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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 73



I ran while approaching the village, I should bring the game to a suitable place.

The opponents are organized, but i'm still enough to send the other party flying even if I carry Millia on my back.

I gradually dropped my speed to attract them.


I gave a small bark to the clinging Millia, and stop to turn around.

Noticing that their pursuit are already noticed, the Mahaa Wolves appeared from the sideway.


These fellows sure are energetic.

They should have escaped quietly instead of coming out..

As usual, the level is not that high.

Should I collect the meat on the way back as a souvenir for the black lizard and the Red Monkeys?

I bombarded the Mahaa Wolf that had started charging with〖Baby Breath〗.

I approach it as it moves sideways to dodge, and throw it with my tail.

The Maaha Wolf rolled on the ground, but got up immediately taking a defensive stance.


Barking again it came and attacked the same way as before.

It's kinda too much like a berserker.

This guy, are you a machine or something?

Of course it's not, as this guy can get bloody and injured like normal.

The Mahaa wolf that has jumped in front of me was countered by my〖Dragon Punch〗.

The hit connected from the bottom, crushing its chin.The Mahaa wolf, face smashed, falls at my feet.

These guys sure are persistent.

I should evolve quickly so I can gain levels next time they come.

Are there still more nearby?

I listened carefully.

The large footsteps that should have turned to the other direction a little while ago, is it coming to me?

No, not to...... me.

Perhaps this is aimed in the same direction as me?

No way, is it heading to the village! ?

If it's like that, I need to quickly send Millia to the village, and then it is necessary to check the true nature of those footsteps after returning.

According to the circumstances a battle might break out too.

From the sound of the footsteps, it is certain that it is D-class or higher.

Perhaps it might even be C-class.

If it is stronger than the twin head, it's impossible to defeat it alone.

Judging from the interval between the footsteps, there's barely any speed...

In that case, is it possible for me to stop it from going to the village?

...... Right now, the information is insufficient.

Should I quickly take Millia to the village for the time being?

It is certain that I won't be able to do anything to the monster with her being here.

Summarizing my thoughts as I was ready to depart.... Just as I was thinking that, I felt the signs of a large amount of monsters.

Aah, geez!

More Mahaa wolves!

I don't want to deal with you guys any more.

They lost their vision when I defeated the advanced party, so did the main party come out to not lose sight of me?

I detect around five... a group of them.

I might inflict an injury on Millia if I fight poorly, and the huge monster might arrive by the time I'm done with them.

As for the direction of that huge monsters footsteps, as of right now it is still not changing.

If I just escape and go to the village, the crowd of Mahaa Wolves will surely follow.

Although it is not the worst case, it's a situation in which I can't be optimistic.

The boss seems to considerably hate me.

As expected it was not really aiming at me, but it only came out seriously after having understood my character.


I ran in the opposite direction of the village, towards the coming road, barking loudly.

I already know what's over there!

Come out quickly you Mahaa Wolves!

I can handle great numbers of enemies if I can use the geographical features like the cave again;I can also go on a rampage without reserve once I put Millia in a safe zone, so first and foremost I went to the force of the enemies.

By chance, there is a possibility that a high level Mahaa Wolf is mixed in too.

In response to my cries, I feel signs of movement.

They're coming!

’’Uhi, hihi, Hihihihihyi ......’’

The forest is quiet except for the footsteps of the large monster, and the sound of distorted laughter.

It was hoarse, it feels rough, it feels dirty, weakened and exhausted.

It was a slender laughter that would likely disappear in the wind, but it's atmosphere, I felt, contained a condensed, intense malice.

Is it... human?

From the left and right, around the nearby trees, the Mahaa wolves appears.

One, two, three ...... four.

And then, it slowly appears, a big Mahaa Wolf.

Moreover on top of it, was a man as skinny as a skeleton.

The man's clothes were terribly soiled;torn and tattered rags clung to him

The sword attached to his waist was also completely rusted.

The eyes show a slight squint, combined together with the abnormal features, it makes me sick.

He held a mysterious globe made of soil in his arm.

What's...... That?

Or rather, just what is the meaning of this?

Although I was a bit late to notice because of the excessive change, I knew that guy.

The skeleton man riding on top of the Mahaa Wolf, is the person for whom Millia was searching: without a doubt it is Douz.


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