Level 25 Lava Hound, the monster leaving behind a Flame Crystal and several Copper Coins after it died.

System: Level 25 Lava Hound killed. Level difference of 11. EXP obtained increased by 1,100%. Obtained 16,500 EXP.

Chapter 202 - Scorching Lamia

Within the brightly lit Flame God's Cave, Shi Feng advanced further into the cave relentlessly.

The Lava Hound he previously killed had raised his Skill Proficiencies by quite a bit. However, that was it. In contrast, the EXP the Level 25 Lava Hound gave was much less.

However, this was not strange.After all, the monsters within the Flame God's Cave had both high Attack Power and HP but gave out very little EXP. Under normal circumstances, average players would not grind here at all. However, it was a different story once players had the Flaming Sun Scripture. With it, they could easily deal with the monsters in the Flame God's Cave. Moreover, the monsters here dropped Flame Crystals.Flame Crystals were the main materials used for crafting Basic Fire Resistance Potions.By the time the majority of players reached levels between 20 to 30, they would discover that most Party and Team Dungeons required a high Fire Resistance. Otherwise, they would have no way of raiding these Dungeons. The Level 25 large-scale Team Dungeon, the Flame Nest, for example;without Basic Fire Resistance Potions, players would have absolutely no way of conquering it. Yet, this Team Dungeon had loads of good equipment and items in it. Moreover, out of all the Level 25 Dungeons, the Flame Nest gave out the most Guild Reputation. Most importantly, there was a very small chance for players to obtain a Guild Mine Certificate and Guild Medicine Garden Certificate from the Dungeon.

These were both items that could allow a Guild to develop itself further.Normally, only Guilds with their own Guild Residence would be considered true Guilds. Meanwhile, players could establish certain constructs within the Guild Residence to further aid in the Guild's development. Among these facilities, two of the most important constructs were the Medicine Garden and Mine. These two constructs could provide the Guild with a fixed amount of herbs and ore on a daily basis, and it could greatly reduce the Guild's burden. It could also allow Potionmakers and Forgers to have sufficient resources to increase their Lifestyle Skill Proficiencies.Hence, as long as it was a Guild that possessed their own Guild Residence, they would unhesitatingly raid the Flame Nest regardless of the price they had to pay to obtain these two certificates.

As such, plenty of Guilds had tried to raid the Flame Nest when their players reached between 20 and 30 Levels, causing the Basic Fire Resistance Potion to become a high-demand product.Even until now, Shi Feng had remembered that the Basic Fire Resistance Potions at that time had sold for 50 Silver Coins per bottle. Meanwhile, a single Flame Crystal sold for 15 Silver Coins. Thus, even at the cost of three to four Gold Coins, players would willingly purchase the Flaming Sun Scripture. After all, they could easily obtain 25 to 30 Flame Crystals by grinding the Flame God's Cave for two hours.

In the Flame God's Cave, a Common ranked Lava Hound had a 3% chance of dropping a Flame Crystal, three times higher than the drop rate of fire-type monsters outside. Meanwhile, the Level 25 Elite monsters in the Flame God's Cave had a 100% chance to drop one Flame Crystal and a 10% chance to drop two Flame Crystals. Of course, these monsters would also drop equipment.

As for Level 25 Special Elites, they had a 100% chance of dropping two Flame Crystals, a 20% chance to drop four Flame Crystals, and a 10% chance to drop five to seven Flame Crystals.

Level 25 Chieftain Bosses were even more rewarding. They had a 100% chance to drop 10 Flame Crystals, a 30% chance to drop 13 pieces of Flame Crystals, and 20% chance to drop 20 to 25 Flame Crystals. Players could easily earn up to 2 Gold Coins by killing a single Chieftain Boss. Not to mention, these Bosses also dropped equipment and tools.

Shi Feng continuously killed lone Level 25 Lava Hounds as he advanced further into the depths of the Flame God's Cave. Even when he met two Lava Hounds at the same time, he still easily dealt with them. Only, more time was necessary.The Flame Breath of the Lava Hounds could be easily dodged. Players only needed to take note of the Lava Hound's throat. When its throat glowed and gave off the color of fire, it was about to spit out flames. However, the damage of this move was only a small matter to Shi Feng;it dealt about only -100 damage in total to Shi Feng.As for the Lava Hound's other skill, Flame Explosion, it could cause extremely high flame damage to all enemies within an 8-yard radius.Without 120 points in Fire Resistance and 90% damage reduction to fire-type attacks, MTs of the same level would instantly lose three-fourths of their HP to this single attack. However, the Lava Hound's actions were obvious before it would cast this skill. It would raise its claws high, then slam them on the ground, creating an explosion of flames. However, the skill's effective range was wide, making it extremely hard to avoid. It was practically a sure-hit skill.

