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Reincarnation ~ From The Upper World To The Lower World - Chapter 59


Chapter 59 Reward

The enemies are close. I should have already been in their range of their arrows. That said, they still hadn't shoot yet, so maybe they're waiting until I'm closer for a sure kill. However, I have no obligation to wait until they start their attacks, so allow me to be the one who make the first move.

I closed the distance little by little. I told the knight to stay with Claire and the others as he would just get in the way. Just as according to the plan given by Claire and Diabell, I starts my attack.

The number of enemies shown on the Map is around 30? I guess no matter how much the Prince's faction pay they would not be able to dispatch all the knights just for this, so instead the hired assassin consist of adventurers and the mercenary type. Then it means the other party won't necessarily do a frontal attack, as there's a possibility that they'll use special tactics like using magics. I should take note of that.

The geographical features in front of me allows people to hide at both the left and right side. It's a convenient thing that they're hiding in a dry and easy to burn place. First lets smoke them out of the hiding place. The moment I hardened the image of fireball so surround me, arrows came flying from where the enemies had been hiding.

They're really going for the kill, but tough luck for them. We're already prepared for that. Immediately before the rain of arrows struck me, the arrows changed directions. It's the power of Diabell's Wind Spirit.

And then my magic had been completed even before the arrows came. Multiple small fireball appeared and fly over towards the left and right of the forest.


The originally dry areas rapidly burns, and the enemy who were on fire came out rolling on the ground. By watching the battle of the female wizard in the dungeon, I have now learned a variety of new magics to try. I could apply them with my attack. Although I've managed to kill several people with my previous attack, there's still many enemies outside the range of my attack that came rushing to attack us. However I shouted before they arrived.

’’The ring is with me! Try to defeat me if you want it!’’ (Est)

I take the ring out of my pocket and raise it above my head when I said that. With this their aim will be only on me. Now then, from here it's the crucial moment. The enemies that are still alive changed their target to only me, and all came towards me shouting while swinging their swords.

Claire used her Spread Shot to stop the enemies, but one of them used his own body as a meat shield to block the attacks on his companion. The arrows came flying in an instant as it stabbed into his body.

’’Wha!?’’ (Claire)

Claire leaks out her surprise as the enemy blocked her attacks in an unexpected ways. To be honest I'm as surprised as she is. They're fine dying as long as they completed the mission――I guess as expected of Assassin?

There's still half of the enemies remaining. They're already near, so it's time to use the wide range Lightning magic. Although I've managed to defeat lots of them by raining down lightning, it seems that there's also enemy that had countermeasure against lightning among them. Not to mention the enemies that I have decreased by half started closing in on me without stopping.

’’Tch!’’ (Est)

His attacks is quite fast. I guess as expected of high level adventurer, this one might be specialized in speed. He swings a dagger instead of using long heavy sword. Even if there's level differences,sword and shield alone cant block too many people. I desperately fight back with my sword and shield. I shifted my body to avoid the attacks that slipped my defense aiming for my vitals. The enemy's sword slipped past my armor making some sound.

I fought pretty well considering the limit of me being alone. I pierced one while paying attention to the sword of the other one, and then one person rushed forward while thrusting his sword. ’’Give me your life!’’ he said, he would have looked good in a gangster movie. I'm planning to avoid his thrust at my torso, but the moment the blade almost reached me, something hit him and blew him to the side.


When I look there, a huge golem made of soil stood behind the enemies while swinging it's fist. That should be the Earth Spirit that Diabell had summoned. As their movements suddenly stopped from being distracted by the golem, The arrows that Claire shoot pierced one after another. With that another three is down.

One person dashed forward trying to end the battle, and without caring about the wound done by me, he held my blade down with his body. Even when it digs into his meat until blood flows, he clings to my sword without caring about the pain. It's going to be dangerous for me if he keeps on holding my weapon――I tried to throw away my sword and take some distance, the companion of the one who hold my sword didn't miss the chance to swing his sword at me. However, someone blocked that sword from the side. It's the previous knight. I'm slightly surprised since I didn't expect that at all.

The last person fell unconscious after a flying stone hit him in the head. Shallie pushed out her chest looking proud. Great control there, Shallie. When I wave my hand saying it's safe now, she jumped up and down being delighted.

Although there's still enemies that are moving, they just groans unable to fight at all. With this you can consider that their attack failed. I can safely deliver the ring now. Everyone approached me to confirm my safety. I bow to the knight to say my thanks.

’’You really helped me there. Thank you very much.’’ (Est)

I guess he's confused with my bow, but although he's a little bit surprised, he answered while being shy.

’’There's no need for the bow. Thanks to you the princess's position is now saved. It's natural that I would help.’’

He turned back trying to hide his shyness. Fumu, although he kind of give a haughty attitude as a first impression, he might not be that bad of a man on the inside. However, the inside of his head is too simple.

There's no more enemy attacks afterwards, so we managed to arrived at the castle safely. The prince's faction might have already used all of their available forces. We managed to enter the castle gate smoothly without any interference, and then advanced into the castle. The knight that went with us leads us to Chronoire's private room, and after he knocks 3 times and used a strange code, the door finally opened after the sounds of many keys removed. The face of the other guard who should be either of the Marcus or Lucius came out.

’’So you're safe Lucius. So, did you get the ring?’’

So the one with us is Lucius huh? So that would mean he's Marcus. Marcus said that while looking between Lucius and me.

’’The ring is secured. The adventurer here has it.’’ (Lucius)

’’Ooh! You've done well. Now, come inside. The princess is waiting.’’ (Marcus)

Marcus said that with a smile and invite us in. I thought he could only frowns, but I entered while feeling impressed that he can also laughed, and sitting inside is Chronoire in her battle attire. the princess going to war? Or perhaps you felt the danger for your life? But thinking about the circumstances it should be the latter.

’’Everyone! You have returned. And you have also secured the ring! You are indeed trustworthy adventurers.’’ (Chronoire)

It seems that she's really moved as she took each of our hand to give her thanks. This isn't so bad I guess. It's worth all that hard work looking at how pleased she is. When I take out the ring from my pocket, I held it towards Chronoire.

’’This is the ring that you asked. Please accept it. Will the request be complete with this?’’ (Est)

Chronoire receives the ring from me, and after looking at it with deep emotion, she hold it on her chest to cherish it.

’’Of course. It is insufficient no matter how many times I thanked you. Here's the remaining 100 gold I promised. Please confirm it.’’ (Chronoire)

I received the bad that Marcus give to us and confirmed the insides. The gold coins is tightly packed inside, it should be around 100 pieces. It's hard to think the royal family would cheat with this kind of request fee, so since it's unpleasant to count the total here, let's just accept it.

’’I've received it. Then I guess we'll part ways now.’’ (Est)

’’Please wait. I still want you to lend me your power.’’ (Chronoire)

Chronoire stopped us when we tried to leave. ...It seems that this won't end smoothly. I want to leave this formal place as soon as possible, and I really wanna go take a bath slowly, but I guess that's not possible.

’’After this I will went to meet with His Majesty and present this ring. His Majesty will then nominate the next emperor right there on the spot. Since my elder brother will also be called there, I want you to act as my guard.’’ (Chronoire)

Fumu... It's hard to say that there's no chance that he will try to remove the emperor and the princess at the same time on the last day. Although the remaining fighting forces of the prince's faction had been reduced, it's still going to be hard if the one there are only Lucius and Marcus. Since I can't really bail now that I've gone this far, shall I go see it till the end?


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