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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 52


A Certain Female Swordsman's Departure (Merutia side)

’’ Eeee Merutia is it alright to take this C-rank request? I have already told the other member, that today is only just Yuno-chan that will be you company you know~?’’ (Yuno)

I came back to receive the request form, and Yuno comes up to complain non stop as usual.

Yuno is a 〖Canis-Huma〗, from the humanoid dog tribe.

Many people discriminate against people based off their country of origin, but I can only seem to think of them as〖Earth-Huma〗that's just stuck with dog ears and tail.

Even when i try, i just can't seem to find the value of difference between them

’’It's the opposite. If I am accompanied by only you, i can run away without hesitation in the case of emergency.’’ (Merutia)

’’Or rather Yuno-chan, do you not have confidence in your feet!? Hey it is not that I have problem it is just I am not gonna die because of someone I don't trust!’’ (Merutia)

[E.N: yeah, can't really understand what the above said, will try to edit it later]

Umu, a good reaction.

Though people said that I'm a straight-laced person, I joked a little bit. Even Yuno is joining in too.

It is important for an adventurer to have communication skill, and create a smooth human relationship.

Without confidence nor trust, it is impossible to cooperate.

Um, Yuno, did you cry a little bit?

As Juno say is It certainly somewhat dangerous to receive a C-rank request with just Yuno and me.

The request of C rank would normally be of the degree of difficulty which corresponds to subdue a single monster of C rank.

However, the requests that I had taken was a bit different.

As long as the content is seen, there seems to be no requirement to fight C-ranked monster, so the degree of difficulty is lower than the mentioned rank.

In addition, the content also attract my interest.


〖People Search〗: Rank C

Location: Noah Forest

I saw in the forest a man that is supposed to be dead, and it has spread rumors though the village.

I would like you to confirm its authenticity.

The details will be told later, but first I want you to come to the village near to the forest.

If you speak to the village elders about this errand, they should be able to direct you to my whereabouts.

However since this is a delicate issue, I want you to keep silent about the request to the other villagers.


I knew about Noah Forest

There is a small village near the forest

The villagers consider the forest to be sacred, and they don't think well of a person who goes too deep into the forest ...... or so i've heard.

Certainly, there was a shrine for the forest's guardian in the shallow forest if I'm not mistaken.

It seems to be a custom not to tread further past from there.

In recent years, people's view of the forest being sacred has faded, and the amount of adventure who recently enter into the forest of Noah are not few either, but there is no meaning in purposely choosing that place as a hunting ground given that it may offend the villager.

Because there are many places that have not been investigated by people for a long time, it is not known whether or not there are strange monsters and plants, or if they are just rumors.

There are always rumors, but you rarely hear the concrete results.

I can handle a D-rank monster at most, so the normal opinion is not change to another forest.

Though it seems that there a B-rank monster which is called the Rock Dragon, A Rock Dragon is slow-footed. Moreover, because of its gentle nature, it is easy to run away from it as long as you don't attack.

So there is no need for much battling if we go the search around the forest.

The difficulty of this quest is D-rank is you think about it properly

There is no meaning for this to be set to C rank type that requires an expensive reward.

Are they afraid that the adventurer won't come since its far away from the country, or is there a much more tougher monster than what was known exist in the forest?

I think it was normally the former one.

If a dangerous monster was recently discovered, I won't be here writing the form to apply for the quest.

So the main point will either be a ghost search or a monster subjugation.

If it was the former, this will be a rewarding quest.

Originally, I was interested in the Noah Forest.

I heard a rumor about it and i wanted to go once, but i was hesitant when the old people from the village seen me with dubious eyes.

If I accept this request, I could enter the forest with the approval from the village elders.

Its is something like the village's official recognition.

Then some collecting and hunting is permitted too.

’’What a relief. Yuno doesn't want a dangerous request.’’ (Yuno)

I pointed the request form to Yuno.

Yuno snatches the form from my hand, run her eyes over the contents while gripping the edge.

’’What the heck is this ghost search! This is definitely not okay!’’ (Yuno)

’’In a rural place far from the religious community, many will fall for such story. The true aim of our client is, 〖I want you to remove the unpleasant rumor spreading over the village〗is what I believe it is.

Perhaps, if the adventurer from the royal capital denies it completely, the rumor will fade away. Since it wil lacks persuasive power if an amateur were to accept this request, it is requested as C-rank.’’ (Merutia)

Though this is just a speculation to persuade Yuno, I don't think it is that far off the mark.

Its pretty convincing since many of the mysterious part can be understood.

’’B-but, by chance, this is related to necromancer ......’’(Yuno)

’’Impossible. If monster of such a high rank appear there, it would not be such a leisure request like searching for a ghost. If the village disappears when we arrive, then you may do worry’’ (Merutea)

’’Eeh ..... If that is case, Yuno-chan can return alive?’’

Anyhow, Yuno still seems reluctant.

As for me, I'm a little suspicious about this request

’’I feel bad for inviting you forcibly, so i guess there's no helping it. I thought this was a good request for you to make easy cash, but..]

There's no helping it.

I won't pair up with someone I don't know, so if Yuno refuse to go I will cancel it.

Official permission to enter Noa Forest is already obtained, in addition I think the request is easier than the given reward, but it is my fault for taking it in a hurry.

’’A-ano...... those C rank, so how much profit Is it? Yuno-chan had never heard of it’’

’’Mu, is that so? The lowest was 30,000G before and after’’

The moment I said the amount of money, Yuno's eyes were sparkling, and exert more power to the hand that is gripping the request form.


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