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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 6


The young lady and the dragon.


The wolf I hit howls as it was sent flying until he crashed his back on a tree.

Incidentally that monster's name is Grey Wolf, even if he is twice my size he was a disappointment.

The day slowly starts to end, I suppose this guy will be today's last spoil.

[24 experience points have been obtained]

[Because of the effects of Title Skill [Walking Egg] another 24 experience points were obtained.]

Since I repelled the swarm of caterpillars I have been attacking other monsters, I have been targeting monster who have lower status or rank than me, but my level hasn't increased that easily nor I have gotten any new skills.

Well I did get one skill though, Title Skill [Careful Thinking: Lv1].

But getting that skill made me feel as if I was getting rebuked.

Also [Solitude Resistance] and [Inspect Status] did increased a bit.

Because I have been constantly inspecting the monster's status.

And about [Solitude Resistance], there was nothing i could do about it, I'm pretty lonely. I would like to talk more with God's Voice-chan

It has passed 3 days since the Dark Worms attack, and my level has increased 5 times making it 20.

Just 5 more levels and I will be able to evolve.

I frantically hunt for the low level Grey Wolves.

The ones around Lv 6 are easy to beat, as they are not able to hurt me. The one I fought a moment ago was a lone lv6.

However, I would like something a little more dangerous.

I would like to get into a reckless fight that way for sure it would give me enough experience to evolve. At least that is what I think.

I suppose that idea is the most different that what I would think in Japan.

But, what's up with that.

I haven't felt as if it was troublesome to keep living, once in a while I hear God's Voice in my head, telling me to hurry.

It just says one word, ’’Become strong’’

I don't feel as if I was blindly following that belief, but it's more like as if someone was pulling me by the back of my hair.

Although I don't have any hair right now.

I roast the Grey Wolf with [Baby Breath] in order to eat it.

It's smelly and grotesque but this is a feast if I compare it to eating a giant caterpillar.

Still, I wish I had some pepper.

「Κάνωεγείρουνμου-όπωςτοόνομα. Καιείναισεθέσηναεργαστεί σταθερά!」 (I will raise my name(fame) in order to be able to work more regularly!)

Eh, what's that voice?

「......Εγώ, τρομακτικό」 (I'm scared...)

「Καιεπειδή αναγνωρίζωμόνοτοχέριτηςμαγείας, Διαβάστεσωστά」

(This wasn't translated but it's something about magic according to Guro-san)

As I'm eating my meat the I begin to hear voices of the people.

The owners of the voices seem to be a young boy, a young girl, and an old person.

The young man seems to be having fun while the young girl is scared, and the old person seems to be a modest person.

Eh, seriously?

All this time I've been lonely, because inside of it forest there is only monsters and no one to talk to it would be impossible to not feel alone.

Until now the one thing I have craved the most was for some human contact.

Although I can't understand the language, there is always something than can be done.

There is Body Language for example.

Let's eat the wolf's meat as fast as I can.

I'll eat it quickly and then join them.

After I finish I run towards the direction of the voices.

Because of the many trees between us I can only barely see a man wearing an armor.

The other two are probably near him.


I try to muster out my voice, and from my mouth what comes out is a dragon's roar.

Waving my big 'hands' in order to show that I'm not dangerous.

It seems that I really am an idiot, I just look like a fool.

When the man looks my way he stops laughing and walking.

After him, the other two also stop and their figures enter my field of vision.

Their voices really fit the outward appearance of the other two, one is wearing an armor, the other a robe, and the girl really looks out of a fantasy book.

They were expecting to see at least one monster, well, nothing I can do about that this world is ’’that type of world’’ after all.

Anyways, leaving that aside... were my friendly tactics successful?

The one that looks like the leader seems to be happily laughing... laughing.

While laughing he takes out his sword and points it at me.

Even if there is distance between us, he slashes his sword which makes a white flash illusion, and while the attack comes at me it mows down the grass in its path.

