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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 81


A Choice Outside the Frame


I roared to encourage myself, and begin to run towards the Little Rock Dragon.

My body is heavy.

My bleeding is pretty bad too.

Even my view is hazy

Still, I can still move.

If I evolved into 〖Little Ark Dragon〗, I may be able to recover myself too.

If that could happen then not just my HP, even my physical condition might get better too.

However, I still haven't evolved yet.

I'll only evolve after I've saved Gregory whose body is stuck in the crater.

If I evolved into 〖Little Ark Dragon〗now, my body shape will change considerably.

If can't move my body properly because of that, then it would be useless if I can't save Gregory in time.

First of all, I'll rescue Gregory with my current figure, then I evolve into〖Ark Dragon〗, then I'll put several people including Gregory under recovery magic.

After that, I'll attract the Little Rock Dragon, allowing Gregory and the villagers to rescue the other injured people.

Excluding Gregory, there are many people injured from having their foot stuck in the crater.

But among the villager lying in the area, there are no one having life-threatening injury.

If I keep using 〖Roll〗and use recovery magic to hold up, I should be able to earn some time for the villagers to run away with this strategy.

I may not be able to defeat it.

However, I could at least do this much.

[When evolving into 〖Little Ark Dragon〗, winning chance is 4%, success rate of rescuing all of the injured person is less than 1%]

The word that the〖God's Voice〗shown awhile ago crossed in my head。

Don't think about it.

Don't think about it.

Such a thing, forget about it.

The Little Rock Dragon greatly inhales his breath.

Even though its body is made of rock, it expands from the inside.

It's a breath attack.

Although I've never seen it before, this fellow should have a 〖Sand Breath〗if I remember correctly.

There's only me in its shooting range.

I run in between the Little Rock Dragon's feet by using 〖Roll〗.

I should be safe from the breath attack if it's here right?

Immediately after that, sandstorm breath rages behind me.

I move straight towards the back of the Little Rock Dragon, and cancel my 〖Roll〗.


I drag the moaning Gregory from the earth crater.

The rescue is a success, right now I can just evolve to 〖Little Ark Dragon〗 without any trouble, and the proceed to Gregory's treatment.....

[When evolving into 〖Little Ark Dragon〗, winning chance is 4%, success rate of rescuing all of the injured person is less than 1%]

..... If that is true, I'll desperately detain the Little Rock Dragon, then I wonder how many of the villagers that I will manage to save?

This hesitation delayed my action.

I was going to shake off the hesitation at once, but in the place where I'm going to start evolving, something suddenly touched my foot.

It was Gregory's hand.

’’, it doesn't matter anymore’’

It was a weak, small voice.

However, it still felt powerful somehow.

’’......You who's supposed to be a dark dragon, fighting to protect our village, that part I don't understand. However, even if it's only on a whim, when I see that face, I understood that it's nothing else aside from your sense of justice.

When I look at you right now, I'm confident that it's the eyes of a human. But you're a dragon though.

However, even more so. I can only think of you as a guy without any selfish reason, that's what I really thinks’’

Gregory said that looking directly at my face.

Looking directly into my eyes.

Gregory's eyes, it's the look that I've seen before.

It's not the eyes that saw a monster, it's the eyes that saw a man.

’’That's why, from this point onward, this is just a mere intuition. Although it's just intuition, by chance, what I ask for, will be very likely to go astray from your true purpose. It might be selfish, cruel even. However, even so, I had nobody else to ask aside from you. Please forgive me.’’

What does he wanna ask in this kind of situation.

Even more so, for it to go astray from my purpose....

’’......please. Me, it doesn't matter anymore. But the village, please save the village’’

Saying that much, Gregory lowers his eyes running out of energy.

However, to me, I understood that Gregory's HP still have a little bit remains.

What Gregory said, I don't understand it for a moment.

However, immediately, I realized what he really meant.

I don't think I understood everything Gregory said.

But, surely, while I avoid one of the choices, hesitating while I move, it is very likely that it shows on my expression.

The little Rock Dragon can be defeated, with the only way of success.

I ignored it unconsciously without even realizing it, surely it's because I want to be accepted by the village.

Because I want to be treated as the hero who defended the village.

As a real 〖Tiny Hero〗.

While pretending not to notice and make an excuse to myself, I made myself looking at a dying human being, however to miss their eyes, such a thing can't be done.

I, towards Gregory's neck I stretch out my claw.

And then send his head flying.

I did not look towards where the head is dropping. It's impossible for me to look at it.

The villagers who saw my actions, starts screaming.

It's normal after all.

Towards the ally and friend whom I yearned for, doing such a sudden thing.

[The experience value cannot be obtained because of LvMAX]

[Title skill 〖Path of Evil〗went up from 4 to 5]

[Title skill 〖Disaster〗went up from 1 to 3]

[Title skill 〖Mean King〗went up from 1 to 2]

As the level of my title skills increased, it should also increase the next evolution.

Only one, the only remaining choice that would give me a chance at victory.

The evolution after the〖Child Evil Plague Dragon〗, it should not be that loser〖Jormungand〗.

Its because I did not raise the title skill that will lead me to the bad direction, it doesn't come out.


’’Wh-what's going on, I thought, it's not a demon...... Th-that fellow, because Gregory brought it here..... I thought it was a fellow that we can believe in.. a, aaa, aaahhh...’’

’’The village is done for! Run away! Leave the injured people! It's already useless!’’

The villager who were watching in the distance till now, starts scattering at full speed once they was Gregory's death.

When I noticed, my eyes chased the back of the villagers who ran away.

Mysteriously there was no sense of resistance inside me, as it seems that I have exceeded the boundary between a demon and a human, just the indescribable feeling of emptiness remains.


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