Fortunately, Shi Feng's Fire Resistance was extremely high, and he would, at most, receive around -100 damage from the Lava Hound's Flame Explosion. Shi Feng had over 1,800 HP, so this damage was not significant.

Another hour or so passed by, and Shi Feng finally arrived at the core area of the Flame God's Cave. On his way here, Shi Feng had killed many Lava Hounds, and due to the Luck +3 provided by the Shadow's Blessing he wore, he obtained a bountiful number of Flame Crystals. He could get one Flame Crystal for every half a dozen or so Lava Hounds he killed.Throughout his journey, Shi Feng had killed over 40 Lava Hounds, and obtained a total of eight Flame Crystals. His experience had also risen to 37% of Level 14;his leveling speed could already be described as flying. His skills, Chop, Thundering Flash, and Thunder Flame Explosion, also rose to Level 7, Level 5, and Level 3 respectively. If including the upgrade provided by the Abyssal Blade, these skills would be Level 10, Level 8, and Level 6 respectively. These improvements had pushed Shi Feng's damage output to a whole new level once more. Unfortunately, the Lava Hounds Shi Feng killed did not drop any equipment;the same went for the Forging Designs that Shi Feng most desired.

The core area Shi Feng had reached was a large, empty lava field;molten lava flowed throughout the surroundings. At the highest point of the empty field sat plenty of bright crystals reflecting the glow of the lava into the surroundings, illuminating the spacious and empty field. The cooled accumulation of lava formed the land here. This place was more like a swamp than a durable stone road, and players would find it very hard to transverse across this lava field. A single misstep would instantly lead to players fall into a pit of molten lava. If players did not possess a definite control over their own bodies, they would find themselves at a serious disadvantage when battling here.

Meanwhile, on the empty land a short distance away, Shi Feng discovered plenty of Level 25 Elite Flame Naga silently guarding. Occasionally, he could also spot a few Level 25 Special Elite Flame Naga Warriors. Compared to the Lava Hound, these monsters possessed much more intelligence. Aside from attacking with flames, they could also deal a substantial amount of physical damage. These monsters also had exceptionally fast reactions, especially the Flame Naga Warriors. These warriors wore armor and wielded a shield in one of their hands. They were practically Shield Warriors, and players would find them extremely difficult to deal with.

[Flame Naga] (Elite Rank)Level 25

HP 20,000/20,000[Flame Naga Warrior] (Special Elite)

Level 25

HP 50,000/50,000

Soon after, Shi Feng lifted his head and shifted his gaze towards the distant central region of this lava field.

Due to the long distance, Shi Feng had to squint and focus his eyes for quite some time. Only after activating his Extraordinary Vision could he discover a beautiful figure laying atop a stone altar.

That was a Lamia. Unlike her Naga brethren, who possessed the heads and faces of a snake, although the lower half of this Lamia body was a snake's tail, her upper body was that of a human's. This Lamia possessed beauty that even women would envy. Her eyes were like red gemstones, giving off a dazzling glow. Her lustrous and seductive black hair was tied into twin ponytails. Exposed to the light of the flames, her delicate white skin shone like supple white jade.

The most attractive parts of this Lamia were her elegant temperament and her exotic beauty. The bright silken blouse she wore was especially eye-catching, as it served to accentuate her delicate body and ample breasts further. Just a glance at this Lamia would easily captivate any intruder.

It was truly hard to imagine that this delicate and beautiful Lamia was the Scorching Lamia Cela, the Level 25 High Lord ranked Boss of the Flame God's Cave."Sure enough, the benefits of pioneering a new land are plentiful;I have already found a High Lord rank on this first trip."In Shi Feng's previous life, most of the Bosses Shi Feng had met were Chieftain rank, and only rarely could he meet a Lord ranked Boss. Only with superb luck could one find a Lord ranked Boss.Shi Feng's eyes shone as he gazed at Scorching Lamia Cela's attractive appearance;his breathing became slightly hurried. He also grew excited, a never-before-seen resplendent smile appearing on his calm face.Of course, Shi Feng wasn't captivated by Cela's beauty, but the bountiful wealth that a High Lord ranked Boss represented. Not to mention, Cela was the High Lord of the Flame God's Cave. If he could kill her, he wondered just how much EXP and high-level items and equipment he could obtain.

