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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 60



Per suggestion, I will change orangutan to orange monkey, the boss will be Great orange monkey. There is no editor for my TL so if you want to be one contact me via skype: Pengu and we see if you qualify. That all, Pengu away~


The war potential of other party are three orange monkeys and the boss.


The orange monkey who was poison isn't in position to fight


Though the boss regularly giving it the recover, it doesn't seems to able to move straight.


Race: Large orange monkey

State Quick, Power

Lv :27/40

HP :198/198

MP :54/140


The boss still has more than 1/3 of its MP.

After giving reinforcement and recovery repeatedly, only that's left and mistake won't be taken.

Though one of my plans is to keep making them use recover magic until that disappear, and see who finish first.


I would like to decrease the follower number by using nutcracker, but there are no room in this confusing fight.


I will be ganged on if I concentrated only on one.


In the first place, it is hard to hold a violent demon than to fly with one.

To make it succeeds, I have to neutralize it to some extent and in an unobstructed environment.


Even if I arrange to there, there is still the fact that I have to neutralize the follower.

Different from theories here one reality, the damage we sustain can't not create those circumstance.

If only there was a way to recover here, then it would be all right.


I confirm the status of the three subordinate, but HP and MP still need recovery.

There is [Poison α(small)] in all of them, but as far as I seen, they are moving normally.

Though the black lizard has poison fang and nal, but I feel that they only grazed.

I seem to have to hang on a little more until it can be effective.

The black lizard normal strategy was surprise attack and run away.


Though there might be something to do if I can attract the other party attention, being pushed by number, now isn't it a goof combination.


Giving up the surprise strategy, should I have the black lizard to the front?


If it shoots [Poison smog], all would be caught, but I don't know if there is a change for [Detoxification].

Neither HP or attack is high for the black lizard, should I have it move to a safe distance and use [Clay gun].

It is quite a bad situation.

While the black lizard in the far back interfere with [Clay gun] and we find chance to escape?

In return we can't come back to the cave for a while.

I should to abandon the cave and intend to escape.


Though I feel attachment, it can't substitute for life.

I checked the other party status, again.

The boss, 1/3 of its MP.

The four follower body the HP and MP is not fully recovered, they suffer scratchs, one suffers from digested special poison and can't fight.

......That fellow can't flight, isn't he a hostage quality monkey?

The boss monkey recovery magic prolongs its life while combating.


That fellow feeling is strong, the cooperation is effective.

The black lizard can detoxify it.

I start at the boss and check the monster status.


According to the high character and intelligence, there must be room for negotiation.

’’[Great orange monkey]: D+ rank monster.’’

’’The evolution which the great orange monkey who duel for great time and became chief.’’

’’Excluding this method, the orange monkey doesn't evolve to [great orange monkey.]’’

’’Evolution is related to [orange monkey] defied by the sacred duel.’’

’’ It remember support magic to support the group.’’

...... By chance, do they sense evolution by instinct?

It is sound fishy, but I should assume this time I think.


The duel which is their scared culture is in place, so the intelligent is rather high.


In the midst of battle to which anyone could die, but the matter of idea for strategy is not bad for itself.


The skill only the boss had, [telepathy communication] weight my mind


I voice a roar to ask the black lizard to cover by shooting.

When the black lizard leaves me, simultaneously the two follower faces the black lizard.

Though there is uneasiness, the war potential is distributed and I can say it is welcoming.


If it concentrates on evasion, the black lizard surely can't by caught by the two orange monkeys.

Among the two orange monkeys striking at me, the right one have [poison α(small)] status.

Its movement is awkward.


After giving out some feint to the left orange monkey, I run to the side of the right orange monkey.


I avoided the boss waiting from behind by using [Roll], I canceled [Roll] quickly.


The one that suffers from poison by consumed poisoned meat, I set my nail around its throat from behind who can't move.


The orange monkey look at my appearance with its eyes dyes in red, the three orange monkey rush toward me.


Judging from the impossible situation, I steps into for negotiation.


However, the boss who have [Telepathy communication].

I ignored the three follower and glared at the boss completely.

The chance of success is low from the beginning.

If it failed, I will run away quickly.


All the enemies target me now in all direction, the black lizard should be able to escape easily.

(That appearance, do you possess intellectual?)


The thought of the boss entered my head.


There is no word but the voice is concrete and deep.


Beside the content of the question that throw at me have emotion and personality transmitted at the same time.


Is this telepathy communication?


I won the bet.


The follower hardened when they see their boss and mine appearance.

It is possible to communicate, however at the same time, I found that negotiation is difficult.


The anger, height and strength of the boss, the reason for the instinctive to be transmit because of its intellect.


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