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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 87


Chapter 87

Translator: Mothblade, Drakuro

Editor: Drakuro

T.N: this chapter is a bit tricky, but I've done my best to find the real meaning.


(T.N: I'm really tempted to put ’’Crawling Chaos’’ instead, but not sure if that is correct)

Once I part with the black lizard, I sneak to cut across the direction of the slime's path.

The pattern will be where I will attack and the black lizard hides herself waiting for a chance to attack with its poison.

I'll have her cover me with〖Clay Gun〗if I was hard pressed.

She had to come out to the front during the match with the red monkeys, but that will be unnecessary this time.

In the case that was overwhelmed at close combat, the situation will not change at all even if she came to the front since she can only fire the〖Clay Gun〗.

Since I have some MP remaining..... Should I run some simulation with〖God's Voice〗?

However, I don't think it would be of much use.

To begin with, I don't think it can be used against a person whose status I can't see properly.

Even if I know the odds of winning is slim, I can't really retreat here.

Even if I can plan what move to take once I know the chance of success, losing my MP means it will limits how many move I can take which is the same as putting the cart before the horse.

I think I can at least selfishly use the simulation when I'm in perfect condition, but it should also be a condition where I don't really need to use my MP.

It will be almost completely dry if I use it now.

My HP had almost recover to 80% full thanks to automatic recovery, but my MP is short you see.

It's okay.

Although it's resistance is high, it's status is not that high.

Although there are a lot of dangerous looking characteristic skills, I should be able to kill it in one blow it it's going well.

It doesn't have that much speed either.

The slime stops moving.

It seems to have a detection skill as it had noticed us.

I jump down from a large tree attacking the slime.


I have no idea why you're trying to harm the village.

Although I'm curious, I'm in no mood to find out.

I put some power on my claws, and throw it towards the green slime.

The slime turn its body into something like a human mouth, and spit some suspicious fog from it.

Is it poison?

No, it doesn't matter.

Even if it is, I'll just have the black lizard heal it later.

I enter the black smoke, flinging my claws towards the slime.

There was a reaction.

My claws felt like it touch some liquid, as it scoop out the soft body.

Although I was going to shoot a second blow, I only touched the ground.

It seems to have avoided it.

The experience level doesn't seems to rise, so it shouldn't be done in with that attack just now.

Anyway, right now my visibility is low.

I retreat a few steps to get out from the fog.

It doesn't seems to be poison.

That water puddle doesn't seems to be its body, and it seems like its body is not in the fog either.

That black thing, it it some kind of magic that doesn't allow light to pass through?

Soaking and lying in it might feels good.

I keep my distance from the black fog, waiting for the slime to come out.

If it's this much distance, I should be able to cope with any kind of attacks it will throw.

Once the fog clears, I began to see what's inside.

At the back, I saw a shadow of two people.

Trembling while hugging each other, was a human boy and girl..

’’Why.....where is this?’’


They absolutely should not be here until a while ago.


Does it move them here with its skill?

Since they're already here there's no time to think.

I should protect them before they're found by the slime.

I should also look out as it might took that chance when I'm trying to help them.

The boy suspiciously make an eye contact with me, and extend his hands towards me.

His hand suddenly turns green and stretch towards me.

The tip of his arm change into a sharp object.

My reaction was delayed to avoid it.

The attack hit my shoulder.

The thing that looks like an extended arm shrinks at once and return to its body like a yo-yo after it slightly crushed my shoulder.

I kicked the ground to take a distance once again.

I finally know the true shape of this monster.

The girl still stares at the boy anxiously.

The boy stares at me with lifeless eyes.

The body of the two suddenly turns green, and starts melting and mixed together.

Once it turned into a puddle, once again it turn into a form of a human

This time it turned into a gender less figure that is neither a boy nor a girl.

It was naked with hair growing to the shoulder,with its young body without any irregularity, but I can't figure out its gender.

The upper part of the body that stood up above the puddle really creeps me out.

This time, the body is transparent green with a muddy color.

As it seems to be able to transform its figure, as well as changing color surely, I still did not think this fellow can hold a conversation.

That reminds me, as he have taken the〖Gurisha Language〗 from Douz, I wonder if it can speak?

Can't it make a vocal cord to talk?

Even I still had to bark this year.

’’When you evolve, does your skill greatly change? So troublesome’’

The mouth that the slime just make starts to talk.

This fellow, its intelligence is already at a human level.

It reminds me of myself.

No, did it send information using the Mahaa Wolf's〖Magic Wave Transmission〗?

There is a possibility of that too as it was using its skill in hiding and watching me.

Something that looks like an eyeball comes out of the surface of the semi transparent slime.

It swims inside the slime's body and moves to the back.

’’At the back, is the lizard at the tree root one of yours?’’

Seems like it had a detection skill, so it's impossible for the black lizard to hide its existence to find a chance to attack.

From the shadow of the tree, the black lizard shoots〖Clay Gun〗.

As the black lizard noticed that her cover had be blown, she decided to give up on hiding.

Countless number or earth bullet attacks.

Wriggling its body, it leisurely avoid the attacks.

The bullets are skillfully evaded by changing its form into fluid shaped.

Still, none of the attacks manages to creates a hole into its body as they passed as it is.

Its HP doesn't change at all.

It was stuck at the same maximum value of〖148/148〗.

Even if it evades that countless number of bullets, it seems like my claw attacks doesn't affect it either.

There should be some effect, but did it recover?

Seeing the〖Automatic HP recovery〗,〖Super Regeneration〗,〖Hyper Recovery〗,〖Self-Replication〗and〖Life Drain〗, it really does have a lot of means to recover.

This fellow, is it hopeless unless I kill it in one blow?

’’I gave up. Unless I can win easily, I will refuse to fight.’’

The slime doesn't move, only the he eyeball that floats on the inside moved, alternately staring at the black lizard and me.


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