Because I had both of my arms up the attack hit my abdomen directly.

Leaving an horizontal red line on it.


It seriously hurts! It's really different from the wolf fangs!

Even if it's late I will inspect his status.



(TL/N: You are welcome to give me name ideas if you can think of something better, since i'm bad with names)

[Douz Dogurmalt]

Race: Earthling - Human

Lv: 14/45

HP: 38/42

MP: 11/15

Attack: 40+12

Defense: 28+6

Magic: 17

Agility: 22


Hands: [Long Sword: D+]

Body: [Red Copper Armor: D]

Special Skills:

[Grisha Language: Lv6]

[Sword Talent: Lv2]

Resistance Skills:

[Soul Contamination Resistance: Lv3]

Normal Skills:

[Shockwave: Lv2] [Flame Slash: Lv1] [Intimidation: Lv3]

Title Skills:

[Beginner Soldier: Lv4]


.... I see, that last attack was [Shockwave]

His name is Douz and his race 'Earthling - Human'... 'Earthling'I'll suppose that's because he is a human who lives on earth?

Anyways, it seems that I have been thought to be an enemy.

Even though I don't have any intent to kill.

While I'm frantically waving my hands to show that I'm not dangerous, he seems to be smiling

[Gaa, Gaagaa!]

While Douz is laughing he releases his second attack.

No good, that guy is full of determination, I have to escape from here.

Their levels are high, the three of them could kill me in an instant

Since I missed the chance to avoid I have to guard with my arms.

I receive the attack splendidly it's pretty strong. After several attacks I raise my hands.

「Αποφάσειςαγοράςυπεραστικώνέχειαπομείνειγιαμένα! φωςμαγεία〖ακτίνα〗!」 (*Some kind of incantation* Light Magic [Ray]!)

The old person takes out a staff and points it at me.


His eyes just look at me disinterestedly as if i just was a prey.

From the back a bright light shines making me reflexively close my eyes.

In that moment I felt an intense hot sensation go inside my body.

What the, is he a magician!?

Because of his appearance and staff there is no other guess.

I never thought that there was such thing as magic.


Because of the pain I fall on to the ground.

[Resistance Skill [Magic Resistance: Lv1] was acquired]

I make some distance between us and change into a position in order to escape quickly.

I should have escaped from the beginning, that way there wouldn't have been a fight at all.

It was my own carelessness that the humans were able to approach me.

And because of my longing for another person it was that I made a bad decision.

Right now, I'm not a human. I'm a monster. That realization is too bitter.

My body is becoming heavy and numb.

If i opened my status, it would probably say that this is paralysis.

Two of them are slowly approaching while the other one seems to be running.

「Δενείναιεχθρότηταπροςαυτό τοδράκο!」

(Don't be hostile towards this dragon!)

I heard the young lady shout.

The girl lifts me by the neck and stands in front of me in order to protect me.

I don't understand what they are saying but there are tears in her eyes which makes the other two stop.

The old man seems to awkwardly scratch his head while Douz with an apathetic face clicks his tongue and sheaths his sword.

was I... saved?

The young lady approaches me and pets my head.


(Recovery Magic [Rest])

The young lady seems to say something and then my body is wrapped by a gentle light.

The numbness and the pain in my body calms down thanks to this.

She looks at my face and then laughs in relief.


(Are you alright?)

Those words that leak from her mouth.

Is the Grisha language which I don't understand, I wonder what is she saying, but I feel that I understand what it is.

’’Are you alright?’’ she said, by those words I check my body.

To the lonesome me, those words made tears come out of my eyes.

I was glad.


Thank you, that is what I intended to say.

As if understanding the meaning of that she starts to pet my head.

Douz tells the girl to hurry.

The girl then returns a short answer and Douz tried to say something again but the old man calms him down.

As both the old man and Douz walk away into the forest he clicks his tongue.

The girl seems to have stayed to see if the paralysis still remained in my body.

Although the three of them came together, is it okay to leave her alone?


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