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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 79


79. 〖God's voice: Lv4〗

The villagers stood side by side holding a bow, and set it up.

Roughly ten arrows are being shot all at once, but the skin of the Little Rock Dragon resist it easily.

The Little Rock Dragon turns towards the villagers, and raised its tail.

Taking advantage of this chance, Gregory moves in.

’’For now, eat this'!’’

Gregory used the momentum and swing his spear, stabbing the Little Rock Dragon's body.

But it was still just a child's play to the Little Rock Dragon

However, there was an unpleasant look that was aimed towards Gregory the eyes.

It simply took its eyes away from me.

If you look at it from the Little Rock Dragon point of view, I might just looks like a worthless small fry.

Although I do get irritated by that.

I'm rather grateful.


I muster up my remaining strength, and runs while suppressing the pain.

I put some strength in my foot and flies over on top of the Little Rock Dragon's body.

The Little Rock Dragon is a little bit late to turn its head towards me , as I kick it with all my might.


There was some reaction.

The Little Rock Dragon suddenly shakes its long neck greatly.

The important place that connects the heart and the head.

The body is a huge rock itself, but the neck is more delicate if you compare it to the body, so that should be the weak point of the Little Rock Dragon.

Having a heavy head, its delicate neck bends at the weight.

[the Lv of title skill〖Fighting Spirit〗 leveled up from from 1 to 2. ]

[the Lv of title skill〖Tiny Hero〗 leveled up from 3 to 4. ]

(E.N: the translation said [Guts] but I think [Fighting Spirit] sounds better)

Hey, this evaluation is not bad.

I might be able to fight like a certain chuunin ninja.

(E.N: can't really get the words for this one correctly, so sorry if there is a mistranslation)

I spin in the air and fix my posture, and neatly land in front of the Little Rock Dragon.

Naturally, we exchanged glance.

’’Guuuu....... AGAAaaaa'!’’

the Little Rock Dragon that had been staring at me began roar again.

An arrow suddenly hit its eye.

’’Yes, I did it! Eyes! Aim for the eyes! Me and Irushia......that child dragon will draw its attention! Use that chance!’’

’’Yes!’’ ’’Understood!’’

It's possible.

The way to cut down the hopeless difference between our status, it's finally come into view at last.

I need to calculated how many times do i need to strike the Little Rock Dragon with its remaining HP, as well as making sure that the Little Rock Dragon won't target the villagers as much as possible.

Race: Little Rock Dragon

State: Rage (Large)

Lv: 24/55

HP: 241/262

MP: 81/117

Confirming the damage, I was dumbfounded.

Those two attacks, only shaved off 21 HP?

With simple calculation, I need to kick it ten times at the back of the head, as well as the same number of arrows will be necessary aiming for its eyeballs.

No, it's not just that.

In addition to the Little Rock Dragon's strength and HP, it also have the〖Self-Replication〗 skill.

Crucially, the damage that I can give is not enough.

I saw the Little Rock Dragon put some power on its foot.

〖Earthquake〗is coming!


I bark towards the fighting villagers.

Somehow able to guess my warning, everyone take a distance from the Little Rock Dragon.

The Little Rock Dragon stomps its hind legs violently on the ground.

The villagers who use the bows are safe as they are far at the back, but Gregory who wield a spear was at the front, so he didn't manage to take enough distance.

You won't be able to deal with the status if you receive〖Earthquake〗so close to the source.

I rushed over to Gregory in a hurry, but I was slow.

With the Little Rock Dragon as the center, the topography of the surrounding area had changed.

Gregory is sandwiched between the splitted ground, the upper part of the body is bend over in an irregular shape.


I can hear the sound of the breaking bones, as Gregory raised his voice in agony.

It's a considerably serious injury.

If this fight keeps being dragged on, Gregory will die.

The villagers who took some distance after hearing my bark, doesn't seem to be unhurt

Some are lying on the ground, getting injured somewhere.

It's impossible.

No matter how much I struggle, there is no chance of winning.

My back who was petrified trying to reach for Gregory, received the tail of the Little Rock Dragon.

I was slammed into a building, the pain from my back spread to my whole body.

My HP was also about to reach the bottom.

I cannot think clearly.

My view shakes. The inside of my throat is hot, it was awfully dry.

[Quickly Run A.] [way. ]

Oh, is this the God's voice as I thought?

Certainly, it did kind of looks quite similar.

[Quickly.] [Run. ] [Away. ]

So nostalgic.

During the other time, or is it also when I faced the Little Rock Dragon?.

My level and status went up smoothly is all because of this fellow after all

No, I also received some damage because of this person, so is this guy really reliable?

[Lv of characteristic skill 〖God's voice〗 went up from 3 to 4. ]

[You will be able to view the results of a simple simulation using 〖Laplace〗 by consuming the MP.]

Huh, did the skill level of〖God's voice〗went up?

With this timing?

However, even if it goes up right now....

[You are surely.] [Will not be able to escape. ]


What? I've never heard of it talking directly like this before...

【Truly regrettable.] [While i expected this.] [It seems that here is goodbye.]

[Because you were an exception in various meanings.] [It was a please. ]

[But. ] [I thought that this would happen someday.]

...... W-what is this.

You purposely raise the Lv of〖God's voice〗just to say that!?

[It's a little bit early.] [that's it. ]

[Usually I only observe. ] [Is it significant?]

One-sidedly, the letters are put in my head.

[I'll say this one frankly. ] [Unless you run away. ]

[There are no other way to survive. ]

Don't just assume that on your own!

It's annoying how much you're babbling!

【Well then.] [You should take a rest slowly. ]

[I've never. ] [Get tired. ][Of watching you. ]

So,what about it!?

[Characteristic skill 〖God's voice: Lv4〗cannot give an explanation for that. ]

If I ask from here, I don't even feel like being polite, talking with me using that format.

And in the end, 〖God's Voice〗 stopped talking.

With my blurred view, I saw the Little Rock Dragon approaches.

I bite my arm, trying to call back my consciousness that was trying to fade away.

I stand up with trembling legs.


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