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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 61



I need to organize my thoughts in order to answer the Telepathy which has been cast from the Great Orange Monkey.

Negotiations are not so likely to lead a reasonable solution.

From the beginning if the great orange monkey wanted a rational solution, they would have used the Telepathy from the start.

Still, the battle can't be avoided if both sides act on instinct.

I will only escape and abandoning the cave if that happened.

I am still piercing the throat of the orange monkey that is limp from eating the poison dried meat with my nail, assembling my thoughts, I cast the thought to the Great Orange Monkey.

[This fellow will die if left as it is, and only the Black Lizard's〖detoxification〗can cure it. Think about this and let us go]

Staring at the Great Orange Monkey, I strongly pray.

There's not much reaction from the Great Orange Monkey. I'm anxious whether my thoughts is really transmitted or not.

Could it be that 〖Telepathy〗 only works one way?. If it is like that then I'm done for.

[Negotiation refused, once hostile we won't let go. Unless offer sacrifice, then may let go]


(the only reason i can think of is that the Boss is talking in gibberish, not to mention that some words that should be in Hiragana is in Katakana instead, thus confusing my translation app. so I'm trying my best to show that)

Contrary to my anxiety, a reply came.

Seeing the Great Orange Monkey, it seems like〖Telepathy〗are not only used to send thoughts, but it can also received other's strong thoughts.

Although I'm relieved that 〖Telepathy〗 works both ways, the reply that came is not really desirable.

[If the Black Lizard die then so am I, I'm pretty confident that both sides will suffer]

It is not a bluff.

I'll attack them to draw their attention, the black lizard will roll in and sprinkles poison gas, so its pretty easy to kill each other.

[Weak KIHA strikeouts crack 朽Chihate ether, Sorega we Rano philosophy. I kill, Naganozanito Ritsumeta]


(Its saying something about weak, and will kill if attacked)

......It's useless.

Even now that I can communicate, its thoughts were completely that of monster.

It can not understand me clearly.

[W-wait! In that case ...... ]

[諄I. Magic Roh waste Dana]


(no clue, something about magic power)

The telepathy is cut at the same time.

If that is the case, I can't get away from it who raise its speed by reinforcement magic.

Although I may win in term of speed if i use 〖Roll〗at maximum speed, given the orange monkey characteristic skill 〖Dexterity〗 and title skill 〖Forest Acrobat〗, if I think about the loss of time having to curve and avoid obstacles, I'll say it's fifty-fifty.

Is there anything I can do?

One word that can change the situation, is there such a magic word?

Should I offer them the dried meat?

No, then the reason for them to withdraw is gone.

The negotiation content from the〖Telepathy〗, the characteristic of the Great Orange Monkey that demands it, and the detailed information that I obtained from the monster.

After straining my thoughts, I give an offer to the Great Orange Monkey, half in resignation and half in desperation.

[I-in that case, a duel. I, challenge you to a duel]

I roughly understood the meaning of duel among the orange monkey.

Its a matter of respect, a way of choosing their leader, as well as related to their evolution.

Thinking carefully, for a duel to be one-sidedly offered by another race, I'm not sure it would accept it.

But, the personality and emotion of the Great Orange Monkey are mixed when the〖telepathy communication〗is sent, it kind of give me a [By chance] kind of hope.

If I succeed, I will lose the disadvantage of the numerical difference by fighting the one-on-one.

If I can stop the recovery source by crushing the boss, killing the other four is easy.

There is no response from the orange monkey.

[If it becomes a confusing fight, it is possible for the black lizard to get near you. If you accept the duel and defeat me, the worry is lost too. Can it get any better for you? If you accept, I will detixify the poison in those two. That should be a big plus for you]

[Originally, duel is, an alternative, avoid huge collision among different group. Before accept, need approval from many family, but it doesn't matter. You, make lizard heal those two](my best guess)


It... accept?

It decides to ride along?

If we heal them, will they attack us all at once?

No, it's not.

I can see a glimpse of the Great Orange Monkey flowed with〖telepathy communication〗, it is not a fellow that will spout a lie.

Without the persuasive power from〖telepathy communication〗, I won't even consider to offer such a proposal.

[So be it, power Tteyaru. Guy Raniha, settled Gatsukumade Tede Shihasasenai. Duel Toiu nominal wo take over, we Ranitotteha soul Roh improvement deary, sacred Naru ritual. Sorewo break reason flowering rush]


(something about accepting the duel, something about it being a sacred ritual)

The great orange monkey sends a message with 〖telepathy communication〗, to his minions to solidify.

I slowly retract my arm that suppressed the orange monkey, and slowly part with it.

The other orange monkeys approach, it carried the weak orange monkey, and grouped together.

With my eyes I send a signal to the Black Lizard, prompting〖detoxification〗.

There was a bit of hesitation from the black lizard, After checking from confirmation from me again, it timidly approaches the orange monkey, and heal the two using 〖detoxification〗

’’A?’’ ’’Aaa’’

The orange monkeys go face-to-face to consult something.

Black Lizard seems to have noticed something, it retreated to gain some distance.

Then the two orange monkey move quickly and catch the black lizard.

’’Kishi'! Kishii'!’’


I glares at the Great Orange Monkey while barking.

[Don't misunderstand. This lizard, will not interrupt our duel. You win against me, I release it]

...... when the black lizard retreat, I intended to let the Great Orange Monkey eat some poison before the other orange monkey tried to caught it, I guess it's no good.

Just as I managed to steal a glance at the Great Orange Monkey's character, it also manages to grasp mine. Its likely that he had predicted it.

Although I win pure status wise, The Great Orange Monkey has stat correction magic.

Plus my HP is already been reduced plenty..... Though it's going to be rough, I still proposed this outcome.

It's better than the difference in force from a while ago.


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