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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 62


The duel

I stand face to face with the Great Orange Monkey.

’’Ah’’, ’’Aaa’’

’’Ao, A’’, ’’Aa’’

While holding the black lizard, the orange monkeys seem to both shout something unanimously.

They seem to be excited about this.

For the Orange Monkey, the duel seems to be a very important ritual.

’’...... Aa, Oo’’

The Great Orange Monkey is mumbling something, while approaching slowly towards me.

Once again, I check the status of the Great Orange Monkey.


Race: Great Orange Monkey

State: Quickened, Powerful

Lv: 27/40

HP: 198/198

MP: 49/140


The status rise still remain? ...... damn it.

I hope the effect will wear off soon.

The 〖Telepathy〗only consume 5MP?

I should have waste more time talking to it.

First of all I have to do shaved off the 49 MP left.

He can recover as long as he have this.


Normal Skills:

〖Bite: Lv4〗 〖large nail: Lv4〗 〖stone throwing: Lv4〗

〖Indiscriminate imitation: Lv3〗 〖Clay Wall: Lv2〗 〖monkey whistle: Lv3〗

〖Rest wide: Lv4〗 〖Quick: Lv2〗 〖Power: Lv1〗

〖Telepathy: Lv1〗


His Skill weren't all that different from the ordinary orange monkey.

I really need to consider about the〖monkey whistle〗 skill.

If another Great Orange Monkey appears after I defeat it, I'm really gonna die.

Its build looks more like a person in charge of supporting magic, though its looks like I seemed to be able to manage somehow.... I'm pretty worn out.

When looking at the consumption rate of 〖wide rest〗 the MP consumption for one time is around 10, and the recovery amount of HP is 80 points.

So it will likely to be used five times throughout the fight before it can only fight normally.

Somehow I want him to deplete his MP to use other skills.

For the time being it is best to aim for the effect of〖Quick〗and〖power〗to run out.

However even when it was clad in magic, the effect should not have that much time left

Is his plan also to buy time in the beginning?

The great orange monkey switch from bipedal to all four, and greatly shrinks the distance between us by bending forward.

It accelerate by pushing pushing the ground with its hands, the distance is cut all at once.

As I thought it plans to nish this while〖Quick〗is still valid.

This is because it will be disadvantageous when we fight as there will be no recovery magic later on.

I step back, and shoot my〖Baby Breath〗.

the Great Orange Monkey jumped to avoid the current of hot air, as it is easily got past it.

I don't understand the intention of the opponent, so I just directed my neck, chasing the jumping Great Orange Monkey with my eyes.

Then, I noticed that there is a big tree over there.

I change the direction of my body in a hurry, preparing to cope with the next movement from the Great Orange Monkey.

The Great Orange Monkey kicks the tree while still in the air, its direction is straight towards me.

I can't intercept it with breath in time.

Even if I can the opponent is prepared to take the damage as it has a means of recovery.

The Great Orange Monkey use this move simply because it knows this well.

I turned my wings to the front, covering my body.

Immediately after, the weight of the Great Orange Monkey carrying the momentum of the fall comes down.

The me who received the impact greatly thrown to the back, flying at the same speed of the Great Orange Monkey's speed.

I need to keep in mind that it may pursuit.

This guy is strong.

The movement is completely different from when it's in a group against me.

This could be because it was wary of the black lizard back then.

I kick the ground with all my strength and open my wings to fly up, and get on a tree branch at a high position.


The Great Orange Monkey strike the tree that I have gotten on.

The tree started to rapidly swinging back and forth, as I cling to the branches with stretched out hands.

The speed the Great Orange Monkey was climbing the tree was tremendous, he was coming closer and closer to me.

Shit! Has the effect of the magic still not cut off yet!?

I separated from the branch and fall down.

Because the Great Orange Monkey immediately follows and jumps down, I took some distance with〖Roll〗.

Then I heard the sound of the huge body of the Great Orange Monkey collides with the ground behind me.

’’What's wrong small dragon? You have been running from the start of the duel. That is an insult to me, and also to the ceremony]

(T.N. Shit another)

(This one is easier than before)

I heard the Great Orange Monkey from the〖Telepathy〗.

It voices its opinion openly.

Do you know about my circumstances?

I'll be crushed as soon as I stopped.

At least ban the use of recovery magic!

... Although I really want to voice my complaints, the two Orange Monkey that saw my appearance put more power to the hand that is holding the black lizard.

’’Ah!’’ ’’Aah!’’

They even pointed at me,showing their dissatisfaction.

The easy to understand booing gesture.

Having presented the rule from the other side, if I break the rule of the [Duel], harm will be done to the black lizard that is held hostage.

I got it already.

If you really want me to attack that much, I will give it a go at once.

I dropped the speed of my〖roll〗to attract the Great Orange Monkey to come and chase me.

I got into the range of the Great Orange Monkey, and avoid the stretch out hands from left and right.

A suitable tree... oh, that one is good.

Both the height and thickness are just perfect. It seems to be considerably strong.

It even had a branch at just the right position too, and the shape of the root is the best.

I put the tree into my aim, and accelerated towards it.

Also the Great Orange Monkey spead up after me.

I hit the tree with scales to spike into it, and ran vertically up the body on the tree.

’’...... Aaa!?’’

The body of the great orange monkey wore a face filled with surprise as it stops before the tree.

When the great orange monkey is trying to grasp the situation, it was left vulnerable for a moment.

After I ran up a tree, I flip my body from the branch directly overhead, I jump straight into the Great Orange Monkey's face.

While still in〖Roll〗I extend my tail in the air, beating the face of the Great Orange Monkey.

The tail turns at high speed like a whip


The Great Orange Monkey crouched on the spot.

I retracted my tail, and decided to tackle using the〖roll〗skill to vigorously run through the orange monkey forcing him to take some distance.

’’............ A, Aa’’

Heh, as expected this one works.


Race: great orange monkey

State: confusion (minimum)

Lv: 27/40

HP: 43/198

MP: 48/140


Oh, it deals more that I thought.

It deals some damage to its defense . Was it my work?

It would take two time of using〖wide Rest〗 to refill the used portion of this HP.

I can see the goal.

...... or rather, that support magic effect is gone!

Although the confusion state is not that big, this is great.

It was worth it hurling myself crashing his head with all my might.

If it is like this I can sink it at once.


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