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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 186-187


Chapter 186-187

Chapter 186 - State A Price

Just as Shi Feng recognized the location shown on the map…

Four Level 200 Black Guards appeared on Light Street, each wielding a black spear in their hands and walking towards Brilliant Wargod;the intended to take him away."Don't even think of catching me."

Brilliant Wargod immediately logged out of the game. However, an unbelievable situation occurred. One could describe this as an out-of-body experience. Like an empty shell, Brilliant Wargod's body suddenly fell to the ground, motionless.However, the four Black Guards did not care much about this.Two of the knights grabbed ahold of Brilliant Wargod's body from each side, dragging him away from Light Street. Soon after, the Black Knights also dispersed from the scene.

"Master Black Flame, what is going on here? Didn't Brilliant Wargod log off? Logically, his body should also have disappeared!" Aqua Rose looked at Shi Feng, her shining eyes blinking as she asked. Although Aqua Rose did not know why she would ask Shi Feng, her instincts told her that Shi Feng might know the answer.

If Shi Feng knew that Aqua Rose had asked him about this matter out of instinct, the fearsomeness of a woman's intuition would certainly surprise him.

Hearing Aqua Rose's question, Shi Feng simply smiled and said, "It should be that the system doesn't allow players avoid punishment."Blackwing City's judgment was, without a doubt, the system's judgment. If Brilliant Wargod had properly received his punishment, he would only have to pay the smallest price. However, if Brilliant Wargod deleted and rebuilt his account, not to mention losing the money and equipment that he originally had, he would also lose all the reputation he had earned in God's Domain. Reputation was not easy to gain. After all, many of the quests that rewarded players with reputation points were Unique Quests.

"So, it is like that."

Aqua Rose understood the truth of the matter. Otherwise, if everyone simply deleted and rebuilt their accounts the moment they did something nefarious, wouldn't that turn God's Domain into a heaping mess? However, along with the passing of time, player levels would become higher, while the chances of such matters occurring would decrease as well. After all, players had dedicated a great amount of time and energy onto cultivating their God's Domain accounts;there would be few people with the courage to start all over again. However, if players encountered a situation like Brilliant Wargod's, a majority of them would choose to delete and rebuild. After all, it would be much faster to start all over again, and it could be a way to take advantage of the system. Naturally, the Main God System would not make such a mistake.

Regarding the calamity that had befallen Brilliant Wargod, Aqua Rose did not display a hint of sympathy. On the contrary, she was very grateful for Shi Feng's significant help. Her and Brilliant Wargod's families had always been friendly with each other, and both families intended to increase and widen their wealth and influence through marriage. On the other hand, Aqua Rose had, from the very beginning, opposed this notion. She intended to create a legacy for herself, increasing her right of speech within her family to oppose this marriage.

God's Domain just so happened to have given her this very good chance. As long as she could further herself in God's Domain, and adding in Brilliant Wargod's actions, she could easily vanquish the notion of marriage between the two families.

After dealing with the matter of Brilliant Wargod, Shi Feng and Aqua Rose returned to the restaurant and resumed their business talks.

Originally, Shi Feng wanted to investigate the God Slayer's whereabouts. However, he set it aside for now. In God's Domain,

the Ruined Mountain Range was an absolutely forbidden place for humans. In Shi Feng's previous life, many players did not believe this fact. In the end, all who went there found only death. From then on, nobody dared casually enter the Ruined Mountain Range. With Shi Feng's current strength, not to mention entering the Ruined Mountain Range, even the path leading to the Ruined Mountain Range presented an impossible challenge for Shi Feng. How would he reach the location marked on the map?The only choice he had right now was to increase his strength. When he had sufficient strength, he could then think of a way to go there.

