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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 17-18


Chapter 17-18

Chapter 17 - Magic Weapon Released, Famed Swordsman Born

"Brother Feng, can we really beat this Kobold Chieftain?" Blackie had not an ounce of confidence in him when he looked at the Kobold Chieftain. Ignoring its horrifying amount of HP, the giant ax on its back was enough to terrify someone. If Blackie were hit with that ax, he would definitely turn into meat paste within an instant.

"I don't know." Shi Feng shook his head. Plans can never keep up with change. There was not a single terrain within the mine that could be used. They could only fight the Kobold Chieftain head on if they wanted to kill it.

The Kobold Chieftain was the most powerful monster Shi Feng had met up with to this point.

If he had enough time, Shi Feng would come here when he was Level 5, with a full body of Bronze Equipment. He would have an eighty percent chance by then. However, there was little left of the time that Forging Master Jack gave him. If he wanted to finish the battle within the twenty minutes remaining, then he would need to send out a small party of Level 5 Elites to do so.

However, there were only two of them. Their equipment was also poor. Trying to kill the Kobold Chieftain within twenty minutes was utterly impossible.

However, there would be dire consequences if the Quest was not finished. There was only one chance to do this Hidden Quest. If it failed, Shi Feng would not be able to receive it ever again.

Thus, Shi Feng was even more unwilling to give up this Quest.

"I can only try it." Shi Feng unwillingly took out the Magic Weapon, Abyssal Blade.

In his previous life, the number of Magic Weapons Shi Feng had personally witnessed could be counted on his fingers. Anybody who had seen a Magic Weapon's power would be brought to submission by it. Whereas, those who could properly wield a Magic Weapon was as rare as a phoenix's feather.

Crimson War God was one such person. He had grown to fame within a Guild War that had involved over 100,000 people. During that war, Crimson War God held a bloodied Magic Weapon, the Crimson Ghost Ax. He rushed into groups of thousands of warriors with the ax and slaughtered. There was no one who could block his giant ax. In the end, the enemy Guild was forced to retreat in embarrassment. Crimson War God had created the scene of one man defending against 10,000. After that war, he built up the glorious War God Empire.

There was also the 'Madman', Windchaser. He held the Magic Weapon, Evil Spirit's Roar. With only the bow in hand, Windchaser had single-handedly defended a city. Of the thousands of enemy players, not one of them could enter within 100 yards of the city. Using a single arrow, Windchaser had even sniped Outstandingly Extraordinary, the Guild Leader of [Imposing Expert]. Outstandingly Extraordinary had been standing further than 100 yards from the city at that time.

As long as they were a Magic Weapon user, then they would be famous, top-tier experts in God's Domain that were respected by all.

System: Do you wish to bind the Abyssal Blade?

Shi Feng sucked in a deep breath, choosing to bind. He did not care anymore about the Backlash of the Magic Weapon. Since those people could control the Magic Weapons, then how could he, as a reincarnated person, lose to those 'newbies' that had yet to grow up?

The moment the binding was finished, Shi Feng could clearly feel his entire body's strength being sapped away. His levels, as well, dropped one after the other, becoming Level 0 within an instant. In another moment, however, a force of strength started flowing through his body. His body's current constitution was even stronger than when he was Level 3.

When he checked the Abyssal Blade' Attributes, Shi Feng became even more shocked.

[Abyssal Blade] (Magic Weapon, One-handed Sword)

Attack Power 24

All Attributes +10

Attack Speed +3

Ignore monster's Level by 5. Attacks have a 15% chance to cause 2 x damage, 10% chance to Doom Curse, reducing all stats by 30%, lasting 20 seconds.

If wielder belongs to any Swordsman Job, all Skill Levels +2. Increase Free Ability Points received by 2 points for every increase in Level.

Equipment Level 0. Can be leveled up. (Devour ten Level 5 Bronze Equipment and one Level 5 Mysterious-Iron Equipment to level up to Level 5). Can be evolved (Unknown).

Additional Skill 1: Phantom Kill. Instantly creates a doppelganger. You can control this doppelganger. Doppelganger will have 50% of original body's Attributes and all Skills. At the same time, Doppelganger and the original body can be swapped. Duration of 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Additional Skill 2: Abyssal Bind. Binds enemies and prevents movement, reducing Defense by 100%. Duration of 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 1 minute

Additional Skill 3: Nine Dragons Slash. Instantly create nine phantoms of the Abyssal Blade for the wielder to use, each phantom sword is capable of dealing up to 30% damage. Duration of 20 seconds.

Cooldown: 5 minutes.

