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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 58


The Two orange monkeys

Black Lizard and me exit out of the cave, and in front of us was four orange monkeys.

After seeing me, the orange monkeys looked at its companions that is suffering from poison, and then it glares at me again.

They seemed to have noticed that it was poisoned by me.

’’Aook!’’ ’’Aaak!’’ ’’Aaaaaa!’’

The three orange monkeys are filled with anger, and they charged at me while the long red hair waved along the wind.

Shall I check its status for the time being?


Race: orange monkey

Status: Normal

Lv: 17/30

HP: 98/98

MP: 45/45

ATK: 82

Defense: 51

Magic force: 60

Quickness: 92

Rank: D

Characteristics Skills:

〖Earth attributes: Lv--〗 〖Group Behavior: Lv--〗

〖Dexterity: Lv2〗

Resistant Skills:

〖Fall resistant: Lv3〗

Normal Skills:

〖Bite: Lv2〗 〖scratching: Lv3〗 〖stone throwing: Lv4〗

〖Indiscriminate imitation: Lv2〗 〖Clay Wall: Lv1〗 〖Monkey Whistle: Lv3〗

〖Magical power transfer: Lv2〗

Title Skills:

〖Forest acrobats: Lv2〗 〖cooperation skills: Lv2〗

〖Loyalty: Lv4〗


Although it is somewhat small differences in Lv, but the status did not change much between the three of them.

Skills aside the balance looks good, but there is no skill that could make me panic.

Oh, but I wonder about whether cooperation skills are good.

The twin head that i fought before had the average stats of over 140 with an all rounder skill.

It seems like fighting separately is going to be hard.


My cry as a signal, the black lizard to some distance quickly.

I suppose the Black Lizard is trying to provide cover fire with the 〖Clay gun〗.

’’Aak! Aaa!’’

Two of the them come launching an attack while scratching, and I effortlessly fend them off by swiping the ground at their feet with my tail.

While listening to the sound of the two fall on to the ground behind me, I stare at the eyes of the third in front of me.


The third one jump while having its arms crossed, trying to hit me with the built momentum.

Using the momentum, I counter with a 〖Dragon Punch〗 straight to its stomach.


The third is thrown in the air, but it lands on the ground safely after gripping a tree branch and use it like a horizontal bar to kill the momentum.

It's a wonderful move, but there is no doubt that it had received damage from the 〖dragon punch〗.

In fact, it is holding its stomach painfully.

No assistance from the black lizard yet.

Was it because it thinks that currently I don't need a support at all?

No, I don't think there is that enough room to win.

Though I hope the lizard will gain levels from this fight too.

I can still keep up with it even if it tried to use some strange movements, there is no fear of being counterattacked after attacking it, as its strength is not on par with the Clay Bear, also there doesn't seems like there is a strong skill or unusual skill like the one from the twin head, there is no element that i found from it to be a challenge.

This, can I handle this alone?

One is already down from the poison, that play a huge part it seems.

As for the battle formation and cooperation, I found it slightly odd.

It's probably the kind of formation that requires four people.

The three of them moves while rebuilding their postures, and surround me from three directions.

Are they supposed to surround me from four different, they are trying to find blind spot as they are circling me. The black lizard help me with the 〖Clay gun〗 once it became dangerous, and to begin with the orange monkey that charged at me before is still limping, clearly showing the damage a while ago can still be felt.

I might be able to break away easily.

While the orange monkey is paying attention to the black lizard, I gradually close up to them.

Black Lizard does not move yet.

As for me, I don't think it is necessary to for the black lizard to move either.


Against the orange monkey that that are facing each other, I released my 〖Roar〗with the urge to kill.

The ability difference can be felt fully, as they became stiff and wide open.

Their battle formation had collapsed.

I turn around, and aims at the back of the two.

’’Aak!’’ ’’Aaa!’’

While hitting one of them non stop with both of my hands, I beat the heck out of the other with my tail.

The orange monkey that manages to shake off my attacks jumps back, but I also jump at it with a dash, and hammer my fist into its face

Victory and defeat is almost decided.

The orange monkeys only have half of their HP left..

I can defeat it if i just give it another punch.

Three move away from me, and harden in place.

Ooh, are you going to surrender?

But, I'm already think of making monkey nabe today.

The three orange monkeys puts the edge of all their fingers in their mouths, and start making whistling sounds with all their breath.

When three sound of different height come in succession, the fourth that suffered from the poison lift its head, and squeeze out its last ounce of strength to whistle.

Once the four sound combines its volume grows higher, moreover strangely the sound vibrated inside my head.

What? Was this because of the skill 〖Monkey whistle〗?

Is is a skill to cause abnormal stat system?

Whatever their aim is, I must stop it as soon as possible.

I quickly rounded my body, to assault the three that had become stationary with my 〖Roll〗.

Because I was moving in a straight line, the three barely managed to avoid it by jumping. I had no problem with it since my aim was to interrupt the〖Monkey whistle〗.

The three elegant sound is interrupted, it finished ringing and echoed slowly.

The next moment when I felt relieved, big footsteps and roar approach from far away at tremendous speed.

Don't tell me it was a skill to call for companions?

When I faced the footstep, there appears an orange monkeys at least twice bigger than the other, dashing towards this place.

One of its eye is wounded, but it seems to be full of power.

Hey, a wild boss appears.

This one is on a totally different class than the four I faced.

The Black Lizard that had been hiding in the shade, has jumped out and ran to my side.

When the boss of orange monkey comes, the other three go around to hide in the shade while holding the one suffering from poison.


Orange Monkey's boss glares at me with eye that looks like it was made from glass beads.

A chill ran down my spine, and my body unconsciously took a step back.


When they thought that they can't win, they decided to call for the high ranking fellow.


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