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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 66


Red monkey's everyday life(don't know why red monkey...)

’’Kishi! Kishi! Kishii!!

I woke up to the cry of the Black Lizard.

Is it morning already?

The Black Lizard is strangely excited.

By chance, has a demon entered the cave?

When I tried to get up though, my body was too heavy to move.

It is hot and soft, what is this?

It smells of animal.


The four Orange monkeys are sleeping and hugging my body.

These fellows, seriously, leave me a bit more room... Or rather, even if the monkeys are all over me, why are you wrapping around me too, Black Lizard?

The four still snored without sign of moving.

Get up quickly.


I am not able to move my body so I can't get any work done.

’’A......a, o......’’ ’’ao.........’’

Aa, they don't seem to be waking up.


Should I give up and return to sleep?


When I tried to shut my eyelids again, the Black Lizard bit into one of the Orange monkey's body.


The one that got bit jumps up and the rest follow.

Uwa, the monkey status has [Poison α]......and a whole lot of it.

I persuaded the reluctant Black Lizard to use [Detoxification] on the monkey.

The Black Lizard doesn't seem to favor the monkeys so much.

Even though their relationship has improved a little, there this no breakthrough in sight, so it is somewhat a problem.


Regrettably, I wonder if it is too late to expel the feeling between the orange monkeys and the black lizard.

I have promised to help it become the queen of pottery.

(Do you mean king?)

Early in the morning, the meat that was soaked in salt and stored in jars was served by the Orange Monkey in charge of food and me.


We carried the jar of salted meat outside, the two of us processed (focused?) on preparing the tree branch for drying meat.

There was not enough branches on the tree we were using previously as we've filled out all of them, so we moved on to the next one and cleaned it of any leaves with my [Baby breath].


I burned the leaves, and with the help of the monkey, we used all of the small branches to hang up the meat.


The food situation will be all right for a while.

Without saying anything, the monkey in charge of pottery was kneading some clay silently.

Fumu, there is some enthusiasm.


I'm looking forward to the day it surpassed me.


Also, I am now going to deal with the enlargement of the cave, so that means digging.

If I start digging the earth wall with my finger nails, there is a possibility of it collapsing. If done unskillfully, this possibility will be even higher. Because of that, necessary tools will be required.


There is no shovel in our home, so let's make one.

Next, I went to the Orange monkey, who was kneading a jar desperately, and made a shovel with demon bear clay.

In truth, I would like to use iron, but even if it is found, It can't be processed easily.

not as is

There is still scratch on the vase's surface;if this clay is used as a shovel, it won't break easily.


If the tip is thin it should function like a shovel.


The jar's shape doesn't seem to doing well, so for a change of pace I help the orange monkey.


In the end, five shovels and one hammer were made.

獣娘にぶん殴られたのが記憶に鮮明に残っていたので、あれを思い返しながら作った。Since it was hits it in the beast daughter was left to clear the memory, made while recalled the there.

(E.n. My best guess is (s)he has a clear memory of these tools from his or her past life)

It is buried under charcoal and heated up with [Baby breath].

......The charcoal is slowly running out, too.

It seems there is yet more work.

After the shovel is complete, the carpet is taken outside and the brick wall is removed.


I hit the wall with the hammer to make a crack, and the four monkeys start digging forward into the wall.


Wait... it is strangely hard to dig through this soil...


As we made progress, I stopped to look over our work while the monkeys continued working steadily.

After all, my hands do not seem to be suitable for the use of tools.

Is this the strong point of primates?

Since digging was inefficient and only made me tired, I gave myself the important job of carrying the excavated soil outside instead.

The black lizard Curled up in the corner of the cave and was sleeping as I sulked.

No. It is not sleeping since it sometimes opens its eyes slightly.

Sorry for the wait black lizard.

Once the enlargement is over, let's go hunt again.

I want look for something I can use as ink in the middle of the forest.

The enlargement of the cave ended.

The ceiling has also been excavated to expand upwards, per my command.

The unused jars were piled up to make a work stand for the monkeys to continue digging.

Before long, light streamed from overhead.

Umu umu, this is good progress.

If I build a fireplace and chimney with bricks for cooking, I can smoke meat without reservation in the cave.

It will make this place cooler. Way, way cooler.

Bricks are applied to the place that was dug out immediately. We pour demon clay into the opening and harden it with [Baby breath].


There are still grey wolf pelts so there is no problem with the carpet.


Once we have used the leftover bricks to build a fireplace and chimney, the expansion of the cave ended.


As expected of the orange monkeys, the near-human constitution and physical ability of monsters are amazing.


Even if professional carpenters (or builders) gathered, they would not match the level of proficiency we achieved.


I want to steadily raise the technology level under these conditions.

When they knew work has ended, they were tired as expected, and the three monkeys sat on the spot cross legged and wiped away their sweat.

Good work, good work.


Well it is heavy labour after all.

You can eat the dried meat as much as you like.

The resident chef monkey is in charge of our meat now, but it still waits for my permission to eat.


Only the resident potter monkey left the cave when it understood that their work has ended.


I thought it grabbed some dried meat for itself as well, but the monkey began silently crafting another clay jar.


That fellow, his craftsmanship is too great.


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