If Blackie and the others knew Shi Feng's current thoughts and appearance, they would definitely curse Shi Feng for being inhuman. Not sparing even a weak and delicate Lamia, Shi Feng was practically a beast...

Chapter 203 - Scorching Heart

Molten lava slowly flowed across the vast, empty field. Meanwhile, the Scorching Lamia Cela paid no particular attention to the intruder, Shi Feng. She simply swished her tail, slithering to a pool of lava. With a splash, Cela dove straight into the scorching pool, frolicking with a content expression.

If a normal player copied Cela's actions and jumped into the lava pool, they could lose their lives in a given minute. Even if they activated the Flaming Sun's Blessing and received an additional 100 points to their Fire Resistance, they would still lose 300 HP every second they submerged in the lava pool.

Taking a good, long look, Shi Feng finally decided upon a plan.

[Scorching Lamia Cela] (High Lord Rank)

Level 25

HP 500,000/500,000

A Lord ranked Boss was not as easy to deal with as a Chieftain ranked Boss. If it were a Level 25 Lord ranked Boss, not to mention a 20-man elite team, even a 100-man elite-team would still die at the Boss's hands.

A Lord ranked Boss was simply too powerful. The only way to kill these Bosses was to gather thousands of players and use the advantage of numbers to exhaust these Bosses to death slowly. Other than that, there was no other way around it.

Meanwhile, the Scorching Lamia, who bathed in the lava pool, was even more intimidating than a normal Lord ranked Boss. Without the Flaming Sun Scripture, even thousands of players would have zero chances of defeating Cela.

On the other hand, Shi Feng had a method of dealing with the Scorching Lamia. However, he first needed to clear out the surrounding Elite and Special Elite monsters. Otherwise, he would be similarly helpless against the Scorching Lamia.

Let's first lure them slowly and clear them, bit by bit. Shi Feng then randomly looked for a solitary Flame Naga, boldly walking over to it. He did not intend to use any special means to lure these monsters.

As Shi Feng was only Level 14 right now, when faced with Level 25 elites, these Elites would all charge at him in a craze as long as he came within 40 yards.

Hence, he still needed to apply some techniques to lure only one Flame Naga.

Be it a snake-type monster or a Naga, both were innately born with exceptional hearing. Hence, players needed to be light on their feet when approaching these Naga. If players made even the tiniest disturbance, they would find only their own deaths.Shi Feng walked with a strong and steady pace atop the soft and unstable ground, and with relative ease, he attracted the attention of a Flame Naga. Immediately, Shi Feng watched as the Flame Naga charged at him like a madman.

"Come, come!" Seeing that the Naga had taken the bait, Shi Feng faintly smiled as he spun around and ran towards a distant rock cliff.The Flame Naga was well versed in close combat. Meanwhile, its only ranged attack was the Raging Flame Roar, and it belonged to the category of channeling spells. The skill had an effective area of 40*4 yards, and it needed 3 seconds to channel the skill fully. However, this skill did not pose any threat to Shi Feng. On the contrary, melee combat with the Flame Naga was much more difficult.As the chase continued, although the Flame Naga was fast, Shi Feng was not any slower than it either. The moment Shi Feng arrived in front the rock cliff, with no further paths of retreat remaining, Shi Feng started climbing up the extremely steep cliff with great ease. When he arrived at the top of the cliff, he stuck out his tongue at the creature as he silently looked down at the Flame Naga.

The Flame Naga was further incensed by Shi Feng's blatant provocation, and it, too, started frantically climbing the cliff.Although Shi Feng was not a ranged class, and he could not kite the Flame Naga, melee battle the Flame Naga was simply too dangerous. If Shi Feng was slightly careless, the Flame Naga could kill him with just two moves. Hence, Shi Feng intended to fight from a range.

Seeing that the Flame Naga was about to climb the cliff, Shi Feng took out a Basic Frost Grenade from his bag. He then threw it at the Flame Naga.Peng! Ice fragments scattered, and cold air spread out to the surroundings.