"Master Black Flame, these are the various forging materials that you've requested. Due to limited bag space, I've only brought the rare and precious materials. This time, Master Black Flame has helped me a great deal, so I'll sell these to you at a lower price. You just need to pay me 43 Gold Coins for them," Aqua Rose displayed the transaction list, smiling as she spoke. The cost of purchasing all these materials came to a total of just over 37 Gold. Originally, Aqua Rose intended to sell all these materials to Shi Feng for 50 Gold. However, since Shi Feng had helped her out, she chose to earn a little less in this transaction.Initially, Aqua Rose had not possessed enough Gold Coins to purchase all these materials. However, she made a big profit from the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs, which she bought from Shi Feng last time. Not only had she earned over a hundred Gold Coins, but she also earned back all the Credits she used to purchase the forging designs. She still had quite a few Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs remaining. If she sold all of them, she could still earn tens of Gold Coins and hundreds of thousands of Credits.Even for an apex first-rate Guild like Twilight Echo, the entire Guild's currently available fluid funds only amounted to twenty to thirty Gold. Meanwhile, Aqua Rose had over a hundred Gold in her possession, invoking the Guild's elders jealousy.

After having the first tastes of profit, Aqua Rose greatly anticipated the surprise Shi Feng was about to create."43 Gold?" When Shi Feng looked at the transaction list, his heart skipped a beat.

He had not expected Aqua Rose to be so capable. She had actually gathered so many materials. Taking a quick glance at the transaction list, the materials listed were all rare, required for forging Mysterious-Iron and Secret-Silver ranked items. There were even some extremely rare Fine-Gold ranked materials. At this stage of the game, it was absolutely impossible for players to find any of these materials in Star-Moon Kingdom. Aqua Rose had also bought a large quantity of Hard Stones, as Shi Feng had specially requested a lot of them. Now, Aqua Rose had close to a thousand stacks of Hard Stones for Shi Feng, completely filling up her ore bags. Shi Feng could not help but admit that the Ore Country was aptly named.

Ore bags were different from normal bags. They were specifically made for storing forging materials. Hence, these bags had extremely large storage spaces, and each one was several times, some even several tens of times, larger than a normal bag. In Aqua Rose's case, aside from her main bag having 100 slots, her remaining six bags were all ore bags. Every one of her ore bags had 350 slots for items, and all six ore bags were currently filled to the brim.

The country Aqua Rose came from did not lack ores. Hence, Aqua Rose only sold each stack of Hard Stones to Shi Feng at a price of 80 Copper Coins. Aqua Rose had probably purchased all of these Hard Stones at an even lower price. Compared to these sold in Star-Moon Kingdom, the price of these Hard Stones was simply too cheap. Right now, each stack of Hard Stones sold for 3 Silver Coins. Just by selling these Hard Stones to other players, Shi Feng could make a profit of several times his cost. Moreover, those players would fight over these Hard Stones.

However, even Shi Feng could not afford 43 gold in a single transaction.

Fortunately, Shi Feng came prepared. He removed a pile of Level 8 and Level 9 Bronze Equipment and quite a lot of Mysterious-Iron Equipment from his bag. He had personally forged a majority of the equipment, while he had obtained the remainder from the Moonlight Forest. However, the most eye-catching equipment among was the Level 10 Secret-Silver ranked one-handed swords, the Silver Dawns, that Shi Feng had crafted.

Secret-Silver Weapons, even to a first-rate Guild, they were extremely rare. Normally, only the core upper-echelons of the Guild would possess two to three Secret-Silver ranked items, while the elites of the Guild could not even dream of possessing one.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng had filled the private room with equipment, dazzling the sight of all beholders. Making a general count, Shi Feng had over 500 pieces of equipment. Aqua Rose was instantly dumbfounded by this sight. Only after tens of seconds had passed did she gradually recover her spirit, and shock filled her eyes as she looked at Shi Feng.One could easily outfit a large elite team with this much equipment. Moreover, Shi Feng had forged the majority. Aqua Rose was greatly confused at how Shi Feng could forge so much equipment all by himself. After all, she had personally witnessed forgers create equipment before. The process could be summed up in one word - slow. These were all Bronze and Mysterious-Iron ranked Equipment. If one were not careful while forging them, the result would easily fail. So, the process of forging equipment of such quality was definitely much slower than that of Common Equipment. Since the last time Aqua Rose met with Shi Feng, only a little more than three days had passed. Even if Shi Feng continuously forged equipment without sleep or food during this period, it should still be impossible for him to forge this much equipment.

"Miss Aqua, I already brought the equipment. State a price," Shi Feng smiled.

Aqua Rose immediately felt as if she had been cheated. Originally, she intended to make a big profit off of Shi Feng. However, with 500 plus pieces of high-level equipment placed before her, even if she sold herself to Shi Feng, it still might not be enough...

