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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 91


Chapter 91

Slime battle: Wolf Centaur

It has the lower body of a wolf, upper body of a human.

The slime's appearance now resembles a centaur.

We stop our chase and face each other.

The slime placed his hand on his head and muttered: ’’Come over here, the three of you.’’

As if answering that call, a monster's roar could be heard.

Perhaps he used [Magic Wave Transmission] to call the reinforcements from nearby Mahaa wolves.

’’You really are persistent. You leave me with no other choice, and what's with that scary look? Are you really against me dabbling in that village? Soon, I will seek out where the lizard which escaped earlier is hiding. I've been watching the direction where she was escaping to from the start, you know?’’

This guy should never be allowed to set foot in that village. He performed the unforgivable act of instigating a dragon to lay waste to it.

Milla is in the village - I promised Gregory, too.

Moreso, this monster will gather skills and become stronger if it is left alone. Living in the same forest, it's clear that eventually we are going to be targeted.

The lives of the Black Lizard and the Red Monkeys will also be in danger.

This guy absolutely canot be allowed to roam freely in the forest.

I already tried using [Star drop] to throw him to the bottom of the cliff. Hesomehow managed to climb up using a thread like nothing happened.

He can also heal Black lizard's [special poison] since he already copied her [Detoxification] skill.

However, it doesn't mean that I have exhausted all my options.

I really don't want to do this, but it's my only choice.

’’ Guruwaa' !’’ ’’ Grooaa' !’’ ’’ Guruwaa' ! ’’

Along with the wolf howls, three eyed blue wolves appear. Those must be the Mahaa wolves that the slime called earlier.

Mahaa wolves moved to the slime's side, glaring at me. They seem to be trying to look intimidating by showing their canines and howling.

Even so, their levels aren't too high.

With that HP value, one hit with my tail should be enough to stop them.

He seems to be also aware of that fact, they are just disposable pawns in the end. The number of trouble I have to go through just increased. It seems their purpose is just to make an opening for him to attack.

Status wise, I have the advantage. However, the slime has more techniques than I do - he has some skills he hasn't used yet.

These tricky tactics are just one of his skills.

A frontal attack will shave off my HP without him needing to step in.

The Slime looked at the Mahaa wolves, and the two wolves come straight towards me.

No, they aren't charging towards me...

They split to the right and left, trying to outflank me.

They're trying to do a pincer attack. What an unpleasant turn of events.

I don't have much HP left.

The Slime is tough enough to beat me alone, I can't afford to get some extra damage here.

I carefully watch both of their movements.

While waiting, the slime called the nearest Mahaawolf, and placed his hand on its forehead.

At that time, I thought he was going to take some skills from the Mahaawolf, but looking at this guy's skills, he must have done that beforehand.

His HP doen't change... that means... [Mana drain], eh?

The Slime's MP regen is much slower than his HP regen.

Not only calling minions, but he also used a bunch of other skills in battle, his MP must be running low. Upon confirmation of his status, his MP is really low.

Although it's somewhat pushing it, I should attack now.

I thrust my arm and shoot [kamaitachi] with my claw.

The target is the slime's stretched arm.

Since the distance between us is quite far, my attack is easily avoided. My main objective has been achieved, however - I managed to disrupt [Mana Drain].

I kicked the ground and flew towards the slime.

The two Mahaa wolves at my back also pursue me.

The slime and Mahaa wolves are getting closer to me from my left and right.

According to theiur movements, they want to surround me with 4 fighters.

I immediately land and keep an eye on the slime's movements.


From behind, one of the Mahaa wolves barks loudly, trying to distract my attention from the slime.

Without looking, I swung my tail toward the source of the barking.

It feels like I hit its nose with it.

I don't know if it was a decent hit, but I think it's enough to put it out of combat.

For the Mahaa wolf in front of me, I used [Dragon Punch].

The Mahaa wolf was sent flying with a 'kyain!'

That's two out - the next one should be another attack from behind.

I swiftly take a glance towards the third Mahaa wolf.

No, this is not good.

I want to get a clean blow to the mahaawolf, but also avoid showing any opening to the slime by turning my back on him.

I quickly do a 90-degrees rotation, and found four bodies of Mahaawolves in my sight.


Up until earlier, there was definitely only three Mahaa wolves!

I immediately tried to check their status, but only one mahaawolf status appeared.

Looks like when I glanced at the third mahaawolf, the slime took that chance to use his transformation skill and mixed himself in.

I quickly look at the slime which transformed into a Mahaa wolf. He looks somewhat restless being cornered this far.

At that moment, one of them tried to move to my back. It looks like they still have some plan to attack me.


While retreating a bit, I used [Paralyzing claw] to attack the wolf.

When my nail hit one of them, the Mahaa Wolf figure suddenly went out of shape, and Became translucent.

As it deforms, it formed and poked countless spikes towards me.

Both of my hands were caught in that attack.

Aside from my arms, my stomach also got pierced.

Withstanding the pain, I readied my fangs.

I swung my tail, this time hitting the third mahaawolf directly.

I glance at the fallen Mahaa wolf's body;Its face was heavily disfigured, the body from the neck below was slightly convulsing, and seemed to be almost completely crushed, while the sternum and its forefoot are clearly broken.

Although it's not dead yet, I'm certain it's in no condition to fight.

The time to counterattack is now!

The Slime's MP is now almost depleted, currently he is in front of me with the appearance of a ball of spikes.

The Mahaa wolves have been rendered powerless.

Yes, this seems to be the best chance to end this battle.

Hear me, citizens of Earth! There is a hideous plot afoot. An old evil has surfaced its ugly head, threatening the peace and prosperity of our great nation. The outdated and heretical forces which once plagued are land are on the rise, and we will not rest until our mighty country is secure from the clutches of evil!

Do not fall for their pretty words and tempting promises! They bring only death and repression!

All hail the Emperor!

~ Governor-militant Erebus, Planet-wide communications announcement.


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