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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 83


The King of Disaster


My roar echoes through the surrounding area.


The Little Rock Dragon also raised a loud roar to oppose me.

As if that was the signal the Little Rock Dragon runs towards me raising cloud of dust.

I flew up to evade, and unfurl my wings to float in the air.

It really do me a lot of favor for the Lv of〖Flight〗skill to jump up.

Although the consumption rate for flying is still intense so it's painful to fly for a long time, right now I no longer need to use the breath attack as a propulsion support to fly.

I land on a roof of a certain private house behind the Little Rock Dragon.

Yielding to my weight, the roof tiles starts making creaking sounds. Kicking the roof, I use the momentum to charge straight towards the Little Rock Dragon.

I'm aiming for the neck.

It's the thinnest part of the Little Rock Dragon's body, if I damage it, it's not going to end well for that fellow.

My claw also grew, so I swing it towards its nape.

The surface section of the rock flies.

I turn right in front of the Little Rock Dragon, predicting its action.

The Little Rock Dragon then swing its tail towards my current position.

I easily evade it as I can see it clearly.

Once again, I get on the same rooftop of the private house from a while ago.

If I don't stay on the ground, I won't be affected by the〖Earthquake〗.

When the〖Earthquake〗is useless, then the combo with〖Dragon Tail〗can't be used either.

I don't have to worry about receiving the damage from the other party either, as the more the battle is prolonged, the more the〖Automatic HP Recovery〗will recover my health.

Not to mention I had obtained enough offensive power to damage that lump of rock.

In consideration for the falling villagers, I've been attacking the Little Rock Dragon one-sidedly.

Currently, it's nothing more than just a lump of rock.

Again, I kicked the roof and fly towards the Little Rock Dragon.

Not feeling like eating the same trick twice, the Little Rock Dragon shot〖Sand Breath〗towards my direction.

I calmly evade the sandstorm breath by turning around my body using a side swing.

Towards the totally undefended neck that's stretched out to aim the〖Sand Breath〗, I swing my claws again

The Little Rock Dragon's tail aims at me.

It was faster than before, and it reads my movement to overcome the difference in speed.

I do another side turn and do an irregular turn, then I lands on the roof of another private house that is on the other side after evading that rock whip.


The Little Rock Dragon roars.

I fly nearby, as it seems to be furious that the surface of its body is cut.

The Little Rock Dragon put some power into its foot.

Is it going to use another〖Earthquake〗!?

As I am on the roof, I don't see any significance in using it.

However, it seems to do it out of anger.

If the Little Rock Dragon uses〖Earthquake〗right now, the life of the injured villagers who were still stuck in the crack would be in danger.

As the Little Rock Dragon greatly lifted its foot, I use my strength and kicked the roof.

The roof that I kick is broken,the sound of parts of the private house collapsing was heard.

I folded my wings, hands and feet in the air、and start using〖Roll〗.

I slammed myself on the back of the Little Rock Dragon that is about to use the〖Earthquake〗

The raised foot of the Little Rock Dragon that lose its balance is returned to the ground as it is.

Its body posture fall greatly, so I understood that the power that it put on its leg was cancelled.

Although the damage inflicted is not that much, it seems I was able to avoid a misfire.

I greatly bounced on the Little Rock Dragon's back, I cancelled the〖Roll〗and spread my wings in the air, and land on the roof on the other side.

I used the wind magic, and use it to push the wing forward.

I understood the nature on how to use it.

The new skill that I had just obtained, the〖Kamaitachi〗.

A blade of wind aim towards the Little Rock Dragon's neck.

Cloud of dust spread as I aim towards the part in between the previous two claw attacks.

I launch〖Kamaitachi〗continuously.

One, two, three.

The blade of wind flies in succession, surely scooping the surface of the neck of the Little Rock Dragon.

I wait for the Little Rock Dragon to turns towards me, and then I kicked the roof and fly in the sky.

I flew higher this time.

I land on top of the tower that starts leaning by several degrees due to the 〖Earthquake〗skill.

The Little Rock Dragon greatly lifted its neck, staring at me who's at a higher place.

Then it raised another roar, and rush towards the tower.

It seems to be intending to fell the tower with a body crash.

After attracting the Little Rock Dragon towards the tower, I kicked the edge of the tower and descends right under.

The Little Rock Dragon crashed against the tower at the next moment, collapsing it.

The Little Rock Dragon then stretch its neck as it looks at me, trying to intercept the falling me with its breath attack.

I extend my wings to increase the falling speed、approaching the Little Rock Dragon earlier than before it manages to shoot〖Sand Breath〗.

And as it is, I stretched my elbow towards its stretched neck while trying not to reduce the speed of the fall.

I understood when I look at the neck from up close.

It's a form that still contains bones inside, but there's still fragile parts

If I apply the power here, what would happen?

This might be the power of the〖Decapitation〗skill.

The neck which surface should be full of multiple cut attack, made a sound and broke.

The body of the Little Rock Dragon shakes, and then fell on the ground quietly.

[The Lv of normal skill〖Decapitation〗went up from 1 to 2]

[Obtained 384 experience points.]

[Because of the title skill〖Walking Egg:Lv-〗, additional 384 experience points was obtained]

An enormous amount of experience points were displayed inside my head.

[The Lv of〖Evil Plague Dragon〗went up from 1 to 19]

[The Lv of characteristic skill〖Dragon Scale's powder〗went up from 3 to 4.]


T.N: Can someone with a basic at Kanji look what ’’竜鱗粉’’ really means, as translating them at once just said ’’Dragon Scale’’ but that should be wrong as there's already another one with the same name. ’’Dragon Scale Powder’’ is what I got after translating it one by one, but I'm still not sure if that is correct.


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