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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 59


Boss orangutan

Hello mina-san. I'm Pengu and decided to pick up the this novel so will be in your care. I will try to give 2 chapter per week if possible. Enjoy.


The situation changes into 2-5 because the boss jumped in.

However, with the poisoned one. It is 2-4.

Though it was possible to cope with the number until just now. I don't know what will happen if the boss enter.

For the time being, I checked the status of the boss orangutan.


Race: Large orangutan.

State: normal.

Lv :27/40

HP :198/198

MP :140/140

Attack: 123

Defense: 82


Agility: 122

Rank: D+

Characteristics skills’’

[Earth attribute: Lv--] [cooperation: Lv--]

[Dexterity: Lv--]

Resistant skills:

[Fall resistance: Lv3] [Pysical resistance: Lv2]


[Bite: lv4] [large nail: lv4] [stone throwing: lv4]

[monkey imitation: lv3] [clay wall: lv2] [monkey whistle: lv3]

[Wide rest: lv4] [Quick: lv2] [power: lv1]

[Telepathy: lv4]

Title skill:

[Forest acrobatist: lv2] [Cooperation skill: lv2]

[Boss of group: lv5] [Supporter: lv3]



Though its HP is high, the combat efficiency is not as high as its appearance.

Though if compare to the usual orangutan, it won in both attack and defense.

However, the worrisome is it title skill [supporter].

Also [Power] and [Quick], they are probably skill to strengthens the underlings.

Also [Wide rest] is a recovery magic for many.


Being able to entirely recovered the damage, in addition, it can send reinforcement!


Fortunately, the boss orangutan doesn't have specialize aggressive skill, so I'll attack it before it can move.



I run straight into the boss and blow [Baby breath]


The blow gather in one place and it's burned.



The black lizard stood diagonal from me and fire [Clay gun]


The numerous stone gravel is shot to the boss.


When the boss orangutan called, the other three that hide themselves come infront of the boss.

’’A-!’’ ’’A-!’’



When the three orangutan raised both of their arms, earth raised, a wall of earth appeared.


Bay breath and clay bullet is repelled


It probably the skill [Clay wall]. It produced by the three and huge wall produced in an instant.

’’......A, o.’’


I hear a voice of the boss and light leak out behind of the wall.


Perhaps, it is wide rest magic.


If the boss isn't kill first the fight will prolong, is it the boss tactics to have the subordinate protect the wall?


It tries to strengthened and wait for reinforcement.


Somehow, we need to kill it quickly.


Do we sneak around? No, haste make waste!


I curl up my body, I use [Roll] and rush to the wall.


I was repelled, but there was a response.


I extend my body wile rotating in the air and land safely


At the same time around the base, the wall collapsed.

’’A-!’’ ’’A-!’’



There was the three subordinate who recover completely on the other side of the wall.


Not only recovery magic, but also reinforce magic is received.

They surrounded me and the black lizard quickly.


They are much faster than previously.

’’A-!’’ ’’A-!’’


I was sandwiched, the orangutans come left and right.


I evaded one and guard the other with my arm.


The nails forcefully tear my scale and inflict damage.



When I leaned back I heard a sound of kick on the ground.


The third orangutan approaches.


Damn, its punches is violence as a steamroller.



The sound of stone flew and the third orangutan fell.


It was the black lizard [Clay gun]. Nice, it was dangerous.



The orangutan scratched and clinged on me.


I didn't resist, However, I bite on the should which its grabbed me.



However, the orangutan didn't part/


I who could not move because of the entanglement, the boss orangutan greatly swing its arms and struck me.


The black lizard charged at the boss with [Roll].


The boss received at the chest and staggers.


By using centrifugal force, I fly lightly to the opening and use [Roll] to strike at the open area of the boss.



The boss raises a sorrowful hollow and hold its head on the ground.


Hehe, it is considerably effective.

’’Skill [Roll] raise from lv5 =>6’’

The skill level rose to praise my single blow.


There is only the boss and black lizard in the front.


When I look around, the two orangutans are about to throwing stone at me.



I received a blow to the forehead and left eye.


The moment I held my face, the boss orangutan knocked the black lizard and ran to me.


Damn, I immediately grasped the enemy's position and engage in defensive flight.


My wings expand momentarily and struck hard at the boss, I flew behind and took a great distance by using the other party's power.


The black lizard use row to stand next to me.


Its sustain damage several place and full of scratches.


When I confirm its HP, it is half worn out.


The status besides agility is low for black lizard.


Its strategy is surprise attack, kept its distance and catch prey off guard is suitable the most.


However, in present condition, the enemy have advantage in number I have no choice but to charge at the enemy.

No, I have the black lizard to help me with the close-combat, but still we are at a disadvantage.


It is difficult to kill the boss.

Also the case, where I have to deal with the subordinate.

Moreover, the orangutans gather for the boss's purpose.


Surely, is it going to recover again?

It aims at me who went out to obstruct in a panic, the boss throw stone with the other three.


I avoided to some degree, I decided to give priority to speed and decide to receive to some extent.



At the moment I use [Baby breath], the three orangutans go in front.

’’A-!’’ ’’Ao!’’ ’’Aa!’’


The earth wall appeared to separate them from me.


I did not kill my momentum and round my body to crush the wall using [Roll]


Similar to before, I was repeal and land.


From the collapsed wall, there were the completely healed orangutan.

No, No way.....Impossible?


I have completely exhausted only to start at the beginning.


I looked back to the black lizard.

I can't close in to the boss for close combat.

Should I fight four on one in close combat? No, it's impossible.

I have to consider other option.


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