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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 75



Anyway, while running towards the village, I look for some terrain that is suitable to attack the chasing Maaha wolves.

It is not that hard to find.


There is only the figure of the Boss Mahaa Wolf now, he is pretty fast.

He Left behind his three underlings, and continued to chase me alone.

Now is not the time where I can afford to hold myself back at running.

Although it's bad for Millia, I keep on running at 80% my maximum speed..

Although I thought I might be able to catch up with Douz at this pace, I still haven't seen his figure.

Did he change the route on purpose?

Douz is clearly not sane.

It might be due to his strange Status.

Since there might be a way to bring him back to normal, I can't kill him.

If I tried to catch the enemy who's trying to run away, there is a possibility that it will be time consuming.

Given the risk of receiving pincer attack while doing this, a part of me doesn't want to catch up with him that badly and focus on defeating the Mahaa Wolves..


The distance between the boss Maaha Wolf his underling Mahaa wolf has increased.

If it is like this, should I finish up the Mahaa wolf boss in one-on-one?

No, but Millia is ....

’’I-I, if I get in the way of the fight, I'll get off at once. If it is just defending, I will be alright. ’’


Seeing her status, I don't think that is possible at all.

She could die from a single blow of the boss Mahaa Wolf.

Frankly, it is close to a miracle that we could safely get to the nearby cliff.

’’T-therefore, I beg you! The village, please save the village! For the reward, I will do anything! Please, Irushia! If left as it is, the village...’’


In short, you want me to give priority to rescue the village more than your own safety.

What you said up there, I cannot refuse.


I give a small roar bear making a sudden brake, turning my body using the force of my tail, facing the boss Mahaa Wolf.

Milia jumped off my back

Behind the boss Mahaa wolf were his three subordinates.

They are closer than I thought.

The fight will take some time.


I spat my〖Baby Breath〗towards the charging Mahaa Wolf boss.

Same as before, the Mahaa Wolf boss avoid by jumping above.

At the time I attack with my tail, it twisted its body to evade, at the same time it stretch its burning claw at me.


It should not be able to move its body in the air.

I crouched and took a step closer to the boss Mahaa wolf so I was beneath him.

Although I received 〖Fire Nail〗on my back, it was considered a necessary expense.

I tear through the meat straight to the bone.

I deeply tore its defenseless abdomen with〖Paralysis Claw〗


Boss Maaha Wolf's movement becomes dull due to paralysis poison.

I don't want to use this skill because it will increase the〖Disaster〗skill, but I can't afford such luxury right now.

Although it might be bad if I use it too much, it should be enough as the effect last for several seconds.

I sealed the boss Mahaa wolf's arm when I impaled my fangs into its shoulder

’’Guru, Guruwaa ......’’

With all my strength I kicked off the ground jumping up in the air.

Even with my wing it hard to fly due to the weight, and i can't even use 〖Baby Breath〗to jet myself because my mouth is blocked.

I drop to the ground while using〖Roll〗in mid air, and slammed the boss Mahaa wolf head first into the ground

The distance was supplemented by the 〖Roll〗, it was still a simple〖Nutcracker〗.


the boss Mahaa wolf screamed as it collapsed

I was able to crush the boss before the three small fry came.

Although my neck hurt from the 〖Nutcracker〗skill just now, it can't be helped.

I will have the red monkey massage it later

the three mahaa wolfs spread out wide left, right, and center.

It seems they want to restrain me by aiming for Millia. What a nasty personalities.


I fold in my hands and feet and being to rush over determined to tackle the rightmost Mahaa wolf with 〖Roll〗.


The blown Mahaa Wolf raise its death throes, but unfortunately it is still moving.

Then I took a U-turn, and aim towards the middle Maaha wolf that was moving towards Milia.


I could not kill them, but engulf their hind legs breaking them.

There is no problem even if I leave them as it is, as it is not possible to give chase to me anymore..

The last Mahaa wolf was gaining on Milia

Although Milia also started running away, it manages to catches up with her immediately.

I won't make it in time.


The blow of the Mahaa wolf strikes Milia


The claw slash though her shoulder together with her clothes.

Her white shoulders are now covered in a raw, red flesh wound.


I bite the Mahaa wolf who was aiming for a second shot with all my strength.


The mahaa wolf tried to resist my bite, as I swing its neck right and left, throwing it to the grounds many times.

Although my neck starts cracking due to the effect of〖Nutcracker〗, I keep on swinging it without a care.

’’Guo'!’’ ’’Gya!’’ ’’Gija'!’’ ’’Gao'!’’ ’’Aaa!’’

When its cries had ceased I threw it to the ground

With this the Mahaa wolf pursuers have been cleared up for the time being.

Now I need to catch Douz at the village and restrain him, and then collect the egg.

Entering the village to retrain Douz might prove to be difficult.


Before the Little Rock Dragon chasing from behind arrives at the village, will I have enough time to collect the egg? That is the question.

The village is not that far anymore.


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