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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 54


A certain female Swordsman's Intrusion (side Merutia)

Forest of Noah was a place more dangerous than rumors.

I managed to defeat gray wolves and moving mushrooms in the beginning while advancing smoothly, but when we had to turn around because of a cliff, we were attacked by a large spider.

I managed to kill it by doing a pincer attack with Yuno, but it might have been a little dangerous if it is one-on-one.

After a long walk, the vicinity starts to darkens

Yuno picks a mushroom that emits light grew in the forest, and we use it as light substitute.

Half a day had passed since we enter the forest, but we haven't found any clue related to Dorz.

I guess it was just a bad rumor after all

’’Umm, Yuno-chan thinks we had already entered the deep forest....’’ (Yuno)

’’Rather than coming here because of the request, I'm here purely for my curiosity. The monster has also become stronger, so shall we head back?’’ (Merutia)

When I answer unapologetically, Yuno glares at me with moist eyes.

’’Well, I thought it was like that too....’’ (Yuno)

When I was about to turn my heel, I saw a strange thing in the distance.

In front of the entrance of the cave, two statues are placed.

One was shaped like a dragon, the other one was shaped like a human.

Although there's already a shrine between the village and the forest, is this one also the same thing?

But i've never heard of a religion that worship dragon in the village at all.

’’As I thought, we need to check it’’ (Merutia)

When I turn around while saying so, Yuno is sniffing around with a 'sun sun' sound from her nose.

’’Eeh ..... that smells like meat, no matter how you look at it’’ (Yuno)

When I look at the direction Yuno points, a large amount of meat is stabbed to a tree that doesn't have any leaves.

Frankly, it was a strange sight.

I was preoccupied and doesn't notice it.

’’T-there was a big monster bird with this kind of habit, I think i've heard of it.’’ (Merutia)

’’Really? Did the bird pick up all the leaves or is it the villagers? The meat too, I think it was cut to a reasonable sizes you see.’’ (Yuno)

’’We-well....’’ (Merutia)

Just when I found a convincing reason based on my knowledge at hand, it was easily denied by Yuno.

’’But still, I don't think there are people living in the forest depth.’’

I think for a bit after saying that.

Don't tell me, does a missing man decided to live here after being touched by the nature?

But still, why do such a thing?

’’A-as I thought this request is really weird u know! Let's cancel it, canceled! In the first place, it wa impossible to do a C-rank request with only two people!’’ (Yuno)

’’...... A little bit more, let's get closer to observe the stone statue. Anyway,this is too suspicious’’ (Merutia)

As I approach the stone statue, Yuno also follows behind me unwillingly.


When I get a closer look at it, I understood that it was well done.

However, I cannot guess the time it was made.

It's unnatural as there are no scratch at all, like it was imbued with magic to prevent deterioration.

Let alone 10 years, I will even believe it if this was said to be build 100 years ago.

Therefore, I don't know about the age of this thing.

But what I know is, at that time this was built, it seems like it was going to have a very important meaning.

’’What's wrong~? You're looking at it so much like you're going to eat it.’’ (Yuno)

’’...... This statue, there is no scratches at all. It was imbued with a considerably strong magic.’’ (Merutia)

’’............’’ (Yuno)

When she heard my words, Yuno puts the hammer and the mushroom emitting light on the ground

While touching with 'peta peta' sound, words such as ’’He~’’ or ’’Ho~’’ leaks out of her mouth interestingly.

Then Yuno picked up a branch of a tree that had fallen near her, and proceed to hit the stone statue with it.

The branch broke and flew , but there's no sign of the statue being damaged.

’’Fumu.’’ (Yuno)

Yuno says satisfied, while lifting the hammer with both hands.

’’The weapon might break.’’ (Merutia)

When I advise that, Yuno regretfully hold the hammer in one hand, and pick up the glowing mushroom again.

’’So...... um...... as I thought, we're really going?’’ (Yuno)

’’It is very likely that this is related to the request. However, be prepared to run away at once in case of emergency.’’ (Merutia)

’’Fuai~......’’ (Yuno)

Yuno who was holding the glowing mushroom is taking the lead, and we advanced into the cave.

It does not seems to be very wide.

Halfway inside, I felt my feet touching something that feels like a monster.

Thinking it was a monster, I swing my sword to take it down.

'Kan', the metallic sound was heard.

Once I calm down and saw it, it was only a fur carpet on the floor.

’’...W-what. That surprised me a bit’’ (Merutia)

However, why is there carpet spread in such a place?

When I look at it carefully, it is not in a very good state.

The cleaning process is incomplete, so it is pretty damaged.

If this cave is a little bit warmer, it might attract insects.

Stone statue aside, this cannot be used for many years.

From what I understood, the person who make this carpet went in and out of the cave recently.

’’............’’ (Merutia)

Is it the people from the village?

No, is there a person who can come here alone from the village?

Was it a quarrel with the village? But then still I can't understand why people from the village would hire us if it was that

Or rather, is this shrine used as a thief hideout or something?

Really, what happens here?

No matter which hypothesis, it does not match very well.

Anyway, lets leave this place at once, and ask Mariel some questions.


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