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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 92


Chapter 92

I went and put the slime in an armlock.

The Slime's spikes dug into my scales and pierced my muscle.

Still, I kept my arms tight around the spiky ball.

Suddenly, a crack appeared in the spikey ball's outer layer.

It seems he formed a mouth in order to speak...

’’What do you think you're doing?’’

It's a shame I don't have the ability speak in the human language, so I can't answer him.

It's not like I was going to answer anyway, though.

While holding the slime, I ran towards the cliff and started flying.

When I flew up high, I detected a weak life signature (E.N. On my sensors, in my spaceship), which I promptly looked at.

I could see a girl with orange, braided hair, holding a cane as tall as herself.

If I'm not mistaken, she is an [Elfling hyuma], and her name is Mariel.

She looked at me with her mouth wide agape.


Is she pursuing me ?

It doesn't look like it, but what else could she be doing out here?

Anyway, she is not an enemy, I understand that much.

Whatever her reason for being here, it's fine.

If she is just going to watch the fight from the sidelines, there is nothing I need to do about her.

The Black Lizard is over there too, she is looking at me while whimpering, obviously worried about me.

Ah, seems that braided girl run into each other

After all, Black Lizard is still worn out from the fight before.

There is no helping it - I'm currently living in the forest. Eventually they will send someone to subdue me, whether its the swordsman or the magician from before.

After all, [Dragon scale powder] is really a fearsome ability. However, being accustomed to life in the forest with my companions... I don't want to abandon it.

'Oi, what are you thinking, Evil Plague Dragon!', shouted the slime.

I'll ignore it and fly even higher. Midways, I felt fatigued and started to become unsteady.

The slime's needles which struck my body were retracting and extending repeatedly.

Hey slime guy, you sure you don't want to use [mana drain] or [life drain] instead?

During the flight, I felt that his actual strength is only as strong as a kid.

This is might be the highest altitude I can reach. Next, I dove straight down as fast as I could.

We are exactly above the cliff right now.

It's too late to pull back now.

I am no longer worthy of being called by the name Milla gave me, all because of this monster.

Being called by that name, seems I'll be forced to break my promise with Gregory (T.L. ???)

In this forest, in which I live with the Red Monkeys and the Black Lizard, there is no place for his slime.

'Ha! You're going to throw me to the bottom of the cliff again? It's the same move as before. Do you actually think I'm going to let you do it?'

The slime kept retracting and extending his needles, stabbing all over my body.

Damn! At this rate, my HP will drop into the danger zone.

This guy's physical attacks aren't too strong, though. I have to endure!

'In this position, you won't be able to throw me down! Sorry to disappoint you! Although If you didn't stand in my way I wouldn't have to kill you. Welp, anyways, that one time deal has expired! Thanks to this position, I can attack as much as I like! ...! I never thought after Little Rock Dragon, I could also get an Evil Plague Dragon! Don't worry, I will put all of your skill to good use! With your [Dragon scale powder], I could even destroy that little village along with the monsters around it!' said the slime proudly.

As for me, being tangled like this is also kind of lucky. My only worry - that he might try to escape - has disappeared.

That pride of his has dug his grave. I don't think there would be anyone to save him now.

'Oi, what's so funny, why're you laughing?'

As I put more strength in my grip, [Paralyzing claw] halted the slime's actions, and I continued to dive towards the cliff.

Seeing as you managed to avoid [Star drop] with a spider web, lets see how you fare against [Nutcracker], a far more direct attack.

Being pressed firmly to my body, there wouldn't be any possibility of avoiding a direct hit.

Since I flew quite high, there is also quite a distance from the bottom of the cliff.

A fall from this height would still cause severe damage, even with his damage mitigation skills.

'What! Stop!... Are you also planning to throw yourself along to the bottom of the cliff!? If that's so, not only me, but you will also receive collateral damage! Not even you will be okay if you slam towards that raging stream! Stop, Stop!...'

Certainly, the river below has an amazing, unholdable current.

Even using the slime as a cushion during the impact, the shockwave will reverberate along him and into my body. I will receive a huge damage one way or another.

Since I won't have any energy to fly afterwards, I'll just get washed away with the currents.

I won't know what will happen next.

I might die, or I might get washed to the middle of nowhere, or perhaps I'm going to be stranded nearby.

But that village won't be endangered by the slime since I already took some measure to prevent the villagers from going to the forest. That village won't need to live in a fear of an Evil Plague Dragon, too.

'Okay, okay! I admit, it's my defeat... I won't go near that village anymore - I will also leave the forest! So please...'

In the form of a ball of spikes, the slime frantically pleaded for his own life.


Like hell I'll believe that!

This guy will just return and cause disaster again, once he gained or surpassed my level of strength, if I let him live.

'No, Stop! Stooop! Stoooooop............!'

'I can't die in a place like this! Stoooop......!'

The slime got out of shape, the several mouth formed and start to speak nonsense to every direction

Ignoring it, I focused on the river below and aimed at one of the rocks visible on the river.

'Gyaaa! NOT IN THIS PLACE.!!!!'

The slime spewed his spider thread towards the wall of the cliff.

It seems he tried to reduce our falling speed by pulling us up, and reduce the falling damage we would both incur.

'Make it in time!... Make it in time!...'

When it managed to reach the wall I just used one of my claws to cut the slime's thread

(E.N. Well, that's painfully easy, isn't it?)


I changed my positioning, and pushed the slime down with both my hands towards the rock.

My HP will receive significant damage. If this attack goes well, I will be able to avoid direct impact.

Though in this position I won't be able to accelerate well, It might provide some relief for the slime. (E.N. Wait wat)

'Stop ! I will do absolutely for you to stop! I... Stop!...... No matter what! .......Whatever you want....... STOP!'

The mouths started saying various words repeatedly and randomly.

But because of that, what he actually said was inaudible to me.


T.L. (sound effect) [A big badda boom].

Now that the slime has been smashed into smithereens by me using the falling speed and my body weight, his words ceased to be heard at all.

The rock also crumbled into small pieces of debris.

My claws were cracked, and severe pain could be felt piercing me from both of my hands.

So that my body wouldn't get slammed into the rock, I used my leg to brace for the impact.

The scales on my leg shattered and I felt the bones got distorted, heavilly.

But it was worth it - I managed to repel my body into the air.

Relieved at the moment, the recoil from the slime's tentacle remained, which still stuck to my body. It pulled me towards the remnants of the rock


Because of that, I hit my head and I felt my conciousness darken.

Starting from my feet, my whole body started to get swallowed by the intense current.

The slime's remains, which stuck to my body, slowly came off.

This was the last thing I felt before I lost my conciousness.


[Start of encoded transmission, unknown sector, unknown location, unknown recipient]

This transmission is for code 'alpha-omega-epsilon'. I am evading callsign 'beta-beta-alpha'. If any federation cells are within reach, I will be availiable at the following co-ordinates [Redacted], for short bursts of information transfer that will contain some of the decoded material. This will happen every week or two from now on, I hope. to meet operational criteria, HQ must bring the new recruits up to speed, because I am not a reliable source of work for decoding these papers. My situation is far too perilous.

Find the 'bladed dragons', and any other mercenaries that will be willing to help. This war hinges on our ability to decode these documents. I would recommend initiating protocal 'XEIYSAIYEXUBF’’ [Decoding failed. Manual input nescessary].

Godspeed, gentlemen. Let not the Empire of Man devour your ambitions. We will have our freedom!

[End of transmission]


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