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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 67


A Girl's scream --

The Black Lizard and I decided to finally hunt together today.

I really wanted to make monkey in charge of pottery make a stone statue today, but I was not about to ignore the Black Lizard that has been snuggling my feet since this morning.

Because Black Lizard and Orange Monkeys had spare time i thought it would be good bonding time together.

I'm done teaching and helping the monkeys with their new jobs in the cave, and because the black lizard kept rolling around the cave the whole time I decided to leave and hunt for more experience points so we could evolve.

’’Karubokishimechiru ......’’

The Black Lizard barks happily.

Rather this, she actually looks to have an extreme dissatisfaction. (Pls)

Was something wrong with me?

It must refer to the Orange Monkeys that have both happily arrived behind me.

’’Oh, ao!’’ ’’Aora!’’

’’Ao!’’ ’’Oh, oh!’’

An Orange Monkey is walking around triumphantly with a shovel, and the other with a hammer in hand.

It seems unavoidable for them to want to use them as weapons, because they were happily looking for prey while brandishing them.

The result when I examined with〖status browse〗,the shovel gave a bonus of 〖attack power +18〗, and the Hammer seemed give a status correction of 〖attack power +28〗.

〖Attack power +28〗... Wow, that is pretty big.

The jump in attack force of the Orange Monkey is close to 30 percent.

I also tried to swing the shovel you know, but I do not think I will use it in battle, so I decided to fight with my bare hands.

After all, tools are an advantage for primates.

I can't wait to see the Orange Monkeys use the tools while I rampage.

’’Karubokishimechiru ......’’

The Black Lizard was crying bitterly while looking up at the sky.

What, did she not eat enough yet?

It is a painful thing not using words as a communication medium, after all.

While walking around hunting demons, I teach the Orange Monkeys about valuable plants along the way.

I am the strongest in this group.

However, the Orange monkeys are a powerful unit.

With a single swing of the shovel at the neck of a Grey Wolf, the kill is almost certain.

It's a complete murder weapon.

Soon, the level up conditions will be met. I still won't be able to mess around - if i don't hunt, the experience point won't accumulate (after he evolves?).

It would be a good idea to make a basket from a tree.

Soon, my hands will be completely full.

(T.N. time to kick so ass)

When the time to turn back came, I didn't fight anything.

Well, even though I only came to hunt for experience points, we ended up not doing anything.

(T.N. shit!)

The Black Lizard was not even willing to hide its complaints.

She was just staring at me.

This time it was the Orange Monkeys' turn to learn to hunt with us, too .

Now that we have turned around and begun to return to the cave, I can faintly hear a human's scream.

The voice sounded like it was asking for help.

I've heard this voice before ... Is that Milia?

Is it coming from deep inside the forest?

It sounded as if she was trying to fight against something, but... why...

I thought about going to help, but the Orange Monkeys are equipped with weapons, and the Black Lizard was not in a good mood.

If we look at the most likely scenario, without wishful thinking, it will likely become a war once we enter...

Will these guys listen to me? They do have good heads, or is it better to be patient and do nothing? Should I head out alone?

When I was attacked, only Millia came to save me.

But I am also different from the figure of those days.


I hear another scream, and start running toward the voice.

The Orange Monkeys come chasing soon after.


The Orange Monkeys stop stop when I shout with an angry voice.

I look back, and with a wave of my arm, I tell them to go to the cave.

’’A, Aa ......’’

I am not sure, but my intentions seem to have transmitted to the Orange Monkeys, who stopped.


The Orange Monkeys stayed, but the Black Lizard did not stop.

Because the Orange Monkeys look like they have good heads, I thought they'll immediately understand my intention.

I do not have time to slowly persuade them now.

As we speak, Milia might be killed and eaten by monsters.

I suddenly accelerated my 〖roll〗, and rejected the Black Lizard's attitude.

Black Lizard also used〖roll〗to follow me.

Oh, not now!

Do you think this is a rematch or some race to settle who is the fastest?!

But, the Black Lizard in this terrain should not catch up to me.

’’Kishi'! Kishii'!’’

The distance between us does not change.

The ability to grasp the terrain, decisions on how fast to take things, and even the differences in technique affect speed in this type of race, so the combination of all these factors is more important than the original quickness of the wearer.

When I was chasing recklessly, I was impinging on the inner parts of trees.

(T.N: impinge definition, to make an impression;have an effect or impact)

Trying to pursue me is as hard as it comes - while swaying from side to side I sprinkle in numerous feints. I selected a difficult course, and bounced into the air;by bouncing my body I was able to avoid the dangerous places.

The Black Lizard could not respond in time and had collided with rocks.

The 〖Roll〗 was forced to be released, and the Black Lizard's body was thrown into the air, and consequently fell onto the ground.

’’Karubokishimechiru ......Karubokishimechiru ......’’

I suddenly stop in a hurry, and then rushed over to the black lizard.


Hey, it's okay... I'm here...

’’Karubokishimechiru ......’’


The Black Lizard is little weak when it comes to attacking, but her HP is still sufficient.

’’............ Tsu!’’

Just then, I heard another cry coming from Milia.

If she is in a similar state to what she sounds like, then it could be too late.

I stroked the back of the black lizard's small head, and then moved out with〖roll〗 toward the voice.

While in the middle of running, guilt started to loom over me.

Is this what I should be doing?

If I took a demon with me while rescuing a human, there is a high risk of confusion.

The Black lizard might suffer an injury, or even eat Millia, and the latter is a crisis that is highly likely.

I have the confidence that I can tolerate attacks on my own.

It will be Painful, but I think that there is no other way.

If I entered my human form I would be able to pick up a weapon, but it would surely end the same way.

For Orange Monkeys, and for the Black Lizard, this is not the case.

A monster enemy will try to fight with and overthrow the best, and I have always had to do so against the monsters.

This time the event may only be a small thing.

If I continue to this remain hanging onto this attitude, it is surely a battle between monsters and humans, and we may also be facing against uneven numbers right now.

What do I want to do?

Do I still want to be a human? Or am I satisfied with how things are now?

My mind was going 'round, and 'round and 'round and 'round.

When I realized that the answer was not coming, I just ran to the direction of Milia's innocent voice, and then I clearly heard a voice in my head:

[Lv of title skills 〖Tiny Hero〗 went up from 2 to 3. ]

[Lv of title skills 〖the path of evil〗 went up from 3 to 4. ]


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