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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 89


Special Poison


I gave a loud cry and ordered the black lizard to retreat.

The black lizard nods silently, and used〖Roll〗to take a distance from me and the slime at once.

She hides herself in the shade of a tree slightly far away.

She hides even when the slime has detection, did she hide so that it will be hard to read to direction of the〖Clay Gun〗?

To be honest I have no idea if that will give any effect to that guy.

Even if the HP is reduced with〖Clay Gun〗, I really don't feel like we had much chance.

It barely avoids before, but it seems like there are still rooms for it to evade.

When I think that it can even calmly climb back from the bottom of the cliff from my〖Star Drop〗, honestly there's barely any more cards for me to play here.

Our only last hope is the black lizard's〖Special Poison〗.

I should find a good chance for the black lizard to poison the slime.

No matter how you look at it, the black lizard had both lower defense and H than me.

Since the slime had a skill that can penetrate even my scales, she can't just approach it carelessly.

She also need to use〖Poison Smoke〗at a suitable time to push the slime to the limit.

Although the slime doesn't have the speed, its movement is tricky.

If it use the transformation ability, it is possible for it to pierce me and the black lizard by surprise.

I have no idea whether it's possible to deal with it or not.

Even just awhile ago, it changed form to the two children embracing each other just to attack me from the blind spot.

I'm not sure whether the slime is aware of the〖Special Poison〗or not.

Given that it does not know about〖Special Poison〗, let's say the poison managed to bypass its 〖Poison Resistance〗, it might still be able to deal with the 〖Special Poison〗 with its enormous amount of skills it had.

Even then, the only card I have to deal with the slime right now is only the〖Special Poison〗 you see.

’’It is also good that you're not retreating. However, will you not regret this?’’

While saying that, the slime raises the large sickle on both of its arm.

When I thought that the large sickle kind of giving a red shine, it was actually wrapped in flame.

’’Combined with〖Flame Slash〗,〖Shock Wave〗!’’

The slime ignores me, wielded its sickle sending the flaming shock wave forward.

At the place where the black lizard is hiding, I can see the figure of the black lizard using〖Roll〗to run away.

Just as the flaming shock wave caused a small explosion as it hits the root of the tree, the blast of the shock wave erased the flame.

One moment later, the tree fell.

’’Fast, right? The power jumps up when I combine it. My body is flexible unlike the human and the dragon, so these kind of things can be done.’’

While saying that, the slime raises both of its arm again, cutting the space in front of me multiple times.

Multiple of that flaming shock waves came flying at me.

Seeing the decrease and increase of its MP, it seems that this fellow had a pretty fast MP recovery rate.

I can still keep it company since it's status is a bit low, but there's no mistaking it that this guy is a cheat.

If it keeps on raising its skills and Lv as it is, the strength of this fellow will really skyrockets.

I stretch my wings to cover the front, bracing myself from the flaming shock wave attack.

I dodged only at the minimum and prioritizes the speed.

The shock wave that touches my wings creates a blast.

However, it doesn't pass through my scale.

I received some damage from that cheat, but I managed to block the big one.

’’Did you make the best use of the status difference to reduce the damage? Since you're tougher than me in numerical values, aren't you supposed to be able to dodge that one properly?’’

I checked on the slime from the gaps of my wings

The spider parts of its body opens its big mouth, shooting a semi transparent light green strings at me.

Anything goes for this guy huh.

I kicked the ground and fly low, flying towards the slime while evading the strings.

No longer able to guard with my wings against the flaming shock wave like before, I forcibly throw a claw attack.

The spider's lower half and the human upper half are separated.

When I raised my arm greatly, the left stomach of the human upper half swells up strangely, forming into a shape like a shell.

The color follows the shell, as it changed into a real big turtle shell.

I can't stop my arm now, so I just stab the shell part with my claws.

Although a line greatly drawn can be seen on the shell, the effect on my claws are also great.

I instinctively withdraw my arm as the pain running through makes it felt like my claws were broken.

The slime moves the spiders multiple feet and used that chance to retreat.

Shit! This must be the〖Turtle Shell〗from its characteristic skills.

It can even do things like that!

The slime stops its foot once it took some distance, delightedly laughing.

The shell shrinks and enters its body, soaking the damaged part that I applied just now.

’’It's useless, don't you get it? Shouldn't you retreat soon? Since I don't have the speed to chase after you, it seems like you will be able to get away even after being cornered this far, since you have no means to fight.’’

After confirming that I'm still far from retiring, the slime greatly inclines its neck.

From the human mouth, the tongue hung down loosely.

It lengthens steadily and reaches the ground.

The ground makes a ’’juuu'’’ sound, and the smoke raised up from the ground the tongue touches.

This time its〖Paralysis Tongue〗huh? This guy really raise it's skill Lv considerably.

Even if it was such an inconvenience skill, with this fellow who can transform its body freely uses it, there's plenty of ways for it to apply the skill.

The slime breath in while raising its loosely hang down tongue.

The fog covers the body of the slime.

If it do that, its view should also be what I thought, but it had the〖Dark Watch〗skill.

(T.N: the raws said〖暗視〗, but I had no direct translation for this, only part by part. So if anyone had any idea for better name please do tell.)

Seeing as it's not a normal fog, perhaps it's a light magic that blocks out light.

Can you see if you use the〖Dark Watch〗?

Should I wait for it to leave the black fog?

No, I can grasp its whereabouts from the footsteps.

Folding my arms, feet, tail and wings, I charged towards the footsteps of the slime using〖Roll〗.

Something like a whip suddenly hit my body.

It's probably the slime's fake tongue. My scale is safe, and there's no paralysis effect either.

I raised the speed without stopping, crashing with the slime.

The moment we collided, I control the direction of my aim to the right, sending the slime flying.

According to the aim, the slime should be greatly sent flying to the right.

’’....chi, this is annoying’’

Was it troublesome for the slime to shape its body? Once the body breaks, it makes a pose to get up and changes its body again.

’’I thought since I won't be losing anyway I will keep you company, but this really stinks of troubles. Soon you will really regret this.’’

The slime regenerates its head while glaring at me.

Suddenly the figure of the black lizard can be seen throwing herself behind the slime.

Apparently the slime focused its attention on me too much, it seems to have become negligent about the location of the black lizard for a while.

It realized that a bit too slow.

’’Wha-! When did you get behind me!?’’

The slime wield its sickle arm aiming for the black lizard.

The slime move earlier than I thought.

They will hit each other in a moment, so should I rushed towards the black lizard without minding about myself?

But that attack is useless.

The black lizard move backward once, using that what I thought, but the black lizard directly took that single blow of the slime that she should have been able to avoid.


While raising a cry, the black lizard falls on the ground.


She should have been able to easily avoid that previous attack considering her speed.


I run towards the black lizard while raising a roar.

’’Aaah, like I said before, and I even purposely gave you some advice.’’

While the slime said that, it looks down at the black lizard and raises its sickle arm again.

The arm is raised slowly, and as it is, the raise arm dropped down again without power.

’’Th-this! I have firmly raised my resistance, so why!?’’

In the slime's semitransparent arm,I could see something like a black mist spreading.

It's the special poison of the black lizard.

The moment she received the slime's attack, it seems that she bit and scratch the arm.

Did the black lizard not avoid the slime's attack on purpose to make sure that the poison attack will definitely hit?


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