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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 65


The Banquet --

The Orange Monkeys are unexpectedly useful.

The four followers have prepared and went out. They have hunted suitable monsters and came back.


The Great Orange Monkeys did not seem to go with their daily hunt together with them very much.


The orange monkey slightly lowers his head, and put today's game in front of me.

There are Grey Wolves, Giant Rabbits, and nuts.

What is this? Aren't they super excellent?

’’A, ao.’’

One of the Orange Monkeys extends his hand joyfully. I approached him to check the details of the nut encapsulated in it.

However, whenever I wanted to grasp the hand for a moment, their glance turned to the outside of the cave.

However the moment I tried to grasp his hand, he turned his attention to the outside of the cave. ( E.N. this looks like a one time thing, based on the previous sentence, so would it be worded like this?)


Ah, is it the dried meat?

This fellow is only doing this to gain favors


The four Orange Monkeys immediately rushed outside when I gave them permission.

Something felt weird.

Don't they want to eat what they've caught?

It is probably influenced by the philosophy of the more you catch the more you eat.

I dismantle the meat the Orange Monkeys caught with my claw, and I put the bone and internal organs in a large jar for disposal.

This is has now become my daily routine.

I throw in salt and Phi perries into the jar for the dried meat, then I added the meat and mix it up inside the jar.


One of the Orange Monkeys approached me with pieces of dry meat in his hands.

Two pieces in the left, one on the right.

it started to eat the piece in his right hand with a loud chewing sound

Well... I'll allow it if it is only three pieces.

It has taken an interest in the thing that I'm doing.

Should I take advantage of this and hammer the knowledge of making dry meat into him?

I will drive this into him and let this be his chore from now on.

I explain using gestures, and instruct the Orange Monkey to rub the meat with salt and mix it..

I taught which jar has the salt and phi perris, and I explained the procedures.

After I confirm that it has general understanding, I cut the meat, added salt, phi perris, rub it in, and then proceed to pack the meat in front of him.

Then I step away from the meat, and instruct him with my hand.


The Orange Monkey then immediately began to make dried meat.

Because its handling of the pot was really rough, so I took a short breather, and soon after I returned it was beginning to turn out for the better.

Fumu, I decided to teach the Orange Monkey this way in the future.

When the jar is full of meat and spice, I put it in the corner.

Before process to dry it, it is necessary to let the spice spread.

I was instilled in the way to make dried meat from cows.

I tought him my dried meat recipe on the first half of the meat.

(Needs to be corrected, no idea what it is trying to say tho.) i thought so too

However, I hung the other half of the meat without salt.

Should I have forcibly taught him how to make dried meat?

...Oh, if they would start to hunt and make dried meat without me having to do anything.

What is this? Do they rush here if they hear [monkey whistle]?

No, it's good to take it easy.

Surprisingly, being the boss gives me a lot of free time.


Even if I do nothing, the ingredients will be gathered, so should I leave the cooking to the monkeys too?

Well, when the Black Lizard's HP is restored, then we will resume level hunting together.

My daily life became stable, so that's good. (This is from My daily life also became stable, after all. I think this is close enough without confusing the hell out of people.)

Though not all of my HP has been restored yet, should I make more jars with the clay from [Clay Bear] after a such long time?

Because the number of residents increased by 4, it is necessary to preserve even more food.

In order to do that, the first step is to increase the number of jars for storage.

When I carried the clay outside and concentrated on kneading, another monkey appeared.

It has a number of meat in one hand and a piece stuck on it body hair.

This fellow, he bit a large amount of meat.


Well, it is all good.


It has become easier to make dried meat, just a little more wasted than usual is fine.


More importantly, this fellow has become interested in ceramic art.

A special characteristic of this orange monkey is [Dexterous], and he has long, thin, fingers.

I'm certain it would have a higher proficiency in art than me, who has stiff thick scales cover my hands.


