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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 50


The Important Thing is

I finally noticed.

I never really wanted〖Art of Human Transformation〗.

Admittedly I was just lonely and all I ever wanted was a companion.

I keep using〖Roll〗desperately through the woods.

But my body does not move as I want it to, also i can't think well with the headaches.

My HP was decreasing from bumping around things here and there, but I still keep moving.

Tracing the Black Lizard's traces that remained on the ground, they gradually became thinner like he was getting weaker.

I then noticed something that had fallen that looks like blood on the ground, but it is extremely blurred and couldn't tell if it was going towards the left or right.

Only unpleasant imaginations arises as I advanced.

No way, no, impossible.

No this is too cruel of a thing to do to me.

God please.

Please let the Black Lizard live, I swear I will not beg for the 〖Art of Human Transformation〗anymore.

If you do this for me i won't go to Tatte or any other villages.

I won't even complain about the evolution fraud.

Because all I wished is for the black lizard not to die.

Gradually, my heartbeat became rough.

My impatient heart rang out pounding on my body, you've got to be kidding me.

Given being under the poisoned conditions and fatigue I was moving quite well, but I did not think that it was good enough.

My heart was sluggish, but then i saw some chunks of meat in the distance.

I stopped my roll in a hurry, where the momentum thrown me to the ground.

It was the upper half of the right head which seems to have chased him as he rolled away, but the lower jaw is lying at a distance.

Looking upon the mass of meat what enters my field of view are a few branches of a shared tree.

The head of tattered twin head was probably ruptured when it was crashed into a tree.

That ought to have been the work of the Black Lizard.

I forget the pain in my body as I followed the traces of the black lizard's roling.

Traces of the role of the lizard had lead to the top of the nearby hill.

As I overlooked the surroundings, I couldn't see the figure.


I summon up my voice and roared as hard as possible.

I heard a small ’’Karubokishimechiru......’’, and I walk toward the voice.

There I found the black lizard had fallen on the grass.

There were thousands of cut marks all over his body.

I shudder to think that the condition was this bad after he was sneak attacked by the severed head, but luckily the black lizard is alive.

Relieved, I then go to check the status of the black lizard.


Race: Benemu Princess Leche Ruta

State: bloodshed

Lv: 20/35

HP: 28/110

MP: 14/131


This was good.

It will be okay if I wrapped herbs with a hemostatic effect around his wound.

This was good so I left and went here and there to examine around.

I hugged the Black Lizard, revealed a breath of hot relief.

’’Kishi', Kishii'’’

Black Lizard started licking at my face.

Although I thought it was something like the love of a dog, but I can see the poison is gradually decreasing.

Oh, I had nearly forgotten about the detoxification.

After confirming that the poison was gone I went to walk around and check status of nearby herbs for those with a hemostatic effect to alleviate the suffering of the black lizard.

[〖Kununugi grass: Value F〗]

[If you drink it it is said to work on sickness, but in order for the effect to work it needs to be administered at a suitable pace. ]

[Because it has a characteristic of sticking to, absorbing trace amounts of blood, it helps in the time of hemostasis.]

[A robbed merchant was beaten with a blunt object luggage to friends in the forest, he miraculously survived when he fell to the ground in a lush cover of Kununugi grass. ]

[E.N: sorry, can't really make sense of the top 2 descriptions, but i tried my best to make it a bit readable]

Black Lizard politely sat on top of the ground, and I dropped the Hikkonui roots and the Kununugi grass from thorough search, and started wrapping the black lizard's bleeding part.

I thought the black lizard was reluctant, but it shows completely no resistance to my action.

I also hunker down on the spot and worked until i was sure that the status of the Black Lizard no longer showed 〖bloodshed〗.

[Title skills 〖Spirit Relief〗Lv went up from 4 to 5. ]

’’Karubokishi! Kishi'!’’

Black Lizard comes stretched out tongue in my cheek.

Hey, the poison is gone already.

[Gained 234 Experience points.]

[Due to title skills 〖Walking Egg: Lv--〗, additional 234 experience points gained. ]

Oh, apparently the body of the twin head finally became exhausted.

I had a bad feeling because, whether the head was still alive even after the collapse.

[〖Plague Child Dragon〗's Lv went up from 33 to 37. ]

Yeah Yeah, that's all well and good.

I am very close to my next evolution, and〖Spirit Relief〗also became Lv5.

If I recall I will evolve after three more level, but right now that is extremely unimportant.

I will never again fight a monster with a strange skill like today.

I don't want the Black Lizard to encounter the dangerous eye, so let's go and plug away steadily.

[Normal skill 〖Art of Human Transformation: Lv1〗 obtained.]




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