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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 48


. 〖companion〗

Loosely the twin head glares at me while extending its tongue.

This guy was quite strong, but this guy should not be able move decently anymore.

’’Ing, Guwao'!’’

His breathing became enraged, and then the recovery magic 〖rest〗 kicked in.

The right head no rather the whole two head instead of looking scratched up looked much better.

Unexpectedly the injury on his eye also, but luckily though the poison he received does not disappear.


Race: Twin head

State: poison α(large)

Lv: 39/45

HP: 141/155

MP: 112/221


Whether it can be considered a victory or defeat there was a feeling that was already persisted.

After all, the poison of black lizard is dangerous.

All it can do is try to prolong its life as much as possible with recovery magic, but this will not work forever because of the lack of MP.

The toka right head, hair has begun to fall out from the center of the wound on the eyelid.

[E.N toka means looks sweet and friendly on the outside but scary on the inside. I can't come up with an english term for it]

It is best to fight with the upper hand, and although it might not be a problem when it come to the black lizard, but I should ask him to cure me because we had both jumped into the poison mist together and used〖roll〗away from the twin head.

Just because there is a possibility that the poison also got in my body, I want you to detoxification before we carry on.

’’...... Guou’’ ’’Kuun’’

The Twin head decide to postponed having two faces, rather than having the unwanted poison.

So he swung forefoot towards his right head.


To prevent the poison to the rest of his body, he decapitated the right head that had received the poison claw.

The idea is understandable, but it is quite a shocking sight.

Even if my neck became two because I took a wrong turn in my evolutions, I absolutely would not want to do that.


Twin head was barking while staring at me.

Now that he had lost his counterpart he is just a bulldog that can blow little big fire.

Now that the poisoned head twin head has been cut off our advantage is no longer as prominent.

The Right head was the only part of him to have had received the stronger poison, but the poison is cladding the body and left the head.

Moreover, the twin head can not use gravity magic or recovery magic anymore.

It seems it is not too late if we are going to escape the twin head.

Well, I did not expect him to escape that poison, or to disconnect himself from his companion(other head) but it shows he does not intend to give up.

Twin head was filled with the intention to break Black Lizard and myself.

But no matter how much it rests it did say poison in Black Lizard so it doesn't have much a chance at winning.

Even if is a tight battle how are you going to defeat Black Lizard and me?

Or are you just desperate?

Even if desperate, why, now that Black Lizard has showed up you Incidentally do not pay attention only to me?

Honesty at this time of battle, doing nothing other than to continue to attack without break against the twin head instead of having the black lizard hide would be best.

I'm also here right now too ...... it is true there is only one head left, But I think you should care a little more about me than just the black lizard.

What are the skills of this guy now.......


〖Rest: Lv4〗 〖gravity: Lv2〗 〖very large earth magic: Lv3〗

〖Bite: Lv3〗 〖Beast Tackle: Lv4〗 〖scorching breath: Lv3〗

〖Marking: Lv3〗 〖companion: Lv--〗


So it is not necessarily true that they disappeared, but the three magic should not be usable anymore.

...... and what is up with 〖companion〗?


Hey, Escape at once!

Are you only going to target the black lizard now, who are you!

I squeal loudly, prompting a warning to the black lizard.

Black Lizard had been trying to be take advantage of the twin-heads blind spot.

While tilting his neck like he was wondering the meaning of my cry, and does not seem to escape in time.

The eyes of the right head of the twin head that fell on the ground, were still wide open and cut, but then the black lizard crawls on the earth to the freshly severed head, and by the force of his jaws pierced his fangs into the earth trying to eat it.

The idea of The Black Lizard eating the face seemed to hideous of a sight to imagine.

In response to my disturbing cry he became vigilant enough to notice, and starts distance himself with a quick〖Roll〗, but he didnt make it out unscaved.

If not for its attitude, he would have been stuck missing his waist when suddenly being attacked by the gracious twin head.

But wait the freshly severed head also moved fast, Maybe faster than the body of the twin head!

Perhaps this was because of the skill〖companion〗?

I wonder whether that was the effect of 〖companion〗was to blame or not, it makes little sense now because all of the meat that was repeatedly peeling off the face, and all the pouring blood.

But ...... this sate should not be so long-lasting, or at least I want to believe that.

While we know that it supposedly freshly severed his head, I began running with it, and it seems to have do something to the earth.

But the body of the twin head prevents me from going for the head gets in my way.


After being Attacked by the poison he lost his right head, I don't know how the fighting spirit of the twin head is tied together.

How dare you at this stage of the game still have such strong eye sight.

even with so much poison packed in your body to have〖poison α(small)〗.

He must have a strong Will, and a tough spirit.


I do not hate his stubbornness, but no I will not praise this guy right now, Its bad because its real intention was ’’i just need to wait until the poison is exhausted’’ .


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