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Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 118-119


Chapter 118-119

Chapter 118 - Another Road to Wealth

Receiving Aqua Rose's invitation, Shi Feng nodded his head in agreement.

In any case, he was bound to have to cooperate with the large Guilds in Blackwing City. So, instead of choosing Bloodthirsty War God and Guilds of similar influence, it would be much better for him to choose the more famous and more influential, Twilight Echo, with which to cooperate.

Moreover, Aqua Rose was a very well-renowned name. She was not a girl who prioritized profits, but more friendly relationships.

In Shi Feng's previous life, one of Aqua Rose's close friends was targeted by a first-rate Guild. The first-rate Guild in question wanted to kill her friend back to Level 0 no matter what, and they even wanted her friend to hand out all of her precious items. In order to aid her friend, Aqua Rose had unhesitatingly declared war with that first-rate Guild. As a result, both Guilds incurred massive damage, and Twilight Echo's overall strength was greatly reduced, becoming only an ordinary first-rate Guild from then on.If a person prioritized profit over friendship, then they would never have done such a damaging action just to help a friend. However, Aqua Rose had done it.Aqua Rose's friend became extremely touched because of Aqua Rose's actions, becoming one of the fierce generals of Twilight Echo. In the end, Aqua Rose's friend, Unyielding Ice, had even become a Tier 6 Mage God, turning Twilight Echo into a tyrannic existence in God's Domain.

With Aqua Rose's personality guaranteed, Shi Feng felt much more assured at cooperating with her.

"I know a good restaurant up ahead. Let's have a chat over there," after Shi Feng agreed to her invitation, Aqua Rose revealed a faint smile. She then guided Shi Feng towards the restaurant.

After Shi Feng and Aqua Rose departed, Egoistic Blade curled his lips in disdain, sourly saying, "Does he think he's amazing just because he has some money? He's just a wealthy spindrift. Sooner or later, I'll definitely be richer than him."

Hearing Egoistic Blade saying so, Lonely Goose and the others could not help but look at him in disdain. Shi Feng was already having discussions of cooperation in Blackwing City with Aqua Rose. Based on Shi Feng's formidable wealth and special status, he would definitely become an influential figure in Blackwing City in the very near future. Shi Feng was not someone that Egoistic Blade could compare to.

In fact, Egoistic Blade himself knew this truth. He was only speaking to ease the pain in his heart.

Red Rose High Class Restaurant: It was one of the few upper class restaurants in Blackwing City. Just the NPCs that were guarding the restaurant's entrance were already Level 180 Tier 2 Jobs. Moreover, the delicacies served here were of absolute perfection. Even if the food served was just a virtual object, eating it would give one an unspeakable sense of satisfaction. However, the average player would definitely not have the courage to dine at this place. That was because just a random cup of tea already cost over a dozen Silver Coins.Inside a luxurious private room on the fourth floor of the restaurant building, Aqua Rose had casually ordered a few of the most expensive teas available. She sat down quietly, staring at Shi Feng, completely unfazed at spending more than 30 Silver Coins on just beverages.

"Whatever sorts of cooperation you have in mind, just speak. It would feel extremely awkward if you just keep staring at me like that." Looking at Aqua Rose's smiling expression as she stared at him, Shi Feng started inwardly getting the chills."Pardon me;I was just very curious about you. I never imagined that the famous Chief Forger of Star-Moon Kingdom would actually be such a matured and composed man like you. Originally, I had even thought that the Chief Forger would be some quirky old man in his fifties or sixties," Aqua Rose smiled."I didn't know that Miss Aqua would be so interested in Forging. Could it be, Miss Aqua wishes to recruit me into your Guild?" Shi Feng drank a mouthful of the black tea served, smiling faintly.

Shi Feng did not feel anything out of the ordinary from Aqua Rose knowing his identity as a Forger. After all, the name of Black Flame had become relatively huge now. As long as one made a quick search on the internet, they would be able to find plenty of related information.

Aqua Rose shook her head, softly saying, "No. I know that Master Black Flame's ambition is not that small. Hence, I do not have such an intention. I only wish to purchase a few Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs, and also some equipment made by Master Black Flame. For example, a Secret-Silver Weapon such as the Silver Dawn. In addition, I wish to make a long-term purchase of Gold Coins from Master Black Flame. Naturally, I would buy the Coins at 20% above the market price. I wonder how Master Black Flame feels about all of this?"

