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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 71


Gurisha language

I go out of the cave,


To summarize the circumstances, it is decided that Miria will be teaching me Gurisha language.


Intonation, gesture, and expression is important in a conversation.

I have [Gurishia language:LV1] already.

If language ability is depended on skill, I can roughly learn by hearing...immediately.


If I succeed in raising [Gurisha Language] skill, the relation with human will be considerably easier in the future.


I want to come to understand to some degree in this occasion.

「Αυτό είναιτοδέντρο......」

Miria said while pointing at the tree.


I desperately hear the words.

This have been continued for 30 minutes.


When hearing it, I have a sense of grasping something, it shouldn't be wasteful.


Without getting tired in talking thanks to Miria.

「Αυτή είναιηπέτρα......」

Next, she pointed at the wood(tree) while talking.


Mu, I feel like gradually come to a understanding.

[Characteristics skills [Gurisha Language] rise LV1 to LV 2]


The cow has come.

(T.N a saying used to show success)


Only sensing what Miria is saying I have come to understanding about the subject gradually.

’’Eto......then,**with, **that...’’

The words composition is rough and doubtful, but I understood the general thing.

It will probably enough with this.


After I spoke, the understanding is developing.


As for the problem, I can't give out words.

’’**Did you come to understand the thing I said?’’

I answered with a nod.

I look at her expression which are surprise, I enjoy the sense of superiority only a little.

I have trouble with move my tongue since I'm a dragon.


Even if I came to understood words for some degree now, will I start to inquire Miria's circumstances?

There is no sense of urgency if I look at her, though she come in the forest by herself rather than group, she doesn't seem to do it without purpose.


I pointed the way to the village while watching Miria, she tilted her neck.


As for Miria's eyes blink quickly, ’’there...’’

’’Why are I***the only one entered****here?’’

I nod again.

’’......I'm looking for a person......It is my decision, ****I sneak in alone several times by myself**Excuse me, perhaps did you see that person in the forest?’’

It seems hear to say for Miria for some reason.

(E.N.’’It seems Miria is here to stay for some reason’’)


A person? By any chance, Is it the pair that came to my cave last time?

I recalled a girl with animal ears and a swordswoman.


I imitated a dog ear with my hand attaching to my head.

’’The people come from the town**** already, they should be gone back.*** Because I** was here, they returned once, **it is not those people... Ano, it was the person Dors I came together last time......’’



I recalled we met somewhere...If I remember, he came with Miria when we met the first time, he the man wearing light armor.


When I looked at the status, I remember seeing the same name.


But that person should be dead by Little Rock dragon.

Though I didn't see him died, but his foot was smashed by a fallen tree and wasn't able to move.


Assuming that the little rock dragon had overlook him, he will not able to escape monster with that wound.

Even now, I didn't think he still alive.


Anyway, I was able to confirmed that Miria has come to the forest alone.

She should be sent back to the village soon.

About searching for Dors, she can't be hurry to there either.

Though I understand little about the circumstance, but with the existed detail, the possibility of Dors being alive is low.

I have a feeling that the other villagers aren't searching for proof either.


In the first place, clearly, it is not a problem to be able to do something about Miria problems.


Miria can't freely searching around the forest by herself.


After sending Miria back to the village, I will search for Dors.

By chance......If I search the surrounding of little rock dragon, his corpse might come out.


It maybe harsh, but it will able to stop Miria from unreasonable entering the forest.

If I cooperate with the black lizard and orange monkey, we might able to bring down the little rock dragon.


I don't have recovery magic to deal with any of the [Grumbling ground] area attacks or use to break through it.


I can't bring Miria there, should I have evolved in [little arc dragon] as expected?


When thinking about black lizard,


in reality, it is not the time to be raising [Gurisha language], and when I sent Miria back to the village, perhaps she should returned with the black lizard.


Anyhow, it is scary that I might unconsciously postpones it.

Because there might be chance of making a connection with humans there, will I able to run away as it is?

I got stuck in a quagmire while thinking deeply.


Anyway, I will sent Miria, let's assume to return to the cave early.


After the problems are solved, then unnecessary things will come after.


I stooped myself to let Miria on my back.

’’A, ano, Do you have a name Dragon-san?’’


I instinctively leak out a stupid voice to Miria question.


To begin with, I don't have a mouth to give out name.


I denied by shaking my head.

’’Is, is that so?...... then, what should I call you?

I have not considered such a thing.

Plague child is slightly unpleasant.


Did she mean by any chance we can meet after this?

Though I'm glad, but isn't it dangerous?

should I say things about entering the village.


No, even if Miria permits it that doesn't mean that other villagers will let's her.


And If that happens...... What should I do with the black lizard.

A round-trip life of the village and the forest?

’’Is it so. So, May I think of the name! Oh, excuse me, how rude of me......’’



Without any second, I jumped at the offer.


By all mean, please!


If you asked such thing, it is a good to have you think of a name!


I think I have shortened the distance between us by a mile.

[Characteristic skill [Gurisha language] rise LV2 to LV3.]


Oh, language skill LV have gone up while talking.


After all, in the dragon people evolution, this Is not cave and the village round trip ants that do.


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