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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 84


Parting With the Village

I've killed the Little Rock Dragon

Why did Douz enter the villager with the egg, what is that abnormal state, why did all his skills disappeared, I understood none of that.

Just that, right now, the village's crisis is averted for the time being.

That why right now, I can only leave.

’’Eeek! Spare me! Please spare me!’’

A man who met with my eyes, while dragging both legs that can't move, tried to run away by only using the strength of his arm.

With his pants tearing up from the friction, streams of blood could be seen flowing from the place where his injuries rubs.

There's no more meaning for me be in this village any further.

No, right now, there will never be no more meaning in visiting this place ever again.

’’I-it killed Gregory, it killed him!’’

Someone suddenly shouted that.

Immediately after that, I received some kind of impact on my back.


It seems to be a magic attack.

Scorching heat ran through my back, though there's barely any damage.

When I turn around, there stands a girl with orange hair, holding a large cane.

And next to her, was a dumbfounded Millia.

’’Tch! An attack of my level still had no effect. Its scales are too hard. Millia, take the baby near the collapsed tower and run away....’’

(T.N: She refers to herself in old school kind of way: ’’washi’’. And the baby mentioned here might be the kid that Douz used as a hostage. The author used ’’children’’ before so it had me confused. Might have something to do with how Michelle is older than she looks.)

After standing still for a few seconds, Millia clings to the arm of the orange haired girl holding the cane.

’’W-what are you doing Millia!? Let go of my hand! Were you deceived by that demon's eyes?’’

’’Please wait Marielle-san! That dragon, that dragon is Irushia-san that I talked about! Although it grows bigger, there's no mistaking it! I'm sure this is some kind of misunderstanding!

’’Just look at Gregory's head, it's cleanly cut! The Rock Dragon doesn't have sharp claw! Even Douz's rusty sword can't do that! What else could do that aside from that dark dragon!?’’

The girl with the orange hair seems to be called Marielle.

When I checked her status, although her HP is low, her Lv is unexpectedly high.

She doesn't seem very powerful as she seems to be more specialized in recovery.

Her race is〖Elfingur-Hyuma〗which i've never seen before.

(T.N: it's actually〖エルフィングル・ヒューマ〗in the raws. Basically , an elf. Like I said before, author's naming sense is a bit weird...)

Perhaps, after the dragon extermination, it's very likely she had come to rescue the injured villager.

Marielle shakes off Millia, pointing the cane at me again.

Millia dashed out between Marielle and me, stretching her hands towards me.



I roared, while aiming my stretched claws towards Millia.

I left a little graze right under her ear, smashing the ground near her.


Several strands of her hair flutter in the air.

’’, way’’

Millia, unable to stand up drops there without power.

Just like that, I aim the other hand towards Millia.

Slowly, this time I aim for her face.


’’Light Magic,〖Light Sphere〗!’’

The light magic shot by Marielle strikes my hand.


I exaggeratedly shows that I was in misery, moving backwards several steps.

Then I grin on purpose and glares at Marielle.

Though it seems to frightened Marielle for a moment, power once again returned to her eyes, glaring back at me.

I abruptly remove my glare from Marielle, kicking the ground and open my wings, I fly up in the sky.

I look at the village from the sky.

With Millia watching over me with her hands over her mouth, I saw the figure of Marielle who pointed her large cane towards me.

As for the other villagers, they look at me with eyes full of fear.

Marielle pointed her large cane at me for a few seconds, she puts it down after a while.

I don't know if it's because the attack range was short, or was it so as not to anger me who's already far away.

After looking at the whole village, I turned my face to remove this view.

As it is, I used〖Flight〗to leave the village.

How the 〖Dragon Scale Powder:Lv4〗will affect the human, I have no idea.

The misunderstanding can never be solved no matter how many excuses Millia makes, and combined the misunderstanding with〖Dragon Scale Powder:Lv4〗, there's no way I can enter the village.

If I just part without doing anything, Millia will surely come looking for me in the forest depth.

That girl is naive.

Therefore, I need to show it clearly.

It was painful, but it can't be help, I thought.

[The Lv of resistance skill〖Lonely Resistance〗went up from 5 to 6.]

I make a landing after I went out of the village.

To fly with the huge figure of the〖Evil Plague Dragon〗is considerably tiresome.

Though it should become better if the Lv of〖Flight〗increase, it's still impossible to fly for a long time.

Although I should have taken a little more distance, the villagers will surely not chase after me.

After I make a landing, I walked towards the cave.

I should have run, but it's impossible with this weight.

Although my HP had automatically recovered steadily, the fatigue can't be removed.

〖Automatic HP Recovery〗also doesn't seem to be able to remove emptiness and sorrow.

Can't I have some skills like〖Automatic Fatigue Recovery〗or〖Mental Load Resistance〗?

Can such a thing be done automatically?

After I walked for a while, I noticed a flower I've never seen before.

Its base is white, with red spotted petal.

The petal are arranged neatly, combined with the snow white color, I could feel that it contain some grace and nobility.

A humble red spot, far from destroying the impression, it instead promotes it with an exquisite balance.

Because it was a beautiful color, I unconsciously stopped.

It has a good smell, slightly sweet tickling my nose.

I was going to pick it with while tip toeing, but it doesn't go well.

The flower was too small compared to my current body.

With my claws, the petal falls apart and crumbles.

With only the stem left after losing its petal, it remains alone in my hands.

I don't know whether it is necessary to use〖Art of Human Trasformation〗just to pick it up.

It's regrettable for a beautiful flower to turn into that sorry state.

Since I've gone this far, should I confirm the information about the flower?

[〖Irushia:Value D+〗]

Unintentionally, I swallowed my saliva.

It sounds familiar.....or rather, that's the name I got from Millia.

Speaking of Millia, she did said it was the name of her favorite flower.

When I remember Millia, my heart ached.

Is it okay for me to carry this name and live on?

Although I did thought that I wanted to search for the flower at that time, I don't think that I will find it for sure.

[A flower with a beautiful red and white arrangement.]

[Although it is favored as a present, it is said that this flower will only bloom on the grounds where monster lives.]

[Therefore, for the reason mentioned above, it's the reason why it was liked as a present.]

Do people have to go having such a hard time to get it?

Is this present can also be use to show their strength too?

[In the language of flower it means a brave hero. Or, courage.]

I see the scattered flower in my hand, as a sense of guilt wells up from the bottom of my heart.

What kind of thought did Millia had when she gave me this name?


I roared driven by impulse.

A flock of small birds that perches on the trees scattered and fly away, and the howl that seems to be from the Gray Wolf could be heard from far away.

Erase it, please erase it!

I am not suitable to keep on using this name that Millia gave me!

[Once the name is decided, it is impossible to change it.]

The message appears in my head.

It's what had appeared when I was named by Millia.

I want to laugh, but at the same time it felt unpleasant.

From now I will continue to live on, while shouldering the name that's given by a girl whose hope already crumbles.


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