"There won't be a problem with selling you the Forging Designs and equipment. However, I can only say that I am helpless about the sale of Gold Coins. Moreover, I have an additional condition myself," Shi Feng said after some thought.If Aqua Rose was willing to purchase his items in bulk, then it would naturally be a good thing. It was especially true for the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design. Selling that item was no different than carrying out daylight robbery. Furthermore, Shi Feng could also utilize Twilight Echo to purchase some items for him. As for the Gold Coins, Shi Feng had no intentions of selling them.

"Master Black Flame, please speak. If it is something that we, Twilight Echo, can carry out, we will definitely do so," Aqua Rose joyfully said as she saw Shi Feng agreeing to her conditions."I need various types of ores and stones. You should know that a lot of ores and materials are required to forge equipment. With the influence of Twilight Echo, I deem that it should be very easy for you all to purchase a large number of ores, right? In addition, I also require the entry pass for Blackwing City. If I cannot frequently come to Blackwing City, I would also be unable to conduct trade with you all," Shi Feng calmly said."At this point, Master Black Flame can rest assured. I can obtain as many ores for you as you want. Moreover, their prices will definitely be cheap. As for the entry pass to Blackwing City, even if Master Black Flame does not mention it, we will definitely prepare them for you." Hearing Shi Feng's request, Aqua Rose's smile became even more dazzling.

Twilight Echo's location was situated in the Storm Empire. The Storm Empire was a giant at ore production. Hence, the quantity of ores available was extremely high, while their prices were extremely cheap. It would be a very easy task for Twilight Echo to obtain a large amount of ores and stones for forging. Moreover, they could also earn a large sum of money from selling the ores and other materials.

Shi Feng naturally knew why Aqua Rose was so cheerful.

Star-Moon Kingdom was unlike the Storm Empire. Its geography was situated on flatlands;hence, the amount of ores available was very little, while their prices were extremely high. Hence why Shi Feng wanted Aqua Rose to provide him with a large amount of ores, while he would provide the equipment, making it a mutually beneficial exchange.

Moreover, if he was unable to use up the ores and materials he purchased at a low price, he could simply sell them off to the other Guilds in Star-Moon Kingdom. These Guilds all needed to nurture their own Forgers. Hence, they would need a very large amount of ores and materials. Shi Feng would not have to worry about looking for a buyer at all.

Shi Feng did not imagine that, just by making a single trip to Blackwing City, he would obtain both the items he wanted, and also another road to wealth."Let's trade the Forging Designs first, then. As for the other equipment and materials, we will trade them on another day. How about two days later?" Shi Feng's heart was constantly filled with thoughts regarding the Fellowship Party of Jin Hai University. It was only a few days before the Fellowship Party would be held. With his forging skills, if he were to put all his efforts into forging equipment in these two days, he should be able to make a large sum of money. If he took the chance to sell off ores as well, he would make even more money.If his luck was good, he might be able to obtain a good harvest from the Fellowship Party.

"Master Black Flame, you too should know that God's Domain has only recently started its operation, so every Guild is slightly tight on Gold Coins. Can we perhaps conduct the trade with both Gold Coins and Credits? If we can conduct the trade in this way, Master Black Flame, I will purchase as many Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs as you possess," Aqua Rose said in a slightly embarrassed tone.

"Oh dear…"

Shi Feng pretended to sigh, showing a troubled expression. Seeing this, Aqua Rose became slightly panicked.

Right now, every large Guild was tight on Gold Coins, and though they wished to purchase them in bulk, it was an extremely difficult task. After all, God's Domain only acknowledged Coins, not Credits. Moreover, the officials of God's Domain had also declared that they would not activate the mechanics of exchanging Credits to Gold Coins. Instead, they only conducted the exchange of Gold Coins to Credits.

Regarding the selling price of the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs, Aqua Rose had previously conducted an investigation. Each Forging Design was sold at around 3 Gold Coins. If she was to use only Gold Coins to conduct the exchange, she would at most be able to buy four to five pieces. However, after purchasing them, the Gold Coins spent would greatly affect the development of her Guild.Yet, looking at Shi Feng's appearance, he did not seem to be very lacking in Credits. If she had to trade in only Gold Coins, then she would truly be left helpless.

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Chapter 119 - God's Domain Upgraded

"Miss Aqua, I wonder in what ratio you wish to trade at?" Shi Feng let out a dry cough, softly saying.If it was the Shi Feng of before, he would not have minded fully selling the Forging Designs for Credits. However, it was a different story now.

