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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 64


The Orange Monkeys --

...Where am I?

This soft feeling... fur carpet?

I smell a beast, and a faint aroma of Phi berries.

’’Kishii'! Kishi'! Kishi'!’’

When I opened my eyes, the Black Lizard was nearby.

Ugh... I proposed a duel to the Great Orange Monkey.... Then we started beating each other until I was knocked down... but... I received the experience points...

Seeing that I'm still alive, did I win after all?


Race: Child Plague Dragon

Status: Normal

Lv: 39/40

HP: 55/167

MP: 144/163


It was not all the way, but my physical strength has been reasonably recovered.

I am also about to reach my evolution.

Well, it looks like I did win after all.

It also looks like the Orange monkeys stayed true to their promise, and seem to have departed.

With this, I don't have to worry about the dried meat being stolen.

They also would never came back to this cave for revenge of their boss being killed.


The Black Lizard came over and jumped on me with a happy expression.

I pat the back of the Black Lizard that has flopped down and was lying on top of me.

But still, even if the cave is near, how did it carry me?

When looking at the Black Lizard with such a doubt, seeming like it understood the question I wanted to ask, ’’kishi ......’’, it cries.

Eh?... What?

The Black Lizard jumped off of me, and guided my line of sight towards the opposite side of the room.

I immediately found that the four Orange monkeys were lined up in a row.

’’Aah!’’ ’’Oh!’’

’’Ao'ao'!’’ ’’Ah!’’

The Orange Monkeys waved their arms up and down while howling excitedly.

Ehhhh ...... what's with these guys, so relaxed in my home?

Wait a minute, something isn't right...

Black Lizard glanced at the Orange monkeys, and then it moved its line of sight back to me.

With a puzzled, or rather confused face - [What should these guys do?] is what it seems to ask.

No, I'm the one who wants an explanation.

Why are they here?


As I stand up barking, far from running away, the Orange Monkeys approached.

Without breaking the four unit arrangement, they arrived and got on their knees.

Wait a minute... no, seriously, stop.

What is this harassment?

Can I send you guys flying and turn you into experience points?

I should be able to evolve with room to spare.

The appearance and behavior of the Orange Monkeys is strange..

Suddenly, I became their boss... somehow that's the feeling I get.

Who do you think I am, that you would think that I would just overlook the terrible thing you did before?


[Originally duel is, alternate method, to settle dispute among the crowd. Need different family approval, but I don't care]

(this is that boss monkey annoying words from few chapters before. Can't really translate his line)

I remember the〖Telepathy〗 talk with the Great Orange Monkey.

To avoid further separation, a duel is carried out whenever different groups collide.

If a boss of a group loses the duel, the boss's seat can be expected to move to the winner.

Could it be when a duel of the boss between different group happens, it's a custom that the winner gains the subordinates of the losing party?

[〖Great Orange Monkey〗: D + rank monster]

[By winning a certain number of duels, an Orange Monkey can evolve into this form.]

[Aside from this method, the Orange Monkey had no other ways to evolve into〖Great Orange Monkey〗. ]

[It might be related to the evolution, but the〖Orange Monkey〗group regarded the duel as something sacred. ]

[Also, it will learn a lot of support magic to empower the crowd ]

After a sufficient number of duels have been had, an evolution will become available.

Although it's hard to believe, I believe I have an idea of the thing required to change the evolutionary path.

The next evolution of a being is affected by the skills that the monster had. The title skills seem to influence it the most.

For the Great orange monkey, it is necessary to have the title skill〖Boss of the Group: Lv5〗.

Don't tell me that since the Great Orange Monkey had that, if another person dueled with him....

I checked my skills in a hurry.


Title Skills:

〖Son of the Dragon King: Lv--〗 〖Walking eggs: Lv--〗 〖Clumsy: Lv4〗

〖Just a fool: Lv1〗 〖InFighter: Lv4〗 〖pest killer: Lv3〗

〖Lie spitter: Lv2〗 〖Evasion King: Lv1〗 〖relief spirit: Lv5〗

〖Tiny hero: Lv2〗 〖the path of evil: Lv3〗 〖disaster: Lv1〗

〖Chicken runner: Lv2〗 〖cook: Lv3〗 〖King of meanness: Lv1〗

〖Guts: Lv1〗 〖big game eater Giant Killing: Lv1〗 〖pottery craftsman: Lv4〗

〖Boss of the Group: Lv1〗


Oufu ...... it really is added at the bottom.

I did not notice it at all.

’’Aah!’’ ’’Ao'ao'!’’

The Orange Monkeys started making some noise.

They seemed to celebrate the birth of a new boss.

Although I rule them, I can't seem to catch them somehow

Because it's regarded as sacred in line with the ritual, or something like that.



’’Kishii ......’’

The Black Lizard had a sorrowful look.

Apparently, the Black Lizard seemed to have guessed what was in the mind of the Orange Monkey.

It really seems to hate them.

Well, to begin with, their relationship started with them wanting to kill each other...

Speaking of which, saying that ’’Because the ceremony(duel) is finished, I'm their boss now’’ it certainly is a bit funny of an idea.



(not too sure about this)

’’Shh! Kishii!’’

The Black Lizard opened its mouth, showing its fangs to me.

After that it bent its neck, narrowed its eyes and turned it to the Orange Monkeys.

This gesture it showed me is what it uses before preparing for a fight.

Even if you show it ...... the other side doesn't seem like they are in the mood to fight.

When I have this title skill, I might not even need to wait for a chance to sneak attack.


Their hands are close to a human being's, more so than my own, so chores, cave extension, or even ceramic art can be better than mine, too,

I feed the Black Lizard some dried meat to calm it down.

I proceed to pick it up before it does something... uncalled for.


For now, I tell the Black Lizard that I do not wish to fight.

Even though the Black Lizard still acted hostile towards the Orange Monkeys, it reluctantly retracted its fangs.


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