Chapter 187 - Frightening Forger

The private room of the restaurant was very large. However, it was insufficient to contain all of the weapons and equipment that Shi Feng had taken out. The entire room was cramped with items right now. After counting for a long while, Aqua Rose finally had a firm grasp on the number of weapons and equipment that Shi Feng had brought.

Among them, there were over 200 Level 8 and above Bronze Weapons, over 300 pieces of Level 8 and above Bronze Equipment, 70 Level 9 and above Mysterious-Iron Weapons, 80 pieces of Level 9 and above Mysterious-Iron Equipment, and 20 Level 10 Silver Dawns.There was close to a total of 700 weapons and pieces of equipment. With this much equipment, Aqua Rose would have no problems gearing up even a 100-man team.

The Attributes of the Silver Dawns were especially frightening. Compared to the Giant Bear Waraxe that Brilliant Wargod had, the Silver Dawn's Attributes were much stronger.

Twilight Echo had sacrificed many of their elite members to obtain Brilliant Wargod's Level 9 Giant Bear Waraxe. After all, it was only a normal occurrence to lose over twenty elite players when dealing with a Chieftain ranked field Boss.

Chieftain ranked field Bosses were extremely rare in God's Domain and meeting one all depended on luck. Moreover, after meeting one, sacrifices were necessary to bring it down. This was the exchange of the lives of the Guild's elites for equipment, and it was a huge loss to the Guild.Yet, Shi Feng casually displayed twenty Secret-Silver Weapons. Aqua Rose no longer knew how to describe Shi Feng. Despite having an immeasurably high strength, his standards as a forger were also at their apex, as Aqua Rose had yet to hear news of any player forging a Secret-Silver ranked item. Shi Feng's existence simply caused others despair.

At the same time, Aqua Rose had finally come to an understanding of just how frightening a forger could be.

If any Guild could have a forger like Shi Feng, that Guild would not have to worry about trying to obtain equipment. As long as they had the forging designs, they could have whatever equipment they wanted, and at any time they wanted it. There would be no need for them to waste tremendous effort to kill Bosses. Moreover, killing an extremely powerful Boss would only yield several pieces of equipment. On the other hand, as long as a forger had the materials, they could create as many pieces of equipment as they wanted;it was much faster and more convenient."Miss Aqua, you look a little pale. Are you alright?" Shi Feng looked at the dazed Aqua Rose, asking with concern.

"Me?" As Aqua Rose regained her senses, she involuntarily wiped the sweat from her forehead, "I'm fine. Why would I have any problems?""Is it possible that Miss Aqua cant afford this many weapons and equipment? If this is so, just pick as many as you can," Shi Feng could sympathize with Aqua Rose's situation. After all, even a first-rate Guild could not buy up all this equipment in one go, not to mention Aqua Rose by herself.

"Master Black Flame, I want all of these items. However, can we carry out the transaction with Credits? Otherwise, if I give Master Black Flame all of my Gold Coins, I would starve," Aqua Rose smiled bitterly.

There were so many good items before her eyes, and it would be a sin not to gobble all of them up right now.

What did the various large Guilds lack the most? The answer was obvious: high-level weapons and equipment. Level 8 and above weapons and equipment just so happened to be what Guilds lacked the most.

Just a single piece of Level 8 Bronze Equipment was worth well over 20 Silvers on the market right now. Level 8 Bronze Weapons even sold for 30 Silvers or more, while Level 9 Mysterious-Iron Equipment was worth 50 Silvers or more, and Level 9 Mysterious-Iron Weapons sold for 80 Silvers or more. As for the Level 10 Secret-Silver Weapons, the Silver Dawns, they were priceless treasures, and not a single person out there would willingly sell one.If a price were truly to be set, with the Silver Dawn's Attributes, at the very least, it would sell for 2 Gold Coins or more. Twenty Silver Dawns would then equate 40 Gold Coins. That was nearly half of all the game currency Aqua Rose owned. Moreover, this was the lowest price for the Silver Dawn."That's fine as well. I'll just take these forging materials, in addition to 50 Gold, to cover for a portion of the bill. You can pay the remainder using Credits," Shi Feng spoke after giving it some thought.

