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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 5


A swarm of caterpillars.


Puhaa, delicious!

It was so difficult to drink water when I was an egg!

I needed to frantically try to pour the water on the egg's hole!

I feel as if I just have been born! Well, until now I was an egg!

I start to hear some unpleasant sounds behind me as I drink the water of the lake.

I turn my head to try and see what's the origin of that sound, and from the insides of the forest I see multiple shadows.

[Shaaa!] [Shaaa!] [Kishaaa!]

[Shashasha!] [Shashaaa!]

Oioi, isn't that a swarm of Dark Worms!

And it seems that they are all coming here.

I see at least 20 of them.

Quite the spectacle.

Ah, they are possibly coming for me!

If I remember correctly, after I beat the other Dark Worm he suddenly stood up and made one last cry.

Now that I think about it, he had a skilled called [Group Call: Lv2]

That last cry must have been him using the skill.

Oioi, but what is with this amount.

How many hardships have I been thrown so far... If I think about it, it's a miracle that my heart hasn't jumped out. Even if it's bad I'm no longer an egg now.

As the Dark Worms encircle me I start to breath out a warm air towards their direction.

That was the [Baby Breath] skill.

The Dark Worms that are in that direction seem to falling.

It's working, It's working.

As I seem to have overturned the Dark Worm's assault and I step on one of them with all of my strength.


I keep stepping on him and then I grab him from the back.

Oraora, come!

Even if it bites me it doesn't hurt at all.

I'm no longer the same as before.

The Dark Worms start to attack me from all directions.

I twist my body and jump in the direction of one of the Dark Worms and land on his abdomen making him fall.

And then I use another [Baby Breath]!

The weakened Dark Worm dies.

4 down, and 16 remaining.

I need to keep this up!

[48 experience points have been obtained.]

[Because of the effects of Title Skill [Walking Egg]. Another 48 experience points were obtained.] (TL/N: I previously had a confusion with this skill and gave it another meaning but now is fixed in both chapters that the effect appears.)

Huh, I still have the [Walking Egg] skill?

I thought I had lost it since I don't have [Egg's Shell], wasn't that its characteristic?

Does that mean that I will continue to obtain an experience bonus?

Doesn't that smell like a cheat?

[ [Baby Dragon's] level has increased from 1 to 7]

[Title Skill [In-Fighter: Lv1] was obtained]

[Normal Skill [Dragon Punch: Lv1] was obtained]

Oh, my strength increased!

The Dark Worm's seem to falter, but I won't let any of you escape! all of you will be my experience points!

I kick the ground to boost my jump and throw a punch at another Dark Worm.

He bites my fist but his teeth weren't able to pierce my scales.

And my punch finally hits.

That was my [Dragon Punch]!

My fist is covered in fire and I break his teeth, thanks to the strength of the punch I send him flying. Once again I jump into the air and hit another Dark Worm that was behind me.


2 more down.

If I keep up this pace I'll end this fast.

I'll repeatedly defeat what destiny throws at me.

This Dark Worms that I once considered a worthy rival are now no more than just mere experience for me.


I send the last one flying with [Dragon Punch]

It took me 5 minutes to deal with all of the Dark Worms.

I keep leveling up during the fight which kept making me stronger. The strongest 10 minutes old Baby Dragon.

[12 experience points have been obtained.]

[Because of the effects of Title Skill [Walking Egg]. Another 12 experience points were obtained.]

As I thought, that is a cheat isn't it?

My level just keeps going up because of it.

The next evolution is until level 25... Unexpectedly, I might reach it sooner than I thought.

[ [Baby Dragon's] level has increased from 14 to 15]

[Title Skill [In-Fighter's] level has increased from 1 to 2]


Race: Baby Dragon

Status: Normal

Lv: 15/25

HP: 3/57

MP: 1/55

Strength: 51

Defense: 35

Magic: 48

Agility: 35

Rank: D-

Special Skills:

[Dragon Scales: Lv1]

[God's Voice: Lv2]

Defense Skills:

[Physical Resistance: Lv2] [Fall Resistance: Lv3] [Hunger Resistance: Lv2]

[Poison Resistance: Lv2] [Solitude Resistance: Lv2]

Normal Skills:

[Roll: Lv2] [Inspect Status: Lv1] [Baby Breath: Lv1]

[Whistle: Lv1] [Sweet Bite: Lv1] [Dragon Punch: Lv1]

Title Skills:

[Dragon King's Son: Lv--] [Walking Egg: Lv--] [Clutz: Lv2]

[Straight Fool: Lv1] [In-Fighter: Lv2] [Harmful Insects Killer: Lv1]


I'm doing well~

I recovered my lost levels, but my HP is dangerously low.

I should take a break until my HP recovers.

But I feel that my agility is too low for my level.

Anyways, not like I wanted to specialize in speed.

It seems that taking the top won't be that hard after all.


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