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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 68


The Girl and The Dragon's Reunion. --

Milia's scream seems to be from the other side of the cliff.

Using〖Roll〗to build in momentum for〖Flight〗, while pointing my neck downward I shoot 〖Baby Breath〗 backwards to gain speed, thus surpassing the cliff.

When I arrives on the other side, I immediately saw it.

A girl with chestnut colored hair, surrounded by three wolves.

The clothes are torn apart with the wolves claws, and although her body seems to suffer some injury, there is no fatal wound yet.

Although I haven't fought with this monster before, it seems their behavior is the same as other wolves in cornering their prey.

This time, it is not a Gray Wolf.

The wolf had blue fur, and an eye on its forehead.

Its physique was larger than a Gray Wolf's. The aura it emitted made it seem like it might be an evolution of the gray wolf.

[〖Mahaa Wolf〗: D- rank monster] (〖マハーウルフ〗in the raws)

[The third eye is constantly seeking information, and it has the ability to share this information to monster of the same kind in its vicinity. ]

[It usually hunts by cooperating with nearby forces to corner the prey]

D-ranked is lower than me, but there are many of them.

Just looking at the description, they will most likely call for more friends.

I followed up my suspicions by performing a status check.

[The normal skill 〖status View: Lv5〗 is insufficient, and information can not be obtained accurately. ]



Race: Great wolf


Lv: 9/28

HP: 58/58

MP: 35/35

ATK: 52

Defense: 31

Magic force: 63

Quickness: 62

Rank: D-

Characteristics Skills:

〖Group action: Lv--〗 〖third eye: Lv--〗

〖Magic wave transmission: Lv2〗 〖magic wave reception: Lv2〗

Resistance Skills:

〖Earth attribute resistance: Lv2〗 〖paralysis resistance: Lv2〗

Normal Skills:

〖Bite: Lv2〗 〖Piercing Glare: Lv2〗

〖Fire Nail: Lv1〗

Title Skills:

〖Brutality: Lv2〗


What is this abnormal state?

〖Third eye〗... is that an attack or something?

The stats are lower than an Orange Monkey, but the abnormal state makes me anxious.

I stopped in surprise of this, but I could not afford to let my guard down just yet.


I raised a loud roar to turn the attention of the Mahaa wolf to me.

I was able to attract the Great wolf attention, but then I saw Millia, who was looking at me, with despair being the only expression on her face.

She had white skin, stark blue lips, and big, easygoing eyes which began to open wide.

’’Ιατί συνέβηαυτό ......’’

Somehow, she seemed have the kind of face whose wits could escape the devil when confronted with bandits.

And right now, she is in just such a situation.

Now that I've found her, things are bound to get a little bit spicy.

I wonder whether I should have tried to evolve before meeting her, as a passing thought.

I approach - Milia is trembling, while trying to prepare to protect herself.

Without thinking, I cover her up with my body.


The four Great wolf jumped at me.

Since it was an ambush, I used 〖baby breath〗.

Two of the Great wolf in the center of the four bodies weren't able to dodge, and fell prey to the hot air.

’’Kyaon'!’’ ’’Kuuoon'!’’

The two which received the hot air breath are trying to escape from suffering the full force of the heat.

Now, they have received the abnormal state of 〖burn〗.

The two that avoided it by diving left and right came and attacked me from both sides.

’’Guruua! ’’

The Great wolf came biting from both sides, and to prevent it I flick open and spread my wings quickly.

The two Great wolf bodies were cleanly sent flying, lifted and slammed into the ground. Then, they sat up and fled.

I thought that I should follow, but there is no point in doing so.

Anyway, taking into account what I have in my field of view, I should finish the fellows who are down, while I still have the chance.

With my claw I stabbed the two wolves, which were weakened by〖baby breath〗, finishing them off.

[36 Experience points obtained. ]

[because Title skills 〖walk eggs: Lv--〗an additional 36 experience points obtained. ]

[〖Child plague dragon〗 went up from Lv 39 to 40. ]

[Lv of 〖child plague dragon〗 is now MAX. ]

[You have fulfilled the evolution conditions. ]

Oh, it finally came.

If my Level rose a little earlier ...... I would not have to fight right now in the form of a 〖child plague dragon〗.

If I evolved, would this crisis still be an issue, or would it have been settled by now?

I do not know if this situation is a decent fight, even if i was a child. It is unlikely, as they are a D rank monster. Would I have escorted her back to the village?

If I evolved, the intimidating feeling i exert should soften somewhat...

While I was deep in thoughts, Millia who had been frightened of me since I showed up, and has been staring at me the entire time.


Although Milia is scared, when she saw that I was driving off the wolves and am not attacking her, she seemed to have started thinking that I might be here to help.

Milia started to rise, even while her legs were trembling, and started to wave her hands at me.

What? What's happening?

Those gestures... could she be mimicking the gesture I made when... when I first met Millia, possibly?

When I was a baby dragon, when I found my first human beings in this world, I can recall the memory of approaching them with my hands shaking with delight.

Perhaps she has understood that it was me?

No, I can not be certain.

My figure has changed since then, so the chance of her recognising me is very low.

However, I am beginning to thinking that it is a possibility....

’’...... Gu, Guo'’’

Milia says, imitating my cries.

I also raised my hands and tried to shake them, the same Milia.

Milia's face brightened up, and she embraced my belly.

’’Ευχαριστώ γιατηβοήθεια!’’

Oh, hey!

My appearance might be like this, but the one inside is a man!

Well, to be fair, it does say that I am accepted beyond what is expected of me, but there is a feeling that I am being seen as an animal.

No, it is probably just me, because I am embarrassed after being touched so much.

Even so, why was she alone in this forest?

To the village... no, it will only cause a confusion.

Milia might get in trouble too. Should I keep it at sending her near the village?

I looked back towards the cliff, and remembered that the Black Lizard had an injured foot.

The injury was not a big deal, but the fact that the Black Lizard has been left in that situation like that is painful to me.

I want to go to see how she is, as early as possible.

I want go back to the cave to apologize to the Black Lizard, and then deliver Millia to the village, but I do not want to leave Millia in the forest for that long.

It's not even about my fears, it is literally impossible - it is not safe to take her to the other side of the cliff, because there is no guarantee that the Black Lizard and Orange Monkeys are not going to kill Milia.

To begin with, did Millia really come alone, or was she in the middle of something that I do not know about.

It might be possible that there are human beings other Milia here... anyway, I do not know where to start from, so why not hear the situation from her.

Though it is low, I also have the Lv. 1 skill 〖Gurisha language〗.

After a little bit of patiently trying to speak, I should be able to understand the situation.

’’Gaa ......’’ ’’Guu Aaaaa Tsu!’’

When I tried to listen to the story from Millia, I heard more cries of Great wolf and it cut off my line of thought.

Looking back, there was a swarm of Great wolf.

They had a higher average level than the ones from a little while ago.

It's still easy to defeat them, but it could expose Milia to danger.

So for now, we should escape.


I bowed down, with a gesture tell to tell Milia to ride on top of me.


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