The Flame Naga instantly froze. Due to the Flame Naga's fear of the cold, the Basic Frost Grenade managed to deal -300 damage to it. However, the Flame Naga possessed 20,000 HP, so this small amount of damage barely made a scratch.Frozen halfway through its climb up the rock cliff, the Flame Naga's immobile body fell. Two stones, protruding from the rock wall, halted the serpentine beast's fall, sandwiching the Flame Naga's body between the rocks as it hung halfway up the cliff. Be it attacking or dodging, the Flame Naga would find it extremely challenging to do either from its current position. It could not even carry out the simple action of turning its own body right now.Shi Feng smiled at this sight. He jumped down from his elevated position, landing on one of the stones trapping his opponent. He then started attacking the Flame Naga from behind.It was extremely easy to kill a Flame Naga that had zero means of retaliating.Shi Feng sent a Level 10 Chop slashing at the Flame Naga's back, earning him a scream of pain coupled with a damage of -168 above the monster's head. Shi Feng couldn't help but admit that a Level 25 Elite was truly amazing. With the level suppression, in addition to the Flame Naga's superior Defense, his attack could not even deal -200 damage even with the damage multiplier from the Flaming Sun Scripture.Immediately after, Shi Feng followed up with Thundering Flash, Earth Splitter, Double Chop, and Thunder Flame Explosion.

A series of damages appeared above the Flame Naga's head. However, even with the damage amplification effect inflicted by Thundering Flash, the highest damage Shi Feng had dealt with a single attack was barely over -200 points. Though there was the occasional critical hit of over -400 damage, the Flame Naga had a total of 20,000 HP. Aside from Shi Feng's skills being capable of causing more than -100 damage to the Flame Naga, his normal attacks could not deal over -50 damage. Moreover, Shi Feng had activated the Ice-Blue Devil Flame's effect before his attacks.

Seeing as the freezing effect was about to end, Shi Feng threw another Basic Frost Grenade at the Flame Naga, freezing his target once more. He then resumed his barrage of attacks.

Although the Flame Naga had relatively fast regeneration, neither was the damage Shi Feng was causing to it a small amount.

Two minutes later, the Flame Naga's HP finally fell to 20%. Simultaneously, the Flame Naga released a fierce roar. Flames covered its entire body, and shortly after, its body started trembling.

Shi Feng had long since been prepared for it. Immediately, he hid behind the corner of a rock.

Boom!Countless flying flame-blades shot out from the Flame Naga's body. These flame blades were the beast's scales, and their appearance signaled it's ultimate move, Flame Bullets. The damage these Flame Bullets dealt was a combination of physical and fire-type damage. With Shi Feng's current HP that was slightly over 1,800 points, these bullets could instantly send him into a critical condition.

However, with the iron-like rock blocking these blades for him, Shi Feng received no damage at all.

After the waves of Flame Bullets ended, Shi Feng threw out another Frost Grenade before resuming his attack.

In the end, Shi Feng killed the Level 25 Flame Naga with relative ease.

The instant the Flame Naga died, Shi Feng's experience bar increased by a small portion. Shi Feng was already Level 14, and he needed an extremely large amount of EXP to reach Level 15. His experience bar rising by a noticeable chunk showed just how bountiful the EXP the Flame Naga provided was.The Flame Naga also dropped two Flame Crystals, one Bronze Ornament, and tens of Copper Coins.

Ornaments were the rarest of all equipment. Compared to jewelry such as rings and necklaces, ornaments were far more valuable. In God's Domain, every player could equip three ornaments at most. As of this moment, however, Shi Feng's ornament window was still a big, empty space. He truly did not imagine that he would inadvertently obtain a Bronze Ornament. His luck was simply too good.

[Scorching Heart] (Ornament, Bronze Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 80

Strength +10, Agility +10, Endurance +10

Fire Resistance +3

Can be activated to cast a Tier 2 Flame Shield that can absorb a maximum of 1,000 flame damage.

Although this ornament did not offer a large increase to his Attributes, ornaments that could increase one's resistances were extremely rare. Every such ornament was valued at 6 Gold Coins or more.

"This is too great! I'm now Level 14, and I have 114 points in Strength and 131 points in Agility. If I equip this Scorching Heart, it will increase both my Strength and Agility by 10 points, just enough for me to meet the requirements of 120 points in Strength and 140 points in Agility for the Blazing Meteor!" Shi Feng was ecstatic as he held the flame-red-colored Scorching Heart.

