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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 57


Poisoned Dried Meat

I slept longer than usual today.

Because of the painful experience last night, I want to recover my HP as much as I can.

’’Kishi ...... Kishi ......’’

I thought the black lizard had got up long ago, but when I woke up, it was sleeping beside me.

Last night, black lizard also woke up because of what happened.

It began acting with extreme vigilance, so it might not sleep well after that.

...... Recently,I don't doubt even if the black lizard wake up in the morning and stand silently.

No, well, it's okay.

Using the 〖Status Check〗, I make sure that the injury from last night is healed.


Race: Calamity Plague Child Dragon

Status: Normal

Lv: 37/40

HP: 148/161

MP: 157/157


Umu, it's a little short from a full recovery, it is enough to work hard all day today.

However because it is already past noon, there's only half a day remains.

For the time being I also confirm the status of the black lizard.


Race: Benemu Princess Leche Ruta

State: sleep

Lv: 23/35

HP: 120/120

MP: 143/143


Umu umu, it seems to be in excellent condition.

However, considering the experience gained from killing the twin head, it gained 3 level.

Last time it was level 20, it seems to be raising properly.

I felt kind of guilty because of my experience value correction skill.

This guy will also evolve someday.

Honestly, I'm not sure how it will change our hunt once the black lizard evolves further...

Even the twin head felt like a boss with the current me.

The black lizard and me ate the dried meat.

After finishing breakfast, I open one of the pot in front of the black lizard.



Black Lizard is curiously twisting her neck.




With gestures and cries I earnestly request that the Black Lizard put its poison on the dried meat.

Somehow it seems to have understood what I said, because the black lizard raise its head to and voiced a sort of understanding to my command .

Soon the orange monkey should come looking for the dried meat.

Then the trap will firmly teach them that they made the wrong enemy.

They always are acting in groups of four.

If I only to bring one down with the poison, the remaining three ought to be easy to kill for black lizard and me.

I am now〖Lv37/40〗, So it is possible to evolve if I gain three more level.

The monkeys should be sufficient.

As long as I evolved, I should be free from this abominable figure.

The kind of encounter where a hammer stuck to my belly should decrease too.

The Black Lizard is smart, and with my evolution nearing it should recognize me.

The Black Lizard was thrusting his head into an empty pot in the corner of the cave, filling it with poison.

Because the pot is slightly cracked, I left it at the corner of the room.

I have no idea about what the scratch is for, but well, I really don't want to see the trap made by vomiting, and although the poison fog can be used in combat, the effect is not very useful as it vary for different people so it was not the perfect poison.

[A.N not sure about the translation]

Perfect the poison was finished.

First of all, the poison is barely colored.

It make the color of the meat barely changed.

Appearance wise i think this one turn out great.

Next, the smell is also thin.

I rub the meat with Phi Perris herb that i had made before to deceive the smell, so unless the orangutan had better nose than me, they won't notice it.

Indeed, professional poison is totally different.

I soaked the piece of dried meat to lace it with the poison, and it mixed with the other meat that is drying out on the tree.

So as it is not eaten by mistake, I create a cross mark on the branches it is hanging from.

Since my hand naturally began getting sores from the poison, after I finished my work I got the black lizard to detoxicates the poison.

I hide with the black lizard at the entrance of the cave, watching the tree hanging the dried meat.

Those fellow that had already learned the taste of meat dried with salt and contains the fragrance of spice, I'm absolutely sure that they will come again.

Though i was enthusiastic at first, I'm starting to get irritated because they does not appear that easily.

Should I try to increase the amount of meat a little more?

Or should I spread Phi perris powder to lure the them with smell?


The black lizard is also running out of patience, as that can be heard from its cry.

As we look at each other, we mutually agreed that lookout was troublesome so we layed on the ground playing.

’’Aook! Aoook! Aook!’’

After some time passes, when I had completely forgot my purpose, I heard a voice writhe in agony.

That must be the cry of the orange monkey.

Though the appearance is that of a monkey with long red hair, its cry is definitely not ape-like.

I put down the black lizard that was on top of me, and get up to look at the tree.

’’Aak! Aak! Aook!’’ Aaaak!’’

One orange monkey falls from the tree spouting bubbles from its mouth, while the other three is jumping around.

Though I'm not sure the exact meaning of their dance, but it is sure that they are in utter confusion and doesn't know what to do.

Well, I wonder what degree the poison is applied


Race: Orange Monkey

State: Poison α(large)

Lv: 16/30

HP: 68/96

MP: 83/83


Ooh,It worked, it worked.

The orange monkey's individual combat power is not very high.

Although it had various skills, its stats is definitely weaker than the Clay Bear.

I could take two of the other party alone.

Firstly the one weakened by poison can no longer fight, so there are only three left.

It's possible for the black lizard and me to handle this with room to spare.

Now then, shall I go and exterminate the pest that always tried to take other people's dried meat?

I'll turn them as my dinner and experience points as it is.


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