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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 72


Flower name

’’Then, how about......Irushia? It is my favourite flower name.’’


I nod my head twice to Miria's proposal


After all it is essential for name to associate with a person.


Let's search for the Irushia flower. I want to know the flower that became origin of my name

[Will you decided on ’’Irushia’’?’’

[※When you decided once, it is not possible to change.]


Did [God voice] react?


I did not feel any thing from the latter half sentence so, there problem?

[You have decided on the name ’’Irushia’’]


.......Though I understand very little about characteristic of [God voice], there might not be problem.


I shake my head lightly and dispersed the unpleasant feeling.


I bend back a little more so that Miria can get on easily.

’’A, Thank you, Irushia.’’

Miria give me a bow and then jump on me with a single stroke

After all, it is a good name.


This is probably the most proper conversation for a long time after I came to this world. I was filled with deep emotion from being called my name, it is something from the chest.

If I think about it, there is possible to call a conversation with the monkeys through sense.

I do not want to include talking with [God voice] a conversation.


It is the obligation of the other side, anyhow, it not possible to come to like it.

It is useful but cannot be relied on.


Anyhow to say that this information is biased, or sometimes referred to as the other side was not my intended idea.


However I have run past here and there so I do not know the way anymore.


I do feel like I seen this area when I was was being chased by...... The large spider.

I running from the other side and turn her to find the cave....


A roar interrupted my thought.

When I looked back It was a Maaha wolf.

The blue body hair, tusk grow from light purple opened mouth. It stares at us with the third eyes.

It is truly too persistent....

Because there is only one this time handling it will be easy, but from previous experience it is very irritation.


What we're moving against the guys.


If you are you can view shared even partially, but it rubbed likely know I can not win an absolute'm at least negligence.

The status is confirmed, its LV is not so high either.


It also possessed the same skills of the fellows a while ago, I was unable to see abnormality status.



Miria almost fainted from the cry of Maaha wolf, I changed poster to support her.


It take the chance that my posture is broken and close distance.


This fellow skill...[Bite:LV1], [Penetration:LV2], [Fire claw:LV1]


I should be careful with [Penetration].


I understand the context of the skill so I am not scared,


When I roar, Miria increase her grip power.

I kicked the ground and evaded Maaha wolf.


Mahaurufu flaming nails cut the air.


Is the [Fire nail]?


I thought it is slightly cool.


I kick the face of Mahaa wolf from the air.


Though I'm anxious about [Penetration] but if our eye level doesn't match so it's good.


I pursue it by scoop it with my tail and swept Mahaurufu in the air.


I aim at the top of the head and drop a fist.


I feel a break in Mahaurufu neck.


After the body struck the ground, Mahaurufu did not move.


Game over.


In order to kill the impact, I land while bending my feet.

’’wo, wonderful...’’


I heard admiration from Miria, I was a good feeling so I did not denied it.


However...why did I aimed to kill it?


After all, Miria does not seem to know anything about what am I aiming at?


When thinking about the danger of attacked in group, is it safer to separate?

If she able to run away because it was a good element this time, but if she is surrounded she could get injured.

However, even if it is not Maaha wolf, there are other demons.


Base on Miria's status, she cannot walk safely alone in the forest.


After, is there a road I can declare saft?


I once went on cliff edge along to return to the start.

Nest, it would be better to be able to go here to the village this time.


I can't lose my way.


A village isn't such a small place, from this position, I should come to view if I go straight.

I ran for a while before I faintly caught sound of big foot steep.

It is quite a large scale monster, is it an orange monkey?


NO, there are more weight than him.


Little rock dragon?


I can't be, it isn't the type which originally there.


Also the sound of foot is slow, I be able to prevent it from range attack and ambushed.


It can't chase if I focused on running.


It doesn't seem to have reason to run after us, so I should not mind it.

Then now, what to do with the Mahaa wolf that is chasing me.


It is just another unnecessary problem.

It seems that Mahaa wolf make sure to kill all signal and not show appearance.


After regroup with it companion, will they attack?


My position probably relay, should I clear it up now?


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