Although Credits were extremely important to Shi Feng, the value of Gold Coins right now was similarly huge. It was especially true after Shi Feng had come to Blackwing City. All the good items sold here had astronomical prices. Moreover, the NPCs here only accepted Gold Coins, running a "no money, no talk" policy."If possible, 2% Gold Coins and 98% Credits. What do you think, Master Black Flame?" Aqua Rose's curved eyelashes flickered as she spoke in an embarrassed tone.After all, the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs were just too expensive. Moreover, she intended to buy a large amount of them. Even if she were to pay just 10% of the price in Gold Coins, Twilight Echo might not be able to handle it.

Shi Feng nearly spat out the tea he was drinking after hearing her offer.

Paying 2% in Gold Coins meant that, for a transaction worth 100 Gold, Shi Feng would only receive 2 Gold, while receiving the remaining 98% in Credits. Although Shi Feng was not trying to be petty, wasn't this amount a little too low?

"Miss Aqua, after arriving at Blackwing City, you should know that the items sold here will be of great help to us. However, the items here are just too expensive. In addition, the Auction House would often sell top-tier items. The value of Gold Coins goes without saying. The ratio for Gold Coins you offered is truly not enough. At the very least, it should be at 10%," Shi Feng unhurriedly said."I know that I am troubling Master Black Flame. However, Twilight Echo is truly unable to bring out that many Gold Coins. If Master Black Flame is willing to reduce the ratio down to 5%, I am willing to pay out an additional 20% in Credits. I wonder if that would be possible?" Aqua Rose was similarly helpless. However, the Coins in God's Domain were simply too valuable. Even the Coins obtained by the money-farming teams of Twilight Echo, which consisted of 3,000 players, was not enough to support the Guild's expenditure. Although Twilight Echo was constantly expanding the size for the money-farming teams, from beginning to end, the amount obtained was never enough. Otherwise, Aqua Rose would not be bargaining ceaselessly with Shi Feng.Shi Feng entered a deep thought.The 5% was very close to his bottom-line already. Moreover, Aqua Rose was willing to pay an additional 20% in Credits. To Shi Feng, this was an extremely attractive proposition. Currently, 1 Silver Coin was priced at 100 Credits. It could be said that the value of Coins was the highest at this moment. At the very minimum, their trade would be worth at least 50 Gold Coins. An additional 20% would be the equivalent of over 90,000 Credits, after tax. It was already a large amount.

"Alright, we'll go with 5%, then. How many pieces of the Forging Design does Miss Aqua wish to buy?" Shi Feng nodded his head, asking.Aqua Rose stretched out five of her delicate fingers.

"Five pieces, is it?" Shi Feng could not help but be startled.

After a half a day's worth of discussion, she only wanted five pieces? Was she toying with him?

Aqua shook her head at Shi Feng's words.

"It can't be 50 pieces, right?" Shi Feng was shocked. If all 50 pieces were sold at an additional 20% based on the market price, then each piece would be priced at 3 Gold Coins. Fifty pieces would be 150 Gold Coins!Just thinking about it was enough to cause Shi Feng to be excited. He didn't think that Aqua Rose would have such a big appetite, making a 150 Gold transaction amount. This had far exceeded his initial estimates.Just within moments, Shi Feng was able to earn several millions of Credits. With this amount of money, he would have much more confidence when attending the Fellowship Party. After all, if one wanted to develop their influence, money was an absolute necessity."No, I want 500 pieces. I wonder if Master Black Flame has that many pieces?" Aqua Rose brightly smiled. It was as if she was not buying Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs, but a stack of plain paper.

"Miss Aqua, are you sure you wish to buy 500 pieces? You should know that the price for such an amount is not a joke," Shi Feng verified once more. He could not help but admit that Aqua Rose frightened him.

With this many pieces of Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs, it was sufficient to provide for the needs of more than a dozen Guilds. Twilight Echo would absolutely be unable to use all of them."Master Black Flame, I am very sure of it. However, with such a large transaction, I too have an additional condition," Aqua Rose said with a mysterious smile."Speak," Shi Feng said.

"Within Blackwing City, your Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs are only allowed to be sold to us, Twilight Echo. Moreover, with such a large transaction, even if only 5% of it would be traded in Gold Coins, that would still be 75 Gold Coins. I can only pay all these Gold Coins in installments. Of course, the first payment would be 10 Gold Coins. Afterward, I will make sure to pay off the debt within a month. I wonder if you can be satisfied with that?" Aqua Rose said.

