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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 86



I walk towards the cave with the black lizard on my back.

To what extent will the〖Dragon Scale Powder〗affects the black lizard and red monkey, I have no idea.

Actually, if it really affect them will I live alone.... no, if it's already affecting them, isn't it already too late by then?

....I really don't want to rely on it, but should I ask〖God's Voice:Lv4〗to confirm it by running a simulation once I met the red monkey?

Because I don't really trust it, I don't want to use it if I can.

In the end, let's use it once as reference.

When I arrived at the cliff and was about to spread my wings to fly, I felt an unpleasant sign.

This might be because of that〖Presence Detection:Lv2〗that I obtained once I evolved into Evil Plague Dragon.

When I follow the detection, I noticed something moved in the puddle on the ground.

I saw it before around the cave, its the slime-like monster that〖Status check〗failed to appraise.

Maybe it has a skill that obstruct recognition, as I didn't notice it at all until it was caught on〖Presence Detection〗.

Could this fellow possibly been hanging around in my surroundings until now?

The slime moved straight ahead.

Don't tell me it's aiming for the village?

There might be a possibility that it was this guy that was manipulating Douz, I thought.

The only one that had failed my〖Status Check〗so far, excluding the abnormal state of Douz and the Mahaa Wolves, the only one left is this strange slime.

I don't have a definite proof yet.

However, the unpleasant feeling I feel from this guy kind of support my theory.

Moving in the direction of the village in this timing is also suspicious.


The black lizard raised its voice in doubt since I suddenly stopped moving.

I check the status of the slime.

The black and white should be clear with this.

Because〖Status Check〗had raised to Lv5, it should be possible to see it in details.

Even if it's impossible, I should be able to find anything strange about it.

[Because the〖Status Check:Lv5〗is insufficient, accurate information cannot be acquired.]




N曚 :27/35


玄d :67/67









〖Slimeボ*ィ:Lv-〗〖*ealth Feet:Lv-〗〖Poison:Lv-〗

〖*HP Recovery:Lv-〗〖*のVoice:Lv-〗〖*rtle Shell:Lv-〗

〖*Perception:Lv-〗〖Gu*sha La*:Lv-〗〖*動MP Recovery:Lv-〗


〖*Third Eye:Lv-〗〖Magic**信:Lv-〗〖*Wave Detection:Lv-〗

〖嗅*:Lv-〗〖*のSword:Lv-〗〖Impact Absorbtion:Lv-〗

〖Super Reproduction:Lv-〗〖Hyper Recovery:Lv-〗〖Night Vision:Lv-〗


〖Phisic* *istance:Lv-〗〖Mag* Resistance:Lv-〗〖Confusion *istance:Lv-〗

〖** Resistance:Lv-〗〖Water Att* Resistance:Lv-〗〖Lone* Resistance:Lv-〗

〖Fal* Resistance:Lv-〗〖*nger Resistance:Lv-〗〖Energy ** Resistance:Lv-〗

〖Fire At**sistance:Lv-〗〖Tree Attribute **:Lv-〗〖Dark *bute Res*:Lv-〗

〖Curse *sistance:Lv-〗〖*Buff Resistance:Lv-〗〖催* *sistance:Lv-〗


〖変*:Lv-〗〖Skill *イク:Lv-〗〖噛*つく:Lv-〗



〖Hardening:Lv-〗〖Impact Ab*:Lv-〗〖Hell Scissor:Lv-〗

〖Statu* Ch*ck:Lv-〗〖Shell**:Lv-〗〖ア**ンTackle :Lv-〗

〖Slow:Lv-〗〖Rest:Lv-〗〖Life Dr*in:Lv-〗

〖Expand:Lv-〗〖Sel* Replication:Lv-〗〖Mana Dra*n:Lv-〗

〖Tent*cle:Lv-〗〖Black Fog:Lv-〗〖Jewel Cage:Lv-〗

〖Death Needle:Lv-〗〖Wate* Gun:Lv-〗〖Armor Break:Lv-〗


〖突**異:Lv-〗〖Disaster:Lv-〗〖Me* King:Lv-〗

〖Depriv*:Lv-〗〖Scale**Demon King:Lv-〗〖Mad*:Lv-〗

〖Wish*Outside Power:Lv-〗〖Doll *aster:Lv-〗〖*Face:Lv-〗

〖Corpse *ater:Lv-〗


Heat starts burning my head.

The high density information flowed causing me feel like having a fever, such a feeling flows into me.

Although the rank had changed, it's still the same fellow.

There should not be two of them if one is dangerous enough.

Among those weird skill, there's〖Magic W**ssion〗and〖*gic Wave Reception〗.

There's no doubt.

This fellow is the one controlling the Mahaa Wolves and Douz.

It has〖Magic Wave Transmission〗and〖Magic Wave Reception〗, so it should be able to issue instructions to the Mahaa Wolves remotely.

The problem however, is that why is such a fellow of a completely different race has the same skill?

The status is higher than before, but it's still on the level of the Red Monkey.

I don't want to fight badly because I was unable to confirm the skill Lv, but I can't just leave it like this.

This fellow is obviously heading towards the village.

In addition, it had gotten stronger than before.

If I defeat this guy without running away last time, the riot caused by Douz might not have happened.

No, if I leave it now, it's going to get troublesome for sure.

〖Gu*sha Lang*:Lv-〗〖Sword *stery:Lv-〗

〖Thrust* Wave:Lv-〗〖*Flame Slash:Lv-〗〖Provoke:Lv-〗

No doubt.

That skill should be what belongs to Douz.

If I include the skills of the Mahaa Wolves, perhaps this fellow, it has an unpleasant skill that can steal the skill of other people.

The way I see it, it has the skill to manipulate others, but it should have some limitations.

It's clear that it used the weak Mahaa Wolves to allow Douz to carry the egg.

It's because it is a necessary thing to be done for it to control the Little Rock Dragon, since it can't do that from the beginning.

However no matter how you think about it, its purpose should not be different even if it's an unknown monster

This guy is pretty dangerous.

Just when I was thinking that, I remembered about the black lizard.

I lower down my head and put down the black lizard.


I faced towards the cliff.

'Please return to where you came from', is what I wanted to tell her.

The cliff can be passed if she took a detour.

The enemy is obviously different from the usual one.

Is it weak, is it strong, I have no idea.

Because it's a demon that took control of others and moved stealthily,it might be unexpectedly weak.

However, I'm still not sure if it's really strong or weak.

Perhaps it's neither.

But I don't want the black lizard to get involved in such a dangerous fight when she had no desire to help the human.


I called to the black lizard who still confused about the current situation, and faced towards the slime,

The black lizard seemed to finally noticed the slime.

Perhaps even I would have overlooked it without my detection skill.

It seems even I could lose sight of it if I let my guard down just for a moment.


The black lizard let out a loud cry, and jumps on my back.

She climbs on my head, opened her mouth wide and extends her tongue, showing me she's ready for battle.


I give a cry of confirmation, as the black lizards clicks her teeth, and fixed her gaze on the slime.


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