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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 8


Little Rock Dragon


The dragon in front of me triumphantly roared.

It seems that I arrived too late.

In comparison to the dragon we are small, the dragon in front of us is at least 3 meters tall.

The middle of the dragon's body seems to be covered by a rugged rock.

Since the moment I saw him I wanted to escape.

From his silhouette and footsteps one can tell that that guy clearly isn't a normal existence.

While I was hiding myself I noticed that under one of his large feet was Miria, she and the other two adventurers have blood coming out of them.


Race: Little Rock Dragon

Status: Paralysis (Low)

Lv: 14/55

HP: 197:212

MP: 45/87

Strength: 168

Defense: 224

Magic: 82

Agility: 46

Rank: C

(Decided to change Attack to Strength)

Special Skills:

[Dragon Scales: Lv3] [Strength Buff: Lv1]

[Auto HP Recovery: Lv1] [Earth Attribute: Lv--]

Resistance Skills:

[Fire Attribute Resistance: Lv5] [Physical Resistance: Lv3]

[Magic Resistance: Lv2]

Normal Skills:

[Sand Breath: Lv4] [Bite: Lv3] [Rock Claw: Lv3]

[Self Recovery: Lv2] [Earth Tremor: Lv4] [Stone Press: Lv6]

Title Skills:

[Final Evolution: Lv--]

(TL/N The kanji's for this one meant something like ’’The final evolution person’’, and i thought to name it something like ’’One who reached the final evolution’’ but i decided just to left it as ’’Final Evolution’’ because it can be understood that he got it because he reached the final evolution, and because it's shorter.)


So far because of its low level [Inspect Status] couldn't display successfully from far away, even so this time I still could clearly understand this guy's status.

Besides being twice my size, his status were thrice of mine.

When our eyes meet my I begin to be attacked by fear making my body tremble all over.

Did the thought that I would be able to win against such guy with just me and the three humans ever crossed my mind. There was no injury to be found in his strong-looking body.

His defense is high enough that a direct attack wouldn't faze him.


It was a dull low cry but that same cry made the air inside the forest tremble, after that came the sound of silence


[Away] [Please] [Run] [Away] [It's] [Impossible]

God's Voice words are displayed in my head.

My brain felt as if it was shaking, making me nauseous.


I don't have any skill to beat this guy, none.

My best skill is [Dragon Punch], but against him it would be powerless.

From my experience, even if I hit him thirty times on the head with [Dragon Punch] I don't think that that would bring him down, that's how much of a difference there is between us.

Even if i were to hit him with wider swings, by my calculations he wouldn't even need to use [Self Recovery]. In the first place just by taking in account the height difference I would not be able to aim for his head, also my MP is not enough to use [Dragon Punch] thirty times.

In short, my chances of winning against him is a perfect zero.

And to make matters worse, the three who I expected to serve as additional force were lying on the ground without consciousness.

Thanks to [Inspect Status] I can see that none of them are dead, their status show [Fainted - Bloodied].

The one who protected me and who had a kind smile was also losing blood while lying on the ground expressionless.

Fortunately, the speed of the opponent is slow.

If I hit him in order to aggro him and get him away of the other three, that way I hope that they will be saved.

If that's the case.

I remember my certain kill technique which consisted on using my agility and strength that I learned during my egg era.

I approach him with a run and then kick the ground hard.

Without change my hands and knees folded, making a circular shape.

Even when I evolved it's still useful, the [Roll] skill.

I ambush the Little Rock Dragon and swing my arms.

Right, left, jump, I splendidly evade.

The ground made a sound as if breaking, but he didn't care, didn't even care about it.

Now i just simply focus on his movements.

Evade, evade, evade.

I look around while searching for a chance.

He attacks from both sides with his claws!

I use my strength to jump and with that I just barely evade his attack by a paper thin difference.

[Title Skill [Evasion King: Lv1] was acquired.]

Here it is!

With all of my strength I tackle the rugged face of that monster.

When it hit his head, his forehead raised backwards thanks to the force.

After that I fall on to the ground and involuntarily begin to roll away from him.

It seems that it was a bit effective.

Come! follow me!

I felt an overwhelming killing intent on my back.

Immediately after that, the ground in the vicinity was overturned.

Iya, even I felt that. My vision is blurred because of all of the dust around. I only see the trees in front of me fall down.

What happened.

That probably was his [Earth Tremor] skill.

He must have hit the ground strongly in order to cause that.

Luckily I was far away, but those who were near would not be safe.

The area of effect of the skills seems to depend on the strength of his body, because it's relatively low was that I was saved.

(Actually in this part the skill uses another set of kanji which aren't listed on his status so i linked it to Earth Tremor. 〖地鳴らし〗)

Because I fell to the ground the Little Rock Dragon comes at me at ease.

Damn it...

I can't lift myself up, my body is heavy.

Iya, this guys is really negligent.

Rather, this is a good opportunity. For now I should obediently stay down.

The rock dragon approaches me, he opens his big mouth and brings it near me.

I aim inside open mouth and with all of my strength I throw a [Dragon Punch].

As my fist enters his mouth it grazes one of his tusk opening a cut on it, but still the hit was a success.

As expected the inside of his mouth wasn't rock.


The Little Rock Dragon loudly cries while he steps back, seemingly in pain.

I did it, I did it.

That had to be fairly painful.

However, it's still impossible for me to beat that guy.

I run towards the other three.

I check the old man's status, but it's already too late his HP is already 0.

I can't think of anything for a moment, however I get away from the old man.

Next I find Douz.

With my claws I cut open his chest plate and from it blood pours out.

And because of [Earth Tremor] it seems that one of the trees that fell down crushed his legs.

I try to lift the tree with my hand, but I wasn't able to.

With only me it's impossible.

ShuuUu, a sound as if water evaporating is heard.

I look turn my head to look at the source of the sound, and I see that there is smoke coming out from the mouth of the Little Rock Dragon .

My instinct tells me that that must be his [Self Recovery].

The attack that I risked my life on was recovered just like that.

That's unreasonable.

That's stupidly strong, Is that really just a [Little] rock dragon?

In what way is that a rock dragon.

I immediately use [Roll] to run away, I find Miria who had fallen in a remote location.

Her body was about to be swallowed into the broken ground, I found her too late.

I take her out by grabbing her by the neck with my mouth, since my body was too small to carry her on my back.

And then I run with all of my power.

I run through the forest with all of my strength.

I'm still able to heard the sound of the humans being crushed, but still I never turn my head back.


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