The Abyssal Blade was personally created by Master Smith Olysses, using the Black Dragon King's fangs as material. It is one of thirty-six famed swords, and it is ranked 31st. However, this sword has been cursed by the Black Dragon King. Aside from being able to provide the wielder with immense strength, there would be a Backlash after a certain period of time. If the wielder is unable to suppress the Backlash, the wielder will receive the curse of the Black Dragon King, permanently reducing All Attributes by 50%.

Unable to be dropped.

Unable to be traded.

Seeing such Attributes and these many Additional Skills, the Abyssal Blade was no different than a God's Weapon. However, there were still thirty-five of these Famed Swords, and the Abyssal Blade was just one of the lower ranked ones. It was hard to imagine what kind of sword the first ranked was.

"Brother Feng, please don't scare me. How did you become Level 0?" Glancing at Shi Feng from the side, Blackie became shocked. It had already been troublesome just facing the Kobold Chieftain. Now that Shi Feng had fallen back to Level 0, how could they fight it?

"Relax. Use the Smoke Bombs to clear off the small mobs first. Leave the Kobold Chieftain to me." Shi Feng called up the Attribute Panel, placing all 6 Free Attribute Points into Agility. His Agility had reached 20 points exactly, activating [Fast And Nimble]. Shi Feng was very eager to test his sword on the Kobold Chieftain.

Character: Ye Feng (Human)

Affiliated Kingdom: Star-Moon

Title: Might Of A Thousand

Job: Swordsman

Level: 0

HP: 460/460

Attack Power: 72

Defense: 4

Attack Speed: 10

Movement Speed: 8

Attributes: Strength 24, Agility 20, Endurance 22, Intelligence 13, Wisdom 13

System: Strength has reached 20 points. Activating Hidden Basic Skill, [Smashing Fists]. Able to destroy Trash Weapons with bare hands.

System: Endurance has reached 20 points. Activating Hidden Basic Skill, [Robust Physique].

Along with the activation of the Hidden Basic Skills for Strength and Endurance, Shi Feng could now utilize the full potential of his current body. He was no longer a three-second hero.

Although he was Level 0, his current Attack Power and Attributes were far above that of when he was Level 3. His HP was even more awesome. It wasn't any worse than a Level 5 Shield Warrior's HP. Not to mention Shi Feng still had a bunch of high-level Skills. He could definitely fight it out with the Kobold Chieftain.

While Shi Feng was getting used to his body, Blackie had cleared all of the Kobolds in the surrounding areas, leaving behind only the Kobold Chieftain.

"Wait for me to pull aggro, then you can start madly attacking." Shi Feng instructed. Taking a step forward, Shi Feng rushed towards the Kobold Chieftain.

Wind Blade!

In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng had arrived in front of the Kobold Chieftain. The Kobold Chieftain had yet to react before two streaks of black light slashed at its neck. Suddenly, blood splashed from its neck, causing the Kobold Chieftain to scream in pain. Two frightening damages appeared above its head.

-63, -128...

The Kobold Chieftain finally reacted. However, just as it lifted its giant ax, another sword flash passed through an unprotected area of its body.


Another -105 damage appeared on the Kobold Chieftain. The power of a Level 4 Chop was shocking.

When the giant ax landed on the ground, it created a large crater. However, Shi Feng had long since retreated and followed up by using a Level 4 Thundering Flash.

Three streaks of violent thunder passed through the Kobold Chieftain's gigantic body, creating damages of -84, -101, -123.

Shi Feng had taken over 600 HP away from the Kobold Chieftain after just a single exchange. The might of the Famed Sword, the Abyssal Blade even shocked Shi Feng himself.

Blackie, who stood a distance away, was even more dumbfounded.

Chapter 18 - Nine Dragons Slash

The Kobold Chieftain became enraged when he was dealt the heavy damage by Shi Feng's surprise attack. The blood that leaked from its wound became its stimulant.

The Kobold Chieftain raised its giant ax, bombarding Shi Feng with one attack after another.

The Kobold Chieftain could not react appropriately towards Shi Feng's previous surprise attack. It could only instinctively attack, so its attacks were aggressive.

Against the wild attacks of the Kobold Chieftain, even a Level 5 Shield Warrior or Guardian Knight would die within an instant.

Shi Feng could only retreat under such intense attacks. He did not have any chance to retaliate. He also needed to dodge the incoming rubble the size of fists. If they hit him, it would cause quite an amount of damage.

A man and a beast exchanged moves at high speeds. If it were an average man, he most likely would not be able to make a single move. He would be halved by the giant ax, becoming very much dead.

"Blackie, hurry and attack it. I can't hold on for much longer."