"This…" Aqua Rose hesitated for a long time. In the end, however, she gnashed her teeth as she agreed, saying, "Alright;I understand."

Hearing Shi Feng's words, Aqua Rose really wished that she could recruit Shi Feng. In just a few moments, Shi Feng had taken away a greater half of the Gold Coins she had earned after much effort. Aqua Rose felt extreme frustration in her heart.

However, Aqua Rose suddenly discovered that she truly did not possess anything that could attract Shi Feng to her side. Regarding weapons and equipment, as a forger, Shi Feng did not lack any of these, to begin with. His money-earning capabilities were obvious. As for status, although he was simply a nobody right now, the moment the name of the Black Flame Forger spread, his status would become undeniably grand, earning the respect of others.

The only thing remaining was a girlfriend. If Shi Feng did not have one right now, there were plenty of great beauties in Aqua Rose's elite team. Every one of them possessed beauty that could easily move one's heart, and their bodies were all curved in the right places. Plenty of men often tried to court these women. Aqua Rose would be rich if she could get one of her team's beauties to hook up Shi Feng.

However, it would be unquestionably foolish if she asked Shi Feng this question right now. She could only wait until their relationship grew before digging for some hints.If Shi Feng knew the thoughts Aqua Rose had in her head right now, she would probably frighten him away. After all, who would have thought that the elegant and cheerful Aqua Rose could be so cunning?

Very quickly, the two of them completed their transaction.

Aside from obtaining the 43 Gold's worth of materials from selling the equipment, Shi Feng also obtained an additional 50 Gold Coins and over 2 million Credits.Just by striving for three short days, Shi Feng had instantly multiplied the ten plus Gold he had initially spent by more than ten folds. Shi Feng had made a huge profit from this trade. This time, regarding Gold Coins, Shi Feng had once again become the richest person in White River City.

Meanwhile, Aqua Rose was also greatly pleased. With this many weapons and equipment, she could greatly strengthen her own legion and very quickly turn it into the number one legion in Twilight Echo. At that time, her right to speak would also grow, while those elders would no longer dare speak nonsense in front of her. "Master Black Flame, let's schedule next trade for four days from now? It just so happens to coincide with the day the Blackwing Auction will be held. What do you think?" Without realizing it, Aqua Rose treated Shi Feng as a good friend now.

"Alright. I can also save the number of uses left on the pass," Shi Feng nodded in agreement. He had earned simply too much this time. He also needed quite some time to forge new weapons and equipment. Now that Aqua Rose had yet to obtain additional Blackwing City passes, it was also beneficial to have a time extension.

Soon after, the two parted ways. Shi Feng then went to purchase more Frost Grenades. This time, he bought a full stack of 200 Intermediate Frost Grenades for 18 Gold. He also bought five stacks of 1,000 Basic Frost Grenades for 13 Gold, 50 Silver. In just a short moment, he had spent 31 Gold, 50 Silver. However, Shi Feng did not feel any heartache over it as the money he obtained from Aqua Rose just now was simply the tip of the iceberg.

The true iceberg was still within his grasp with the incomparably popular Hard Stone. To Aqua Rose, Whetstones were neither rare nor special. After all, being from the Ore Country, such items were available in abundance. The number of forgers there was as plentiful as the hairs on an ox, so they were not particularly desperate for such items. However, it was a different story for the Star-Moon Kingdom with the various Guilds in the White River City region who were desperately trying to level up.

These Guilds were in desperate need of Hard Stones. Yet, it was just too difficult to obtain any. They might even go bald from over-worrying right now.As for after these Guilds entered White River City, Shi Feng did not need to worry that these Guilds would suddenly halt their need for Whetstones.

Even after everyone entered White River City, the issue of durability would still plague them. It might even become a much more serious issue. Hence, Shi Feng did not worry in the slightest that he could not sell his Hard Stones. He merely had to decide at what price he would sell them for.

Just as Shi Feng was about to return to White River City, Blackie suddenly sent news.

"Brother Feng, this is not good! Right now, all of the Guilds within the White River City region are looking for you. They say that if you do not give an explanation on the official forums, all the Guilds within the White River City region will add us to the wanted list!"


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