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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 88


Chapter 88

Translator: Drakuro

T.N: I'm planning to finish the slime battle before this week ends, so look forward to it.



’’Do you understand my words? Will you not back down? It's fine for you to open the path, as I have no intention of causing any trouble there’’

What the slime say smells like trouble to me though.

If it's not interested in me, it won't be talking to me with that attitude.

’’You too, since you've saw my skill, perhaps you understand? I'm fine as long as I can collect my skill. I just want to collect the skill of that Rock Dragon as well as the dead villagers. That's all.’’

Judging from his speech, this guy really is the one that caused that dragon mayhem in the village.

No, could it be that the Mahaa Wolves attacking Millia, even guiding me to the village, all of that are the act of this fellow?

Between Millia's cry and my arrival, some amount of time should have passed.

Although at first I thought it was a miracle that I arrived on time, could it be that, it was waiting for me to come?

Though I think it was easy for it to attack the village with such a skill, does it fear that it will be treated as a subjugation target by the adventurer?

’’Say, even if we get on a bad start, as I think there's nothing good coming out of this, can you just overlook me this time?’’

I surely don't think I have the advantage here.

Although there's not, my consciousness can't overlook this guy knowing it will go to the village right now and play with the corpses.

Although it said it won't harm the villager, I have no intention of forgiving this guy who calmly guided the Little Rock Dragon towards the village.

'I will protect the village', that was my promise with Gregory.


I roared, rejecting the slime's proposal.

Then the slime once again open its mouth, but before that I fired my〖Scorching Breath〗that evolved from〖Baby Breath〗towards it.

The scorching flame envelops the slime's body.

This guy, it chose to accept the damage even though it should be able to evade if it transform, but I don't think this ranged attack can finish it off.

It won't receive a fatal wound from this as it has the resistance and recovery skills, but this should restrict its movements.

Following the breath attack, I charged towards the slime still inside the flame.

I stab my claws deep into the slime's body, and then fly in the sky still holding it.

Since I used〖Paralysis Claw〗, I should be able to stop its movement for a while even if it had a little bit of resistance to it.

As I was holding the slime, I used〖Flight〗and moved towards the cliff.

Even if it was a little bit tenacious, it will likely die if I drop it towards the bottom of the cliff.

Even if by chance it survived, it will be swept away by the river at the bottom of the cliff and will not be able to return here again.

I quickly used〖Roll〗once I reached towards the top of the cliff.

I won't be able to hold the slime close together with my hands when I'm throwing it.

It might be different for me who's accustomed to it, but an ordinary person won't be able to move straight for a while after I stopped rolling.

While using roll〖Roll〗I raised both of my hands that is piercing the slime high in the air and throw it under the cliff.

[The Lv of normal skill〖Star Drop〗went up from 1 to 2.]

The slime fall straight towards the bottom of the cliff like it was sucked into it.

I flap my wings to return back and lands on the edge of the cliff.


The black lizard runs after me.

She looks at me and breath sigh of relief seeing I'm safe, then looks around left and right in caution afterwards.

The slime is already what I want to say, but the experience value display does not appear.

That guy is still okay even after being dropped from that high?

In that case, I can only rely on the black lizard's special poison.

I have no other ways aside from that huh.

'Ka!', 'ka!'. The sound suddenly rang out from the cliff side.

The body of the black lizard and me quivered at the same time hearing that sound.

I moved one step back from the cliff and hardens, as a huge spider showed its appearance.

It's a bit different for the Taran-Rouge that I've seen before. It's another variety.


The black lizard let a small cry, was she relieved that it was not the slime that came out?

I too was tempted to be relieved by it, but that feeling changed immediately.




N曚 :27/35


玄d :67/67



This guy is not a spider, it's that slime!

I threw it right into the middle of the bottom of the cliff, but it easily crawls back up!

The black lizard seems to noticed it too seeing my face, and immediately shoot〖Clay Gun〗towards the spider.

When I thought I heard some noise from the mouth of that spider shaped slime, a net like string shoot forward from it towards the shot pebbles.

Only some of the pebbles passed through the net towards the slime.

Some piece of the green slime's body scattered, but there's no blood flowing.

That reminds me, this guy should have some kind of skill involving strings.

Was it able to crawl back up without falling to the bottom by spitting the string on the wall in the middle of the fall?

This guy is a real all-rounder huh.

The color suddenly left the spider's body, as it changes back from black to transparent green.

After that, it transform the upper part of its body into a human form.

It became a shape of a spider body with a human form stuck on top of it.

’’This is so depressing. Among other things, I hate being obstructed the most’’

When the slime stretch out its arm, its fingers melts like it was swallowed by the arm, increasing its thickness.

The tip of both arms suddenly became pointed out and turn sharp, changing into the form of a mantis' sickle.

The current body of the slime is the lower half of a spider, the upper body of a human, and sickles in both arms.

It's a monster with a mix of many things.

The slime brandished its large hand sickle, showing a satisfied smile after it hears the cutting sound.

The it stabbed the large sickle on the ground.

’’Since you're not backing down, should I aim for that weak one? I'm not a person with such a good personality to begin with.’’

The slime licks its tongue, and glares at the black lizard.


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