Shi Feng had been dodging for a whole seven or eight seconds now. When he saw Blackie, having yet to attack, he shouted loudly.

They were currently facing a Chieftain Boss, not a little Elite. The attack patterns of a Chieftain Boss were not as monotonous as an Elite's;it had a variety of attacks. The Chieftain Boss was a monster that possessed intelligence. It would even change its attack pattern for specific players. Couple that with a strength that was two to three times that of a normal Elite, the Chieftain Boss was stronger than an Elite by at least four times.

Although Shi Feng had only exchanged blows with the Kobold Chieftain for seven or eight seconds, it felt like several minutes had gone by. Just from blocking attacks and the occasional counter attack had already taken over 100 HP from Shi Feng. If this situation continued, it wouldn't be long before his HP reached 0.

With the Famed Sword, Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng's Attributes were greatly increased. It allowed three Hidden Basic Skills that were most important to a melee player to be activated. With these Skills, Shi Feng was able to exhibit extraordinary attacks and dodges continuously. If he did not possess the Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng would have died long ago.

"Ah, I'll come help you, Brother Feng." Blackie realized his mistake as he finally reacted. He hurriedly waved his staff, his mouth chanting a curse. After aiming at the Kobold Chieftain, he shot a Dark Arrow.

The Dark Arrow landed on the Kobold Chieftain's body, only dealing 17 points of damage.

Blackie's mouth became wide open after seeing this damage. He couldn't help becoming astonished by a Chieftain monster's Defense. Blackie could cause over 50 damage if he attacked a Level 5 monster, however, it was only a third of that amount now. It could be seen how shocking a Chieftain monster's Defense was. On the other hand, Shi Feng could deal over a hundred damage in a hit. What kind of Attack Power was that?

Shi Feng abruptly slashed the Abyssal Blade in mid-battle.


A black light dug itself through a gap in the Kobold Chieftain's attack.

Peng! Shi Feng took three steps backward before stabilizing his body, over 30 damage appearing above his head. On the other hand, only the Kobold Chieftain's giant ax was pushed back, pausing slightly in midair.

"It worked. It seems like my Strength is just barely enough." Shi Feng was very satisfied with the attack this time.

During battles within God's Domain, not only could players defend and dodge, but they could also interrupt a monster's attack;this would cause the monster's attack to stop briefly, ending the monster's offensive. It was a high-leveled battle technique. Such techniques only started becoming popular half a year after God's Domain's opening, especially in Boss battles. If the MT (main tank) did not learn such techniques, the end-result would be a party-wipe. This was because there were no players capable of blocking a Boss' crazed and continuous attacks.

The Kobold Chieftain's momentary pause had caused it to reveal a weak point.

Shi Feng rushed in without hesitation. Gathering all his strength into his hand, Shi Feng gripped the Abyssal Blade tightly and continuously struck the Kobold Chieftain.

Four streaks of sword light hit the unarmored parts of the Kobold Chieftain.

With the damage amplification effect, Shi Feng's attack instantly took to 300 HP away from the Kobold Chieftain. Adding in Blackie's attack, the Kobold Chieftain only had little over 900 HP remaining.

"Ao! Ao! Ao!" The Kobold Chieftain started going into a frenzy. It threw its giant ax to a side, pulling out two machetes from its waist.

The change in weapons caused the Kobold Chieftain's attack patterns to change.

If the Kobold Chieftain was a Berserker when he held the giant ax, then after wielding the pair of blades, the Kobold Chieftain was a dual-wielding Swordsman. The Kobold Chieftain now combined Strength with Agility, no longer just using violence to oppress its opponent.

The attack pattern of the pair of blades was no longer monotonous. The Kobold Chieftain's attack speed had a large increase as well. Just after Shi Feng dodged one of the blades, the other came following behind. Shi Feng hurriedly used the Abyssal Blade to block it.

Dazzling sparks were created when the blade and sword intersected with each other. Shi Feng's entire person was sent flying away.

When Shi Feng was still in midair, he saw the Kobold Chieftain leaping with all its might, it's machete raised high for a frontal assault.

"Is it going all out?" Shi Feng was shocked, hurriedly using...



The Abyssal Blade blocked the machete. However, Shi Feng was like a meteorite as he fell heavily to the ground. Shi Feng had thought the Kobold Chieftain's attack to be over. However, as it fell from the sky, its twin blades plunged downwards as well, with Shi Feng's chest as their target.

Shi Feng was unable to move to dodge the attack.

"Phantom Kill!"

Instantly, a doppelganger of Shi Feng appeared 3 yards away from him. With lightning speed, Shi Feng swapped places with his doppelganger.

