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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 70


The Next Evolution --

I walk through the dark passages of the cave.

When I squint my eyes and look real hard ahead, I could faintly see Millia panicking.

Millia tries to move and hits her head on the wall, falling down...... eh, could it be, that she can't see at all?

...... But I can see, maybe because I am a Dragon.

It might be slightly different from human eyes.

Well, such things doesn't matter.

It's alright as it's not really a big thing.

Although she might be a little uneasy since it is dark and there might be monsters overlooking in the dark, but such worry is unnecessary.

For now, please show me the next evolution options.

As I think of that while walking, a strings of characters appears in my head.

[Would you like to view the evolution options? ]

The voice in my head asked.



〖Jormungand〗: rank C +

〖Little Arc Dragon〗: rank C

〖Artificial dragon〗: rank C-

〖Rolling dragon〗: rank C-

〖Dark Drago Hyuma〗: Rank -



〖child plague dragon〗: rank D +



〖Baby dragon〗: rank D-

〖Dragon Egg〗: Rank F


There are 5 evolution options I can choose from.

As long as I am not〖Plague dragon〗 I'm ok.

Let's start with asking for details from the bottom one.

[〖Dark Drago Hyuma: Rank -〗]

[Lower class humanoid dragon. Instead of a monster, it is classified as a 2nd sub-race]

[Its body is covered in black scales . ]

Eh ...... I-is this the same as a real human?

Is, is this good?

If it's a dragonoid... I can talk to other people without using the〖Art of Human transformation〗, or will they still shoot me with an arrow when I enter the village?

W-well, though there are various things to think about, lets check every evolution first.

[〖Rolling Dragon: rank C-〗]

[Dragon that prioritized speed over strength ]

[It is not possible to follow the speed with the eyes of an ordinary person. ]

[A speedster in the dragon world. ]

...... speed huh, this is absolutely because of 〖Roll〗.

Certainly I like to use〖Roll〗, or more like I've been pushed to use it too much....

But, although I've struggle so far, I have a feeling that speed is the most important after all.

Great Orange Monkey too, in the end abandon its HP and strength to choose the speed buff.

No matter how strong you are, it's useless if your attack doesn't hit.

That's why 〖Roll〗is important to me ...... is it a bit rash to abandon it?

[〖Artificial Dragon: rank C-〗]

[Dragon with six dexterous hands. ]

[A mask like shell covers the face, preventing an attack to the head. ]

[Although the status is low, it's a rare dragon that can handle weapons freely. ]

The dexterous hands does seem to be useful for making things and stuff like that.

I understood the usefulness of the weapon from the Orange Monkeys, and using different weapon in six arms has some kind of romance to it.

But, increasing body parts makes it feels like my evasion will decrease. This is a little tough.

But it is still better than a twin head though.

[〖Little Arc Dragon: rank C〗]

[Light attribute Dragon. ]

[It has very high intelligence, and skillful with white magic and light magic. ]

[Long ago, there is also a legend that a hero used it as a means of transportation, but that is just a legend. ]

From the 'Little' group, means that I will stop growing once I became big.......

If there is a legend when a hero rides it, it might be deified is various place,so surprisingly it might not be too bad.

I'm glad for the white magic too. Probably, it would be the recovery magic.

Dragon of light that is superior in offense and defense, this also came out when I chose the Child Plague Dragon.

It is not the the complete opposite?

Or is it thanks to 〖Tiny Hero〗?

[〖Jormungand: rank C +〗]

[Alias, a venomous snake dragon. It has an appearance like an audacious snake. Its whole body is covered in scales that contains deadly poison]

[Although its combat ability is low, it's said any opponent it fights will surely die because of poison. ]

[Has the ability to change the poison spitted into a monster. ]

[The land this monster has passed... it is said that the trees and plants will never grow there again. ]

Aah, this guy is no good ....

This is as useless as the last one.

Previous useless one? Of course, it's the Child Plague Dragon.

It's like the Jormungand's existence itself is evil.

The〖Artificial dragon〗 is no good, and the〖Jormungand〗 is totally out of the question. For the time being.

I hate being a centipede dragon, and I definitely would absolutely hate being a venomous snake dragon.

So what if it's a C+?

Is there anyone who would dare choose him?

(E.N: Kumoko would totally go for that)

〖Rolling dragon〗seriously values speed,〖Little Arc Dragon〗 is the best except that it will stop growing.

...... Or, have the appearance of a person with the〖Dark Drago-Hyuma〗.

Evolving into a person is already hard to imagine, will I become unrelated to evolution once I become〖Dark Drago-Hyuma〗?.

Even if I become a human, will the Black Lizard still accept me?

If I'm able to be familiar with a human dwelling,would it decrease the opportunity to meet the Black Lizard, or would she just disappear?

When I walk while thinking in distress, I almost hit the wall of the cave.

That was dangerous, or rather, I can't see the figure of Millia. Where did she go?


Because I heard a voice from below me, I take a look at my feet.

Milia was face down just right beside of my foot.

She grandly fell while trying to walk in the dark, and seems to have lost the chance to get back up.

Uwaah! Just a little more and I would have stepped on you!

I carry Millia on my back to the outside of the cave.

For now let's forget about evolution, should I learn about Millia's circumstances?

I want to think more carefully about my next evolution options.

Because there is the possibility of not being able to be recognized when I evolved, I want to evolve in front of the Black Lizard if possible.

If a situation where I got found out by a villager come, at that time I might be forced to pick my choice.


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