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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 7


A person's warmth



(again if anyone can think of a better name please suggest so~)

[Miria Mileana]

Race: Earthling - Human

Status: Normal

Lv: 6/70

HP: 18/20

MP: 4/20

Attack: 12+5

Defense: 14+2

Magic: 25

Agility 17


Hand: [Dry Wood Staff: F+]

Body: [Village Girl Clothes: F-]

Special Skills:

[Grisha Language: Lv5]

[Black Magic Talent: Lv2]

Resistance Skills:

Normal Skills:

[Rest: Lv2] [Fire Ball: Lv1]

Title Skills:

[Novice White Magician: Lv2](Thanks for everyone that helped me here, what seeps to have happened here is that the website that i use that tells me what the kanjis mean gave me a different meaning on the kanjis and didn't said that there three together meant magician which lead to my confusion.)


The name of the girl who saved me seems to be Miria.

She appears to be very young, I would guess around the age of 14 judging by her appearance and her height, she also seems to have a bob cut.

She places my head on her knee and gently strokes my cheek.

As opposite of before I don't feel like I want to escape now, as if losing all of my power I entrust my body to her.

Honestly, the paralysis has already mostly ceased, but I only move my body a little and make my body tremble on purpose.

That's because I'm scared that after she knew that I was able to move again she would go away to reunite with the other two.

Even if I don't her reasons, but i understood that I was doing this because of my own selfishness.

I understand but, I'm still lonely.

Mira takes a peek at my face and says something like ’’Are you ok?’’ and ’’I'm sorry’’.

I'm not able to understand what she is saying but somehow I can guess it because of the way she is speaking and the expressions she makes.

[Special Skill [Grisha Language: Lv1] was acquired.]

Oh?, was this because I was able to understand a bit of what she said?

[Title Skill [Liar: Lv1] was acquired.]

... You really like to accurately scoop out a person's guilt don't you.

Even if it is a simple title that anyone would have... neither Miria nor Douz have it.

Why am I the only one with this title?, Besides, that is just bad-mouthing.

I just wonder what is your reason.

I feel like God's Voice is connected to this, It doesn't feel like the skill has any usefulness.

Anyways, this girl's level cap is really high.

While Douz's cap is Lv45 hers is Lv70.

I don't think that humans can evolve, but I think that this is what one could call as a person's 'Talent Barrier'

Miria and that punk soldier seem to be able to become very strong in the future.

While I was acting spoiled and clung to the girl we heard a scream in the distance.

It was the Old man and Douz.

Miria faced the direction and after several seconds she picked me up and laid me on a tree.

There is a fair difference between Miria's status and Douz's status.

I wonder if she could come from behind, right now the difference between their levels is almost doubled.

Douz's scream is heard once more he seems to be in a pinch, Miria starts heading that direction and there is nothing I can do about it.

Naturally, i feel worn out.(当然、ボロボロの俺が行ってもそれは同じこと。)

It probably is because of her [Rest] a recovery skill that was relied on.

However, I don't think that she used it.

A while ago I checked her status and her MP was almost depleted.


「......ταλέμε」 (... Good bye.)

That's all that she said, then Miria made a lonely smile.

After that she waved her hand and began to run to where the voice was.


I tried to stop her, but when I tried to move my body I fell forwards.

There is still paralysis left. I wasn't faking that I could not move my body on purpose, I misunderstood and thought that I was cured but I'm still feeling pain.

[Gaaa! GaAaAaa!’’]

I shout at Miria's back, she looks back at me seemingly about me but after narrowing her eyes she hangs her head down and begins to run.

Please wait!

Even if you go, I'm sure that you won't be able to do anything! so...


From the inside of the forest a large voice resounds which makes the earth shake.

Douz and the others scream can be heard near it.

Compared to mine that roar was much more powerful and louder.

I have an unpleasant premonition.

But when I try to stand up my feet don't move, they don't move.

In the first place, my HP must not be close to full recovery.

Right now must be somewhere around half full.

But if I stay like this it might be possible that I end up becoming some monster's prey.

Yet, I can hardly walk, at most I move unsteadily from side to side, but that didn't stop me.

Walking little by little the paralysis seems to be ceasing better.

Good. If I continue like this I will eventually arrive at that place and will be able to move freely.

It will take me some time, even so step by step and I will reach the place where the voice was heard.

Now that the paralysis seems to have mostly stopped, I'll check my status.


Race: Baby Dragon

Status: Paralysis (Low)

Lv: 20/25

HP: 38/72

MP: 59/68

Attack: 61

Defense: 46

Magic: 58

Agility: 42

Rank: D-

Special Skills:

[Dragon Scales: Lv1] [God's Voice: Lv2]

[Grisha Language: Lv1]

Resistance Skills:

[Physical Resistance: Lv2] [Fall Resistance: Lv3] [Hunger Resistance: Lv2]

[Poison Resistance: Lv2] [Solitude Resistance: Lv3] [Magic Resistance: Lv1]

Normal Skills:

[Roll: Lv2] [Status Inspect: Lv2] [Baby Breath: Lv2]

[Whistle: Lv1] [Sweet Bite: Lv1] [Dragon Punch: Lv2]

Title Skills:

[Dragon King's Son: Lv--] [Walking Egg: Lv--] [Clutz: Lv3]

[Straight Fool: Lv1] [In-Fighter: Lv3] [Harmful Insects Killer: Lv1]

[Liar: Lv1]


As i thought, my HP is only half full.

The opponent's status must be high, but if I cooperate with Miria and the other I suppose that we could repel him.


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