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Reincarnated As A Dragon’s Egg ~Lets Aim To Be The Strongest~ - Chapter 46


. two headed demon dog

If you were to just see the right head it would look like he wanted to run away, but the left head seemed ready to break some heads.

What kind of act is this magical beast doing.

I read the guy's status.


Race: Twin head

State: frightened, rage

Lv: 39/45

HP: 155/155

MP: 210/221

ATK: 135

Defense: 94

Magic Power: 135

Speed: 138

Rank: D +

Characteristics Skills:

〖Sense of smell: Lv4〗 〖acidic drool: Lv5〗 〖tiptoe: Lv4〗

〖Double-headed: Lv--〗 〖schizophrenia: Lv--〗

Resistant Skills:

〖Confusion tolerance: Lv3〗 〖starvation tolerance: Lv5〗

Normal Skills:

〖Rest: Lv4〗 〖gravity: Lv2〗 〖very large earth magic: Lv3〗

〖Bite: Lv3〗 〖Beast Tackle: Lv4〗 〖scorching breath: Lv3〗

〖Marking: Lv3〗 〖companion: Lv--〗

Title Skills:

〖Roles: Lv5〗 〖gravity controller: Lv3〗 〖obsession: Lv5〗

〖Inn Fighter: Lv3〗 〖Craw: Lv4〗 〖Chaser: Lv2〗


One face was angry and the other was crying I thought the situate of the magic beast humorous, but I don't want to die so I analysed him. This guy will be annoying but is nothing compared the power of the little rock dragon.

I feel the degree of monster that I have been recently coming across, might have been a little weak and that they are banding together to make up for their levels.

Getaway junk, a fight is never won with status checks from long distance, such tactics that usually go unnoticed were all too easily discovered by the other side.

His speed ​​is not for escape skills but hunting skills like to find their previously perceive prey, hide his presence to make a preemptive strike.

It does not looks like there are three there, but I think these are the three basic skills that can make any living thing a predator in the natural world.

Gray Wolf have supplemented this with numbers and courage, I mean But I am not troubled by all the food i am provided by eating such a gray wolfs.

Title skills 〖tenacity〗 is a bonus for me, cause it a skill I am familiar with.

It is Indeed the same as the large Thalang Rouge spider had.

That Guy was chasing me around no how much I ran.

I could try running away, but it won't be easy opponent is likely a excellent hunter, and with the 〖Marking〗 skill I would assume is for tracking.

I could probably if I was only by myself escape this whole ordeal with〖roll〗, but it would be a large loss of time if I lost the black lizard while using 〖roll〗in this complex forest.

Since there is also the〖sense of smell〗at worst it could come chasing back to my cave.

honestly I do not want to fight from this area.

while I have just been fishing and collecting the plants large variety from all over the forest I had found I came all the way into this pretty dangerous seeming area.

Thankfully I have only had to face monster that I had a chance to win against.

Since I only just met once the aggressive and quick C rank Dragon.

But once my flame surpasses his we will find out who looks stronger future.

On overall a high fool status of the twin head, all the skills also are things that are unlikely to be good.

A rough judgment from the name of one the skill of the names can be be described as novelty, but it might be medium to close-range kitchen rebalancing skill.

I glance at black lizard.

The black lizard looks at me at the same time.

’’Gaa'’’ ’’Kishi'’’

From the tone of voice, it is determined that it has the same opinion.

It is difficult to outrun two at the same time.

but to defeat a blitz it takes two-body.

Rushed through in a straight line right beside the twin head is the Black Lizard with 〖roll〗, the black lizard jumps into the grass.

This isn't the best terrain for the black lizard's speed.

It can't run decently, and does not have complete control when rolling in this complex terrain, but it won't have a problem if it can proceed straight for a short distance.

twin head quickly follows the lizard from the corner of it's eyes.

Black Lizard had not fled.

Once he's hidden, probably because he is waiting for a glance from me as a signal.

Once poisoned by the black lizard this will only become a game of endurance and it is my role to create the chance to poison the twin head.

The Left head is staring into the grass looking for the black lizard which just disappeared.

I do not know the nature of that beast, but it probably waiting for an opportunity.

I take this chance to beat the twin head.

I jump in attacking in close quarters, to create a chance to poison the guy.


When the right of the head is barking with a open mouth, a black light spread around the twin head.

Range is wide and its fast. you're not Kawase.

The moment you are enveloped by the light, you feel your body is all of a sudden heavy.

The skill this guy used was〖Gravity 〗.

(E.N.Ryouko Kawase an anime baseball player)

There was a bizarre almost crunching sound as the soil that was in the range of the light is compressed down.

Losing to the load put on my body, I fell due to my buckling legs, my knee goes down to the ground.

’’Bau'!’’ ’’Kuun!’’

The ouble-headed creature came jumping at me in my defenseless state.


This guy is not like he seems, he is strong, and is not clowning around.

Somehow I start taking up a fighting posture after that ambush, but my body does not deny the feeling of being late.


Grass around the Black Lizard is blown toward to the twin head by the rocks launched by〖clay gun〗.

One of the twin notices the attack.

The other head the one that was looking for the lizard, aggressively shot open its big mouth and tried to bite me.

His speed being 138 is dangerous and it attacking incomplete posture is even more so.

Losing in the end of the exchange I decided to let it only bite into my left shoulder to avoid further injuries.

Severe pain runs through the shoulder.

Had been prepared because for a high powered attack, but the pain far exceeded my expectations.

The bite felt like thousands of knives all down my left arm.

If I reacted a Moment later...

no I mustn't be too shaken.

That's why I, removed all that doubt from my mind.


I aim my right fist for the head that is distracted by the behavior of the black lizard.

the〖Dragon punch〗 was a decent hit I can hear the sound of cracking bone as the cheekbone became squeaky.


it seems to have stepped to the left so that the left head could counterattack, but it was leaving the right head completely defenseless against my attack.

the body of the twin heads was also left open, it seems to have been putting its focus towards protecting its left head.

I still ignore the left head that bit onto my shoulder, I firmly grab ahold of the right head with my nails, because I don't have finger.

With this I got ahold both of the heads.

From behind the twin headed beast, came my back up in the form of the black lizard's big inflated cheeks.


Yes! Go, Black Lizard!

Just do it!

I trust you!

you can detoxify me later!

Then Poison smog was discharged from the mouth of the black lizard.

the Smoke enveloped both me and twin head in an instant.


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