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Reincarnated Into Other World With Cheat Like Ability ~Internet Was Strongest Even In Other World - Chapter 56


Internet 56

Return and decision

With the use a gift I was able to return home

[Kouya, is that wound really ok?]

Amy seems to be worried about my right leg

[Aa, I'll heal it soon]

The relax one's guard would be foolish,If this wound is left like it is something nasty might happen, even for me

[〈hand of healing〉]

For the lack of alternative, I used the power of another gift

When I moved my hand over my leg, the wound healed instantly

I avoided using this gift because of the difficulty, but now I mildly control it, and it is also necessary

.......It might be because I used too much magic in combat because now the control is much easier

[That's great........ I have never seen recovery magic anything like this]

Amy had a surprised face

I have already become accustomed to seeing such a thing

[That magic is surely wonderful, but it doesn't seem too convenient, it might be a good idea to distribute the medicine you showed off]

[It might be so]

Now amy has a face that does not seem convinced

[Well then we should return, I am tired]

[Yes, let's go]

When I returned the the orphanage I briefly talked with lizuria and the children, then quickly returned to my room

[Kouya, you look tired, you should sleep, I will report]

[mmm......It bad. The details on about the heroes are recorded on this here, use it to report to the others]

[Ok. I understand]

Saying so I passed the voice recorder to amy

I then went into my room and jumped into bed

Since it has been a long time since I last fought my body feels heavy

Though I can still move, but there is no reason to overwork here

So I decided to depend on Amy's word

I was on my bed fighting the tiredness, but in the end it got me

Then I was in a dream

I cannot move, but I am back to being a child, meeting my grandfather

Perhaps this is my memory from the past

[Let's go! Old man!]

In a high pitch voice I shouted that

[ha ha ha! I'm coming my foolish pupil]

My grand father with a uniform on returned with his arms folded

He is much older than 60 but he still appears youthful

I hold a magic sword and charge at him

[How naive! Foolish pupil!]

He catches my sword with one hand and extends his free one

[Rope of darkness, Darkness bind]

A black thread entangled around and movement was completely stopped

[I will purify it!]

Grandfather then jumped up high in the air

With magic forming in his hands

[South shrin style secret art, Element strike!]

It turned into a giant orb with many different magical attributes mixed and then it was thrown down to the ground

The orb did not hit me who was a child, perhaps that was on purpose

However, even the aftereffect is larg


Of course I could not move out of the way so I was hit

This will probably end with many broken bones

[Your training is still not enough]

Grandfather then healed my wounds with magic

[Damn old man!]

Even if the wounds are healed the strength will not be the same

I as a child curse him and gasp for breath

[Kouya, you are naive, if you cannot recognise a dangerous situation one day you will be in an emergency and you will not know]

On my face you could see my doubt

But to the present me it sticks closely to me

[When you see an enemy you should not hesitate, go to kill and go with high spirit]

That is what grandfather said

I thought Nagisa was worthless, I underestimated him and it brought me pain

He is a summoned hero, I should have thought about it more

The other party held clear malice towards me, I should have foughtindifferently

I am infuriated by my own stupidity

Though I want to tear my head open, the dream stopped it from happening

[.........I hate it]

I was able to hear a struggling voice from somewhere

[Mr Kouya? Are you Okay!]

When I woke I was faced with the image of fina

[Ah...... fina, it's fine it was only a dream]

[Is that so?......... I was worried you had a pained expression]

[Don't worry about it, it was nothing]

To make her feel better I patted her head

I remembered I have the obligation to defend these children

The existence of nagisa is a problem no matter how you look at it

If I leave him alive it will make a harmful future

I will definitely kill him, and those who follow him

Then I decided to heal my mind with the smile of Fina


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