Shi Feng did not think that he could equip the Pseudo-extraordinary Weapon within such a short period after obtaining it. If he could equip the Blazing Meteor right now, his strength would definitely receive an explosive increase. He might even reach the standards of an official Tier 1 Swordsman.

Chapter 204 - Battle Prowess of a Tier 1

If he could increase his strength to the standards of a Tier 1 Swordsman, he could easily deal with the High Lord ranked Scorching Lamia.The Scorching Lamia had 500,000 HP. Possessing the superior battle recovery of a High Lord ranked Boss, the Scorching Lamia could recover 10,000 HP every five seconds. If players did not possess a DPS[1] of 2,000, Cela was, essentially, invincible.This was one the reasons even an elite team of hundreds of players could not exhaust a High Lord to death.

Not to mention, the Scorching Lamia possessed frightening attacks and overly powerful skills.If players wanted to raid Cela head-on, it would be no different than seeking their own deaths even with a team of thousands of players.

However, it would be a different story if they possessed the Flaming Sun Scripture.Previously, before Shi Feng obtained the Scorching Heart, he had close to no confidence of successfully soloing the Scorching Lamia. He merely thought of giving it a try. In any case, he would not incur a huge loss. However, he now had some confidence in actually killing Cela.

Although Shi Feng had never experienced the might of a Pseudo-extraordinary Weapon, according to Shi Feng's estimates, it should grant him the strength of an official Tier 1 Swordsman.

Immediately, Shi Feng retrieved the Pseudo-extraordinary Weapon, the Blazing Meteor, from his bag, equipping it on himself.

[Blazing Meteor] (Throwing Weapon, Dark-Gold Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 120, Agility 140

Attack Power (Value is set at Player's Strength*2)

Strength +50, Agility +65, Endurance +10

Attack Speed +5

Maximum throwing distance: 45 yards

Ignore Levels +8

Attack Speed increased by 15%

When attacking:

35% chance to ignore target's Defense.

30% chance to activate Quadruple Phantom effect, each phantom causing 50% flame damage.

10% chance to activate Knockback effect.

5% chance to activate Burning Flames effect, dealing 400 flame damage to the target every second for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Additional Skill: Flame God's Fury. Deals physical and flame damage to enemies within a 40*3 yard area. Deals 900% damage to the initial target, and damage reduces by 10% with each consecutive enemy hit to a minimum of 500% damage.

Cooldown: 3 minutes

The Blazing Meteor was forged by the Grandmaster Forger, Seliora. Due to the limit of its materials, it is only a Pseudo-extraordinary item possessing strength at the very limit of mortal men. The Blazing Meteor can be reforged into an Epic Ranked item after gathering Epic ranked fire-type materials.

User restriction: Ye Feng

Unable to be dropped.

Unable to be traded.

After equipping it, Shi Feng's Attributes instantly soared. His Strength reached 174 points, while Agility reached 206 points. He was only a few Attribute points away from being able to equip the Fragmented-Legendary ranked item, the Heavenly Dragon's Breath, which required 200 points in Strength and 120 points in Intelligence.With the improvements provided by the Pseudo-extraordinary Weapon, Shi Feng's Attack Power with throwing weapons increased to 696 points, while his melee Attack Power with his right and left hand were 444 and 426 respectively. The base damage for his ranged attacks far surpassed his melee attacks. In addition, due to the Blazing Meteor ignoring +8 Levels, Shi Feng would no longer face any level suppressions, which would greatly reduce his damage, when dealing with Level 25 monsters.

As Shi Feng's Agility Attribute reached 200 points, he once again activated one of the Hidden Passive Skills, Basic Disappearance. The passive skill increased Shi Feng's Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 20% and greatly decreased his stamina consumption during a battle. When he tread water, he could travel a distance of 10 yards with a single leap. His evasion also increased by 10%.With such a boost, Shi Feng's confidence increased once more."I can start clearing the place now," Shi Feng shifted his gaze towards the distant Elites and Special Elites.

Since his ranged attacks were more impressive than his melee attacks now, he would naturally avoid using his previous, inefficient battle techniques. He could simply copy the Ranger in his previous life, using the basic kiting method to kill these Naga. That way, not only would the battle be swift, but he could also guarantee his own safety.

At a spot 43 yards away, two Level 25 Elite Flame Naga and one Special Elite Flame Naga Warrior currently conversed with each other in soft tones. None of them had noticed Shi Feng's presence. In contrast, Shi Feng, currently covered in deep-blue flames, retrieved the flame-red, thin, needle-like Blazing Meteor from his waist. He aimed the Blazing Meteor at the Flame Naga Warrior standing between the other two Flame Naga, initiating his attack.