Unfortunately, I can't reach to the top with my hands. (completely out of the blue. Someone add more context.) top as in the best so he is saying ’’unfortunately due to my hands i will never truly let me be a great artist’’

It is regrettable to give up, but let's assume that I entrusted my dream to this Orange Monkey.

I mix the clay from Clay bear with normal earth, and then kneaded it in front of the Orange Monkey.

When the shape is in place, I take charcoal out of the cave, surround the jar and heat it using [Baby breath].

I covered it sand when the jar's color changed to white, to dissipate some of the heat from the charcoal.


The production process was shown, so I urge the monkey to also make one.


Trying to make the shape didn't go so well.


I advised and gave it pointers, but in the end the appearance did not seem right.


I compromised with the shape, because remembering the process is more significant.


It could be used to put things inside, and there is also stability, so it shouldn't be problematic in everyday usage.



The monkey shed tears when it compared its creation to the jar I made.


Oi oi, stop crying.


Even I had to practice without sleep.


Well there is a first attempt for everything.


Combining your characteristic skill [Dexterity] and hand features, you could outgrow me completely.


I bring more charcoal out of the cave and let the monkey bury the jar.


I heat it up using [Baby breath]


The monkey threw sand on top of the jar to put out the fire, and when the jar was cooled down it was taken out of the charcoal.

We moved to the river with our newly hardened jar.

I feel a strange glance. Thinking it is a monster, I turn around.

The black lizard popped its head out from the woods and gave reproachful glare to the monkey. (TL: tsundere!?)


When it noticed that I looked back, and she quickly disappeared into a bush.


What is the matter with her?


No, there is a possibility that this is another Black Lizard....

But the size and features were perfectly the same...


Because we been together for a while, I'm confident I would be able to recognise her.


Well, let's wash the jar.


While submersed in the current of the river, sand is soothed with water. (Sand is soothed with water? Anyone with knowledge of pottery please add terminology for this, if there is any.) Submerging it in the current of the river cuased the sand attached to the pot to detach.

Looking at me, the monkey starts to dip the jar in the river.


The shape of the jar that the monkey made is distorted, but after we finished baking it and removed the stains, the color was beautiful, and the whole thing looked surprisingly respectable.


It seems to be delighting as I rub the surface with it cheek and pat the finish pot on the side. (TL: similar to how you rub ass.) (Please correct the sentence. I'm not sure I get the meaning, so I'll leave it alone) E.N it seemed to be delighted as he rub the surface of the pot with his hand and aginst his cheek


Right, I've educated him enough for him to be able to do ceramic arts.


He will surely become a good ceramic artist.


When we go back to the cave I will let him make a few more to make sure he is improving.

For the time being, cooking and pottery have been decided.


If it is like this, I want two people for each chore.

E.N But as it is I also want the other two people responsible for something.


I thought of enlarging the cave soon, Should I make the remaining personnel help with that?


Ah, also, I want to have some pictures drawn.


Something like a fresco would be good, like, it's a smiling dragon that looks like it's either attacking people or people are coming to attack it.( T.L I give up...)

Something like a fresco would be good, because humans might not come to attack once they see the face of the laughing dragon a made.

We got back to the entrance of the cave.

Should I make bricks for the enlargement of the cave while the monkeys make jars?


From other side I heard the sound of kneading clay, and upon closer inspection, the form of the Black Lizard, desperately mixing bear clay with its forepaw, could be seen. (TL: feel like black lizard is a girl.) (we thought so too but i think he doesn't know it and it will be revealed as a big twist)

(E2: And she has a crush on our dragon. What a twist!)


What are you doing? Are you playing?


Different from me who walks on two legs, the Black Lizard walked on four.


I don't think you can make anything like that...


When I spoke, it jumped up from the kneaded clay and ran away to the forest. (TL: tsundere...) (E2: Most likely)


What was that about?


Is that fellow interested in pottery too?


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