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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 63


The Conclusion of the duel with the Great Orange Monkey --

This is a good opportunity for me to win, now that his support magic has expired.

At this rate I can finish it in a flash.

I rounded my limbs again, and shortened the distance between me and the Great Orange Monkey with〖roll〗.

Although I'm moving in a straight line, it is enough for the Great Orange Monkey without his〖Quick〗buff.

Circling around him, I decide to tackle him from his blind spot.

’’...... A, O’’

In a moment, the Earth Wall rose, protecting the back of the Great Orange Monkey.

I launched myself up and over him, passing through the air right above the great monkey, and struck the trunk of a distant tree.

Tch... well, it's still fine.

Since〖clay wall〗is used, that's a big plus for me.

To be able to create a wall surrounding himself in that kind of condition, as expected from a Great Orange Monkey.

Although he has way more MP than the other three Orange Monkey, he should have used up a lot of it.

With this, the Great Orange Monkey will no longer be able to use its recovery and body strengthening magic, since his MP is almost empty.

With this the Great Orange Monkey has lost its support.

I stood up, and glared at the wall of earth.

The Great Orange Monkey also stared at me from the inside of the [Clay Wall].


Race: Great Orange Monkey

State: Quick (large)

Lv: 27/40

HP: 43/198

MP: 8/140


This guy ...can't recover his HP.

He wanted to use the rest of his MP on his speed buff and now he hardly had any MP left.

It seems he judges that he gains nothing from prolonging the fight, so he decided to go for a short term all out battle.

No matter how much he recovers, it would be useless if he's only getting one-sidedly beaten once his stats went down.

If I think about it properly.... investing in speed instead of recovery as your lifeline, it seems to be quite a good decision.


The Great Orange Monkey kicked off of a nearby tree, and with the recoil launched itself to the tree I was at.

No matter how you look at it, this is quite fast.

I could tell his speed ​​has approached the maximum speed of my〖Roll〗.

Anyway, confronting the Great Orange Monkey that was jumping at me, I respond with〖Baby Breath〗.

I thought he would have avoided it, but he just cut straight through the hot air.

I cancel the breath, and bend my body backward.


Receiving the mass of the Great Orange Monkey, my body fly backwards.

The Great Orange Monkey kicked the ground to jump up, aiming to pursue.

Crap, I can't avoid this.

In a moment I extended my tail, after just a brief moment, I felt my tail touching a branch.

I then proceed to wrap my tail around the branches, and initiate〖Roll〗.

My body wound up like a coil around the thick, sturdy branch at a very high speed.

’’Aak! ’’

I was able to put my whole mass into countering the momentum of the incoming Boss.

The Great Orange Monkey fell down, sprawling on the ground.

I stand on top of the branch, wiping cold sweat from my brow.

That was close, one more blow and I'm done.

However, with this I understood.

This guy, he can control his body at a fast speed.

As of now, his movements have become dull - the Great Orange Monkey lying on the ground was fully exhausted.

This is the evidence why he should have avoided that breath attack.

Although I thought the body strengthening magic was awesome, it also likely puts quite a large burden on the body.

Still, I know it would be impossible for me to keep dodging with that speed.

Basically, investing all of his MP to speed will strengthen the offensive power.

It basically brings the battle into a head on frontal clash.

Bruises appears on me just by barely escaping from his repeated blow.

As for the counter attack, I throw that away as I lack the initiative.

The opponent certainly is too fast.

Holding out when he hits me, I hit him back.

If it is right now it is possible to shave his HP.

He is a balance type with a support build. So he lacks offensive ability.

I get down to the ground, face to face with the Great Orange Monkey.

Hey, come.

I'm clashing against you face to face, just like you asked..

Even though I am more suitable for a sly sneak attack.


I provoked using〖Roar〗.

The Great Orange Monkey bare his teeth, faintly laughing.


He barks as opposed to me, and runs straight.

He kicked the earth at the last minute, and his arm had been stretched out to the maximum his strike against me.

You can do claw attack?

I stuck my tail on the side of my body, catching the claw of the Great Orange Monkey.

Although tail is torn together with the scale, it is much better than my body being scooped out.

My right arm which i had extended at the same time i sacrifice my tail as a guard, I jabbed the face of the Great Orange Monkey real hard.


It hit!

[Normal skill 〖dragon punch〗's Lv went up from 2 to 3. ]

With this I won!

The great orange monkey eyes roll back and turn white, and started to fall onto his back.


His movement stopped, and was on the verge of falling onto the ground, but got back up at once again.

You're kidding me.

His HP a little while ago...

While I was thinking, the Great Orange Monkey cocks his fist.

I tried to block it, but I was too late. He got a good hit on me.


My consciousness is fading...

This shitty monkey, I'll hit you till you stay white eyed.


The back fist gives a hit on my chin.

As I thought it's still painful even when the speed is reduced.

I thought I had won and let loose my guard.

While the Great Orange Monkey diverted his body backward,I saw that he grasp a fist.

It will be bad if that one hit me.

Even though the Great Orange Monkey has a large build, I can't completely evade that attack.

Attack earlier than the other side, that's the only way.

Even the Great Orange Monkey should be almost dead..

One more hit, and I should win.

Without any aim, I shoot 〖Dragon Punch〗straight.

On the orbit of my punch, appears the face of the Great Orange Monkey.

A firm touch is felt on my fist.

It captured the bones of his face. This time around, I'll be sure to end it with this.

Almost at the same time, a firm one touches my forehead.

In the next moment, a tremendous impact is received and I fall down in place.

’’Kishi'! Kishi'!’’

’’Ah!’’ ’’A'a'!’’

’’Ao'!’’ ’’Aoa, aah!’’

The Black Lizard cries out.

The Orange Monkey also cried fully excited.

The heartbreaking tone of black lizard, and orange monkey's cry like they just receive a blessing, it was that kind of commotion.

(It sounded like there was a heartbreaking tone from the black lizard cry, while the orange monkeys sounded like they just received a blessing)

(Not really sure about this one)

What... I... did I lose?

From that brain of mine, the one that is starting to lose consciousness, a sentence floats up.

[Experience points obtained 162. ]

[Title skills 〖Walking egg: Lv--〗 additional 162 experience points gained.]

[〖Child Plague dragon〗went up from Lv 37 to Lv 39 ]

I... I w-won...?

I did it, now, one more Level ... for the next evolution...

It's no use... no more, my consciousness ....

[Title skills 〖Boss of the Group: Lv1〗 obtained. ]


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