After hearing Aqua Rose speak, Shi Feng immediately understood her intentions. This girl intended to purchase his Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs to resell them to the other Guilds. That way, she too would be able to earn a ton.Shi Feng similarly understood the reason for Aqua Rose's sincerity. Furthermore, he was not a petty person himself. He immediately said in a generous tone, "Alright, and since you are buying that many pieces, you only need to pay 10 Gold Coins. The remainder you can just pay it all off in Credits."

It would be fine as long as he could sell off the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs. As for who he sold them to, it did not matter that much. He wouldn't be envious of Aqua Rose either.Aqua Rose's connections were much, much wider than his own.

Being able to sell that many pieces of the Forging Designs, and at an even higher price, would all be due to Aqua Rose's own ability. On the other hand, Shi Feng did not possess such an ability, so why should he bother himself with these matters? He would be satisfied as long as he could earn all the money possible for him to earn from the Forging Designs.

Following which, Shi Feng searched for a lounge, spending more than two hours in it to make over 600 pieces of Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs. Yet, even after making so many of them, his cost did not even exceed 2 Silver Coins. This way of earning money was literally quicker than robbing an NPC Bank.

Shi Feng passed 500 pieces of the Forging Designs to Aqua Rose, receiving 10 Gold Coins in return. At the same time, Aqua Rose immediately deposited 17.88 million Credits into Shi Feng's account. In addition to the Credits Shi Feng earned previously, he now had over 18 million Credits in his bank account. Shi Feng had become a millionaire within an instant.Shi Feng nearly fainted from the rush of joy he felt.Originally, Shi Feng had thought that it would be fortunate if he was able to earn a few million Credits in the following few days. Now, however, he had earned nearly 18 million Credits in an instant. In a few more days, that amount might even rise to 20 million. Although it was not enough to put him on the same level as the young masters of large corporations, it was still enough for him to compete with Shadow at the Fellowship Party. Moreover, he would be able to establish a high quality Workshop quickly.

Aqua Rose became overjoyed when she received the 500 pieces of Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs. With Twilight Echo's influence, she would definitely be able to sell out all of the Forging Designs, earning a large sum of Gold Coins. The speed at which she earned Gold Coins would be several hundred times faster than that of the money-farming teams. With this many Gold Coins, the development of the Guild would definitely rise greatly. Who would be able to compete with Twilight Echo from then on?"Master Black Flame, let's set our next transaction to be at three days later, then. At that time, I will bring you the various ores that you require. Also, please don't forget to bring more Weapons and Equipment. I want as many as you have."

"Alright, you won't be disappointed."

After the two of them finished their trade, both promptly departed from Blackwing City, returning to their own respective countries to make preparations.

At that moment, the sky in Red Leaf Town was growing dimmer. The players outside the Town were all starting to return. After dark, the monsters in the wild would have their strength increased by 20%. Moreover, their numbers would greatly increase. If a player had the misfortune of being wrapped up like a dumpling by the monsters, dying back to Town, then that would be a true tragedy.

After returning to Red Leaf Town, originally, Shi Feng had intended to investigate the situation at the Auction House. He wanted to know why exactly the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs were being so well-received.

However, the color of the sky suddenly changed. The azure colored sky turned rainbow-colored. It was a magnificent sight, which bewitched a person's mind. Immediately after, the entire sky had let out an overwhelming sound that resounded throughout the entire God's Domain.

System Announcement: Emergency notice! Emergency notice!

System Announcement: God's Domain will be undergoing a system upgrade. The system upgrade will require 12 real-life hours. May all players please logout of the game within 10 minutes.System Announcement: God's Domain will be undergoing a system upgrade. The system upgrade will require 12 real-life hours. May all players please logout of the game within 10 minutes.System Announcement: God's Domain will be undergoing a system upgrade. The system upgrade will require 12 real-life hours. May all players please logout of the game within 10 minutes.

A series of four consecutive System Announcement resounded throughout the entirety of God's Domain. Countless players were shaken by the sight and sound coming from the sky, all of them starting a discussion over it. They did not understand just what had happened to God's Domain. Why was there a need for such a sudden upgrade to the System?"Just what is happening here? Why is God's Domain evolving so quickly?" Shi Feng's brows creased into a bundle after hearing the System Announcement. According to his memories, God's Domain's first upgrade would only happen at least a month later. Right now, God's Domain evolving was bad news to Shi Feng.

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