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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 76


’’Hah ...... Hah ......’’

Milia holds her shoulder, breathing roughly.

Fresh wound can be seen on the gap of her hands which looks painful.

When I check her status, her status becomes〖Bloodshed〗, and she doesn't have that much HP remaining either.

However, Millia could use her MP on the recovery magic〖Rest〗, so right now is still fine.

’’...... White magic, 〖Rest〗’’

Warm light dances in the sky once she finished chanting, and wrap my neck.

The dull pain and the cracking sound resulted by forcibly using 〖Nutcracker〗at low altitude had soften abruptly.

’’Ga, Gaa'!?’’

Clearly Milia is not in a good condition.

’’Your neck....from a while ago, because it looks like it hurts......’’

Milia is enduring the pain, but still forces a smile.

’’Let's go ...... to the village. I'm all right.’’

Milia's wound is not shallow at all.

Blood overflows from the gap between her fingers that are holding the wounds.

There should be plenty of leaves in the forest that can be used to stop her bleeding.

If I look for them I can find them immediately.

But, right now it is too dangerous.

If I look behind I can already see Little Rock Dragon.


I checked its status, and I noticed something terrifying.

Abnormal Status〖Rage〗, with this I understood.

As expected

Its Level though, is definitely high.

Although I don't know whether this is the same dragon as the last time, it is at least stronger than the one I saw before.

When the time comes I need to reduce the difference in strength with strategy, can I even win...... though I thought that, the gap is too much.

I'll be completely stumped.


I come to my senses one my name is called by Millia.

I bend my back., putting Millia on my back, I started running towards the village.

At the entrance area of the village, there was five collapsed villagers.

Two of the people had broken bows in hand, another two people were clenching what seems like farming tools, and the last person somehow trying to stand up by stabbing his spear to the ground.

Out of the five people, one person had stopped breathing.

It's the kid with the farming tools.

The youngest out of the five people.

It shows 〖HP: 0/12〗when I check the status, it's regrettable. Unintentionally, I look away .

’’Damn, up until now, these kind of things ......’’

Facing the villager who stood up with feeble steps, was the third blue wolves which is licking its tongue, the Mahaa Wolf.

That must be the Mahaa Wolf that Douz had ride on.

Perhaps Douz was detained here, so he left the Mahaa Wolf here for restriction and enter the village.


I used〖Roar〗from behind Maaha wolf, so it turns its awareness to me.

The villagers also noticed me.

The one in possession of the spear had his eyes wide open, and dropped his weapon to the ground.

Then following after the spear, he himself collapse on the ground too.

’’S-such...such, foolishness! Why... one after another ...... now a dragon too...’’

At his wits end, he started sobbing and shedding tears.

Milia is riding on top of me...... but that reaction, he can only see me huh?

Even if it can't be helped, it hurts my feelings real bad.

I pin down the attacking Mahaa Wolf, pierce its body and killed it without any difficulty.

Because the notice appears saying I won't receive any experience value due to my Lv:MAX, I can safely confirm that I had defeat it.

’’E-everyone! Calm down! This dragon, it came to help the village!’’

Milia gets down from my back, puts her hands on the shoulder of the crying spearman, and said those words.

Then she tried to heal the person with the most serious injury, rushing towards the kid with the farming tool.

’’Agnes, Hey! Are you okay!?’’

It was the 〖HP:0/12〗 kid.

I'm unable to stay still, gritting my teeth.

’’Agnes! Agnes!’’


I gave a short bark, showing the direction Douz previously go

I have to stop Douz.

If the Rock Dragon goes on a rampage inside the village, I can't even imagine how many people will die.

’’W-wait! If I do not go with you, and if it's only Irushia-san alone... then the villager will only become more panicked!’’

’’I will go with the dragon! Milia, bring these guys and escape! The center of village may become dangerous!’’

’’But ......’’

’’Quickly go! I...I've trained hard for things like this!’’

The dark bearded man with the spear shouted at Milia.

After that he faced me, staring me in the eyes.

He probably does not fully trusted me who is a dragon.

From his facial expressions I can see he felt suspicious.

’’M-my best regards. Irushia, is that your name?’’

While saying those words timidly, he stretches out his hand.

I lifted my arm, showing my claws, and give a small nod.

Unfortunately, he will lose his hand if we shake hands.

The man finally noticed that, and withdrawn his arm shamefully.

It seems like the tension around him had been reduced a bit too.


I gave a small cry, and bent down my back.

’’Above, or are you telling me to get on top?’’


With the man on my back, I ran to the center of the village.

It seems this man is called Gregory. I confirm that with his Status.

He has an injured foot, and has 〖Bloodshed〗, but seeing his HP seems like it is still safe for him to move.

Although he has a thick beard, I believe he is still in his twenties.

’’Surely, I've never thought of this. That the one that chose to side with the humans would be the dark dragon’’

Gregory mutters that silently.

Dark dragon... or rather, isn't that the dragon with the dark attribute?


I gave a short bark to answer that.

Gregory laughed a little.

’’Eek! It's a dragon!’’

’’W-why is Gregory riding on top of the dragon!?’’

When I cross the field, screams breaks out from the villagers doing farm work..

’’Irushia, sorry but please stop for a little.’’

As Gregory said so, I stop my foot.

’’Hey! Did you see any monster or Douz came here!?’’

Gregory's voice projected to the villagers who were out in the fields.

’’Monster!? I-in this village there is the divine protection from the Guardian God, for a monster with low intelligence to voluntarily enter the village, don't joke about such a thing’’

[E.N: Can't really find a good name for that Guardian god, the other translation is Guardian Angel but i think that is wrong. So I will stick with that one for now and change it later if we find a better name]

’’Have you seen Douz!? It could be that that fellow is the one leading the monster!’’

’’I saw him. That's right, that fellow seems to be hurt! Just a few minutes ago! Although I called out for him, he keeps on running... It's towards the tower area! H-hey, what on earth happened...’’

’’You should leave too. Go to the western edge of the village, it should be the safest there. Irushia, please!’’


Now, regrettably, we don't have time for explaining.

There is a risk of losing sight of Douz, there is also the possibility for Douz swinging his sword raging violently too.

I began to run towards the tower that rose highly.


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