When the Kobold Chieftain landed, both its blades stabbed into the doppelganger's chest. The doppelganger's HP madly fell, over 300 HP disappearing within an instant.

Just as the Kobold Chieftain revealed an excited smile, Shi Feng appeared behind its back. The Abyssal Blade in his hand was also letting out a faint black glow.

Nine Dragons Slash!

Nine phantoms of the Abyssal Blade appeared, silently floating in midair and circling Shi Feng.

Although Shi Feng could not completely control all nine swords, using the nine of them for a simple attack was not a problem.


Nine Abyssal Blades danced as if they were playful sprites, continuously penetrating the Kobold Chieftain's body.

Small values that were just over -10 continuously appeared on the Kobold Chieftain's head. Although the damage was very low, the quantity was high. Including Shi Feng's Chop and normal attacks, the Kobold Chieftain's HP fell close to 500 HP.

Seeing the Kobold Chieftain wanting to turn around, Shi Feng did not dare give it any chance for a counterattack. Immediately, Shi Feng used Abyssal Bind. The Kobold Chieftain could not move for 3 seconds, and its Defense was reduced by 100%.

In a battle, where even blinking would get you killed, three seconds was enough to change the results.

The Kobold Chieftain could not move after being bound by the pitch-black chains which came from the Abyssal Blade. The nine Abyssal Blades continued attacking without stop, creating damages of over -20 with each hit. The Kobold Chieftain's HP madly fell, leaving it with only around 200 HP within a moment.

"Awoo!" The Kobold Chieftain bellowed as it became thoroughly berserk, its body size becoming two-folds larger.

Shi Feng watched as the 3 seconds passed by. The Kobold Chieftain's strength was no joke after becoming completely berserk. Its strength had increased by at least 30%.

However, all of Shi Feng's attacks and lifesaving skills were still on cooldown.

As if having seen through Shi Feng's distress, the Kobold Chieftain's face revealed a mocking expression. Two large blades came crashing towards Shi Feng, their speeds like that of flying arrows.

At the moment of life and death, Shi Feng noticed a Kobold miner respawning from the corner of his eyes.

Immediately, Shi Feng activated Gravity Liberation, followed by Wind Blade.

With lightning speed, Shi Feng dodged the chop from the twin blades and rushed towards the Kobold miner's front.

"Ao! Ao! Ao!" When the Kobold Chieftain saw the near-death Shi Feng actually dodging its attack, its strong legs abruptly stomped on the ground, pushing it straight towards Shi Feng.

Blackie felt chills down his back as he watched Shi Feng fighting. Regardless, his mouth never stopped chanting curses, sending out one Dark Arrow after another. However, the Kobold Chieftain's speed was too fast, trying to hit it was just too hard. Fortunately, there was more than a 20-yard distance between the Kobold Chieftain and Shi Feng. The Kobold Chieftain would still need some time to catch up to Shi Feng. Within this period, Shi Feng might even be able to kill off the Kobold Chieftain with the nine phantoms of the Abyssal Blade.

However, both Shi Feng and Blackie had underestimated the Kobold Chieftain's explosive strength. Not only were its Strength and Defense greatly increased, even its Agility had a great increase.

It only took 2 seconds for the Kobold Chieftain to reach over 20 yards.

The Kobold Chieftain lifted its twin blades, strongly slashing it down.

The Kobold miner in front of Shi Feng was split into two, and a rain of blood fell 5 yards around it. This slash had closely brushed past Shi Feng's cheek, nearly taking his life away.

Seeing the Kobold Chieftain preparing to slash down its other blade, Shi Feng strongly raised the Abyssal Blade in his hand. Three streaks of thunder penetrated the Kobold Chieftain's body, taking away its last remaining 130 HP.

Seeing the Kobold Chieftain finally fall, Shi Feng let loose a breath of relief.

The Chieftain monster is truly too strong. Even if Shi Feng came here at Level 5 fully equipped with Bronze Equipment, he would still be a goner. He could only kill it due to luck. Compared to a Level 2 Thundering Flash, the Level 4 Thundering Flash only had a cooldown of 24 seconds. The cooldown had finished just in time, allowing Shi Feng to escape death.

System: Level 5 Kobold Chieftain killed. Level difference of 5. EXP obtained increased by 500%. Obtained 2350 EXP.

Shi Feng immediately rose to 76% of Level 1.

System: Congratulations for becoming the first player to kill a Chieftain monster. Kobold Chieftain's item drop increased by 200%. Reputation in Star-Moon Kingdom increased by 10 points.

Suddenly, the Kobold Chieftain's body started expanding. Its size continued increasing until its body exploded with a boom, scattering a pile of items all over the floor.


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