Xiu! The Blazing Meteor shot through the air, transforming into a meteor and instantly piercing the Flame Naga Warrior's forehead. Simultaneously, the Ignore Target's Defense effect and Quadruple Phantom effect both triggered upon impact.

Before that Flame Naga Warrior could even manage a scream, -1526, -758, -758, -758, -758 appeared above its head.

Even Shi Feng dared not believe his own eyes right now. Although he had the support of the Flaming Sun Scripture, the might of this single attack was still too powerful. A single, normal attack had destroyed over 4,500 HP from the Flame Naga Warrior, which was close to one-tenth of the Special Elite monster's total HP. Shi Feng only needed to repeat this attack 11 more times to kill a Level 25 Special Elite.

In the entire God's Domain, aside from Shi Feng, there might not be a second person capable of carrying out such a feat.

Replying to Shi Feng's brutal attack, the three Naga released angry roars. They revealed sinister expressions as they charged towards Shi Feng, gradually splitting from the main force of the Naga.

When the distance between the three Naga and Shi Feng had shortened 20 yards, Shi Feng threw a Basic Frost Grenade at them. The three Naga immediately froze in place, damages of -300 appearing above their heads.Holding nothing back, Shi Feng threw the Blazing Meteor at the three Naga relentlessly. The Blazing Meteor's effects constantly triggered, each attack dealing over -1,000 damage, while the occasional critical hit dealt over -2,000 damage.

The three Naga were helpless. They could only attack Shi Feng using fire-type spells. However, Shi Feng always managed to predict the location of their attacks, so he could dodge the attacks beforehand, never letting any of the spells land on him.

Before even two minutes had passed, the two Elite and one Special Elite monster died. They contributed a large amount of EXP and multiple Flame Crystals to Shi Feng. Possibly due to the Shadow's Blessing's effect, the Special Elite Naga even dropped a Level 22 Mysterious-Iron ranked plate armor.Afterwards, Shi Feng repeated this process of luring and killing the Elite and Special Elite Naga.

Although the process was mind-bogglingly boring, the fatigue on his spirit lessened greatly when Shi Feng thought about the Flame Crystals and the various Level 20 to Level 25 equipment he could obtain.


Unknowingly, more than four hours had passed. Shi Feng had cleared out practically all of the Naga present in this lava field. Shi Feng had also risen to Level 15, and he was only a tad bit away from Level 16.

While Shi Feng rested, he opened the Ranking List for White River City.Right now, the first place on the Ranking List was occupied by a Level 13 player. Shi Feng could not help his shock at this sight. How could there be someone leveling so quickly? Not much time had passed since players outside of Shi Feng's team had entered White River City. Logically, it would already be amazing for players to reach Level 11. Yet, there was actually someone that had reached Level 13? Was this person hunting monsters of a higher level as well?

Shi Feng's mouth twitched when he saw the name of this first-ranked player — Lone Tyrant. Who was this person? How come I've never heard this name before? Meanwhile, the Snow Goddess, Gentle Snow, occupied the second place on the Ranking List;she was Level 12 right now. Following closely, another Level 12 player possessed the third rank., and Level 12 players occupied the remaining top then ranks. This situation confounded Shi Feng. This leveling speed far surpassed his expectations.Could this be due to the butterfly effect? Shi Feng wondered.

Although players' leveling speed would indeed increase after entering White River City, it shouldn't increase to such a degree.

Meanwhile, the eleventh to fiftieth-ranked players on the Ranking List were all Level 11. Reaching this level was still reasonable. If these players were all Level 12 or 13, Shi Feng would truly be speechless.

Although the first ranked player had already reached Level 13, that player could not even reach Shi Feng's shadow. If other players discovered this fact, they would definitely be shocked.

After Shi Feng reached Level 15, he had placed all his Free Attribute Points into Intelligence. He had done so to meet the requirements of the Heavenly Dragon's Breath as soon as possible. However, the points he added were only a drop in the bucket.

"It should be about time to deal with you now." After recovering to perfect condition, Shi Feng abruptly stood. He looked at the Scorching Lamia still lounging in the pool of lava, a faint smile appearing on his face.

TL Notes:

[1] DPS: Stands for Damage Per Second


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