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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 69


Mahaa Wolf

Millia is on my back, she stoops her body so as not to disturb my balance as I run through the forest.

Because raising my speed is likely to cause me to drop her I suppressed it, but it seems to be difficult to shake off the Great wolf at this speed.

’’Guruwa'!’’ ’’Guruwaa'!’’

This fellow, their number increased to six.

How come they have been able to chase me up to here?

The difference in Ability should clearly be showed.

There doesn't seem to be a high ranked fellow there, when many with similar strength stick together...

Somehow it's not that far off the mark.

These fellow are not stupid like the Grey Wolves.

Every time they come to attack, they retreat once I countered back.

Is the strange abnormality from its stats awhile ago related?

Excitement? Confusion?

Since〖Status Check: Lv 5〗not able to confirm it, is it a skill belongs to some strong monster?

Great wolf is in possession of characteristic skill 〖magic wave reception〗 that might be the reason.

The troublesome boss might be lying in wait.

Once Milia is in a safe place, I should looks for its leader.


Listening to milia's voice, I take a look behind me.

Great wolf has increased its speed, and had began to shorten the distance with me.

That was dangerous, my thought went somewhere.

Let's worry about that later, for now I need to take care of these guys.


Hold on tight!

As I bark, Milia strengthen the grip of her hands on my shoulder.

I fasten my speed and creates a distance between me and the Mahaa Wolves in a dash.

Milia is, on my back holding tightly.

As I thought running a this speed, Milia almost falls.

You should use your strength to endure the shock, so it will be impossible to fall, even during impact.

When running, a small cave can be seen.

It is not possible for them to get behind me if I go in there, so it is perfect for ambush.

I turn the body towards the cave and run for it.


Milia murmured in my ear anxiously.


I squeal to cheer her up, and began to speed up a little bit.

In order to intercept with room to spare, I want to enter the cave even one second earlier to fix my posture.

Decelerating upon entering the cave, I stop at the dead end at the back.

And set her down in the corner of the cave.

Although a little dark, it is not too dark as I can still somewhat see.

While my eyes are getting used to this, let's intercept these fellows.

In case of the area of the cave, the Mahaa Wolves shouldn't be able to pass my side as long as I firmly guard it.

In this case, Milia will not be in danger.


The cry of the mahaa wolves echoes inside the cave.

They came.


I also ready myself and run to the center of the cave, opening my wings and fly low.

Because this cave is narrow, there is no longer a little gap on the left and right when I spread my wings.

It is not gonna be perfect but ought to be possible to avoid them passing.

Right, left, middle.

Rolling up the wings that expanded to the left and right, I ran into 3 bodies that is in front of me.


The Mahaa Wolves raise a scream as it hit the ceiling and the wall.

With a sharp twist, I mowed down the remaining three with my tail.

Quickly all five of the mahaa wolfs became corpses.

[You cannot gain experience because of your MAX Level]

Wait a minute.

Should I evolve quickly?

No, It's likely to lead to a lifetime of regret If I decided to be impatient and do it

’’Oh, I've had enough!’’ Is what most likely will come out if I decide this in a moment of crisis.

Looking towards the entrance of the cave.

There is no particular sign of more monsters.

I decided to come out to the outside of the cave alone.

I tried searching the surrounding area, but there is no appearance of mahaa wolfs.

Anyway it looks good so I think the crisis is over.

Although I do feel like the chief that had been instructed mahaa wolfs is still likely around.

Even so... this is strange no matter how I think about it.

There should be no reason to aim for me there.

Concerning all the Mahaa Wolves, what is that abnormal condition?

Unexpectedly, it might be nothing more that just overinterpretation from me.

Merely just a strong sense of camaraderie and desire for revenge, this is not impossible either.

Do I look for the boss of the Mahaa Wolves, or do I send Milia to the village?

If Milia is aimed by the boss of Mahaa Wolves for some reason, it might be a bad move to merely return as it is.

I can't grasp Milia's situation, so let's confirm it. She might have some idea about the Mahaa Wolves.

However to understand with my〖Gurisha language: Lv1〗, I'll have you explain in easy words.

In addition, I look around outside again to confirm that there are no more enemies.

Then I return back into the cave.

...... For the time being, while walking to where Millia is, should I confirm my next evolution?

If I can grasp the information about the evolution, it may be a way out to escape a crisis in case of emergency.


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