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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 90


Chapter 90

The Trump Card

’’That lizard... It seems it was able to bite me...’’ said the slime, with muffled anger in its voice.

While running to the Black lizard side, I check the Slime's status.

Name: Forte Slime

Status: Alpha Poison

N曚 :27/35


玄d :24/67

All right, he has been poisoned.

The extraordinarily fast HP recovery rate has become slower.

After I get black lizard away from the fight, I'll finish him off.

Hearing my call, the Black Lizard starts to escape.

’’I won't let you run!! [Clay] [Slow]’’ [クレイ] (T.L. No idea)

A beam of Purple and Yellow light sprung towards the Lizard.

Although the purple light was slow, the yellow light was fast.

Perhaps because of the damage sustained earlier, the Black Lizard was limping and struggling to move at full speed.

Because of that, the yellow light could get up to the Black Lizard.

At that moment, the yellow light redirected itself to the Black Lizards's legs.

The ground which was hit by the light started to glow. It started to twist and change, producing spikes.

Though the Black lizard managed to not get impaled, she still needed to bounce backwards in order to avoid it.

Then the purple light hit her back.

That was the magic which that annoying tortoise used against me, the magic which lowers your agility.

The Slime charged at the Black Lizard, which was slowed considerably by the spell.

I quickly slipped in between the Slime and Black Lizard. With my claw, I slashed the

Slimes's body diagonally from shoulder to stomach

The slime, unaffected by my attack, grabbed the Black Lizard's body with his tounge.

I immediately tried to cut the extended tounge with my claws. As I attempted that, black mist was released from the Slime's mouth and enveloped the surrounding area in darkness.

There was no resistance - it seems my claws cut through the air.


Relying on intuition and senses unimpaired by the smoke, I swung my claws around.

I want to use my breath attack, but the fact that I don't know that the Lizard is safe prevents me from goping all out. I might kill her by accident.



Is he actually not going for the kill?

Does this fog have the ability to obfuscate my [Sence Presence]?

I stopped attacking, and focused on sharpening my senses.

When the black fog started to thin, I could grasp the position of the slime.


I charged to the place where the slime's presence was, and thrust my claws forward.

When I hit it, my claw was repelled.

[Tortoise carapace] again, huh?

When the black fog dissipated completely, I finally saw the Slime's form clearly.

The slime body looked more angulated compared to before, and he became more transparent, loosing his green color.

The slime was only subtly shaking without moving.

I don't know which skill he used, most likely its a skill which increases defense while abandoning movement speed.

The slime's body look hardened. The Black lizard can be seen inside the middle part of his lower body, which looks like a spider now.

Looking at her status, Black lizard's HP and MP is steadily decreasing. It is using [Health Drain] and [Mana Drain]!

[Gurugaaaa tsu]

I roared and hit the Slime's body with my claw

The wound was too shallow, the damage dealt - too low.

’’Calm down! Certainly his defense has increased, however, the hardened part now looks deformed, perhaps he can be damaged because of that.’’

He doesn't seem to have any trick to minimize the damage he receives right now, apart from his absurd defense.

[Nutcracker] is the strongest attack skill I have right now. The drawback is that it might also damage the Black Lizard.

I kicked the ground and flew with my wings to the top of the nearby tree.

Firmly aiming at the Slime's neck, I leaped.

The sound of falling trees can be heard from behind.

Using the momentum, I put my weight on my claw.

The moment it hit Slime's neck, my claws made soundsof breaking.

I passed the slime and landed nearby.

My claw is broken, the broken piece stuck deep in the ground

And the Slime's head - which I severed - lies beside it

The hard body, that is the body from the neck and below, lost its form and dissolved.

I quickly turned back, thrust my hand into the slime's body and took the Black lizard out of it

The moment I thought I had safely rescued Black lizard, the Slime's dissolved body started to form spikes and attack me.

Although I got stabbed in many places, while holding Black Lizard, I managed to outrun it to the top of the tree.

That guy, using that cheap attack, he managed to penetrate some of my scales.

[Armor piercing] skill huh ?

Really, what a nasty guy.

’’Ki shi ’’

The Black lizard looks so weak.

Looking at her status, her HP is really low.

I look to the distance and let out a small ’’gaa’’.

The Black lizard looked at me with a mortified face, convinced that she will only be a hindrance in her current condition, she jumped to the back and used [roll] to get away from the Slime as far and fast as possible.

The Slime's body transformed again.

He retracted the spikes and grew a top human half on top of a wolf's body, resembling a centaur.

Although the human body still maintain its earlier androgynous traits, on its forehead, a third eye was present.

Perhaps its supposed to be the wolf's eye, it's similar to the appearance of the Mahaa Wolves.

’’Iyaa..., that was dangerous. I was surprised a bit. I should be more cautious when fighting against an opponent which has special skills I don't recognize. I never thought there is such a dangerous ability. However, I don't need to worry anymore.’’

He closed his eyes, shook his small head to the right and left, then he look at me. Having a bad feeling, I checked his status.

Name:Forte Slime




(Jumbled) :67/67

How has he recovered against the Black Lizard's poison!?

For a brief moment, I unintetionally looked at the direction where Black lizard has escaped.

At this rate, it will be impossible to beat this Slime.

It might be necessary to call the Black Lizard for help again.

’’Oi oi, Why don't you look more carefully? Information is life you know?’’

Whether he said it to annoy me or without a reason at all, I don't know.

It doesn't hurt me to do that, though.

To find out what he is hinting at, I check the Slime's skill list.





〖Cure:Lv-〗〖受け流*:Lv-〗〖Hell scissors:Lv-〗




〖転*る:Lv-〗〖Black fog:Lv-〗〖Jewelled cage:Lv-〗

〖Death spike:Lv-〗〖水*砲:Lv-〗〖Armor piercer:Lv-〗


There is a new skill in the Slime's skill set.

There is no mistaking it - that skill is the Black Lizard's [Detoxification].

When the Black lizard was captured, he must have copied her skill, and now he can detoxify himself on his own.

Now, even the special poison won't work against this damned Slime!

Prisoner 001 has escaped! I repeat, Prisoner 001 has escaped! This is not a drill -I repeat, this is not a drill! All posts are ordered to go on high alert. The Prisoner must be brought back into informational confinement!

If he escapes... there will be reprecussions for all of you. For all of *us*.

To work, wardens! Do not fail us! The fate of this sector rests in your ability to find and restrain this criminal!

- High Commisar Chechov, speaking to the personnel of HTP-1.


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