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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 9


First Magic.

I was carrying Miria while running through the forest.

But this time I wasn't running from the Little Rock Dragon, this time what was chasing us were some grey wolves who seem to have been attracted by the smell of blood.

Moreover is not only one, multiple are following me. There must be at least three of them.

I could defeat them if we fought, but I don't know how I would protect Miria while fighting them.

The grey wolves don't seem to be coming this way anymore.

However a faint unnatural sound reaches my ear.

And it doesn't seem that it was environment that did that, I should prepare myself.

Since the enemy's potential was unknown I was considering on evacuating from here, and there could be the chance of it being higher as I don't know if he had called for more comrades. Now I understand that I shouldn't have lost sight of him.

Also the Grey Wolves could sniff out if I had any company, so their next course of action would be to come out.

Such was the explanation of God's Voice.

As it doesn't seem that an attack would come out any time soon, I believe that my only choice would be to escape.

I can't afford that the same thing happens to Miria as when she fought that guy before.

Both her HP and MP were already so low.

Moreover her HP was still occasionally reducing.

At first I thought it was my imagination, but after checking quite often my worry was confirmed.

The reason of this must be because of the [Bleeding] status.

If this continues at this pace I don't think that she would be able to survive for more than five minutes.

I'm weak.

I hunted lower rank monsters in order to become strong, but I'm weak.

I can't fight at all.

I had finally been able to find other humans, and with some difficulties I made a friend, but I couldn't protect that single person.


The baby dragon's roar.

Unlike that little rock dragon's roar, it isn't able to threaten the surroundings.

That was to inform the unknown enemy to not come close.

Even if I think about it, I could not help but cry. In my heart there was a mist swirling around that I wanted to clear out.

I want to become stronger,

To be able to easily pulverize that kind of weird shaped dragon, that's how strong I want to be.

As I run, I feel how Miria's lukewarm blood flows on my body.

That just means that her body is being stolen of its life force.


I'm crying.

I really want to scream for help.

But the voice that came out was that of a ferocious monster, unlike my pitiful, low voice.

【Title Skill〖Spirit Relief: Lv1〗was acquired.】

Even if I get such thing... it's only a feeling, it can't do anything...

Iya, wait. Are this ’’title skills’’ supposed to be like this.

For example the〖Walking Egg〗title skill which doubles my experience obtained.

In the first place, one would normally consider if there really is such a convenient〖Skill〗 . Could this possibly have something to do with that?

Oi, answer me God's Voice!

【Special Skill 〖God's Voice: Lv2〗 is unable to explain.】

Stop joking!

A life depends on this!

【Special Skill 〖God's Voice: Lv2〗 is unable to explain.】

I can't believe it!

You are the one who sent those messages that said 『Become strong』and『Run away』, why did you think that you could just screw your intentions into me!

I don't even understand who you are, don't you think that such thing is inflexible?

I don't have anymore time!.

【Special Skill 〖God's Voice: Lv2〗 is unable to explain.】

The same answer.

It just feels like throwing a ball to a wall, unproductive.

Like feeling a bottomless unidentified object, a strange situation.

God's voice you aren't useful.

What should I do?

How can I save Miria?

Think, there must be a rule that is inconsistent in this system., If I keep thinking I should be able to reach at least one answer.

When I somehow was able to understand what she was saying I acquired the 〖Grisha Language〗special skill.

However, the skill hasn't developed since I was able to obtain it.

I couldn't even understand a small portion of anything that she was saying.

So, in other words isn't that the opposite of the idea.

To obtain a skill it doesn't depend on what I do, but about the status I should have taken notes of how it was changing, that kind of idea.

It's like this world is tied up to the numerical values, but I don't think that's quite it.

Is the opposite.

I don't think that it's the status that makes up the world, since the status is more like reading the data.

But still there is an enigma that remains and it isn't a speculation, but that makes it more realistic in a sense.

In other words, skills aren't born or pop out of nothing.

For example the structure of the body and the extent of one's ability, those kind of things are the ones that affect skills.

I have magical power.

Though I don't have any practice, but still I should be able to use Recovery Magic.

Iya, even if it's imperfect I'll never know if I don't try right now..

Let's lay Miria down on the ground.

Remember, remember that time when she used her magic on me, that light, that sensation.

I check Miria's status to look for the skill, it seems that it was the 〖Rest〗skill.

From the inside of my heart I pray silently〖Rest〗and I try to frantically recreate the memory I have of the magic.


No good, it's not working.


Right now I was able to grasp a feeling.


It's shaking violently, it feels as if my brain is shaking and I'm starting tired.

Tired? only because of using the skill?

My MP is decreasing, doesn't that mean that the magic is a success?





How many times have I used it, a warm light envelops Miria and her injuries start to recover a little.

It's working!

My physical strength is fading away, must be because of using 〖Rest〗repeatedly.

My breath is becoming heavy, this must be my limits I should check my status.

It seems my MP became 0, and it seems that Miria's HP recovered a little.

I used all of MP on this.

Iya, however it seems that the 〖Bleeding〗bad status disappeared.

She was able to escape death thanks to this.

【The Title Skill〖Spirit Relief〗leveled up from 1 to 3.】

The title skill is good, but I wonder if the〖Rest〗skill was acquired...

It feels like it is around 1/5 of the original effect.

For the time being it seems that she won't die from bleeding, but her HP is still low so I need to take her to a safe place.

I need to get out of the forest in order to look for a human village.

When I found out that her HP and MP weren't decreasing anymore, somehow my fatigue went away.

There must be a human habitation unexpectedly close.

I should try going the direction which Miria and the others came from.


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